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If you want to build muscles, RxSteroids is a good site to go to. They offer a wide selection of different steroids to choose from, and they even have 7Lab Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, Sciroxx to go with it, so you wouldn’t have a hard time figuring out how it works. They offer high quality products and fast delivery, as well as extensive customer support.

RxSteroids.net Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Supervisor


RxSteroids is one of the leading online stores selling anabolic steroids (roids). For those of you who may not be familiar with what an anabolic steroid is, it is actually a synthetic variation of the male sex hormone testosterone. Their purpose is to build muscle mass.

Their target market are people who don’t want to give up bodybuilding but may be worried about the health implications of using the UGL labs. They offer different products that would fit your needs and your style ranging from oral steroids to injectable steroids range. It is not very difficult to pick the right steroid that will fit your needs even if you are just a newbie trying to get a feel of things because every product on this site has a detailed description and even has an image of that particular item. They even have a page for the Winstrol instruction manual for every product that they offer. This is really a massive help especially for those new to steroids usage.

But that’s not all; one of the coolest things on RxSteroids is their use of reward products. Every time a customer shops 2 same products, they automatically earn one free product.

Customer Service Reviews of RXSTEROIDS.NET

RxSteroids is an online steroid shop that offers its customers different choices of anabolics. There are a lot of competitors out there but here is a summary of reasons why customers love to shop at RxSteroids.net:

  • Easy to use products. If you have just been introduced to steroids and have no idea how to use one, you don’t have to fret, RxSteroids have manuals on their site on how to use every product that they offer.
  • Quality. No matter what your preferences may be when it comes to cutting, bulking and weight loss, rest assured that RxSteroids offers a product that will fit your needs. One customer even said that the product is closest to the pharma thing yet. Consumers can attest that RxSteroids offers quality steroids.
  • Fast Delivery. RxSteroids offers delivery of your purchase regardless of the size and cost
  • Reward products. Every time a customer buys 2 same products, they are given free product. It is very rewarding indeed, and a very economical way to spend every penny.

Customer reviews are very important so that other buyers can have an overall view of the products and services for an online store like RXSTEROIDS. Here are just some of the RXSTEROIDS reviews given:


  1. I have ordered twice now from rxsteroids.

    Great products, gained 20lbs in last 2 months. Slight pip from sust but manageable, never tried kalpa products but the dbol was legit. I was taking 40mg split into 2 doses… had to reduce to 30 because blood pressure jumped to high causing headaches. Oral tren is super strong night sweats on first night but incredible gains in strength and fat loss.


  2. Ive ordered from rxsteroids 5 times . Finally writing review . Been shy on writing reviews . The best thing about rxsteroids is he sells Human grade and underground.And awide selection.Sending payment info is so easy. Prices might be abit high for some but never have to worry about quality or getting your stuff. A quality i look for in a source

    Been using 500mg of test /300mg deca and 30mg aday of dbol. I like average dose cycles. Been using 3weeks now up 12pounds of quality muscle . Fat down No pip at all. Oils are smooth And by the pain from back pumps dianabols are working.

  3. This was my first order with Rx and he pulled through no problems at all, top quaitly..

    1 week to recive my package

    500 Danabol

    Top quality human grade, taking 60mg a day split in to three 20mg through out the day only been on a week and I’m up 10lb already

    Was a little worried at first as its so cheap for pharma grade gear but I can say for sure his blue hearts are the real deal

  4. Ordered multiple times with no issues. Products always have been great quality.

    Communication has been great for me. Happy to answer any questions I had

    Packaging is tight and secure. T/A was always within a week for myself.

    Ordered almost everything but will be reviewing the following. Test Prop/ Mast Prop/ Eq

    Used the test prop and mast KP at 1cc each. After two weeks noticeable difference in density and hardness. Sex drive increased as well and continued to get better along with pumps in gym. After 4 weeks very noticeable difference in muscle density and strength was good even when on strict diet. Oils are smooth and never had any pip. Used Eq for 12 weeks at 1.5 cc. Noticeable vascularity after 6-8 weeks and steady strength gains.

    Would recommend source to anyone. Great products and a growing selection.

  5. I have been using lots of different places over the past while and everyone has their preferred option. for me, rxsteroids.net has been the best ive ever used. you’ll not be dissapointed with his supply and ive placed a handful of orders with him at this point

    Many vials of Tren and Test.

    i personally use it and it shoots very smooth, no pip and isnt extremely thick like some other guys will sell you. ive also been getting great feedback from people i deal with and they are now switching to rxsteroids for their main supply.

    over all of the vendors i use, this is by far my favorite source. the prices are awesome, shipping is fast, product is well and he is the most responsive seller ive dealt with. i recommend him to everyone i know and anyone i deal with to at least try it, once they do, their hooked. what more could you ask for???

  6. This was my first time ordering from Rxsteroids.net..the other suppliers I have been using have well to put it nicely fallen off.. This review will be for Test E and Deca.

    Communication was on point always responded within 24 hours usually much sooner. If u follow the instructions when ordering which are not difficult u should have no problems. I

    T/A was 4 days from when I paid to the doorstep. Doesn’t get any better..packing was tight bubble wrapped and shrink wrapped shit ain’t going no where

    Rxsteroids has gained a lifetime customer for sure!! Anybody looking for reliable domestic source with good t/a and great quality products look no further

  7. Well, after getting burned from another source I had to look into Rxsteroids. and glad I did. Their shit is good…lol

    Communication was spot on!

    Wasn’t in a rush for it but T/A was 5 days. Packaging was tight and secured.

    Test E.


    Tren A.


    Product is gtg, been pining for the last two weeks and already feel the anger. Feeling very strong and the soreness from pining is at a minimum.

    Will order again! I have too! Lol

  8. I have ordered from Rx several times and He has always come through. 100% Top quality. I placed another order yesterday already.

    Always packed tight and right. The same every time.

    7Lab Sust 250, Kalpa Clen, DP Tren 100, Boldenone Forte

    I cruz and blast on test all yr long and periodically stack Tren or Deca. Everything I have received from RX was always top quality. Never any pip. Very oily skin and libido through the roof . Every time I pin the Tren its followed by Tren cough. I am 44yrs old and have cycled many times over the yrs and I can say with 100% confidence that everything I have received from RX is top quality. I am a very happy man.

  9. Obtained this site from a friend who sold me some Provi 25. Was legit so I ordered more .

    Communication was very good. I emailed all hours from 8am-2:30am and they promptly replied. All products look legit.

    Packaging very secure and discreet.

    Proviron 25

    Clomid 50

    T3 50

    Nolvadex 50


    As stated before obtained some provi from a friend. Been on for 5 days.Satisfied with libido changes and everything. I can already see some new veins popping up! can’t wait until the full 7 weeks!

    T3-Giving me sweats so its definitely legit. only been on it for a day but I have ran t3 before and know the feeling. Definitely quality stuff

    PCT Clomid -Individual packs looks Good and legit

    Will Order from this site again! Customer service was exceptional! Very cordial guy!

  10. I ran this cycle directly after I ran out of products from another source. Ran 1 cc of tren e and 1cc of sust every 1-3 days. Took 1-2 anadrol and anavar tabs per day. Have been doing it for approximately 20-30 days, still on it as we speak. My night sweats haven’t stopped and my strength is still increasing (about 3% since last cycle). Body fat has decreased by 2% as well (so went from 8% to 6%). PIP was min-nil. Customer service was on point too, they only took about a day to return my emails. This source always has great specials running too! The best thing about them, my gear only took 9 days to get to me. AND, they ship from the EU (I am in US). I was getting my gear from a US source and it was taking them about a month to get to me. So I switched to these guys. I just ordered tons of tren ace, and will post about how it works out. All in all, the best source I have tried yet! Thanks again guys!

  11. Everything worked out fine.

    T/A was about a good week or so, but that was to be expected over the holidays. Of course payments and shipping take longer then.Well packed, small and discreet, well cushioned.

  12. Ive just received an order i placed last week. I thought i’d better leave a review for them. The service has been top notch. My emails were answered within a short time of sending and ordering was simple and easy. I ordered some dbol and test p. The gear is gtg and was packed well and discretely. Id definatley order again.

  13. I am relatively new with using these products so when the seller spent a long time explaining the right way to use these products, in a safe effective way, I was very grateful for the guidance because it’s paying off big time.Not only am I getting bigger, I have more lean body muscle then ever before I only waited 9 days for my package. Anytime I had a question or was unsure if I was using these protect effectively, the seller was more than happy to walk me through it. I will continue to order from these guys. They are well above average!

  14. 4 transactions and so far these guys are professionals. Last shipment didn’t make it, they’ve reshipped without hesitation or excuses. Very good quality and excellent communication. FYI 20 to 30 days shipping to the US.

    Very Discreet.

    Dianabol/ Primo/ short stack.

    Good Quality.

    Highly Recommended!

  15. Dragon Pharma Accutane. Quality is on the level and it took about 2 weeks for accutane to fully kick in. I think it dosed fairly all right but provided it’s only 20mg per tablet, you might conceder starting with 40mg to speed the things up a little. I had some mild acne while on a cycle and overall it fully cleared all my spots after 3 weeks of constant daily usage. I will still continue taking 20mg per day for the next 8 weeks to prevent any potential breakouts.

    Communication and support was spot on as always. Prompt, helpful and informative. Very friendly too!

    Well packaged and delivered in time if not earlier.

    Everything was spot on! Very pleased. Thanks

  16. i’ve been a customer for over a couple of years, and all i have to say is if you do your homework and know what your goals are these guys have a selection of different brands of gear to achieve anyones goals.

  17. i am pleased with the rxsteroids staff they did a good job getting me what i need in the time i need , there was a small hicup in the bagging but in the end they came though full force and prodcut was fantastic!! definitely will come back to see them

  18. Been using this source for a couple years now, Always makes good on orders. Any hiccups are always rectified and communication is good. if orders will take longer than expected, a rep will send you an email to let you know the status.

    I’ve tried 7Lab Tbol, Dbol , Anavar , Test E & C, Sustanon, Deca, Tren E, A and now HEX, Arimidex (anastrozol), Nolvdex, Clomid, and HCG. All have been effective. Latest order was Sust, Tren H and HCG and got it within 2 weeks of first email!

    All the product I’ve used gave me results. All injectables were nearly painless. Also not a fan of the Dbol as they are 20mg and pretty harsh on my stomach. only taken 4 shots of the tren Hex but the tren a and tren e were great. I’ve ran the Test e in the last 5 cycles and loved it every time.

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