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Broadly speaking, so far from what I have seen I will say that this company is the best of every bodybuilder. I mean who do not want to have steroids by sitting at home? This is the opportunity for this because they give a high discount and their shipping is totally free. Based on the user reviews and user remarks, I will rate this company 5 out of 5. If you like quality steroids, this website is going to be your best shot because they have every best brand of the world.

Rx-Roids.com Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Supervisor


It can be seen from the name that this company provides high quality of steroids all over the world. Moreover, they provide different kinds of peptides like HGH and HCG. They have good business relation with all the top steroid brands of the world that is why they are able to provide these products at very low price and they are all totally tax free. Their shipping is not bound to one country or one continent but all over the globe. Since all products are tax free and at low price so you can buy steroids with bitcoin in a bulk and save lots of money.

As we know, when it comes to steroid, quality is everything that matters and there is no bodybuilder that can compromise his quality. Everyone has its own quality and they do not like to change it. Therefore, it can be said that everyone has its own view about every steroid brand. Sine this company provides all most all the top quality steroid brands of the world (Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, 7Lab Pharm, Dragon Pharma, Sciroxx, BodyPharm, SP Laboratories, Balkan Pharmaceuticals), people have very positive view about it. People who like quality steroids are very satisfied with this company’s performance. There might be some who do not like the quality of roids and hence do not like this company. While sharing his thoughts about this company performance in a review, one said that I was tired of searching for a company where I could order online for everything I wanted. The only thing I was afraid of was shipping expenses and its duration. Once I came across rx-roids and I was very amazed to see their prices and shipping procedure. Therefore, I ordered bulk kalpa and 7lab because I was getting a huge discount on them. I am very happy by their performance and I will buy from them again. There was another review from which it was very clear how satisfied he was from their performance. He said that I am a business man and I like to juice very much. I do not like to go out and each time to buy roids in gym. So I looked on internet and found this company and ordered bulks of packs. I am very happy with their performance as they have every brand.

Customer Service Reviews of RX-ROIDS.COM

Customer reviews are very important so that other buyers can have an overall view of the products and services for an online store like RX-ROIDS.COM. Here are just some of the RX-ROIDS.COM reviews given:

20 thoughts on “RX-ROIDS.COM REVIEWS

  1. the owner answered all my questions and everything came packaged super secure and the products are insane .the kalpa pharmaceuticals’ products are crazy strong. massive pumps from the dbol on the first day and the test e injection was smooth. so far im up 6 lbs. rx-roids.com is my main guy now

  2. First time i ever ordered off rx-roids and they delivered faster then superman can get to Rome lol

    Very good advice, advising me which is the best for gyno and having sore nipples : /

    Balkan Anastrozole – Very good as it was pharmaceutical , had a marble a tiny lump I could feel and my nipples were sore even iced em lol but 3 days it reduced so very chuffed

    Very good supplier and planning my next cycle and looking to order very soon

  3. I took place in the promo rx-roids had going on a little back for the anadroxyll and t3….rx-roids was a great guy to deal with returned all tickets in a timely fashion and was very nice of him to offer this to everyone!

    T/a was a little over two weeks good for an international source

    I ran the drol just to see if it was a good product for two weeks took 50mg pre workout and pumps were insane drol is great for some reason everytime I took it I felt like I was having a heart attack on way to gym just wanted to get in there and workout and aggression went way up

    I would do business again with rx-roids products arrived in timely fashion and are legit!

  4. Great company to deal with, quick delivery. Prompt email, added so extras and offered me a discount on my next order. Could not ask for a better source

  5. Great Products and Service!

    Packaging was un-remarkable, exactly the way you want it. Perfect, just your normal everyday package. All products were wrapped securely. Package made no noise when shaken.

    Currently using 2 CCs Sustaxyl 350, twice per week, 2 CCs Trenboxyl Enanthate, twice per week, 50 mgs Turanaxyl daily, 2iu Kalpatropin, twice per day. Excellent results, clean diet, nice strength gains and weight increase of 16 lbs in 3 weeks.

    Very satisfied with the quality of the Kalpa products. I know I have not used all of the products yet but they are for different parts of my cycle.

  6. Great company to deal with customer support/service exceeded my expectations.

    Very discret and professionally package order.

    T/A was good I recieved my products in 10 business days.

    The anavar is causing incredible pumps after 4 days my libido is up (Proviroxyl) and I woke up covered in sweat this morning from the Tren Ace.

    Due to previous experience with these compounds I feel all my products are gtg.

    Rx-roids.com is an excellent company to deal with I’m already planning my next orders.

  7. So I got his promotion and I also have used his BP deca. Good shit here. Still have his promotion never ran it but his deca is as good as some pharmacy deca I got.

    Bp deca 5 bottles

    Bp dbol and anavar promotion

    Mna that deca is fire. I get bad joints problems abd like to add deca or npp it help them out. Only took 2 weeks for me to feel the comfort of the deca working. It was in full effect in bout 7 week’s. Also made some great gains on that shit. Not only did it help me put up more on my squat as far as strength it help my knees handle the weight

  8. First thing I noticed when I opened the pack was the effort put into the packing… Nice touch… Sometimes it’s the little things that show you a src is the real deal.. I was impressed, when you take pride in your work,it reflects you and your product… As I stated ,I pinned 2cc in my tris.. Absolutely no pip… Very smooth…. Looks good my fellow athletes…..

  9. A+ product and communication.

    Packaging was discrete. Easy to open. And Packaged securely.


    Used 400 to 500 Migs per week for 4 weeks. Doubled my strength gains. BP went from 8 reps at 225 to 16 to 18 x 225 lbs. injections were sometimes painful. I’ve been off it for 3 months and still have gains I wasn’t expecting. It was a great product and I can’t wait to put in my February order.

    Totally recommend.

  10. Just thought I’d give a review that’s been a long time coming yet once again . Rx-roids does it again. The quality of the gear is always ever present . I’ve been doing this for about 5 years and I will admit Rx-roids.com is the best FK!!!..the rest…lol…and as far as all these little cry babies that just know how to bitch!!!…and wine…let me ask you…would you like some cheese with your wine. People need to stop making shit up just to get a freebie…or knock a product…hey !!!genius….your body becomes accustomed to Tren….bet you didn’t kno that….shows how smart you are…so for all you haters out there that just want to complain….look at the rest of the reviews and your Damn near the only one who has a gripe….I ask you…who’s lying and who’s being real?! Let all the other reviews speak for Rx-roids…

    I will never go to any other source….so long as Rx-roids is around….I’m a faithful customer…when ever they close for inventory or restock….I’m patiently waiting 4 the store to re-open…word to the wise….stock up while you can….great gear that’s clean and effective is a rarity to come by…

  11. My first five orders with rx roids were great. I have a prescription so I order small amounts. Six weeks ago I put in a bigger order since bitcoin was in decline. I paid for the larger order. The first tracking number was to China WTF.
    The next was to a DHL number that did not track. Since then crickets. This sit has become a fraud. Do not order from here.

  12. Only ever ordered from this source not been dissapointed once so far

    When ever there was need for communication allways get an awnser but to be fair never really need it , with regards to support allways had my questions awnsered.

    Never had a problem with packaging , although on my last order I did specifically ask for extremely disscreate packaging and I got exactly that bag inside a bag and plenty sound proofing A***

    Only be reviewing the Kalpa and 7Lab Sust this time around this is an over due review. This cycle was started off on some of the Balkan sust previously ordered from the same source 1ml/250mg used every Sunday/Wednesday/Friday this pin pattern was used for the entire 10 odd weeks of the cycle. Week 1-2 Balkan Sust – No pip what so ever, snap easily enough with or without an ample snapper obviously to early to see signs of legitimacy although that being said as I had previously ran a cycle on these I had not reason to doubt they were not legit.All the early signs of test being present where there ie Lucid strange dreams which I allways seem to get on gear and pitching the bed sheet a f***ing tent in the morning. Weeks 3-6 Kalpa Sust 350 this again was lovely clear clean looking oil and not to thick although I allways heat up before pining yet again no pip whatsoever I think we can all agree from a pip point of view the less the better , still not deviating from the Sun/Wed/Fri pin pattern everything ran smoothly through these weeks around 4 weeks in start to pick up a heavier apitite making it much easier to get through the 4500 cals just to maintain so it’s a blessing when trying to bulk , as far as weight at this point not a drastic gain but losing small amount of fat and keeping size , as far as weights reps and cardiovascular is concerned sets are much easier at this point and can hammer away longer at cardio good pump too when when hitting weights Week 7-10 Last of the Kalpa Sust and switching to 7Lab Sust 250 , this was same again good looking clean clear oil no funny business as to pip I can’t really criticise as I never really had any from it except very very minor in the quads but nothing like the cripple you get from test p so couldn’t complain , All in was a good successful run only put on around 10 pounds weight did lose fat was neither a bulk or cut cycle merely cause I love sust and had to try the Kalpa which had received high praise and it didn’t dissapoint if I’m not a GymFiend I’m Deffo a SustFiend anyway I digress.

  13. First ever order from rx-roids.com. Took them up on an offer I saw advertised and I am very content.

    Order online but forgot to add a discount code, they emailed immediately and mentioned they could sort it and assured me my free test p would be included too.

    7 days which was awesome

    Kalpa Test E

    7Lab Boldenone

    7Lab Deca

    Kalpa Dbol

    DP Accutane

    All of the above halved and juiced bi weekly. Big watery gains from it, added 10kg (97kg to 107kg) in 3 months. Everything seems dosed well, no adverse effects, no pain (juicing into glutes). Slightly raised anger levels, standard though to be fair. Strong and increased strength and confidence as you would expect. I have some joint pains usually so I added EQ based on rx-roids’ recommendations and that seems to have done the trick so fair play to that lad.

    Dbol for the first 8 weeks to really kick start things at 50mg per day, the tabs seemed to dissolve quickly but apart from that, no complaints at all. DP accutane is helping with my skin, I’m spotty anyway and things got a bit worse for the first 5 weeks but have become so much better since then, I need to keep using them for another 2 months but again I highly recommend these. My lips get a bit dry so i use a fair bit of vaseline but overall it’s cleared my skin up nicely.

    There are a lot of sites out there now, I’m happy using these boys, I like to try new supps and this company seems to know what to do when and how to do it. I’ve read mixed reviews about them during a period of time where they got caught, fair play to getting back out there and sorting us all out. Highly recommend

  14. New to the Steriod scene..all I can say I’m 3 weeks into my cycle and I feel great..what made me decide to write a review is because I had a Great work out today and I feel they’ll just keep getting better

    Communication was Very Good..questions I had were answered in a few hours..

    Package was recieved just like it said on the Site.. 7 day East Coast US..discreet well packed.

    First few days felt like I had flu.. 500 test/ 200 tren per week..Think it was test flu because went away fast. So far Quality is Good..Strength increase, Pumps are Crazy. .Temper a lil short, Sweats at night mainly my back and sleep is off But All n All Very Satisfied

    The Payment Options are a Plus For me..Fast n Easy the way I like..Kalpa labs n 7Lab I’m Very Pleased with and Will Definitely Order Again from these Guys. Btw on Kalpa box have bar codes.. Scanned it. .Matched back to Kalpa Pharmaceuticals website.. Legit

  15. I highly recommend Rx-Roids.com, super fast, great service, and the great products. When looking around to find another supplier, I came across these guys about 3 1/2 weeks ago and I’m glad I did. The kalpa products are what caught my eye at first, but then went on to try some other products. I ordered Kalpa Test Enth 250, Dragon Pharma Deca 500 and 7Labs Anastro-lab 1mg.

    I probably bugged this guy to death with all of my emails, however he responded within a max of a couple hours to each email. Super friendly and efficient.

    The T/A for US was about a week, and I’m across the pond, so I was very impressed. The transaction was probably the smoothest one I’ve had yet and I’ve used a few different suppliers, I ordered and payed within about an hour, shipped the next day because it was a weekend. Packaging was tight and secure, everything in perfect condition.

    I started immediately on the anastro-lab and deca 500. I’ve been taking these for about 3 1/2 weeks. I could tell feel the test and deca kick in within about a week, as I stopped taking some other test I had previously ordered.

    The deca 500 took away from of the joint pain I was feeling when doing heavier weight, I also feel like it made me look like I had put on mass, as far as the mirror test goes. I’ve gained about 5 pounds since taking these two products, probably would be more if I didn’t work outside and sweat like crazy 40+ hours a week. The anastro-lab also worked great. I had a little gyno going on and I feel like that went away in about a week and it hasn’t returned. I haven’t started on the KP Test Enth 250 yet.

    Overall you won’t be let down if you order through these guys. Rx-Roids.com takes care of their customers and seem to deliver super fast. I’m about to place another order, and will continue to use these guys in the future. I was very impressed how fast my emails were replied too. Good selection and quality of products, I highly recommend these guys!!

  16. The payment process was clear and easy to follow. Communication was great and the shipment came fast even though the mail service didn’t track my shipment Rc-Roids was always there making sure I received my order. I’d definitely order again!

    Very fast and clear responses to my questions

    Very discreet and safe packaging. Nothing was missing or damaged

    I used the HCG and clomid these past 2 weeks for PCT and although I haven’t used a pregnancy test I feel it’s effects and I’ve kept my genitals from shrinking away, also not much loss as far as strength or gains. So I’d say it’s safe to say they are working as they should.

  17. Great source! Wish I hadn’t water so long to use this guy again

    For me rx-roids has the fastest response time always answers questions within the hour! And not just a simple answer,goes well in to detail and offers great advice on what gears best for me

    Only used the kalpa sustanon.used it at 3ml a week,crossed over from a different lab I was using at a much higher dose..I have had a little dip in strength obviously from lowering the dose and adjusting Ai but overall it seemed dosed decent .no pip..on a good note I got a large increase in acne which I only usually get from sustanon. Definitely going to do a fresh cycle with kalpa..got a few friends using kalpa products and all gaining well

    Guys give rx-roids a shot he won’t let you down! And he has a seriously wide range of pruducts and labs to try!

  18. Overall good supplier!

    clear instructions didn’t need to request any support form these guys. Simple ordering system.

    discreet brown padded envelope. arrived within 2 weeks- oh yes and free delivery on all orders!

    7Labs Adex – Looks good to go. I haven’t started them yet- cycle starts next week.

    I need another vial of test e and will be using these guys.

  19. Products were excellent and my order came through in less than a week, they were very easy to order. I would recommend to anyone and will buy from them again soon

  20. Ordered my test from my second cycle and some extra AIs here from rx-roids and some dbol but I havent used yet but will review at a later time but this review is for 7Lab test provi and adex.

    Good support. Fast email replies and timely updates. Rx-roids seems like a cool guy very polite

    Gained approx 12lbs lean body mass excluding water and estimated fat gain.

    I used this cycle with great results over a three month period.

    I noticed my libido was very high and the test was compareable to the test from my first cycle.

    I did suffer mild acne and nipple itch but the arimidex and provi kept my estro low libido high and had me dry.

    Im very pleased with this lab and this brand.

    Will review the dbol during next bulker.

    Thank you Rx-roids.com

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