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The online steroids selling company seems trustworthy. I will give it 5 out of 5. The reviews for this website are good on different websites. They claim a 100% 30-day re-ship policy guarantee that makes it attractive to its customers. They deliver almost all the top brands of steroids that are available in the markets worldwide. Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Steroids.Reviews is an online steroid selling company. The starting price for a pack of Dianabol is $45.00. They guarantee highest quality steroids online at low prices with no hidden charges, no taxes, no registration, no hidden cost etc. They also provide a 100% 30-days re-ship guarantee in case if their customer did not received their order and 24/7/365 customer support support. They are selling brands like Maha Pharma, Dragon Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals and 7Lab Pharm.

They ship steroids to worldwide except Australia and Africa. The steroids shipment countries can be checked at their websites payment page. All the steroids offered by the website are of high quality. The shipping cost varies between $20-30. Some products may be shipped separately to ensure that the guidelines of international postal and regulations are followed. The normal shipment delivery period of the steroid packages is 25 to 30 business days and for Air Mail Registered, it is 9 to 20 business days. The website is in business for quite sometime and claim to provide world class steroids and effective delivery methods.

Customer Reviews:

There are not many reviews about the company but the very few available claim that the website is legit and trustworthy.

Conclusive Remarks:

The online steroids selling company seems trustworthy. I will give it 5 out of 5. The reviews for this website are good on different websites. They claim a 100% 30-day re-ship policy guarantee that makes it attractive to its customers. They deliver almost all the top brands of steroids that are available in the markets worldwide. One of their attractive features like cash-back program can save their customers money per order but in the end, the website is the real deal. Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Steroids.Reviews


  1. Best site I’ve used, great communication, excellent EQ and very trusted IMO. I will definitely continue to use Maha.

    I have ordered several different shipments through MAHAs and unfortunately there has been some hiccups (late deliveries), no big deal, it happens. However, once I email them they respond within 24 hours and give me an update within 48. They assure you whatever your issue is they are taking care of it. I haven’t had that experience with any other site. Great communication!

    Very discrete, tightly sealed, everything intact.

    I cycled Test P and EQ for 14x weeks and everything went smoothly. Good lean gains, nice pump and felt great throughout cycle. PIP was quite painful though from the Test P, which is expected, but it definitely sucked. All worth it though! Sides were minimal besides PIP. Few months later I cycled Test E and Deca for 14x weeks. It was AWESOME! Insane pump, great gains, significant strength increase, hungry like a MF and minimal sides (acne, some back pumps, achy joints).

    Ive used several different sites and have not had the experience like I had with Maha. I got burned from a few and crappy customer service from others. Maha; however, is great all around. I will definitely continue recommending these guys!!

  2. LEGIT LEGIT LEGIT, delivered to south east USA in 17 days.

    tiny, tight, and secure

    Test E, Winny tabs, Mast, + pct

    very pleased, 4 weeks in weights up, and strength is up. great pumps, feeling fuller and harder. gear is smooth minimal pip.

  3. Great service, fast shipping, Great communication. Was updated every step of the way. Products were great and legit! This was my first order with, and I will definitely repeat. I highly recommend this source!!

    Packaging was safe and discrete

    Been using Kalpatropin for a month now, and very satisfied with quality of products

    I am very pleased with price, shipping speed and communication. Putting together another order now. This is the place for everything you need

  4. Best Source, Hands Down!

    6 days from donation being collected!

    Almost impossible for international source, but these guys pull it off

    Everything was A+++

    Hands down, best source online!

    They back up their shit!

    They are a model for any other supplier!!!

  5. This is my review for my latest order from, as these guys continue to keep my business through their excellent services. I went ahead and ordered mainly British Dragon Pharmaceuticals as this is my favorite brand… No PIP and excellent results, you can’t ask for much more. Their prices are the best around, and they have a weekly special on one product that is voted on by customers. If you go anywhere else you are just wasting your money.

    They always respond to emails within 24 hours, and often just a few hours later.

    Packaging was extremely discreet and protective. From the time I placed my order, it was on my doorstep in less than two business weeks. With the care these gentleman take regarding their packaging, you won’t have any problems with seizures or damaged products.

    I started my cycle off with the testosterone propianate, Dianabol, and trenbolone suspension to get a head start on my gains. This stuff worked like magic as I had size and strength gains within a few days. The Dianabol gives a great pump while the Aromasin keeps my estrogen levels in check. The Clenbuterol combined with the trenbolone is helping shred the fat off my body and keeping me damped up all day.

  6. Maha Pharma has been the best source for me throughout the past 2 years, I’ve changed my physique and my life from this website. I’ve lost 15% body fat and went from obese to shredded. They have prescription gear and it’s very fast delivery. Tracking is provided and I’ve been a very loyal customer and I have never ever had a problem

    Communication is swift and easy, always there to help and best customer support there is. There is no other source on the Internet I would go to.

    I gained 7 lbs of lean hard mass from a short var cycle and it was the best gear I have ever taken. Test e was also a great cycle for me I lost a lot of fat and the pct’s are amazing it doesn’t even feel like I’m off cycle.

  7. I decided to give a try and went ahead and ordered some DP T3 Superdrol and Nolva everything came in 6 days after payment. I have not yet been on the superdrol so I am writing to review the T3. First I’d like to begin by saying I was extremely skeptical but wow I’m entering my third week of the T3 at 75mcg and the fat it just flying off. I have very good blood pressure but after checking it out about 3 days ago it clocked in at 180/95, so I recommend users with blood pressure problems not to touch this T3 as it’s so potent.

  8. Hey everyone just dropping by to leave my boy maha a positive review! placed the order, everything went smoother than smooth, any questions i had were answered and fast! i love when there is great customer service! order came quick for international, pack was the most descrete of all the sources ive used! effects of the producs are as expected if not better!

    I ran the sus and eq and deca and with amazing gains and some cutting at the same time, currently on the cut stack and the tren a and i must say this stuff is diesel! keeping all my strength and size but getting extremely shredded!

    Totally recommended! Maha Pharma customer for life

  9. Maha-Pharma is my go to source. We’ve had a few “bumps” along the way, but Maha always makes things right in the end.

    Communication has always been pretty good.

    T/A varies depending on where the package is coming from. Whenever I order Maha brand products, they are always stateside within a week or two. Packaging is always secure and discreet.

    All products are legit. the Deca and Dbol are packing on the muscle. the T3, Clen are helping to keep the bodyfat down, and the Letro is keeping the Gyno away.

    Cannot recommend this source highly enough. Check ’em out!

  10. Never disappointed, maha is the most reliable source I’ve ever used. Made several orders since 2018.

    Communication and support is always excellent, any questions I have is always answered in quick timely matter. Every time I placed a order the process have been so smooth and easy so very little communication is needed.

    Roughly 2 weeks t/a and packaged very well.

    Ordered Test E 250, this is the first cycle I’m running in over a year, due to a deployment over seas. At 500mg a week for 12 weeks I’m seeing amazing gains quick. By week 4 I was up 15lbs. Currently on week 6 and great pumps and strength is up way more than I would of thought.

    I will continue to use maha time and time again. Super easy overall process and I have never been disappointed!

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