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The KalpaPharm is a well-recommended online steroid retailer. They got a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 points. The key points which gave them a perfect score includes their reliable delivery service, wide product range, their advice page, friendly customer service and good quality products. If you are planning to order anabolic steroids online, you should definitely consider KalpaPharm.com online shop.

KalpaPharm.com Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Supervisor

The KalpaPharm.com Main Features and Services

For over 5 decades, KalpaPharm has been selling anabolic steroids and ancillaries. Their product categories include Kalpa products, 7Lab Pharm, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, BodyPharm LTD, Dragon Pharma, Eternuss Pharma, Gen-Shi Laboratories, Ice Pharmaceuticals, Maha Pharma, Sciroxx, SP Laboratories and Teragon Labs. The main page of their website is very organized and customers will easily view the latest products that KalpaPharm is offering. Customers can also check out the featured products being offered such as Sustaxyl, Testoxyl Cypionate, Dianoxyl and many more.

The KalpaPharm does not only sell steroid products but they also give informative advices for athletes and bodybuilders. There are also advises on the types of steroids. The Advice Page is definitely one of the best features of their webpage and it is filled with information that can help many bodybuilders.

KalpaPharm.com can ship their products overseas.

Their website is easy to navigate and all you have to do is click on the products that you are interested. The price and the description for each product are clearly to make it easier for buyers to purchase the product.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are very important so that other buyers can have an overall view of the products and services for an online store like KalpaPharm. Here are just some of the reviews given for KalpaPharm.com:

Krisparry requested a steroid that is hard to find and KalpaPharm was able to source it out and delivered to him. He says that this kind of service is quite rare for steroid online stores and he was very satisfied.

Shona Nolan gives positive feedback about the customer service of KalpaPharm. She says that KalpaPharm immediately responded to her queries and they were able to help and solve her problems. She was also delighted that this steroid retailer has a wide array of steroid products.

Ashely from Manchester had a mix up with her order but the customer service of KalpaPharm was able to sort it out immediately. She was impressed with the prompt and friendly staff that helped her. The product quality was also good and the prices were competitive.

Chris says that the delivery was fast and the customer support responded to his email first thing in the morning. Since the service was efficient, he says that he will be a repeat customer.

The customer reviews for KalpaPharm.com were all positive. To sum it up, they were praising the delivery and the customer service for this online steroid retailer. Some of the reviewers gave positive comments on the quality of the products, the prices and the huge selection of products available on the website.


  1. Was curious about my first time ordering and finally tested it for my self . I have made a total of 3 orders within the past 2 months and all have arrive safe and sound in 6-8 days max.100% official

    What else can you ask for fast response and great communication . Only time I had to use support was with paying my first time other than that smooth transaction.

    Very small packages at first when I was unpacking I was worried that they didn’t get my order mix up but I was surprised how they was able to fit all the goodies in such a small package . Deliver always 100% 6-8 days max.

    Words can’t explain but Cutaxyl blend is awesome no pip and smooth like a baby butt cheek . Hgh lost body fat and deep dreams if you know what it does get them. Just started anavar 2 days ago so can’t say nothing much.

    Don’t hesitate roll the dice and be a winner with kalpapharm be polite and it can help you resolve your problems . I have no issues with them so far and it will stay that way

  2. Have ordered several times from kalpapharm and have been highly impressed each time with the quality of products, quickness of shipping, and quality of

    Customer support answers questions and solves issues quickly and efficiently. I had a question regarding my tracking and it was answered immediately.

    Very discreet and secure packaging

    Kalpa primo, Kalpa prop, Kalpa Anavar

    4 weeks in and amazing results so far. Cardion Is through the roof from the primo and prop and Anavar are the best I’ve ever used

    As I stated before, I have made several orders with kalpapharm.com and every time I’ve been impressed with their service and speed of shipment. If you are on the fence about ordering from them, do it. You won’t be disappointed.

  3. KalpaPharm has done a great job of getting my gear to me. I was pleased with the results of each and every one of the products I ordered. These guys are reliable and very helpful. I screwed up my donation on my first order and they were very willing to assist me in fixing the problem. Kalpa pharm products have a code for you to go online and check the authenticity! I love this. KP has a huge selection of products. I will always order here. Great gear and customer service!

    T3 made me sweat!!!

    The tren is amazing. I get big and crazy very quickly but have to keep cycles short due to sides… Night sweats!!! When I take good tren I sweat at night, and damn did I sweat. Some days I would wake up with my whole bed totally soaked. tren also gives me a cough almost every time I pin.

    I have horrible problems with prolactin making me tired, the cabaser completely stopped that.

    Cialis works for days at a time. the Viagra makes me a stallion in the bedroom. amazing results with each product. I have not used the cutaxyl yet but I have 100cc’s just waiting on my cutting cycle. The HCG is very effective at restoring my natural test levels. And I test positive for pregnancy when using.

    I have used other international sources… Not gonna mention any names, but some Balkan products I have ordered left me wondering about it’s authenticity. with the products I have ordered here, there is no question! 100% authentic and potent. thanks KP. You guys take the worry out of buying online.

  4. Once again, fast pick ups, fast delivery, correct products.

    And the important factor the products work.

    KalpaPharm.com has always delivered on time and made sure everything was great.

    Never once has KP let me down, they have great means of communications from the dedicated URL to quick email response times.

    If you are thinking about trying KP and the top rating on front page is not enough. Look through the reviews the consistency should help you make your mind up.

    Fast accurate and willing to take care of issues with ASAP attitude.

    Never anything broken or crushed, packed correct the first time.

    Products are as described.

    Strenght, weight, recomp, full, and drive.

    Everything on lab work proves well.


  5. Have used kalpapharm.com and it was a great transaction communication was great on my Prop order as well as shipping was quick and easy. I have been taking the prop for 2 months now and have seen the fat fly off of me as well as muscle gains I was benching around 275lbs 4-6 times 8 weeks ago and just this week I did 335lbs 6 times and 105lbs dumbbell incline bench 6 times. I love this Kalpa Pharma Product and I will be using kalpapharm.com and only KP from no on. Great products, quick shipping and amazing communication. Cannot go wrong with this company

    great communication and very quick replies to any questions I had throughout the entire process.

    everything arrived in appropriate shipping and was packaged perfectly nothing damaged and nothing missing

    A+++ quality, Depot, been on 8 weeks with amazing results I def recommend this product

  6. This is I believe my 4th order with KALPAPHARM.COM, and once again I was very satisfied. They have a very smooth and efficient operation that works very well. Payment is fast and easy, orders take a few weeks, but you know whats going on. and it always comes.

    I was kept informed about my order the entire time.

    Packaging was once again very solid, nothing damaged, very discreet. All comes in padded packs.

    15 X Testo-E

    10 X Dianabol

    20 X Cialis Pro

    The Kalpa Test-E was once again an amazing quality product. It works miracles with little side effect. The generic Cialis Pro is a beast maker. These ones dissolve in your mouth and are great for random hookups. They put me in everlasting beast mode and allow me to tear it up.

  7. Just thought I’d write a review about kalpapharm, I use to use kalpapharm years ago and they always came threw. So a few weeks ago I figured I’d give them another shot, mind you it’s been five years now since I’ve last ordered so was a lol hesitent. But they did indeed come threw just like old times. I highly recommend using them. Great products, huge selection and fast shipping.

    Wasn’t really any need for any support as I didn’t have any problems but they received everything fast and sent out every thing on time.

    cutaxyl 150mg 10ml x 3

    oxandroxyl 10mg x 100 x8

    arimixyl 1mg x 30 x2

    nolvaxyl 20mg x 30 x 4

    I’ll be taking cutaxyl 1ml eod every other day with 70mg car per day along with .5mg of the arimixyl with the nolvaxyl towards th e final weeks. This is only a partial cycle and still need t I order more.

    As always I will continue to recommend them to friends and family. Kalpapharm is gtg guys. You won’t be disappointed by them.

  8. Once again KALPAPHARM never fails to disappoint. Their ordering process is fast and simple, the gear is awesome, and the shipping is super fast! I’ve been ordering from KP since 2014, and not once have I looked to turn to any other site. Why go elsewhere when the site you order from is already flawless?

    No communication was needed, the ordering process was very simple, and I was updated when the payment was processed and shipped out.

    Package was very very discreet, looked like any ordinary package. Wrapped with care as well to ensure product safety.

    2 x KP Tren Enanth 200

    2 x Sustanon 350

    Used both test for 12 weeks straight and integrated the sust during the 1st-4th week. Amazing gains in both strength and muscle stamina. 200 Test e a week and 300 sust a week. I wanted to stick with strictly test during this cycle to see how the results would fare, and I was very impressed.

    Excited to place my next order and see the results that will be delivered! KALPAPHARM really does have it all, quality, reliability, and honesty. I would not recommend any other site!

  9. Did a small order together with a friend.

    Pretty happy with the products, kp test e has minimal pip and works good.

    Envelope had bubble wrap and vials came in perfect condition.

    Everything ok

  10. There is a reason why KALPAPHARM.COM is top rated here. They are the best as far as product selection, quality, pricing and delivery.

    Communication is excellent. They respond within 24 hours of any inquiry. They provide email updates every step of the way.

    They have a superior packaing process. Very small, compact and discreet. Basically unnoticable for personal size oreders.

    I have been on the Cutaxyl, Ortrexyl and Proviroxyl for quite some time. All of these products deliver exceptional results. I am on HRT anyway so PCT isn’t an issue for me. I am not looking to gain size at my age, but rather a lean toned look. I stay within 7-8% BF, but diet is critical for that.

    If you have any doubts, KALPA gear is the real deal. Delivery always comes quicker than they promise!

  11. Kalpa never seems to dissapoint. I take advantage on their monthly sales and the bargains I’ve made are great. Enough of that. This a review for their masteroxyl prop 100 and anadroxyl.

    I took the anadroxyl at 50mg last 2 weeks of my prep and it helped me hold onto gains and even increased my weight and strength as my carbs were non existent. I looked fuller, better, and had constant pumps from the middle of my first week. I felt agression and a little different from the agression tren gives you. It’s more of the gym high tempered destroy weights agression. The masteroxyl prop was taken right after finishing 2 vials of a different sources. I kept getting harder and tighter which was great. The only comment other than it actually works is that the pinning was very smooth. I was getting about 800mg every week for the last 3 weeks and it played a role in stabalizing my mood, lowering my estro and helped me push for that extra loss of bf while I was shredding.

    Kalpapharm.com is not only a great source but it’s a trusted source. I highly suggest them and would would also suggest anyone looking for health medications to look their as well. They have plenty of things to combat acne, hair loss and even loss of sleep.

  12. Awesome supplier

    Well under the time frame listed packaged very well

    Got extremely vascular and dry from the cutaxyl and stanoxyl wish I could of ran longer

  13. This is my third order and I love the consistency of the whole thing: the time it takes from submitting payment to the gear in my hands is the same.

    I did not need to contact them with any questions, but they sent me automated email notifications for every step of the order. I love how I always receive the postal tracking information from them.

    My friends that are using the Sust 350 say that KP is stronger than the stuff we get domestically.

  14. My 2nd time ordering and both times, the packages arrived weeks before the estimated time frame and in perfect condition. I can’t say enough good things about kalpapharm.com. They are by far the best ever!!

    Packaging was very thought out and planned, though at first it looked a little strange but I realized why they packaged it that way. Very experienced and wise.

    Just finished my first 12 week cycle of Nandroxyl, Sustaxyl stack with Dianoxyl kickstart and Hcg/Nolvaxyl PCT.

    4,000-5,000 calorie per day diet with protein supplements, 6 days a week in the gym 2-3 hours a day.

    Gained a whopping 15 kilos, lost 4 kilos water wieght, retained 11 kilos of pure muscle and mass.

    I used all Kalpa Pharma products and will use them again along with British Dragon and Axiolabs for my next cycle.

    I’m 48 years old 177 cm tall and before this cycle a scrawny, skinny, skin and bones 59 kilos.

    Prior health issues included joint problems, injured recurring muscle pains, stomach digestive ulcers…all gone and cured with prior medication and complete diet overhaul with commitment and peseverance.

    The cycle actually saved my life. It was the best decision I ever made.

    I’ll be starting a second cycle after a 3 month break and a blood test for safety.

  15. Second time using a full cycle from kalpapharm and I’m loving it. This company has the best of the best top notch nothing better won’t order from another company here on out.

    Never needed to communicate everything arrive quickly

    Packaging 10/10

    Shipping time 10/10 fast for over seas

    Quality- perfect no pain clean oils orals tabs great no damage I used tbol for 6 weeks test e for 16 weeks. Letrozole stopped estrogen sides when they arrived. Post cycle clomixyl and nolvaxyl worked as they should.

    KalpaPharm.com has the gear they have everything and anything you need cant wait to try the cutaxyl in spring help get the beach season body.

  16. I jumped on the promo for the test props and im glad i got their test. Definitely a good source.

    I sent my info to them and they got right back to me explaining what needed to be done so to me they were on point.

    The test arrived pretty quick. It only took a total of 4 days which was super fast.

    I just started running the prop and there is no pip which i love of course because some prop can have a little pain but not these guys.

    Thanks for the promo and i will definitely be placing an order soon.

  17. Kalpa is by far the best I’ve used out of many sources glad I finally made the attemp and tried them things could not of went any better

    packaging was perfect no damage to the goods couldn’t have been wrapped up any tighter

    Two 10 ml of cutaxyl, 100 win tabs just to start everything gear checked out as legit

    just want to say if you have any doubts about using kalpapharm don’t they are one of the best out there I can’t complain about anything very legit very fast will be ordering later on this week again

  18. I ordered and received my first package from KalpaPharm. This was my first time ordering from an online source and everything went very smoothly. I have experience using Testosterone for TRT use over the last 3 years. Unfortunately my doctor strictly monitored my blood and would not give me a dose above 200MG a week, keeping my blood between 600-800 ng/dl. I personally wanted to feel what its like to have blood in the 1500-2000 range. That led me to steroids.reviews and I found kalpapharm.com. I plan on posting bloods once I see them in the range I want to be in. If this can make me feel the way I once felt than I am a KP customer for life!

    The email support was top notch responded to my emails within minutes.

    The package arrived in my mailbox a little over 2 weeks from date of order. It was in sent securely and none of my vials arrived broken.

    I ordered 3 bottles of KP Test Enthanate, 3 bottles of KP Boldaxyl and 3 bottles of KP sust 350. I was mainly wanting to stick with test based products because I have used much else in my life. However I lost a bunch of strength and size the last few months and had read good reviews of Boldaxyl so I wanted to give it a try.

    I plan on running test year round I suffer from extremely low T levels my most recent blood work after stopping TRT from my doctor showed my blood at 181! I am a 31 year old male in good shape with no other health problems. So to have levels that low is very bad. If running mg’s a week can get me into the 1000 range in the next month I will beyond happy. I plan on bulking for rest of the year well hopefully keeping my bodyfat below 12%. Look forward to updating you all on my progress its nice to have found steroids.reviews and kalpapharm.com!

  19. Omg once again they do it for me and I love the results from their products and can’t complain at all. Their test e is the best plus the prices. I gain lots of mass along with methyltrielonone with no fat.

    Will recommend it because I feel the oral tren sweats and aggression . Test e gets my sex drive of the roof and clen makes me hot

  20. Kalpapharm always comes through perfectly. I will never use another source and that’s a true statement. Lifts strength size and cuts all improving and by far the the best shape I been in in every way. I squat 650 and arms are 20 and I’m not a power lifter and can see all my cuts at 285 at 5 7 if that tells you anything. So the gear is obviously legit.

    Got a reply that day or next every time.

  21. KalpaPharm is hands down the best place to get high quality gear! They have the best prices around…very discreet shipping….packaged extremely well…I have ordered 5 times from them and never a problem yet. My orders all come around 3 weeks after I order them. They also have a product of the week which is half the normal price. I have had tremendous gains with all of the kalpa products that I have tried. I had to go to the doctor for my VA appointment and the doctor instantly knew I was on gear because of my blood tests. He said my cholesterol and red blood count was high, so he checked my testosterone levels and they were out the roof. That there told me that I found the right place for my gear.

    I have not had to contact the support team as I have not had any issues with getting my stuff in a very timely manner and their site is always updating the status of my packages.

    The packaging is extremely discreet. I am very impressed with how they send me my stuff. This makes me feel that they know what they are doing and explains why nothing has gotten taken by customs yet or broken during delivery.

    All of the Kalpa line is amazing! I have had very solid gains. My muscles are harder and stronger than they have ever been. I can’t even pinch any fat on my arms anymore. I have gained over 20lbs of muscle and lost tons of fat within the last 6 months from being on their products. My bench has went up over 50lbs and my leg press has gone up over 400lbs since then. I absolutely love this company and will never look anywhere else. Kalpa is the shit hands down!

    If I had more money I’d order even more..Just can’t get enough of this company. I’m sure I will be ordering here very soon again.

  22. KP has always come through for me at delivering top quality products!

    Very fast response to emails

    I used the Oxandroxyl at 50mg/ day at the tail end of my last cycle. I felt strength and pump increase within a week and I would say this seems overdosed for 50mg. I have used Anavar before and never got the pumps like I did off on Kalpa stuff. I definitely want to order more!

  23. At first I was worried using an lab overseas, but the communication and products from kalpapharm is very professional.

    Packaged to protect and discreet too.

  24. This past summer was actually the third time I’ve ordered form KalpaPharm.com since 2020. Never had any issues. This last time was no exception.

    I realized I made an error in my address right after ordering and was told ‘too bad, so sad’ but at least was told within a day of filing a ticket. Not their fault that I can’t read, just hoped they could have done something about it. I know the people at my old address so got my shipment regardless. Lesson learned – TRIPLE check your address.

    Great packaging. It was tight and properly padded and looked like any other domestic package I would receive.

    4x Test E 250

    4x Boldaxyl

    various pills

    Great quality! That’s what I want and I that’s what I get from them every time. Not having to worry about fakes – which I’ve gotten from other places before – is a relief.

    As I said, been using them for a few years now and plan on continuing.

  25. I have made 2 orders from KalpaPharm so far and it has been pleasant. Both packages were small but got here in around 14 days from the time I sent the money. I was able to verify that all the products were authentic before use and I am very happy with how they do business and my results. I did I short cutting cycle and ordering couldn’t of been more smooth. Great products! Potent! And you cannot beat the prices!

    Everything went so smoothly that I didn’t need to contact them. They updated every step quickly. Wonderful company.

    Tracking number was posted very promptly. Everything was wrapped up and tightly secured. Very inconspicuous. A+ on packing/shipping

    Quality of products is great. I gained 11lbs in 10 days on the DBol. Absolutely no pip from the Tren Ace and Test Prop which tells me they are superior quality. Sex drive was way up because of the Tren. I am very pleased. Been on 4 weeks now.

    Love KalpaPharm. Will be placing another order very soon! I highly recommend! Thanks KP!

  26. Took me a little while to write my review but its well deserved and very overdue. Kalpa’s is the FUCKING MAN! KP is going to be my go to source for a lot of my future gear. As well as some other things. Love this guys selection. I’m like a pervert in a porn store when I shop with KP. So many choices its hard for me to decide.

    Communication was effortless. Had 2 questions and both were answered within minutes.

    T/A was very impressive to the states. When I received packaging it took me opening it to realize that it was Kalpa. Very discreet. Very professional. Very secure.

    Oral Tren, Dbol, Aromasin.

    Aromasin is on point. No doubt about it. Could tell a difference the next day! Oral Tren is on deck waiting to be used and so is the Dbol. But with Kalpa’s reputation and the pride they take in their products I have no doubt about the quality.

  27. Kalpa Pharm is the best place to order your gear. 3 years and going strong for me on ordering from the KP. This is a review of my 5th cycle I bought from them.I care about their customers and love to give me reasons to spend money with their deals..

    The only communication I had with them was the emails I received telling me my order confirmation and then when my orders had shipped. No problems whatsoever. If i ever need anything i get a response within 24hrs always.

    The packaging was perfect. Very discreet. Noone would ever know what was inside. The time of arrival couldnt have been any better. It was processed and shipped with in 10 days!

  28. First order with Kalpa Pharm and the experience has been perfect.

    I’ve received the ordered KP products in discreet envelopes sent half-way across the world, packaged well with no tears in 14 days.

    Exemestane, HCG Inj 10000, Cypionat 250 – taken each for 3 weeks so far out of 12. First time testing these products. Products seem effective. So far gained 5 lbs. weight (haven’t checked with skin caliper for muscle gain) while having no gyno, no injection site pain, and no testicular atrophy. Possibly experienced an 1-hour episode of mild hypertension after 2nd dose, but none since. So i recommend: HCG 250iu 2/week, Cypionat 250 1cc 2/week, Exemestane 12.5mg/daily.

    Considering this vendor has the best pricing I can find, has a straightforward ordering process, and maintains consistently high ratings online, I don’t currently see any reason to not buy from them.

  29. I have cycled Kalpa TEST E and TEST C – both with amazing results. i have ordered from them many times and have always received my products! would highly recommend them to everyone. and you cant beat their prices

  30. My order from Kalpa Pharm came with fast shipping, and quality gear. Easy to use with noticeable results

    Good communication. No issues

    Packaging was discreet and professionally done, no broken bottles or damaged goods noticed on arrival.

    Products were well maintained, good expiration date, clear in color, use was easy with no irritation. I am doing a 6wk bulk to a 12wk cut.

    Arimidex and Nolva for PCT : noticeable gains, did have minor issues with gyno at beginning of cycle. Gear was very potent and my body absorbed quickly. Cut could have been better but, I blame diet not gear. Noticed sides from clen as well.

    I will be ordering again. Gear was professional and shipping packaging and communication was perfect.

  31. This is my review for my latest order from Kalpa, as these guys continue to keep my business through their excellent services. I went ahead and ordered mainly Kalpa Pharmaceuticals as this is my favorite brand… No PIP and excellent results, you can’t ask for much more. Their prices are the best around, and they have a weekly special on one product that is voted on by customers. If you go anywhere else you are just wasting your money.

    They always respond to emails within 24 hours, and often just a few hours later.

    Packaging was extremely discreet and protective. From the time I placed my order, it was on my doorstep in less than two business weeks. With the care these gentleman take regarding their packaging, you won’t have any problems with seizures or damaged products.

    I started my cycle off with the testosterone propianate, Dianabol, and trenbolone suspension to get a head start on my gains. This stuff worked like magic as I had size and strength gains within a few days. The Dianabol gives a great pump while the Aromasin keeps my estrogen levels in check. The Clenbuterol combined with the trenbolone is helping shred the fat off my body and keeping me damped up all day.

  32. Kalpa gear is hands down the best best best! iv been using them for a few years now and have become a VIP with them! They offer so many deals just to save you money

    Any time I have an issue (Hardly ever) they are right there to fix what ever problem comes up

    package was perfectly bubble wrapped to ensure the safety of the product

    Kalpa brand is all I order my wife like the British. Anyway, their winny is on point, sucked all the water out and joints felt fine, a lil sore at times but give anf take right?! I was on their PCT stack for a lil over 4 weeks and let me tell you I haven’t lost a single pound of muscle!

  33. Been using Kalpa for 2 years now and never had a problem with any of my orders. Great selection of everything and anything you might need and the top brand names of everything as well. Products are dosed perfectly and do exactly what they are suppose to do. Usually get everything within 2 weeks once it ships which takes about a week after sending payment. So 3 week total process. Very good communication and easy enough to get a hold of someone when you need to.

    Packagin has always been very discreet, bubblewrapped, and packaged and boxed tightlty. Never had any issues with any vials breaking or things crushing. Always packaged in multiple layers and wrapped nice and firm.

    The HCG is great. Been running HCG for 12 weeks throughout my cycle and it keeps everything perfectly working. The rest of my cycle is below and have gaines about 7-8 clean lean pounds of muscle while leaning out for a contest as well. Very little sides and great upsides to this cycle. No PIP either with KP brand which is great when doing prop. Weeks 1-12 KP test prop 350/week

    Weeks 1-12 KP primo 600/week

    Weeks 4-12 KP Masteron P 350/week

    weeks 8-12 KP anavar 80mg/day

    HCG 1-12 500/week

    Highly recommend Kalpapharm.com as their products are always 100% and their tracking and shipping is always standard on time from time of payment.!!

  34. Kalpapharm.com is one of the best companies out there! Excellent customer service, product quality, and timely deliveries! I definitely recommend them!

    The Sustaxyl 350 is one of the best testosterone brands you can buy out there in terms of quality! KP Tren Acetate assisted in my prep in leaning out and finishing my last weeks hard and shredded! Letrozole eliminated all estrogen along with the Proviron and I’m as dry as can be!

  35. I made an order with Kalpa about a month and a half ago, and received everything very quickly, within 3 weeks(East coast). I was happy about everything.

  36. I ordered for the first time from Kalpa a week ago for the first time. Large order and a little scared but my order came in like a week, amazing! Now starting to use and feel the difference w 191aa. The only reason I’m posting is because I got burned in the past from one of these sites. It was hard reading the reviews wondering if it was a paid promoter for the site or a basher trying to get you not to buy from the site. This is why I’m leaving the review so I can hopefully help someone. Anyway they communicated from the start A++++++

    I have ordered Kalpatropin Hgh, and using for w week and feeling like my lifts are getting stronger

    I’m so thrilled for KP there are good people in the world! They sell you good products and then you go back and buy more. Amazing thought process!!

  37. I have been using kalpapharm.com for about 4 years now and my experiences have all been positive. I have had one order get seized and was immediately resent.

    every time I have had a question or concern I have been answered within the day.

    Sometimes the packaging is not super discrete but 99% of the time my orders have made it through customs no problem.

    The sustaxyl is off the charts strong and so is the deca. Letrozole def gets the job done and helps prevent and reduce the appearance of my gyno.

  38. This was my first of many orders with Kalpa. I have to say I’m extremely impressed with how professional these guys are. There website is top of the line and easy to use. The ordering process is simple and you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off.

    I received my package very early compared to there estimated TA, 8 days to the east coast. Package was well wrapped to keep items from breaking and discreet, just a regular plain jane package, which was:

    KP Test E 250

    KP Tren A 100 x2

    KP Provirion

    Product quality so far has been great, no PIP whatsoever, great quality stuff IMO. I’ve been on my current cycle for 6 weeks of test e and tren a, and have just broke into this bottle of KP Tren recently but so far it has been great. Usual tren sides have appeared as well as tren cough. But overall great.

    Would recommend these guys 100 times over, everything was so smooth and easy a caveman could do it. They offer many brands of high quality gear at very reasonable prices, there customer support is almost always live 24-7. Also, god forbid your package does get caught in customs, they will resend your order with proof of your package being seized. You cant beat it! There’s really nothing negative I can say at all about kalpa. If you want an easy process and quality gear, this is the only one place to order from!

  39. I used kalpa for the first time and I’m glad I tried him out after being out of the scene for some time.

    The turn around time was extremely fast. 10 days total from order to the door.

    The quality was great no pip with the test at 500mg wk for 4 weeks, got blood drawn to confirm the great quality of the test and the great quality of the letro as estradiol was checked as well and was lower than I wanted, but I’m okay with. I had to cut this run short due to other circumstances but I have the bloods to confirm that this gear is good to go and will be ready and waiting for me in a few weeks.

    Great selection of products and the promo specials are great. Will certainly be using again with the great prices and fast turnaround times.

  40. I received my package today! Shipping was very fast, 7 days from ordering to delivery! These guys are great to deal with and I will order again. I received everything that was ordered and all looks good. I highly recommend this company to do buisness with. Thanks!

  41. Hello I ordered twice. Both packages were 5 days from money pick up to door.In the eastern states.

    Products were just as they should be, libido ,strength, all.that goes with prperly dosed goods. Although my business is smaller end I was taken seriously as a customer.

    I will order again with confidence.

  42. Ordered Testoxyl Suspension from Kalpapharm. Once again, lightning fast shipping and processing. Gonna start my cycle this weekend. Hands down best source.

  43. Still no reply on a ticket I submitted 3 days ago that an order with a shipping pending status for 2 weeks. Trying to figure out where my shit is, or if I can expect it to ship soon. No email to contact.

  44. A honest review of kalpapharm.

    I can’t say my first order from kalpapharm was issue free or that it arrived quickly but what i can say is they went above and beyond what i expected to resolve any issues we had and the gear from kalpapharm is some of the best i have ran.

    Communication was great, replied to every message in a in a timely manner.

    There was an issue with the first shipment so my order had to be re shipped but even with the reship i still recieved my order in about 3 weeks which isn’t bad for international.

    3 bottles of Testoxyl Enanthate

    Ran the Test Enanthate at 500mg per week for 15 weeks. The Test pinned smooth with very little pip. About 3 weeks in i experienced what you would expect from good test, incraesed libido, appetite, strength and unfortunately acne. Over the course of 15 weeks i gained about 14lbs of muscle which is good for a Test only run.

    By far this is some of the best test i have ran and in my opinion right up there next to pharma quality. My suggestion to anyone looking for high quality gear kalpapharm is the way to go, just make sure to order well before you plan on starting your cycle and patience is a virtue with this source but the gear is well worth the wait.

  45. Excellent orals and oils here!

    Kalpa is one of those bucket list labs for me that I always heard was such great quality and made with GMP standards and the hype was spot on. Oils were beautiful and thin and pinned easy very little to no pip at all and the the orals were perfectly pressed. I really appreciate attention to detail in my choice of labs

    Test E 500mg week

    Tren E 400mg week

    Oxandroxyl 60mg a day

    Ran this for 4 months pulsing the var month on month off

    I stayed remarkably full and my strength gains consistently went up week to week despitr being on a massive calorie resticted diet

    I encountered painful pumps and vascularity from the var and insonmina from tren but otherwise the cyxle was a success and I managed to drop fat at the same rate I gaines muscle

    My PRs went up steadily and I loves the quality of Kalpa and is one of the few labs I trust

    Sorry for late review KalpaPharm….

  46. I used this supplier for some Sustaxyl

    Communication was not required

    Packaging was very discreet.

    Used it for 10 weeks at 2cc/wk. I was running whole bunch of compounds but from Testosterone side of things I had great libido and well being. My water weight went up slightly. Injections were nice, pip free and oils looked transparent. I had more acne on my back. Skin was more oily too.

    Will be ordering again in near future.

  47. Nice to see KP keeps climbing the ladder to the top. I just finished my 12 week cycle of sus and deca. I started at @230lbs and enough body fat to had out to three people. Had some muscles but were hidden under some fat. The first thing to walk into a room was my gut and the last thing to leave the room was my a$$. Now im at 205lbs and body fat is in the low teens. I feel fantastic! Gear worked and Im going to stand by KP! Nice to walk around now and know im turing heads. My overall expierience with KP I can truly say is life changing! At points in my cycle i felt like I hit the wall!

    Going to take a few months time to enjoy my life now with confidence. When its time for me to grab some gear KP is my only stop. Good luck to all juicers!!!

  48. Kalpa Turanaxyl 10mg

    Used the product as a 4 week kick start to a plain test E cycle, first two weeks at 60mg to test the waters and the last two at 80mg. This was my first time with tbol and I found it a pretty clean anabolic, within just a few days I noticed considerable muscle fullness and vascularity. I was eating around maintenance and didn’t notice much weight gain but got leaner and gained some strength, with no sides at all. At 80 the strength gains became more noticeable but started getting some lethargy. No bloat, no gyno, no joint pain.

    I liked the product and will probably be using it again for clean, slow and steady gains.

  49. They been in operation for years top notch for hard to find substances. My 28th order came today, Beautiful packaging. Putting in my 29th order now

    100% will get to you makes it worth ordering.

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