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The customer feedback that was available on internet forums allows me to rate the company 5 out of 5 as the customers provide good feedback. There is detailed analysis on the product on their website and online forums that attract you towards the product.

1Steroids.net Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Supervisor


1Steroids is an online store that deals in online sales of steroids.

1Steroids claim to be the original supplier of these steroid brands in the United States of America: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, 7Lab Pharma, Dragon Pharma, Sciroxx, BodyPharma, SP Labs, Balkan Pharmaceuticals. Apart from that, 1Steroids offers a 30-day re-ship guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with the results of the product, you are not losing anything on your money.

The customer feedback for both quality and customer service for 1Steroids is excellent. The customers appreciate the fact that 1Steroids comes with a good set of prices as compared to its competitors. The customers are satisfied by the value provided by the company against their money.

1Steroids is also light on the pockets as it reduces the expense in this category to almost up to 50% in 6 months and a remarkable 25% in a year. The customer service and quality of the product is rated excellent, timely delivery is an added advantage that is often praised by the customers in reviews.

Customer Service Reviews of 1STEROIDS.NET

Customer reviews are very important so that other buyers can have an overall view of the products and services for an online store like 1STEROIDS. Here are just some of the 1STEROIDS reviews given:

36 thoughts on “1STEROIDS.NET REVIEWS

  1. Starting my 3rd year with 1Steroids.net now. Still rolling with basically not a glitch !! Learn from that those of you starting ! I am ordering next week again !!

    All communication with support usually answered with in few hours and very informative.

    Quality all great ! Sus 350 twice a week 1ml per for 8 weeks, Anadrol 50 the middle 6 weeks of the 8 @ 50mg per day. Eq 200 twice a week for 8 weeks @ 200mg per

    This cycle put 20lbs on me as a bulker with a little hair loss. Then I did lean cycle as follows.

    Winnies 50 two a day 100mg total for 6 weeks
    Propinate 100 every other day 100mg per for 6 weeks
    Tren 100 every other day 100mg for 6 weeks
    Bulking cycle adds nice mass when Eq is added to keep little leaner during as some water is lessened by using and still aprox 20 lbs up in weight.

    Lean cycle is great. Test Prop keeps strength and Tren hardens and in combo with Winnies dropped the water. Only lost 7-8 lbs from bulking and very vascular. Great program !! Try it you will like it !!

  2. I have been a 1Steroids customer for some time, it was actually one of my first buying experiences over the net. It took a bit to get my gear but it came and one of the bottles had a crack and leaked. I sent them an email and they responded promptly and said they would send out another at no charge. I got it about a month later, and they sent 2 bottles..good stuff. I have purchased from them recently also and they are solid as far as Im concerned. I ordered DP Tren Ace and DP Test 250

    some of the best stuff I have used in quite awhile, excellent quality

  3. I was very sketchy about ordering steroids online. 1steroids.net made it easy convenient the customer service was awesome. I will definitely recommend this website to my friends.

    customer service was much better than expected. I contacted them once and they got back to me within 24 hours

    the products came in a very discreet box it was packaged with care, and came two weeks sooner than expected

    From Kalpa pharmaceutical

    6x tren Acetate 100

    3x test E 250

    the quality was awesome the results say it all. gained over 35 pounds in less than 3 months. I am bigger faster and stronger then I have ever been in my life. I look 1ml of each 3 times a week I did a sunday Wednesday Friday split.

    I believe I will be ordering from 1steroids.net for a very long time. Looking to place a new order.

  4. I’ve done many cycles with gear from 1steroids but this was my first using their KP Cutaxyl. I didn’t experience any of the bad tren side nor pip. No night sweats, just a little insomnia. I seen a noticeable size gain 2 weeks in, where people asked me what I was on lol. Overall, 12lbs was gained after 8 week cycle. My target weight was 220lbs but ended up being 217lbs @ 6’3″ which is perfect for me.

    Communication was excellent. I received email updates as my order details have been updated.

    Package arrived two weeks after it was shipped.

    8 weeks cycle

    weeks 1-6 KP Cutaxyl 100mg EOD

    weeks 6-8 KP Test Prop 100mg EOD

    weeks 6-8 KP Mast Prop 100mg EOD

    This was my second time using such a test/tren/mast blend. The first time I used from another ug lab and wasn’t able to handle the PIP nor the nasty tren sides. I had to stop 2 weeks in.

  5. 1Steroids does it again, perfect order, great prices, fast shipping.

    Never needed to contact them for a problem, there are NO PROBLEMS. but they do respond very fast to review requests, and you always know the status of your order.

    Packaging is always very well done. Never any ripped or torn packages either. The items usually ship within a few days and arrive well before they normally say they will. Items do come from different locations depending on the product ordered. Absolute perfection so far.

  6. I have had several orders from 1steroids and have no complaints. This supplier had even fixed an order that I had a small problem with quickly and with no hesitation and even threw in a few freebies for the mistake. I highly recommend this supplier.

    Communication and support were outstanding

    shipping was quick and discreet

    The products I received from this supplier worked just the way they should. I’m also very happy with the quality of the products.

  7. amazing! is all i can say. no minimum and they sent it soo quick! wide variety of products with lab tested which was the big thing for me. absolutely safe and reliable.

  8. Ordered dbol, and test cyp for first cycle. The process was smooth and the gear is very potent as i needed liver support for the dbol. After i ordered i received a tracking number within 3 days. After that it took about a week to receive in the mail, i was extremely suprised at how fast it came in the mail. The gains off this cycly was incredible. I gained a solid 15lbs of mass about 20-25lbs overall (including water weight from dbol). I ran a pct including nolvadex and clomid and came off perfectly fine it was a very smooth transition although i do miss being on gear. 1Steroids is excellent, i had been a little paranoid because it was my first time ordering so i contacted them everyday after i made my payment. They were very polite and made me feel ensured i would get my package.

    Top notch support team, responds very fast and informative. Had been paranoid about shipping and they handled it very well. Coming from someone who tracks packages all day on my Amazon orders, this was just as smooth.

    Packaging was excellent. Very discreet and safely packaged. I was worried that the vials may break but when i opened the package it was well kept and made sure that it would not break.

    DP Test Cypionate

    DP Dbol (10mg tabs)

    DP Nolvadex

    DP Clomid

    Quality is very potent. The orals especially i felt my body changing everyday. I remember the first day of taking dbol that my pain threshold for sets was almost doubled.

    Overall happy and satisfied customer, the process from ordering to pcting my cycle was incredibly smooth.

  9. I’ve recently switched to 1steroids.net and I have to say I’m supremely happy w whole experience! All the products Ive ordered so far have been top shelf! Oral Tren and Var showing extreme strength gains. The cool and exciting bulk rate deals are saving me all kinds if cash! Easy to understand and descriptive ordering process makes dealing with 1steroids a pleasure, coupled along with discreet packaging and the quick delivery process 1Steroids.net is number one in me and my friends book! Definitely give yourself a break and check them out today!!!

  10. Fantastic quality and quick T/A

    Very easy to navigate and order

    Updated through email the whole way

    Forgot the exact time but well within the T/A

    Packaging was nice and tight and no rattling of pills

    DP Clen 40mcg

    DP T3 25mcg

    Several of each

    I have been on these products for about three weeks now. Very good quality of each. The combination is a fat burning machine and has me hot like a furnace. First week alone I dropped around 7 pounds and shortly into week two I was about 2% BF down! I have a high tolerance to Clen and at a moderate dose it has me shaking like crazy. Very effective and well rounded products.

    Don’t be afraid to order from these guys. The DP Clen is the best I have used thus far.

  11. What can I say about 1Steroids That has not been said. He is where he is for a reason. His T/As are on point. His selection is unmatched, and he is as generous as they come.

    1Steroids replied to every pm or email I sent within the day. His support team is great as well. I have yet had to use the online support but what a great idea,.

    Total T/A was around ten days. Not bad at all for across the pond

    The Tren Ace is by far the strongest Tren I have ran to date. If you arent use to Tren I would not suggest running this Tren over 50mg a day to start. Im running it @ 100 mg a day. But it took a week for my body to adjust. Night sweats like Crazy! I mean pools of water Crazy, Coming out of the gym looking like I just took a shower. The anxiety was pretty rough for the first week, It has subsided now. My aggresion is thru the roof! My sleep has gotten better after I strated running growth and Taking sleeping pills. Honestly I was going to drop my dose down a bit but I adjusted thank god.The Test P is the smoothest I have ever ran. No PIP what so ever. I’m really starting to get used to this. My skin is oily as hell and I’m only running 50mg a day. My labido is holding strong with the test at this dose And I mean strong! No issues at all. The flexpens are awesome. Makle Slin so easy to use. Not that its hard. Just a convience I dont mind having.

    Thanks for Everything 1Steroids!

  12. I received another order from 1steroids. These guys are GTG! I have placed and received 6 orders from here and all have been 100% legit. I placed this last order for some Kalpa gear and this will be my 5 th cycle on this brand and I love it. I have test 250, d-bol, and deca in this order and its all GTG.

  13. Placed 2 Orders with 1Steroids, Great Selection and Quality Product. Deals of the Week are awesome

    T/A Quickest if found Overseas, packaged very well took 10 minutes to open.

    3 x KP Stan 10 (Winstrol tabs)
    13 x KP Test Enanth 250
    2 x KP Aromaxyl (Aromasin)
    1 x KP Letroxyl (Femara)
    2 x DP Superdrol

    Clean oils, no PIP What-so-ever Superdrol – 3rd time using Superdrol, all different suppliers and this is the Best, pumps are insane, no bloating like with D-bol, im Running as a kicker. Very happy with results Test E – just starting to feel it kick in No PIP, very clean Aromasin – No estro problems, so its doing its job Winsrol – will use later in Cycle Letro – only use if needed

    Can’t say enough good things about this supplier, Quality, Price, and Service

    about to place another order and would recommend to anyone.

  14. I always have excellent results with gear from 1steroids. This order was for some Bodypharm Methan-Inject (injectable dbol)

    Always proper customer service with 1steroids

    One vial lasted me about 2weeks. I did a 13mg shot every 8 hours. I got much fuller muscles in that short time I didn’t check my weight gain because when I start checking the scale It gets to be compulsive. I had a huge jolt in my libido, bp was good at this dose . I had that good dbol sense of well being and the feeling that you can do anything. Aggression and strength went up. Overall excellent products

    Will use 1steroids again in the future

  15. This is my first order with 1Steroids although I’m not new to ordering, I’ve used numerous other US based websites that sell sports supplements, steroids etc. I ordered KP Clen but was sent the wrong clen. I received the Pharma grade which was 60x40mcg per box rather than 100x40mcg per tub. BUT was sorted after I emailed and was sent the correct items Special Delivery.

    Took half a day to respond to my email regarding receiving the wrong order, however, quickly posted the items I needed Special Delivery with no issue.

    KP Clenbuterol (although initially received Clenbut by Balkan Pharma which also works very well – strong!)

    Would definitely use this company again. Very quick turnaround and I’m impressed with their customer service!

  16. I have used many sources which are listed here and most of them were definitely on spot however this one is my favorite.

    top notch customer service. 1Steroids is always there for his customers

    Never had an issue with customs or T/a. Every time the t/a was faster than provided

    i did a solid bulk on KALPA gear. Honestly it felt like a top quality pharma grade. Pip was non existent. Strength and lifts went up and i could feel stronger. Had an issue with water and gyno so up the dose of arimdiex. overall this cycle had been wonderful with lot of mass gain and strength gains. the quality did not let me down. and it is one of the best brand. sides were not so harsh but i experienced acne, high bp occasionally

    Fantastic gear and top quality service highly recommended

  17. gear is definitely legit! ran in to some problems early in the ordering process due to sending the payment and whatnot but 1Steroids was extremely helpful and responded very quickly. This is how a business should be run, I will definitely ordering from them again soon to stock up 🙂

  18. first time using 1steroids. well it was fast, even faster than some domestic suppliers, it was packaged very professionally couldn’t be any happier. site was easy and simple to use. very good prices on hcg and pct products as well for being pharma grade. the hcg is spot on since im on cycle and my boys have changed a bit. will use again in the future

  19. 1Steroids is by far the best source out there in my opinion. You never have to wait for long periods of time for a response. Gear is very inexpensive and top of the line. I will be doing my business with 1Steroids from here on out.

    I’m currently on test from previous order. Strength, energy, and libido is through the roof. All gear is very smooth and no pip. I’m very pleased with the results and changes being made so far.

    I’m very pleased with how fast orders arrive after placing. This is my go to source from here on out.

  20. This was my 4th order with these guys and I’m gonna continue to order. ‘The sustaxyl is spot on great gains,energy,libido and yes Damn oily skin lol. Oxandroxyl is great very noticeable at just 3 a day. I had to break into the nolvaxyl stash before the aromaxyl arrived and in a wk sore nips and bloat went away. Aromaxyl at 6mg ed does a great job it took about a wk for full effect. 6wks in started hcg it really started helping about the 2nd wk in at 500 iu. I’m at wk 11 and already. Packed on a solid 20lbs.

  21. Ordered last week from here for second time and received order within 2 days again very smooth fast service. Couldnt give enough credit when they ran out of Test Enthathe on my first order they offered me several different brands to try instead ended up going for Sciroxx Cypionate and they give me a free vial for my inconvience. Really nice service the best ive had infact! 😛

  22. This review is for dragon pharma npp that I got to try from a promo they sent me 40 ml to run

    Communication Was great they always responded very quick Witch is def a plus everything seemed very professional

    10 days across the pond and was very secured

    I used the npp for joint relief at 50 mg evrey day on a blast I was running withen 2 weeks my shoulder was feeling a lot better and this is a big deal to me I’m a powerlifter and was trainnning for a meat and the npp saved my ass this was my first run with npp usually use deca for this reason and I must say npp is everything like deca and better no bloat at all the oil was nice and clear flow throughv25 g with ease

  23. Couldn’t be happier with 1steroids and kalpas gear i read that kalpas had no pip and honestly i thought bullshit but i pinned a ml of the test prop last night and didnt heat it up or anything and have zero pip!! Prop normally kicks my ass for at least two days so im extremely happy about that!! I usually just have to pin .5 ml and get it good and hot but looks like Thats a thing of the past now!!! 1Steroids kept me informed throughout the entire process and ill definatly be making another order soon!!

  24. I have seen Kalpa line around since 2007. I had never purchased from them until I saw the 1Steroids.net reports and saw that for their international prices and proven contents led me to purchase quite a bit of products from them

    Communication is good for the most part. They get back to you within 24-48 hours.

    Delivery is about 2-3 weeks in my area and stealth is available which is pretty good.

    Test E 250 x3

    Sust 350 x3

    Tren A 100 x2

    Deca 250

    Oxandrolone 10mg x2

    Winstrol 10mg x1

    Dbol 10mg x1

    Bold 300 x2

    NPP 100 x1

    Test E 250 x2

    Currently on 300mg deca(600mg) and 300mg Test E(300mg) . Im up 15 lbs from 182 to 197. I am on week 6 I will be getting bloods done this coming week. I cant wait to try the other products.

    They have great promos and have a loyalty discount. overall great prices. will continue to use them as a source

  25. reviewing Bodypharm SUpertest 450 which i got on 1Steroids promo. 1st injection i pinned 1ml. Just to see if there was going to be any PIP like i have experienced with other sources higher dosed gear. No PIP at all. 2nd injection pinned 2ml and once again no PIP at all. So week 3 had to try 3mls and was slight PIP for about a day. So bravo, Bodypharm on a high dosed blend with no PIP. Felt the strength gains after the 1st weeks injection. Love this blend

    T/A was about 14 days . packaging always is discreet

  26. Had used number of tamox before. This one i must say was strong and to the point. did what it was supposed to do. helped me with some water retention and my test levels gradually elevated. Coming off gear, i did not have that strength and urge to workout but it helped me get a boost to some extent. libido was back to normal within a month.

    Legit product!

  27. Second order. Simple, quick and good products available.

    Items well packaged and discreet. No problems at all.

    Kalpa Winstrol

    Kalpa Deca 250

    DP EQtest 400

    7Lab T3

    Balkan anastrazole

    Currently just passed 4 weeks of using the Deca and EQtest both at 1ml per week (also running 1ml of test cyp 250 from elsewhere). Both very smooth to pin and only minimal pip. 4 weeks into a bulk at only 200 cal surplus over maintenance (4200 cals) and 7lb up, so definitely doing its job nicely. Also using the Adex at 1mcg every 3 days which is seeming to keep estrogen nicely balanced. Started the T3 a week ago as a bit of a trial run in my bulk so unable to offer much feedback in the way of this yet as never run it in a bulk before. Winstrol is for use when i switch to cut next year so no comment on this product at the minute.

    Highly recommend and will be using again ASAP.

  28. Brilliant source!! Have used these guys multiple times over the last year & have had no problems to date.

    Very discreet & well packaged.

    7Labs Test Prop

    Kalpa Tren Ace

    7Labs Test Enth

    7Labs Test Cyp

    Balkan Tamoxifen

    DP Test 400

    Eternuss Test 400

    Shot up a good few stone earlier in the year, had plenty of people questioning whether or not I was on steroids & had locals saying I was built like a brick shithouse haha!! Took a break off the weightlifting & dieting for a good few months there due to food poisoning & illness but looking forward to making some nice gains again a second time round xP ps… the tren ace ain’t nothing to fuck with haha… the shit’s crazy… I felt like a bull!! But don’t think I could deal with waking up in a cold sweat every morning again & snapping at the slightest thing at times… not quite yet anyway haha xD

    I’d highly recommend!! I’ve also recommended them to personal friends I’ve grown up with and a hockey player that was looking for an extra boost. Top source & top men. I’ll be using again.

  29. I want everybody to know that 1steroids guys are the most professional people that I’ve ever dealt with in this business their gear is the smoothest cleanest I’ve tried so far also I should mention that I WOULD NOT go to another supplier as long as these guys are in this business.

    Packaging is impeccable, this is another reason that I wouldn’t go to another supplier.

    2× Test p

    1× Tren A

    1× Deca

    1× SUS

    2× hCG

    1× Tren Hex

    2× Prop Mast

    1× NPP

    1× Test Cyp

    In less than 3 weeks I’ve gained 12lb of pure mass where on other supplier’s gear I couldn’t even get 10lb in 2 months what more do I want?

    The cleanest, Purest, and the best gear I’ve used so far.

  30. This was my first order from this source. The communication was excellent. First pack they send me after 28 days from day the payment was accepted. I received pack in 7 day, for next one i have to wait 2 weeks, because post office lost my pack but they send immediately next one with tracking number! I will buy again from them but i will not ordered for last min. like now, I didnt respect it take such long time to get all gear. I order Test Propianate, Stanozolol, Nolvadex and Clomid everything look good to go. I will update that post after few weeks, and i will say about result. P.s order was between continental

  31. I have ordered many times from 1steroids and always been great service

    been on kalpa dianoxyl 10 days now and its working great, it kicked in really fast had great pumps in the gym day 3 onwards, mood is improved and my weight is up, kalpa dbol are great

    I recommend 1steroids to anyone I have never had a bad experience

  32. So I have RECEIVED my order, with a vial of primo extra for free. I feel satisfied as a customer. Haven’t used yet but looks professional.

    Great packaging. Took 3 weeks for me but only because of technical difficulties.

    Will keep you posted. I can say it looks sexy.

    Although there was delay, I am going to order again from this source because of good prices and reputation and the fact that he cared to compensate and keep customers happy.

  33. This website/company has been a hassle since day 1 with anything but test e…for instance, as I write this I should be nearly complete with my cycle but nope…still on its way…still on its way, we’ll resend it…such crap…had better results with others since they took so long and the funny thing is that they’re connected with anabolicsteroids.biz and both are supposed to be legitimate, reputable sites/companies…blah

    #getyoshittogethere #Dontwasteyourmoney


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