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MassRoids has played a vital role in making people cycle steroids without the risks. This is an admirable effort. As all the customers of MassRoids were pleased, I will undoubtedly mark them 5 out of 5.

MassRoids.Com Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Supervisor Review: Great Company for Steroids and Peptides

The people, who are considered as professional bodybuilders, have to pay a lot of money after their supplements. Each and everyday they have to use a lot of steroids. This is really costly. But if they can find a steroid which they can use a lot of times, then not only it will save their money, but also will save them time. MassRoids is an online steroids and peptides provider.


MassRoids features a lot of steroids and PCT ancillaries. The prices of the products from MassRoids may seem a little on the higher side, but it is because of the good quality of the products from MassRoids. The best thing about the anabolic steroids and androgens is, you will be able to enjoy its full potential on cycle without the harmful effects. Moreover, you are able to use only one steroid for your first cycle. There are also some combo stacks of both steroids and peptides. MassRoids has a huge variety of steroids. No matter which steroid you prefer, you will find that in the steroids of MassRoids. From orals to injectables, everything is available. The prices vary according to the active substance of the steroid. The steroids from MassRoids are also very effective. If you love Anavar, Dianabol, Winstrol, Masteron, Testosterone Cypionate, Sustanon, Trenbolone, then MassRoids will be a great asset to you.

Customer Satisfaction

MassRoids has fully satisfied their customers. They have served their customers well enough with their products as well as their services. The customers haven’t complained about the services or the products. All the products from MassRoids were good. One customer claimed that MassRoids‘ products has shown him a new dimension of bodybuilding experience. He was a professional bodybuilder earlier who only used typical brands of steroids. Because of that habit, he had to go through the risks of becoming victim to fatal diseases like test flu, blood clots and heart attack. But then he realized that using typical street anabolic steroids is very deadly. He thought about online ordering, but he was confused whether he will get the same quality of his daily steroids or not. In a very confusing mind, he purchased a sachet of Dbol from MassRoids. Then he discovered that is way better than his typical street steroids. The better quality, long lasting pumping experience just amazed him. Then he became a regular subscriber. That customer thanked MassRoids for enabling him to cycle freely without the bad effects.


MassRoids has played a vital role in making people cycle steroids without the risks. This is an admirable effort. As all the customers of MassRoids were pleased, I will undoubtedly mark them 5 out of 5.

MassRoids.Com Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Supervisor


  1. So I am just finishing up my first cycle that I ordered from

    Communication and support was excellent. One of the amps for my PCT HCG I received broken. I communicated this with them, and they immediately sent me a new Ampule to replace the cracked one.

    The time of arrival was excellent, the website said 14-21 days for estimated delivery time. I received my gear in 7. The packaging was tight and discreet.

    4 10ml vials of DP Sustanon 270.

    3 30 pill packages of Kalpa 50mg Clomid

    4 Organon 5000iu HCG

    Product quality was great, there was no PIP, and I gained a solid 12-15lbs and I still have a week left of injections so probably 3 more weeks of gains. My libido was in overdrive for the first 6-8 weeks, but then I experienced a slow down, I am not quite sure why, maybe someone can answer this for me. I started feeling some itchiness in my pecks, I took 150mg of the clomid for 3 days then 100mg for 2 more days, this knocked that right out. (Am I not an advanced user but I have done 4-5 cycles in the last 10 years or so.) I am on a 10 week cycle which I have about 2 weeks left. 10 weeks. 2ml Sust 2x a week. The quality is excellent, there was very little PIP. Though I did realize that all 4 vials actually only had 9.5ml per vial, which I do not believe is Mass fault. Weeks 7-8 1000IU HCG per week with 100 mg of clomid a day

    9-10 1500 IU HCG per week with 50 mg of clomid per day (I would have liked to use an AI, but I miscalculated my tolerance and this is my first time trying HCG which is why I had to add the Clomid) weeks 12.5-14.5 or longer depending on how quickly my system kicks back in. 40mg Nolvadex (which I just ordered less then a week ago and the tracking says it just entered my shipping facility)

    I would highly recommend, they may not always be the cheapest prices (that being said they do run great weekly sales) but as far as I can tell they are very reliable and the gear is legitimate. I already ordered my next cycle which I plan to start about 6 weeks after my last injection. I tried some new gear, I will keep you posted on the results. Please feel free to comment and give me advice on this current cycle and also my next one. Looking forward to hearing from everyone

  2. My first run with massroids.. Very pleased with the whole process,site was very easy to use. Placed and paid on sunday, recieved the confirmation in a day ,next day mail to show the order was sent. Very easy, gave it 10 days and BAMMM !!! At my door step it was. Gear had lab tests on all the products ordered. These guys even through in a few extra goodies….. Hey thats good bizz if ya know what i mean. Will definately send another donation soon like prolly monday !!!!!! Will update on the cycle after i have time to use the gear. Thanx MASSROIDS !!!

  3. This is a update on my review for Dragon Pharma Test P 100, stuff works like a champ, all the good sides from Test such as High libido, oily skin were present within a couple weeks, trust me, when u start seeing the chubby girls from my local gym pretty and from the 80 year old asses you know the stuff is working. A little PIP but nothing that would kill you

    Wrapped up nice and tight

    Overall turnaround time tops 21 days

    12 Dragon Pharma Test P 100

    2 Dragon Pharma Adex

    Excellent, I leaned out slightly & strength was up slightly higher, I ran the DP test prop injecting 150ml EOD Adex at .5mg a every other day was used to keep the puffy nips away. These DP products seemed to do their job, and I was pleased with effectiveness.

    I have ordered several times from massroids and will do so again

  4. Well what to say, probably best source in the world, there products I’ve always used Sciroxx and Kalpa and every seemed dosed correctly and smooth, always potent and high quality, I’ve had a couple of snags and made good right away, nothing much really to say but massroids is number 1.

    Communication is always good at the max you might after wait 3 or 4 days for tickets to be replied usually happens if there’s a promo, if everything is smooth 24-48 hour response

    Always within 3 weeks, had some arrive in a week, packing is nice and stel thy, very tight packed you would never guess what’s inside

    Getting ready for a show, I’m at 650 mg of tren a week, and veins are popping, pump are tremendous, masteron p at 500 mg I’m dryng out is insanely and getting hard and grany, test prop is making me horny like a mofo, using it at 400 mg, all oil are super smooth in mct, wich is a carrier my body loves..

    Can’t go wrong here guys, Sciroxx is my go to, high quality, good shipping, and thank you massroids for pumping out in the community quality products. ..

  5. Won’t use anyone else again. Extremely easy and quick shipping. Definitely the best place I’ve used

    Answered all my questions quickly and correctly

    Very discreet packaging

  6. I received great service and products again on my latest order from massroids.

    Good communication, he usually responds within a day or two, depending on how busy he is. His support has been excellent.

    Packages are always discreet and well packed to protect the product. Really professional.

    Quality seems excellent.Everything works exactly as it is supposed to.

    believe it or not, this is the best source hands down. don’t waste your money on others.

  7. Just recieved my order and everything looks on point. Ive started the clen and wow! Kalpa has better orals than the blondes at hooters… heart racing and shakes off of just 40mcg! Im waiting to use the tren for my next cycle but im sure its gonna kick my ass. Putting in another order tomorrow to try the Sciroxx line

    Communication has always been top notch, never really had a real problem but I think I asked for an update on my last order and they got back with me same day.

    2 weeks to the bottom of the states, packaging was very discreet, super bubble wrapped fed proof.

    All orals ive recieved from massroids has been quality, these guys are very stand up pros in the game tryed and true.

    Packaging was professional, used all at correct dosages besides the clen, ill go as high as I can before stroke lol

    You want quality, You choose MassRoids!

  8. Last promo from Massroids the generous one. Been on sciroxx test e for 8 weeks now, best test e batch ive ever gotten. 2 bottles down so far. Libido is ridiculous. Been on dp Superdrol for 2 weeks and its crazy. Kicked in. Only at 20mg a day now. Probably dont need any more than that. Cuz damn!

    If i can compare DP Superdrol to anything, it would have too be tren, it has began to completly reshape my body and muscles like only tren has for me.

    Only oral i will ever use or need from now on. Examestine is on point as well and has been my ai for the last 3 cycles all sciroxx and all massroids. Pics to come after cycle is complete, 🙂 this cycle has really gotten me back on track and better than ever.

  9. Second order with Massroids and it was very smooth. I had half of my stuff held up for a bit but it all came through well below the stated delivery time on the site.

    Very good support! I had asked them about the shipping when I saw 2 tracking #’s and they explained it. No wait time or anything.

    Very well packed, discreet, very minimal. Surprising how small a box they can fit all that stuff into!

    I ran the DP sust with the anavar, and my GF ran some anavar as well. We both had great gains in lean muscle and strength and fat loss. I didn’t need to use the exem as I had no sides. HCG worked like a charm as always in keeping the boys at full size during cycle.

    Very happy with them and already have a 3rd order in!

  10. So many benefits to Massroids, where do we start?

    – Easy to navigate site

    – Money transfer is simple

    – Constant discounts and deals

    -BEST PART: No minimum for an order

    Communication wasn’t even needed, have ordered about 4 times now and never had a problem in the slightest.

    Packaging was so discreet and tightly packed that before opening it I was worried I didn’t even receive my full order. I can not reccomed Mass enough, forever my go to now.

    Have been running products for 3 weeks, started the Tren 3rd week in after test had esthered. Both the test and the tren run so smooth and give me so much energy in the gym. Strength increases already noticed, can’t wait to see the difference 6 weeks from now. I will never go anyone besides KP now unless I have to.

    Also took advantage of a big ass Haloween sale Mass had should be getting another order soon. Will post a review soon.

  11. I recently placed another order after the shipping delays and things went very smooth I received my order within 10 days after it was shipped. Massroids is back with a great selection and great customer service, thanks MASS!!

  12. I climb to the mountain tops and scream MASSROIDS IS THE BEST!!! That’s because it is. Every time massroids comes through never have I ever had an issue! With that being said I ordered the “16 week masters cycle” it came in, in 12 days!!!! And I’m week two into the cycle and I can’t wait to grow!!! I tell all my friends and gym buddies about massroids. Prices just can’t be beat!

  13. MASSROIDS.COM has been great to us, our last two orders have been outstanding, the first order we thought was short a few items, we were wrong, we e-mailed them with our concerns and they responded to us quickly and hassle free, they told us that it would be shipped out right away, and that is exactly what they did, I received everything and they even threw in and extra item for my patience and loyal business, MASSROIDS.COM is professional and they don’t carry any weak or garbage products, they only carry the top name brands and companies out there with competitive prices anywhere. That you MASSROIDS for the great company you are…………… The BIGGMAN…………………….

  14. This was my first order with Massroids. Ordered Kalpa Methenolone Enanthate 30ml as well as Clomiphene Citrate 30 tabs. I used the Clomiphene in my last PCT. Was very happy this weeks blood test showed natural Test levels return to my normal range of 650ng/dL . Haven’t tried the Primobol. This was a sample order to try out their service. Very happy with how fast their shipping was 12 days from payment till delivery.

  15. Communication, speed of delivery and quality of product is what makes MASSROIDS a top source, they come through yet again in all three categories!

    Communication was awesome, it took less than 4 hours to receive emails from them. I emailed them with a question regarding a tracking number, and they had it to me in less than a day!

    Packaging was as per usual with mass, discrete, carefully packaged and no items damaged. I ordered and it took 2 days to process but then received it 5 days after that, 3 days later I received the other part of my order.

    I have been using HCG now for 1 week (250 iu eod) and have already noticed a huge change. I waited almost till the end of my cycle and it was almost too late to stop the shrink, I am running my PCT now and have 2 more weeks left on my HCG and my boys are almost back to regular size. Im def running HCG from MASS in every one of my cycles now! Thanks guys!

  16. I ordered some british dragon anavar a few months ago, and have been using them @60mg per day with great results. My body is looking leaner and harder, strength is up also. Seems like pretty good var at a really good price. I would use this labs var again.

    Great communication and customer support.

    Everything was discretely wrapped, and arrived safely with no broken tabs.

  17. Another great experience from Massroids! Order came quick, very discreet shipping and the gear is amazing! Have gain almost 30 pounds on my lean bulk, now starting to shred, wouldn’t use any other gear DP is number one in my book.

    Did not have any problems with this order had a couple of questions on some past orders and Massroids got back to me in less than 24 hours.

    Shipping was great and discreet, gear got to south Florida in about 14 days.

    Been on for 14 weeks with these products M-1-Test has a amazing pump immediately after I take it. Anavar is great, Tren is amazing,, won’t use anything else but Dragon Pharma lab!

    Don’t trust any other lab but DP!!

  18. i have been using massroids for over 4 years now and have placed over 2 dozens orders with them. i always recieve my product and have never been disapointed with any of it. i would never consider another source

    i dont have much experience with the support because everything has always ran smooth

    im waiting on an order now deca, sustanon and anadrol im expecting it this week

    great quality, i always take advantage of the weekly discounts

  19. Massroids has been #1 In my book for years now! I will not shop anywhere else or try anything other then KP/Kalpa Pharma. There’s so many good things about the site you cant get anywhere else. Review discounts, Products of the week for half off, Customer service 24/7. And best of all fast shipping!

    I have been ordering for 3-4 years now. And only once or twice I have used there Communication & Support. Its fast and 24/7. There the only site that will do Re-Ship if something is wrong with your order. All you have to do is ask and tell the Support team what’s wrong. Cant say anything Bad about there service! A+

    Well lets see for what we are ordering and doing on this site. And me being US and them being half way around the other side of the world! I would say there T/A is amazing! Like 14 days from payment To having my order at my door! I think that’s great! For the quality of what your getting, And how hard it is to come by unless you order online yourself. I think everything is great. The Packaging is always A+! I have never had one missing package! Or anything Broken, Or just never come. Its always there on time and come very well packed.

    I have ordered and used Just about all there KP Products:



    KP EQ KP Win



    I have also used there Hcg, Clomid,and Nova for PCT.

    In my opinion there products are great always 100% Quality. I have never had anything to complain about.

    Right now I’m using.

    KP MAST 200mg 3x per week, 600mg per week

    KP SUS 350mg 3x per week, 810mg per week

    I will use this cycle for 12 weeks. after that ill cut my dose and then Ill use something to bridge into like just test at a very low dose. I have Low T other wise haha.

    Ill close this review by saying this is a great online Pharma! And there product are A+. If your thinking about trying Mass I have to say you will Love it. KP is my Fav as you can see. But everything else on this site I’m sure is great as well. I have read nothing but good things about all there products! Thanks for reading.

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