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Many clients have termed this site as being the best in terms of both service and products provision. There has not been much complains about this company, for customer service ensures that each and every customer is satisfied.

If you are an athlete and have been looking for an online drug store where you can purchase testosterone, then testosterone.to should be your choice. This company was established for the sole purpose of athletes. It supplies them with steroids of all forms at affordable prices. This site is renowned for having the best high quality anabolic steroids that can make any athlete achieve the kind of look they have been dreaming of. What these anabolic steroids do is enhance the growth of skeletal muscles and make both genders have male sexual characteristics. This internet drug store offers a vast range of legal steroids to choose from. These steroids can either be oral or injectables. Customers enjoy fast, efficient and extremely discreet shipping. Your personal information remains totally confidential and can never be revealed to any other party without your authorization. Shipping takes almost 2 weeks and the client receives his/her package at the address provided.

One customer with the username TrenLeanAK has been making orders for steroids on this site for a while now. He has been placing orders for Stanoxyl 10×3 and Dianoxyl 50×1. These two have made him get pumped up like never before. Even though in the past he was still pumped up before hitting the gym, his strength gain has taken the upward trend. He has been retaining water as it should be the case, so he still remains healthy while still using these steroids. All along he received constant communication from customer service till the time he received his delivery. There is this one time however that they sent him Nolvadex, yet he had ordered for Stanoxyl. The order showed clearly what he had ordered for, hence they had to reship the actual steroid which he received in 2 days. He applauds this drug store and will continue placing orders with them.

Another client by the nickname mjh36 has had increased gains since he started making use of Boldaxyl which he orders from this site. This is the most effective steroid he has ever made use of. He has experienced hunger that increases by the minute, something which is to be expected once you use Boldaxyl. He had some concerns beforehand, when he communicated to customer service he got a response in less than 5 minutes. He found this to be extremely efficient. Each and every delivery has always arrived in good time, with everything discreetly packed. The quality of Boldaxyl 300 provided at this internet pharmacy is unmatched. He can now actually tell fake and genuine Boldaxyl, all thanks to this online drugstore for opening his eyes.


As an athlete, all you want to achieve is a perfect body shape that helps you feel good about yourself and have confidence. This site delivers exactly that. This is through provision of high quality steroids that cannot be found anywhere else. These steroids are supplied at cost-effective rates, hence every athlete can afford them. Many clients have termed this site as being the best in terms of both service and products provision. There has not been much complains about this company, for customer service ensures that each and every customer is satisfied. This site receives a score of 5 for proving that athletes can also have access to legal steroids of high quality.


  1. Hi folks! This has been my third order so far from Testosterone.to and once again I was very happy with the goods they delivered to me. Keep reading for more details.. Before ending up with Testosterone.to as my steroid supplier I tried several other sellers but none could compare to Testosterone.to. At first I was a bit nervous about buying here since I was afraid of losing all my money. There was no need for this as everything went very smoothly and I could ask Testosterone.to any questions I had and they answered really quickly as well. Even though the custom checks in my country (the Netherlands) are very tight, just like before, the order came through without any problems. The packaging was very discreet and from the outside it was not possible to see what was in the package. Another thing that is good about Testosterone.to: They have A LOT of products. And these products are all for a very good price as well. So yes, the summary of my review would be: The best supplier I’ve had so far, I’d definitely recommend anyone to buy from Testosterone.to. Good prices, fast delivery, reliable service.

    I had several questions regarding these products. Testosterone.to responded quickly and provided a good amount of clear information for me. They also gave me some tips for my cycle which was awesome.

    As stated above, the packaging was very discreet. No noticeable shapes and definitely not see-through. It looked professional and just like any other package. The delivery time was very fast! I had received my order far before I expected it. Even faster than last time, so I’m extremely satisfied with it.

    3 x KP Test Enanth 250

    3 x KP Tren Enanth 200

    1 x KP Exemestane (Aromasin)

    1 x Brand Cabaser 1mg

    I have finished my cycle with this and once again: The quality of these products was VERY high, in fact, one of the best I have ever seen. I’ve definitely had better results throughout my cycle compared to products of other brands.

    Without a doubt the best supplier for everyone located in Europe. I’d recommend anyone to go buy from them!

  2. I have ordered from Testosterone.to a few times in the past over the course of two years. This time I ordered for some of my friends that were interested in cycling for the first time. I’m not super active on here since I pretty much just stick with Testosterone.to.

    Testosterone.to Customer support isn’t just good for gear, it’s probably the best customer support I have received for any product. This order was particularly challenging for me because I was having issues with my bank, nothing to do with Testosterone.to. Their customer support was extremely patient with me even though I was bothering them every night for awhile there and helped me resolve the issue which again was my fault not theirs.

    The packaging was discreet, which is important considering where I live. The contents were packed together, only one box which was nice. Also they do a good job packing everything so there is no chance of anything getting broken

    KP Test Cyp 250, KP Methan10, KP Anastrozole

    This is called the Beginner Bulk cycle and I’m sure it’s very entry level compared to what other people run. However I find it to be perfect for me. I run the 10 week cycle and come away with 20lbs of muscle gain with virtually no side effects. The pills are of high quality and the test cyp injects smooth. I have tried other brands in the past and have personally gotten better results with this brand.

    As I said earlier I have ordered from Testosterone.to on multiple occasions and have always been extremely happy with the results.

  3. testosterone.to is now and will always be the only site I trust with my money. They always deliver fast, and have the best customer support team. All of there products I’ve ordered have been top notch. I still don’t know how they get there prices so low with such a high quality product. I would never bother going through a different site. I’m super impressed with there shipping, customer support, and of course there high quality product.

    I couldn’t ask for better customer support. I had plenty of questions the first time I ordered, and they answered all of them within a day.

    The shipping was supposed to take 2 to 3 weeks, but only ended up taking 6 business days. I’m very impressed with this site

    BD Test E, BD dbol, BD deca, BD winstrol, DP oral tren, BD anavar, and BD tren ace

    the quality is fantastic, especially with BD gear.

  4. I decided to make a larger order with testosterone.to for my advanced cycle I will be running beginning this fall. Testosterone.to managed this larger order with ease, and still maintained top notch performance in all areas!

    There was no communication or support needed.

    I was surprised to see that all products shipped in one package, but the packaging was perfect. I could not have asked for more. It was discreet and well secured.

    DP: Dianabol, Winstrol, Cypionat 250, Masteron, Clen, Anastrozole, T3, Clomid, Nolvadex, Cut Mix.

    Kalpa: Deca, Test E

    All the products look to be in order. I have not used them yet as I am waiting closer to contest which is this fall, but from my past experiences with Testosterone.to I can guarantee the products are top notch. I have never gotten a single false product. I plan on running a 20 week cycle beginning with bulking then easing into cutting.

    As always, Testosterone.to always provides excellent service. As i have stated in previous reviews, Testosterone.to is the only source for me!

  5. I wasn’t sure about this source at first but based off the experience of two other friends I decided to give it a shot. I received my package exactly as outlined and as ordered. I immediately commenced my cycle using their Test Enanthate/Deca Durabolin. I began at 500 mg Test E and 400 mg Deca. I later increased it to my max dose of 750 mg Test E and 600 mg Deca. This is about my 4th AAS cycle, and second of test and deca, which is why I took the dose a little higher. I gained 12 pounds on this cycle, which doesn’t really say a whole lot, as that could be from many things, however, I also hit 4 personal best’s as my strength increased throughout the cycle. One of the best things I got from this cycle is the joint lubrication to my joints as it allowed me to finally squat deep and heavy again, which before was limited to my better days. Sides were minor and consisted of some acne, oily skin, and drop in libido. Overall I am very impressed with the ease of ordering and the effectiveness of the gear itself and will definitely use them again.

  6. Hand down best source – fast communication – fast shipping – really helpful people..

    Ever email has been answering – tracking number for every shipment..

    Package was packed professionally – tracking number perfect on time

    2 Drastanolone / 2 Sustanon / 2 Proviron / 1pack of Stan 50

    I had 10 weeks cycle – great cutting cycle so far.. No pain on every inject – goes in smooth ready to workout next day..

    Recommend to anyone looking for change on source

  7. This is a review for a previous, rather simple, order I made with Testosterone.to. Everything went smoothly and I am now starting to trust this source as I recently made a second order with a bit more stuff which I will also review after using the products.

    Communication was good, donation took a bit too long to pick up but it was understandable since Testosterone.to was running a promo at the time.

    Packaging and TA was great, well packaged and arrived in about a week after it shipped. That’s pretty fast considering it’s not a domestic source.

    Went through PCT, felt the a bit of blurred vision and all girly for a bit but everything is good and I’m just about ready to enter my next cycle. Products are legit and I am definitely looking forward to trying out the next KP orals and EQ I’ve ordered.

    Overall a great experience, donation, customer service response, t/a, effectiveness, everything was on point. Thank you Testosterone.to

  8. Testosterone.to is by far the best I’ve used out of many sources glad I finally made the attemp and tried them things could not of went any better

    It was on there a game I only had two simple questions responded back to me within a few hours answered thoroughly

    packaging was perfect no damage to the goods couldn’t have been wrapped up any tighter

    Two 10 ml of cut mix, 100 win tabs just to start everything gear checked out as legit

    just received my order today just took first shot will update soon very little pip

    just want to say if you have any doubts about using testosterone.to don’t they are one of the best out there I can’t complain about anything very legit very fast will be ordering later on this week again

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