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Bodybuilders, athletes and anabolic steroids users worldwide are in continuous search for legit products that will ensure potent actions and quality muscular and strength gains. The internet steroid sources have a primordial role in assuring people with steroids and apparently, websites represent the most important method how most of the people get their gear nowadays.

In an overcrowded market, filled with counterfeit products, it is imperative for an athlete to find a trustworthy and secure source for purchasing genuine and legit anabolic steroids and other related compounds. is one of the real steroid sources that guarantee the quality of its gear by being the supplier of respectable companies such as: Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, 7Lab Pharma, BodyPharm, SP Labs, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Geneza Pharmaceuticals, Alpha Pharma, Thaiger Pharma and several more experienced and credible medications’ producers.

In order to keep its reputation at highest level and to advance in business on the anabolics market, established close cooperation with suppliers that are already famous among bodybuilding community, in order to avoid the risks of selling low quality drugs and to lose its clients, as they are the most important and unalienable part of the company’s business.

For those who wants to check the legitimacy of steroids for sale offered by store, we recommend to access official websites of major manufactures and see for yourself that the anabolic store is valid. For Kalpa Pharmaceuticals input the name in check your supplier field and click verify, for Dragon Pharma, input the name in verify your product field and click verify product, for Sciroxx input the name in verify supplier field and check the validity of this store. The same operation can be made with other suppliers of As you can see the anabolic store offers genuine and legit anabolic steroids and other medications for purchase and use.

Customer Service Reviews of ANABOLIC-STEROIDS.BIZ

Customer reviews are very important so that other buyers can have an overall view of the products and services for an online store like ANABOLIC-STEROIDS. Here are just some of the reviews given for ANABOLIC-STEROIDS:


  1. I was able to take part in the promo. I ordered stuff that I use on a consistent basis and therefore can easily tell whether or not the products are working for me the same as other sources I use. I chose Tadalafil, Proviron, and Arimidex.

    Great communication. Was easy to order and use the site. Didn’t have any problems at all with the process.

    T/A was within the advertised window. And was a very nicely done package. Not a problem at all. Very reliable.

    I am on a Test and Deca cycle right now and have actually cycled in each of these products and they are all working as needed. Great promo and was of a high quality.

    I will be ordering some more of these items from

  2. Ordering with A-S was a great experience overall. The communication was hit or miss initially, but I expected that after reading a few reviews, I politely emailed my concerns, and received feedback quickly. My Clomid and hcg arrived in 2 weeks, or 3 from the initial order. The packaging was very discrete, and, the product(s) are good quality. I’ll definitely be shopping here again!

  3. I’m currently on TRT. I have low T and I’m hypothyroid. I ordered T3 from them. I’m not sure if it’s under dosed, or I’m not taking enough. I started at 50 mcg and ramped up by 25 mcg every few days. I’m at 100 mcg daily and still won’t budge from 260 lbs. Diet is in check. 140 g Protein. I carb/calorie cycle. On High Carb/Calorie days at MOST I’m getting 175 Carbs and 2350 Calories. And on low days 45 Carbs and 1850 Calories. I don’t want to go any lower. If i do I’ll be damn near in starvation mode. I lift heavy 6 days a week followed by hiit for 10 minutes then slow cardio for 500 calories. Not too sure what to think other than it’s under dosed. I just ordered more T3 and some Bromo about a week ago. When I get it I’ll bump it up to 125. Then 150 if I don’t see any changes.

    Would love to hear some thoughts and advice. Thanks.

  4. First of all ANABOLIC-STEROIDS.BIZ drew me in as they usually have fantastic special offers. First time I’ve ordered test E, ordered HCG, arimidex, clomid, nolva and turinabol and when they didn’t have the stock that I wanted I emailed them and they restocked the next day.

    I sent a few e-mails to these guys and they responded the same day, even times late at night (11pm) which really surprised me. When I had a problem with my order they were more than happy to help me solve it.

    The packaging was very discrete and there were lots of delivery options from a range of prices. It was well sealed.

    Every product I ordered was kalpa labs and they all had legit packaging and were easy to use (especially Test E which went in so easily with no PIP), all the other stuff was pharma grade and could be confirmed with the pharmaceutical company. My cycle is 12 weeks long.

  5. Well i gota say, so far so good. I never like changing suppliers but some time you have to. and i can honestly say as long as the quality ends up as good as the service then i will be sticking using these guys from here on in. emails answered straight away, products arrived next week. so far so good im a happy man:) only ordered a couple of the Kalpa 250 test e as a tester, cos i have heard a lot of good things on it lately. only been on iit a week so cant comment on the quality yet as its to early, but i will give some feed back when im a few weeks in.

    very smooth with no pip on first few jabs, cant say any more yet as to early

  6. Was my first international order ever. Prices were right so i thought id give it a go. T/A was about 2 to 3 weeks but i did order right around non working days so i expected a bit of a delay.

    Ordered Kalpa test enanthate and 7Lab Pharm’s Dianobol.

    I took about 3 weeks of the Dbol at 50mg a day and in that time gained about 7 pounds of lean mass as i also dropped around 3% bf. And i was able to lean out quite a bit with my diet. Im 6 weeks in on the test e at 625MG a week and i feel great. Lots of energy and stamina in the gym. Veins are popping everywhere and i am leaning out very quickly. Probably some of the best test i have ever had. Its very thin compared to most ive tried and pins very smoothly. Never any problems with pip. Quality of products are top notch!

    Will be ordering from again!

  7. First time ordering from the Was kind of leery about a new source, but A-S made me feel very comfortable from beginning to end.

    I love the labs he stocks, and the blends are awesome. They save me from having to pin 4ml ED lol!

    As stated, within 7 days international. Even with the hubbub of Xmas, and the hoardes of people at the post office, it still arrived. Nice and tight. No rattles, clinking, or suspicious noises from pack.

    I’m cutting right now, and am running the cut blends for 10 weeks.

    I’ve just started on the shredded, but have been using the kalpa’s cutaxyl for about a week now. The tren is exceptional. Aggression in the gym wayyyy up! Libido is almost annoyingly up, and I’ve gained 2 lbs and am down to around 9% bf currently.

    Will update further in about 2-3 weeks when all the short esters have taken effect.

  8. This Review is for my first order with and i´m very pleased with the hole ordering process and also with the quality of the received items. Review is for DP Cut Mix, 7Lab Testolab-S/Dbol and Kalpa Oxymetholone

    Packaging was discreet and good. No rattling or anything to conclude what´s inside. Arrived in 5 days EU/International.

    I´m in the 3rd week now with the DP Cut Mix (Test P/TrenA/MastP 50mg each/ml). Using it at 1ml ed together with the 7Labs Testolab-S/Dbol, also 1ml/ed. Felt the DP Blend within a few days. Typical TrenA sweating, power, vascularity. Since they are all short Esters i can say that it works very good. Dosed well i would say. Had the Testolab-S/Dbo already a few times from other sources and pip is a pain in the ass, but together with the 1ml of the DP blend it´s better 😉 Kalpa Oxy/Drol is also g2g. Gives me a full, pumped look at 100mg/ed and more power. The DP Dbol is for a later cycle, since i alread have 20mg Dbol from the 7Lab. So no review for that one. All in all i´m very pleased with the stuff -does what it should do! 🙂

  9. So…I put in a small first time order in mid October. It was my first, so I went conservative to test the site. It’s now Dec 29 and even though theyve returned my emails and assured me it was on it’s way, I’ve not received my order. Fedex shows the label being created….but never receiving the package. This has gone on now for 3 months.

  10. 2 test prop ( A-S hooked me up with 2 additional as he said on his home page for following his give away process)

    2 mast prop

    2 NPP

    1 cialis

    added mast and NPP to cycle and see obvious major grain and hardness. NPP made me cough like i blasted a big gagger. its early but god damn i think A-S has the best quality on the site- no PIP whatsoever and his mast dissolved the PIP i was having from another sources PROP which is a life saver my shoulder has been killing.

    im not a chemist but Kalpa’s oil blend feels cleaner has no PIP and feels overall like top quality to me. i think using other gear and switching over really helps you to feel and see the difference in quality. very noticeable.

  11. Excellent service. My order came 2 weeks later. I am now 2 weeks into my Test E cycle (Kalpa). No pip. A couple more weeks will tell how it’s all going but so far so good. Thanks

    All emails answers within a couple of hours max and issues swiftly dealt with to everyone’s satisfaction.

    Everything was discretely packaged and no issues with T/A at all.

    3 x Kalpa Test E

    120 x Proviron

    3 x injection pack

    1 x Kalpa Winstrol

    I’m on 1ml of Kalpa Test E every 5 days for 10 weeks (2 weeks in), Proviron 25mg 2 ED. I’m running Formasurge as my AI this cycle (after lots of research I decided to go this way). Will add the the Winstrol the last 4 weeks. Usual support supps. No pip from the Test E but too early to tell if it’s working. I do feel more aggressive and “switched on” and good morning wood so all very good signs after 2 weeks. I am extremely hopeful with this one after reading all the reviews.

    All I can say is well done. If all goes well this is my new no 1 source.

  12. Tren a

    Test p

    Anadrol 50 at 100mgs apeice eod i have got better results than even irst cycle i ever did. My body has never responded this well to gear. I have not done bloods yet but i am going to now after i order again to compare to some pharma stuff i have.

    i came to you in need and you delivered. Thanks bro

  13. I just ordered some Tren from Optimum pharma.. and I was wondering if their products are legit if someone could get back to me let me great

      1. I don’t see any optimum pharma on their website, it seems that this guy has posted on wrong source

  14. Got in a promo. Ordered the viagra. Communication was a breeze. Delivery was average for overseas. Their viagra product is on par with when I was getting from dr.

    Few weeks as average for international shipping

    100x Viagra

    Great quality. Been using past week. Been eatting one a night for mood. It’s on par with when getting from pharmacy at 1/30 the price.

    I know review is short. There’s not much to say. Communication. Shipping. Packaging. Everything was great. Product works. It’s not oils or any test really needed to see if bunk or not. Or to see if under dosed. Cock got hard few hours. Wouldn’t go down. Good enough for me.

    1. I would like to purchase some products…
      Please reply to start correspondence .
      Thank You

  15. have placed 3 order this is for the first two, the third was just placed. Let me just say A-S is awesome he responds very quickly helpful etc. I received all ordered within 5-6 days nice and discrete and well packaged. highly recommend. He is a pleasure to deal with.

    OILS are GREAT trust me its good shit, the prop had a little bite for me but i was using 29g skin pins and not going deep enough it all i had at the time, felt it within 2 days. E is also very good almost no pain at all very smooth again great oils aromasin is nice its in tab form and easy to break into fours i am very sensitive to this stuff and crashed my E at just 12.5mg so ya its deff good lol i have not used the VAR yet but i have read many people love it and i will update this as soon i start it which will be soon. I’m confident its good since I’ve ordered it like 4 times I’m a hoarder.

    Just over a great source this is my go to place I’ve place multiple orders all come as advertised no games no BS great communication etc ! I HIGHLY recommend.

  16. This is in reference to using the sust and tren . The tren ace has always been one of the best along with the sust the results are always amazing when using this combination. I would like to add that one thing about this source he knows his stuff it’s always a pleasure dealing with him

    T/a was within stated time frame . Pack was secure everything was protected from possible damaging.

    Oil where very clear ,no pip at all . My cycle was around ten weeks I dosed the tren at a 100mg Ed the sust I ran at a gram I did increase the dose towards the end but I lowered it back down due to the sides mainly the sweating again the results where amazing off of this stack .

    I would like to state that I been dealing with since he came here he has a wealth of knowledge.Hes down to earth and his gear is top of the line I can’t stress how much he takes pride in his business. If your looking for a good source try this guy out you want be disappointed

  17. i ordered from…tren cpy and winny tabs

    communication and support were amazing, very helpful…

    packaging was just as you would want it and delivery was 6 days domestic

    ive never used tren before i have used cypionate before i can notice the difference greatly in using the tren with the cyp as opposed to just using the cyp alone… i decided to save the winny tabs for a later cycle… i have gained about 9 pounds of good gains in 6 weeks, good diet hard work in the gym…. once i get a better pc im not opposed to showing pictures of the results…

    great people to deal with overall

  18. imho is absolutely top notch. I have ordered multiple times and i get product the next week. Tracking and free shipping make it a stress free process. A-S is just a cool dude. Hats off to him. Oh yeah and the gear is top flight..i really like the dragon pharma line but theres absolutely nothing wrong with kalpas pure line either.

  19. This is my 1st review for and it’s nothing but praises for this source

    Was the 1st time I used a online site and was amazed that I got a delivery on every stage of my order which was a big tick in my book

    The codes matched the site to verify the authentic products, Im happy with the effects I’ve had so far pinning propandrol100mg E3D my lifts increased no pip and the quality of pharma grade products

    My new online source

  20. Just wanted to see if these reviews are coming from actual people and not people from that site. If this is posted then that’s a plus!

    1. I was one of first reviewers for him on this site when he had no ratings, he was great from the start.

      I still use him. A+ supplier

  21. Was lucky to get in on the XMAS promo from I am taking one anadrol a day for the last 8 days and can defenitly feel more aggression, body temp up, and overall strength has gone up. I am waiting a little longer to take the T3 for cutting phase coming up. No doubt in my mind they are legit. Overall very happy with the service I got form this source. Would use again and recommend them to a friend.

    Not really much communication. I placed the order and just waited. Never contacted the source about the promo.

    Packaging was very good. Nothing shaking around and very clever packaging technique. This would be my only issue. It took a month for product to arrive. It had nothing to do with the source though. I saw the date shipped so it was all delivery delay

    Quality has been great so for. Anadrol 8 days in is working great for me along with other oils. I am taking 50 mg per day. T3 I am waiting on for a cutting cycle. I will come back to review when I take it. I have no doubts its is legit.

  22. Every now in then when you are super busy it gets easy to forget a promo or an order when in the middle of a cycle etc. This source was amazing at keeping there word with an old promo that i happened to catch early when posted and promo criteria later changed, however, they did what they said to those who responded originally and i received 1 10ml vial of Kalpa Sustaxyl. I’m late at reviewing this product but the quality and experience is fresh in my mind and was a great product and experience. So here’s my review on Kalpa Sustaxyl.

    The quality was spot on for good Sustanon, first thing i noticed was how super thin the liquid was and drew up as fast as water, but had a very strong medicine like smell that makes you wanna just pin it asap. I’m weird and like to smell and just examine consistency of gear, i love to run sustanon and was kinda cruising between cycles, ah who am i kidding, i blast as my cruise but when i ran this it was just my in between stages of moderate test dosages as a break before adding other compounds lol. For only running one vial i can say that by the end i really was feeling that overall good well being feel that i always get from stable test levels from sus, i ran at 750mg a week and before that was just running test prop so the different ester were a nice change to not have to pin quite as often. Since i was on the prop before and it had left my system around the time this arrived i was able to start right in with the Kalpa sus and i did notice a good libido increase by week two. I usually run sus way higher than 750 even though a lot of people don’t, i’m kinda like if it’s feeling this good why not go over a gram, but this was kind of a chill time and since my girl was pinning me i kept it moderate. I didn’t get much water retention off this sus so that was good, and no acne or oily skin because i never do. After liking the thin carrier oil, it made me want to try out more of the Kalpa line. Overall i can confidently say that this sustanon was just really good clean sus that produced all the things it should and felt strong, a lot of people like to use the it feels overdosed line lol but when the product simple meets the mg’s of the label then it is great quality and i feel like this Kalpa Sustaxyl was every bit what it states. I really enjoyed adding this bottle into my test regimen at the time and would like to order more products from this source and for sure try more from this line.

    This source was very generous and a great experience, they offer a good line up of products and seem to be a top notch place to shop. I’d recommend them to others as well as plan on making more orders for myself. Thank you!

  23. Ive order many times from A-S, and they never fail. All the products I have use and been effective.

    The transaction was very smooth, I was notified with every process from them receiving payment to my products being shipped.

    Very discreet, original tracking on the website said it was going to be 20 business days, but it ended up coming earlier. No crushed or damaged things.

    I have used all the products other than the PCT meds and it all works great. I am seeing really good results.

    I have tried many domestic and international suppliers, and the Kalpa line is still my all time favorite. Thank you A-S!

  24. is one of my favorite go to sources. They always come through and have excellent gear. Their communication is excellent, and the ordering process can’t get any better.

    T/A is awesome for being international, the packaging is great.

    Order 2 DP TEST E 250, this was the first time using this brand. I decided to try them out. I switched over to them from another brand to finish a 12 week cycle. I immediately noticed a difference. I had to up my A/I from .25mg every three days to .25 every day. My strength went up at least 5lbs on most of my exercises. My workouts were more intense after switching to DP. All the sides where present (oily skin, acne). I gained an extra 10lbs also (some of it was probably water weight) But still I love the DP brand.

    I can’t wait to try their other products, if they’re anything like these I won’t be disappointed. The DP line must be overdosed, which is better than having underdosed gear.

    I will definitely continue to use in the future and recommend them to all my friends.

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