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Summary is the real deal. They offer a wide and a great selection of testosterone and steroid products for those who would like to try anabolic steroids, or make the shift from traditional supplements to steroids. Their testosterones are the best, bar none. The products are not only superb, they also provide excellent customer service. They deserve a 5-star rating; totally wicked! Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Supervisor

BUYTESTOSTERONE.NET REVIEWS was founded in Florida on December 5, 2000. As one of the founding companies of the testosterone industry, they consistently push boundaries to make their products and services better for their valued clientele. Their mission is to provide high-quality steroids, peptides and ancillaries to the bodybuilding communities in the United States. They work closely with all suppliers to assure that their products meet the highest standards. operates on the basic principles of integrity and honesty when dealing with the community at large, whether you are a client, a supplier or a staff member. stocks a vast range of both anabolic steroids and testosterones. They also have a selection of their high-quality and unique peptides range. Users of their Testosterone ranges have the option to use different testosterone esters. Here you will find:

At, they continuously sample the latest in steroid products and accessories to bring you only the best services and products in the market. Their large inventory and growing range of offerings will surely meet the wide demand and needs of steroid users. It does not matter if you are new to the concept of steroids or an old time, experienced user; they are confident that you will find what you need, when you need it, at

Customer Service Reviews of BUYTESTOSTERONE.NET is completely passionate about giving the best products and services in the market. It is their mission to supply you with premium anabolic steroids and testosterone products that will satisfy all your bodybuilding needs. They continually strive to provide better customer service, making sure that you are heard and responded to in the best way possible.

Their steroid products and peptide products just keep on raking in excellent customer reviews. The positive feedbacks they get from their valued customers only prove their claims of having stringent standards, choice merchandise, and high-quality customer service. These product and company review that they receive from their diverse clientele fuels their desire to do better, and continue on the path of being one of the leading companies in the industry.

What are you waiting for? It is time to make the change for your health and your coffers. Try their range of premium testosterone products to find your true match. See the difference for yourself now.

Customer reviews are very important so that other buyers can have an overall view of the products and services for an online store like BUYTESTOSTERONE.NET. Here are just some of the BUYTESTOSTERONE.NET reviews given:


  1. I’ve made two orders through now. The process was a breeze and they had great communication through every step to let me know payment was received when it was packaged and when it shipped. I am currently 2 weeks in on a test cyp, DECA, dbol cycle. I’ve had great gains in the gym setting new PR’s almost daily lol. I’ve also put on 9 pounds, a great start to me cycle. They have a customer for life with the ease of ordering and great gear!!!!!!!!

  2. Had a great experience with BUYTESTOSTERONE.NET. Was my first time ever ordering online, was pretty scared tbh. Made it pretty easy. Went to a convenience store, sent them the money through MG, they processed within two days, shipped it two days later. Protip: They have a “product of the week” that’s half off every week.

    Was really good. Asked a few questions, they were able to provide a shipping number upon asking.

    2 x KP Test Cyp 250

    1 x KP Test Prop 100

    2 x KP Anastrozole (Arimidex)

    1 x KP Clomiphene (Clomid)

    1 x KP Nolva (Nolvadex)

    Haven’t touched the PCT yet. Running Test C frontloaded with Test P, three weeks through, and already feeling great. Gained around 6 pounds already, and moving up weight every time I hit the gym. Running the Ari EOD, no signs of gyno or bloating yet.

    Was my first time ever ordering online, BUYTESTOSTERONE.NET made the process as comfortable as it could have been. Thanks.

  3. Great products. I have had 3 orders with no issues. thanks to the site

    They send updates as your order moves though the stages.

    Very discrete

    The cut mix 150 is very powerful. I went from 280 to 306 in four weeks and dropped a lot of body fat. I didn’t get any bad side affects. I did get pip. The first day I was on it my heart rate stayed at 120 beats a minute then my body adjusted very well. I got night sweats the first night only. My strength and sex drive went through the ceiling.

    Love the cut mix

  4. Another order placed with buytest, and another touchdown. I love these guys I wont order from anyone else bc I love their quality especially DP.

    Very quick and amazing. Even the online support is very helpful

    Super fast. 3 weeks total from beginning of order At most on all my orders

    DP test e

    DP deca 250

    DP anadrol

    DP aromasin

    DP test cyp

    DP nolva

    Test cyp was used for 20 weeks at 500 mg and the anadrol was used at 100mg for 4 weeks and all I can say is wow. I blew right up, my bench went up 100lbs in 8 weeks. The test had hardly any pip at all. The aromasin kept my estrogen in check snd nolva recovered me very well. I have no used the test e and deca yet. But I will tell you I have tried other brands and DP is the best I have used.

    If your looking for a great source that has great shipping , products, and customer service then is your go to guy.

  5. I always like shopping at BuyTest, the selection of products just blow my mind,several things to choose from for every application imaginable.

    Communication and support are always spot on,really withe system that they have SET up to order from I found very little support actually needed,it walks you through the process step by step,as a lot of you well know.

    T/A was within time frame,I think it only took 11 days total with is not bad at all since I am in the US and order was having to come across the big pond folks.

    6 Anavar

    4 Clenbuetaral

    300 tabs of T3

    160 tabs of Bayer Proviron

    No doubt the products are legit used them in one cut cycle along with other compounds of course and with discipline and a very strict diet dropped 22lbs,that was a 14 week altogether cut cycle so I would say Yes they are gtg.

    Look forward to placing another order in the near future,and will be following up with everyone again as well,Thanks BuyTest For Doing What You Do So We Can Do What We Do!!!

  6. this review is for 2 different orders of Kalpatropin hgh

    about 10 days total from donation.

    i did not get blood work but i feel great, better sleep, numb hands, i have been on them for 2 months taking shots 7 days a week. i used 3.33iu a day for a month but had to back down to 2.5, i was getting crazy fore arm cramps at night. i had the same symptoms on other well know brands. i feel it is a great buy for the money. not many can afford pharma. so this is a good substitute. i was holding extra water the first week but started to take a water pill once a day and I’m fine now.

    can always count on, many orders over the years and only had one problem, one order last year was missing an item. i contacted BT and they sent out the item the next day and a couple free things too.. great customer service. wish they were in the states.

  7. I was very skeptical but was proven wrong. is by far a great source for gear. Very quick shipping, no damaged good, helpful customer service as well. I will make this my only source for gear. And NO i do not work for the company.

    Customer service is A+++++

    Packaging looks funny. But it is small discreet and almost tamper proof.

    Cyp 250 deca 300 stan 10 dbol 10 & 50 all DP

    Great quality

    This site is 100% legit

  8. This was my first order with, just like any other person ordering online it’s a risk.. I took a big risk and they came through. Ordered on the 5 of September and received my order in 2 shipments 2 days apart. Received everything by the 30th. Tracking number is real and these guys are legit. If something goes wrong I believe it’s the user not the company. I had one issue and that was the guy that I placed the money order with miss spelled the receivers name. They contacted me within 24 hrs and I fixed it. I didn’t make a small purchase if that helps out

    No need to communicate with them they communicated me

    Received within T/A

    6 test e

    3 dbol

    2 clen

    6 kits hgh

    1 super drol

  9. gear is great. Never once have i had a issue with this comp,any. Orders are very prompt which is a plus. I ordered 4 vials of deca, 4 test enanthates, and 2 packs of Dianabol. All excellent and good to go. I have ran this cycle 2 times by British Dragon pharma and the results were amazing. Strength went through the roof and mass goes up between 19-24lbs both times in a 5 week period. Highly recommend using for all your supplies!

    Communication is excellent. Typically respond immediately and any questions or concerns.

    packaging is always done very nicely and discreet.

    product quality was amazing. much better than any other companies i have previously used.

  10. always good delivery cant go any way better !

    Very good didn’t need to Communicate BT delivers !

    3 x KP Tren Enanth 200

    1 x Brand Cabaser 1mg

    1 x KP Clenbutaxyl (clenbuterol) 10 pouches

    Very good !

  11. Ive been using for over 6 years, along with several of my buddies. I have spent well over 5,000 USD with them. I have never had a package seized. Out of around 15 orders, the only problem i have ever encountered was they forgot to send one Test e bottle. That order had around 30 vials, so i can understand one being forgotten. They sent me another bottle asap.

    Support is always on point. Everytime i email them i receive a reply within 2 days.

    Like i said before. I have never had a seized package, nor has anyone I shown too. Packing is legit and usually arrives to southern US in 7-15 days from shipping date.

    DP test e

    DP tren e

    DP dbol

    DP anavar

    DP t3

    DP tren a

    DP test prop

    DP eq

    nearly everything carried in the DP Line of products. I was also send a promo of kalpa products. Just as good quality as the DP line

    Ive ran over 10 cycles in my lifetime. Every one besides my first have been Dragon Pharma products. I started 115 boy and am now an 195 lb low body fat man.

    I plan on ordering a new cycle i am starting this may. i will be introducing HGH to my regiment. I will be using !! I know i will get my product and i know it will be of quality. is awesome. you cannot go wrong with them !!

  12. I have ordered from buytest many times now, this was the first time i ordered the dragon pharma primo and wow, this stuff is legit. I am very impressed. I was able to get it when they had the 50% off product of the week. no other site does this. is 100% the best source for anything you need to get huge. I will only ever order from buytest!

  13. I’ve only used one other company but really like It’s clear what they have in the store and never had any backorder issues or delivery problems. Look at the reviews and decide, but BuyTest is good for me.

    Always top notch. They answer questions quickly.

    Packaging is discreet. There is no way to tell what is in there. And it’s wrapped tight and protected.

    Have used BuyTest 6 months. Really pleased with it.

  14. As a 53 year old body builder I have used numerous sites thru my years and I will tell you that if you use any other site than BuyTest you are crazy. The prices are what they should be and the MOST Important thing is your order will be there as promised. I still show 7 days till arrival and I have had my order for over a week !!! That’s outstanding !! Product quality is just as stated with NO Surprises. So to make a long story short, if you want a great price with your order coming early and the best selection on the market,, is your place !!

  15. First order was easy and fast. Would recommend then to anyone looking. Very satisfied with how easy the site was to navigate.

    Didn’t have to use support.seeing hire easily I navigated site.

    Very discrete and secure.

    DP Sust 270 – Test enth – Clomid

    Amazing gains. Quality for sure. Strength through the roof.

  16. Never a problem with ordering from, and gear always top notch. I believe my last cycle consisted of Kalpa Test E at 750mg a week and I put on about 15 pounds and kept all 15 as I cruise.

    Excellent quality. Virtually no PIP

  17. Once again comes through ! My 3rd successful order with them. I cant begin to say how happy I am with them as Ive finally found a legit supplier. I definitely recommend them to anyone who is on the fence about ordering. I was for a while but I took the plunge and it paid off. Thanks again BT !

    Communication was great as always. I’ve never had to contact anyone seeing as I got all my emails with every activity. So far no issues.

    Packaging was great just like every time, nothing broken or missing. I tried i different company this time so it took a little longer but still made it here in under 4 weeks.

    I ordered the product of the week a few weeks ago, Dragon Pharma Enantat 250.

    Im only on week 5 of Dragon Pharmas Enantat 250 but I’ve noticed considerable gains already. I feel great at 1000 mgs/week. I cant keep my junk down lol bench is just starting to go up now. Slight water retention but my diet is clean. I think Im gonna make great gains off this. Im planning on switching over to Dragon Pharmas sus 350 at werk 10 and adding deca or eq.

  18. is the most legit source out there, I’ve totally transformed my physique with their products, they’ve given me the edge I’ve needed, I lost over 40 lbs and gained 30+ lbs of lean mass on their products

    Very amazing associates and people to network with, their always their if u need any help. And very kind staff

    Var, test e, eq, kp var all great products and will provide fast results in short time

    Used for 12 weeks and felt the same even after off cycle was putting up the same weight with pct products it was an amazing experience

  19. This site is honestly amazing.. I have used several other sites on and while I got the products I ordered in most cases, the delivery time was atrocious and it was nearly impossible to get a hold of anyone to verify. I will be a 100% loyal customer to now because their interface is amazing, the communication emails/updates are spot on, and the delivery was incredibly fast!! Not to mention they have the largest stock of ANY site listed on here!!

    Honestly the best T/A I have ever seen ESPECIALLY since its an international order! Only took 10 business days from time of purchase to the products arrival, and i ordered on a holiday weekend!! Everything came well packaged and undamaged while also being packed discreetly! Awesome job by them!

    The HCG is spot on does exactly what its supposed to do! I am planning my next order to be much larger now that I know how legit this company is. Products are great!

    I really didn’t need to contact them at all. They updated me every step of the way but I feel as though if I needed to get hold of someone, they would be on top of it.

  20. This is a review for the past few orders I have made. I have been very happy with all of them and will continue to do business with BuyTest.

    Communication and support is quick and helpful. I had to submit a couple tickets with these orders and they were answered in the same day and gave me the information I needed.

    All my orders were delivered in a much faster time than anticipated. All orders are packaged discretely and secure. Have never had a problem with damaged items or anything of the sort.

    Ran the dbol at 75mg for one week and 100mg for four weeks. I gained roughly 6-8lbs (body fat didn’t change had no bloat) my bench went from 315×2 to 315×8. My squat went from 365×5 to 405×5. I am now off the dbol and maintaining all my weight. I’m going into the 7th week of 625mg deca and strength is going up still, joints are feeling better etc. Someone else used then arimidex, clomid and nolva for pct and had a smooth pct. I have nearly finished the two kits of gh at 5iu a day and although it is early to notice much, I have been eating everything in sight and maintaining body fat, I am also getting much better sleep and waking up less frequently.

    I also just received another order from but have yet to use the products so I will wait to write a review on that. I am very satisfied with my experience with BuyTest and will continue to only use them for my gear needs.

  21. After my mass stack cycle, i wanted to keep on a cycle to rip it all. So my order on, to end my winter good. It was again succesful , as i expected my gains were nice, adn sharp. I will order again thsi website and products are good stuff.

    Quality was good, results as i expected, before my ptc it was in need to be sharp and keep strengh as long as possible, without loosing to much mass.

  22. Definitely one of the best companies ive ever had to deal with.Good customer service as well.He’s been around for years and never had a problem with packages or quality.

    Good communication. I like it.all my questions were answered within 24 hours.

    2 x KP Stan 10 (Winstrol tabs)

    6 x DP Sust 270 (Sustanon)

    3 x KP Clen (clenbuterol)

    1 x DP M1T

    3 x CLENO-LAB(Clenbuterol Hydrochloride)

    Love love this product. Always seems to get me right where i want to be. Like I said best quality there is.

    I will order again, the steroids are good quality, and they have so many products to choose. their good prices and their quick customer service.

  23. BuyTestosterone.Net does it again! Another order placed and another order received! So excited to begin my new gear. Took about a month to get the gear which is a week longer then it usually takes but I’m not complaining due to the pandemic impact on mail services!

    Kalpa products are fantastic. Loved my last cycle so much that I ordered the same thing again.

    Trust They have yet to let me down

  24. Received my package today, it was in customs for 5 days. He even thru in some clomid. I was a little worried about the customs situation but he reassured me if it got seized he would take care of things. He answers every message n he is someone I will def do business with again. BT should b top five on here for sure . Keep it up n thanks.

  25. Hello all, recently needed to change supplier as my usual supplier was out of stock. I only ever order Var with clomid and clen. Was a bit reluctant risking my money with an unknown supplier but as they say – you need to risk it for a biscuit. Anyway, long story short – i’m glad I did. Very professional website, communications are excellent and they make the whole process very efficent. There is no messing about, you put your order in – then within 12 hours you get an email with your order number and instructions as to where to make payment.

    Very simple packaging. Just what you would expect. Nothing to draw attention or any other markings to distinguish it in anyway. A*

    Dragon Pharma – Anavar (50mg)

    Dragon Pharma comes with a validation code to check authenticity. I did so and it confirmed it was 100% legit. I have had DP before and can confirm the packaging was identical. Well sealed and perfect condition. I won’t speak for the effectiveness yet as I received them literally today – but IMHO these are the best most reliable brand for VAR (and I have purchased 4 or 5 other brands)

    Keep up the good work.

  26. I am on the east coast, ordered twice from this source already. Kalpa Test e, hcg, all the goodies. Came quickly, was going to do a 10 week cycle. Decided to add another vial and had to make a new order. Personal e-mail send and discussed, and they could not have been more accommodating. What a great company! Have recommended to all my friends. Already seeing gains to put a smile on my face.

  27. Been a customer for a long time now. I have experience with test/dbol going back ten years. My experience with BT products has produced the results Ive come to expect. Great T/a and communication!

  28. First time ordering from BuyTestosterone and so far I’m very imprested. Ordered Dianabol and Anadrol. Took less than a week from time I placed my order and to receiving my package today to United States. Great price, communication, and customer service. I will start my cycle on Sunday, so for now I can’t comment or rate the product. But from I see so far it looks gtg and will place an another review in a couple of weeks. Will order again from BuyTestosterone!!! Thanks!

  29. I have a placed a good amount of orders at with over the past year and half.

    Communication has always been great with same day to 24hr response. Nothing to complain here

    T/A on kalpatropins at the beginning was a bit slow but it has improved DRAMATICALLY (which right now it is perfect). Oils and tabs have always been fast and they always got to me very fast.

    Tren A

    Tren E

    Test sus

    Test E






    and a few other oils but I’m running blank right now

    At the moment I’m using test, deca, and 3iu of kalpatropin right now and holy hell it’s been freaking amazing. I’m adding a lot of size while still keeping things very tight and barely adding any fat. GH:

    Kalpatropins have treated me the best out of all the other GH I’ve tried because I don’t hold a lot of water on it, it doesn’t make me tired all the tired. The 20iu pucks are the same size or smaller than other GH I’ve tried that come in 10iu per vial.

    Oils: No PIP after pinning oils.

    AI: My friend gave me his AI that his doctor had prescribed him and once they ran out I immediately started using Kalpa’s brand AI and at the same dosage and everything else nothing changed. At the moment I had some gyno while running GH and the lump didn’t increase or anything.

    Clen: I can run 120mcg of every peptide and other providers without an issue (I’ve tested a lot of them) and this is definitely THE strongest clen I have ever tried. Not to mention the fact that it comes in pills form makes it so much easier to take.

    If you have never tried him before, you should. Definitely worth giving it a shot.

  30. great experience ordering from BuyTestosterone.Net… Professional, and always has time for questions. Anytime i had an question it was answered Fast…BuyTest is a great source for anything u need

    Supply was totally sealed tight and professionally packaged, i couldn’t of asked for a more secure and awesome delivery system…

    2xTest Prop

    3XTest E



    So this was my first cycle…a test only cycle. I thought it would be smart to see how my body reacts to the Test…I am a Bodybuilder and before this cycle i was 170 at 7% Body fat.. I started my my test cycle wth the Prop kicker and then steady with the test E, and then tapered off with the Prop…The entire time was 12 weeks. I then Started my PCT…which i am currently on.. i am now 190 lbs at 9% my diet consist of allot of good carbs, protein and veggies every 2 to 3 hours, with a couple cheat meals twice a week…. and the experience was all really hit me on my 4th week…i felt like superman and didn’t want to be anyone else..My bench went up crazy from just barley hitting 315, to now reps of 10 my max is about 385 before it was 335. I also noticed my squat went up. Also my back got wider…Any lagging body part i wanted to fix it was easier thanks to BuyTestosterone. I am happy with this first cycle and cant wait to try my next and its definitely going to be the BuyTestosterone. The pins were painless and comfortable. as long as you don’t rush the pin its feels like nothing.

  31. ok so i ordered some Kalpa’s prop, the order process was fast and simple, so now weeks later i have been running the prop and i gotta say that it is great gear, i would definitely continue using there products and look forward to trying more of their gear… the prop gave great strength and actually made sweat more than the previous lab

  32. Def bulked up, strength is up, experiencing some insomnia – in fact more than I like, but tradeoff is nice bulk. Hard on 24/7 – looking to fuck everything that walks – awesome…. no PIP at all, just what you would expect upon normal. I would say I am 100% satisfied with this gear. – and has been awesome to deal with so far.

  33. I have ordered several orders from….their service and gear has been good…I f’d up a product and contacted them about it & they helped me w/ a solution. Many suppliers would have left me hanging, not buytestosterone…thank you guys.

    I trust them and will be ordering again. You want results, order from them. I’m in my 40’s…I’ve been able to far surpass all my goals in this current cycle…

    T/A within promised time…packaging is great…common sense.

    Have ordered several products…..test of course at various dosages, nandrolone and tren…plus anadrol and dbol.

    Quality is good….now…their product with a higher concentration I have cut with cottonseed oil to reduce “pip”…..but ya get what ya pay for…high concentration.

    Been on a long cycle with listed compounds….going great. Strength(my only concern) is through the roof. Give them a try…you’ll be happy.

    Thank you for your help with the problem I emailed you about.

  34. I ordered one of there pre made stacks. Test E cycle. Also added D-Bol to my order.

    Emails were fast and had no problems.

    3x Test E

    100x D-Bol 10mg

    50x Clomid

    100x Nolva

    Great products! I did 250mg 2x a week for 12 weeks and 30mg D-Bol for 4 weeks. I went from 194lb to 225lb in this time period.

  35. I’ve used these guys several times and I’ve been more than happy every time. Top products and services. This review is well over due.

    Where do I start, total I have ordered 4x kalpa tren e

    4x kalpa sust

    1x 200iu kalpa hgh

    1x 7lab clenbuterol

    2x DP t3

    2x letrozole

    I think there’s more but i can’t remember, I’ve made lots of little orders.

    The tren and test 500 were used at 2ml each per week, 1ml of each Monday and same Thursday, so I had a total of 1g test a week and 400mg tren. I stayed on this for 20weeks total and had tremendous gains and good fat loss. I was never prone to gyno but a whole gram of test seems to have caused it, only small lumps but I started the letrozole early enough to prevent it getting worse. The letrozole is great, best anti e I’ve used, but just half a tablet every other day made me feel lethargic so I take just a quarter tab eod and it keeps the estrogen levels acceptable.. Gains from test and tren started after around 3weeks and didn’t seem to slow the entire cycle. I was averaging around 4lbs weight gain a week., granted some of that was water but a lot of muscle too. I rate Kalpa highly. Very smooth injections and no Pip at all. The oil also looks very clean and not too thick.

    The hgh was only used for 1month then I had to pack it in because of money issues, but i used it at 5iu daily and definitely felt it after few weeks. Slightly achy joints and a little leaner But I couldn’t use it long enough to say much else but from my limited use I say it’s legit.

    The t3 and clen were amazing. I used them all total for a month and saw significant fat loss with a diet and cardio. I stopped eventually because the clenbuterol started to give me really bad palpitations and it scared me a bit so I stopped. The t3 were stopped with the clen as I didn’t see the point in continuing with out clen.

    I rate all products used highly. Sorry I’m just editing this because I forgot some dosage info -.clen was tapered up to 120mcg daily and t3 was taken 60mcg daily.

    Excellent service and products. I don’t want to look anywhere else. Thanks Never disappointed and always happy.

  36. I have been using BuyTestosterone for about 2 years now, and am on my 9th Order. I have always gotten my packages within 3 weeks, I cannot say enough great things about this supplier! I now only order from BuyTestosterone, there is no need to go elsewhere, the prices are very reasonable! I would recommend this supplier to anyone ! You will not be disappointed !

    Communication is top-notch, I have always gotten a responce to my questions within 24 hours, better customer service than Wal-Mart !

    Packaging is discreet, and always fit into my mailbox, well put together ! A+

    Test Enanthate , Sustanon, EQ, Primo, Anadrol, Deca, Femara, Tren Ace, Danabol, Test Cyp, and many others. There is no doubt in my mind that all of the products i have received are legit !

    I have Used there Kalpa products, 7Lab Pharm, Dragon Pharma, Sciroxx, Bayer Schering, Organon, Abdi Ibrahim, with no issues ! I have done 10-20 week cycles @ 400 – 2000 mg/Week with all of these products and had awesome results ! I was about 165lbs when i started ordering from BuyTestosterone i am now 216-220lbs @8-10%bf and have been as high as 230 from an Anadrol/Test/Deca cycle. 100pd first 15days, 50pd last 15days/1000wk/500wk-10 weeks =25lbs.

    My 8th order was the only issue that i have ever had, My order was caught by customs and i had no more money to replace items, I emailed BuyTestosterone to let them know what had happened, i got an immediate responce(like 5hrs) with ZERO hassle saying that my order would be re-sent within 24hrs, I had my package in 8 days F@#&$@G AWESOME !

  37. I’ve used a few times now and there is absolutely nothing bad I could say about them, everything is on point from the website to the quality of the gear. Communication is speedy and helpful, packaging safe and discreet with speedy shipping times, top quality products at very reasonable prices. I recommend buytestosterone and will continue using them.

    Great communication, had a reply to all of my emails in no time, the support was great whatever i requested was sorted perfectly.

    As soon as I paid I had an email saying it had been shipped and I had the package arrive very discreetly and well packed the next week. Very impressed.

    I was really impressed with the kalpa products, the boxes and vials are top quality and so far the gear is too. I’ve used the tren now for 2 weeks and it’s some powerful trenl, darkish yellow liquid as expected with minimal sides and pip. Arimidex and hcg work as expected and Npp I haven’t tried yet.

    100% recommend these guys no faults whatsoever

  38. Have used multiple times, highly recommended

    Excellent communication, prompt responses. Although after placing multiple orders, communication isn’t really necessary. These guys are good at what they do.

    Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Tren A and Prop

    Have completed a 8 week run on Kalpa Tren A and Prop. I gained about 20-25lbs. I love Tren A and Prop, and Kalpa is the real deal. The size and strength gains were quick and quite simply excellent. I ate like a human dustbin, and I still managed to retain my abs. Isn’t life great when you can just pig out in front of anyone and everyone and still have a lower bf than everyone around you?? 😀 lol was also kind enough to throw in an extra vial of Kalpa Prop after I had some bunk Furza Prop in the past which ate into my muscle tissue as I was on T3 too at the time and affected my sex life. So Thank you for that, much appreciated. A lifelong customer for as long as they’re around. Already placed my next order for 15,000iu HCG.

    My favorite source, always a pleasure to do business with

  39. I have been using this source for about a year now. BuyTestosterone has always come through for me. Shipping times domestically are incredibly quick and the product has always given me the expected effects. Just finished up a bulking cycle and added a solid 15 lbs of weight with BF% only increasing ~ .5%. Lifts are all up at least 25 lbs.

    Discrete and safely packed. Never a broken vial

    The most recent time: EQ, Test E, Deca

    Kalpas Test E was a bit rough on the inject, but that’s to expect with a 250mg/ml concentration. I mixed it in wild the less concentrated EQ and the pip practically went away. I got the expected results: Libido up, lifts up, more vascularity.

    Give them a shot, they will do right by you

  40. What a great company and service!

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