BODYPHARM REVIEWS – CHECK YOUR LAB! [yasr_multiset setid=1] BodyPharm LTD is an anabolic and androgenic steroid pharmaceutical company. Quite a young manufacturer, positioning itself as a Japanese brand, focused on export to Europe. The brand’s […]

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SCIROXX REVIEWS – CHECK YOUR LAB! [yasr_multiset setid=1] Sciroxx is an Israeli manufacturer of hormonal drugs (mainly anabolic-androgenic steroids) for human use. The product range of the brand includes a variety of active substances, including […]

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7LAB PHARM REVIEWS – CHECK YOUR LAB! [yasr_multiset setid=1] 7Lab Pharm is a successful producer from Switzerland, specializing in the development of sports pharmacology. Their path began in 2018, with a small laboratory in the […]

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KALPA PHARMACEUTICALS REVIEWS – CHECK YOUR LAB! [yasr_multiset setid=1] Indian pharmaceutical lab which was founded in 1994. Over the past several decades, the specialists of Kalpa have mastered and manufactured a wide range of pharmaceutical […]