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We recommend DragonPharma.net to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders.

The DragonPharma.net Main Features and Services

I discovered that DragonPharma.net was duly licensed the official Dragon Pharma website, Europe. This suggests that the online pharmacy is from Europe. The copyright informs that the company has been online since 2000. They appear to be a store that has innovative drugs that did not exist 20 years ago.

The medication they have are categorized as Anabolic and Androgenic Steroids (Orals and Injectables) from various brands, Anti-Estrogens, Fat Loss Pills, Sexual Health, Retinoids and Peptides. The drugs I look for are available as Anavar (Oxandrolone), Dianabol (Methandienone or Methandrostenolone), Cypionat 250 (Testosterone Cypionate) and Sustanon (Mix of Testosterone Esters). The cheapest Anaar appear to costs about $65, Dianabol is about $53 or Cypionat which goes for $55 and a vial of Sustanon is as low as $75. The company appears to get these products from Europe.

DragonPharma.net appears to be verified by Dragon Pharma Checker and accredited by their official website.

dragon pharma supplier

Customers from USA or other parts of the world can complete their order by paying using Crypto-Currencies and International Money Orders. No prescription is required when making a selection of products for use in this store.

Shipping is done globally and has a single flat rate of $25.00 for US shipping and handling parcels through the United States Postal Service mail; my order can be delivered in 10 – 18 business days. There is also a minimum $30.00 shipping charge when shipping to most countries in the world- international orders may take 16 to 18 business days. More details can be provided by the customer service who can be contacted through their tickets system.

Dragon Pharma Reviews:

DragonPharma.net has been evaluated on an independent review site. The ones I will discuss now are posted in 2012, another in 2014 and lastly in 2019.

Jim S. published his review on 11/14/12 and said, “I ordered Enantat 400 from this company in August. The package arrived in less than two weeks and the packaging and product were excellent.” His review suggests that the delivery timeframe is honored and the products are effective when in use.

The review posted on 7/16/14 was made by Willi d. He had this in mind, “I’ve been ordering from this Dragon Pharma source for 4 years and everything has been excellent. The customer service people are friendly and very knowledgeable and I’ve always been happy with the product.” He insists that he has been a prospective buyer and the services and products he receives are as expected and delivered with excellence.

On 5/20/19, Mike S. published his review on the services and products supplied by Dragon Pharma. This is what he had to say, “I have been ordering Winstrol and Clenbuterol from this online pharmacy for several years. Very happy with delivery, packaging, and pricing. Very content customer.”

Mike was more specific and share information that suggests that their products do work and he can attest to that. He was also happy with the services (delivery, packaging, and pricing). They both left a 5-star rating for this site.


As I come to an end, I recommend DragonPharma.net due to its excellent reputation and it is indeed credible to provide authentic Dragon Pharma medication.

I will go ahead and give the site a 5 out of 5 star rating which is similar to the one available on the independent review site. I plan to make a trial purchase for my summer cycle needs and see if DragonPharma.net can deliver what they guarantee.

15 thoughts on “DRAGONPHARMA.NET

  1. This is a review for DP TestE and Var.

    No communication needed. I submitted payment as instructed and about 10 days later my order landed

    TA was better then most int sources I used. 10days to the East coast is def good in my book. Packaging was great and everything got here safe and sound.

    first off I want to say this review is for the Var and DP Test only. The Enantat 400 will be used during my bulk at a later date. I normally cruise on 200mg test a week and then stack my blasts on top of this. For my cut I was running tren and mast I had on hand but used the DP test and Var. I know the test I was using to cruise on before was def good. I changed over to the DP test and had zero change in anything. The test did EXACTLY what it was supposed to do. I ran it at 300mg a week with 500mg tren and 700mg mast. No loss of sexual function, strength or change in mood. I know how I get when my test gets low and I had NONE of those symtoms. I will continue to use the DP test to cruise on when my cut cycle is over. The var I have just finished running at 100mg a day starting July1st. I have used good Var many times and this was def GTG. The pumps were skin splitting and actually made arm day a little rough. I also get a pretty severe strength increase from Var and after about 2 weeks the strength came on like a freight train. easily put 10-20 pounds in all my heavy lifts and gained a couple extra reps in my old PR’s. muscles looked and felt full all the time and front delts and chest showed a significant increase in vascularity by week 4. I will def be adding this Var into my next cut cycle.

    After getting burned with some underdosed gear lately this cycle was def a step in the right direction. from start to finish I am very happy with the products I received and the timeframe I got them in. I will be ordering again without hesistation.

  2. By far the best customer support I have ever had.. Gear is great..all in original packing I would never do business with anyone but Dragon Pharma.. Thank you DP

  3. This review is long over due. I’ve been using DP exclusively for about the last year. I’d say I ordered 10 or so orders in that time. DP service is top notch. Everyone of my packs came in 7-10 days and he answers all emails same day! Now for the for the gear I have personally ran the Enantat 250, Trenbolone 100, Propionat 100 and Winstrol tabs. The gear was 100% legit. I also purchased Gerotrop which was all verified legit, as well as my pct which was clomid and nolva. I can def vouche for the clomid and nolva because I have a doc script to compare too. Needless to say DP is a class act! So if your thinking about putting a order in dont hesitate your in good hands! Thanks DP

    1. Have you ordered from DP since all of this covid-19 bs started? If you have, were there any issues with ordering/shipping? Thanks!

      1. I’ve made an order on 3rd March, received it on 23, no issues with order/shipping as far as I know. I’m planning a new summer cycle, and will make a new order at the end of this month.

      2. Yes, I’m waiting since 3/26 and nothing. They’ve responded but it’s been WAAAY too long, even considering.

  4. WOW What can i say about DP!!! This source rocks!! Packaging was good and everything i ordered was in tact.. This guy answered all my questions along the way, as well as provided a tracker the same day as payment!! Will be using all DP PCT for my upcoming cycle so will keep everyone updated!! Will definitely be using DP in the future for my international needs!! Great Turn around Time, packaging, communication and he even threw in a extra Clomid!! what more can i ask for in a source!! Thanks DP!!!

  5. I ordered October 4th! and my order has still not shipped. I’m starting to think that this site is a definite scam. I also emailed support and heard nothing back.

  6. Has any ordered during April 2020??? I placed order. Payment received. Status is pending. It’s been 48 hours.

  7. DragonPharma.net as always coming through again with great quality products delivered in a timely manner. Dragon has been my go to source for everything for years now. Every order I have ever placed with Dragon has arrived within a fair amount of time and the product quality is top notch. DP always gets my orders right and I have never had an issue with them, unlike some other suppliers out there. If your looking for quality gear I highly recommend Dragon Pharma brand.

    The service team at DP is phenomenal. Everything from my order came in within three weeks with the exception of the melanotan 2 and the glucophage, these items took a little bit longer, so when I emailed Naps about the shipping delays on these items they responded very quickly and assured me that everything should be in soon. And sure enough it was in later that week.

    Packaging was discrete and well packaged so no items were damaged.

    I absolutely love the Dagon Pharma brand anadrol. I can’t recall taking a stronger oral for strength and size than this product. The caber is potent and well dosed, I was running some deca this past cycle and the caber kept my libido high, prevented any progesterone related gyno, and eliminated any possible “deca dick”. The aromasin is top quality, it keeps my water retention down and keeps all aromatization side effects completely non existent. This was my first run with melanotan 2 and it works exactly how its supposed to. I took 1mg a day and it made me very dark in combination with tanning once a week, you’ll also notice a monster libidio increase when running melanotan. Winny as always is my favorite oral cutter, I love running at the end of my cycle to give my body that extra hard and veiny look, very good product from Dragon Pharma. And the HGH is great too, I was running 6ius a day and it gives my body that extra aesthetic look with increased vascularity. When running the hgh I have insane veins coming up through my stomach and through my obliques, I recently came off it and the stomach vascularity is starting to fade so I can definitely attribute this extreme vascularity to the hgh.

    DP is the best hands down.

  8. I placed 2 orders in one month and all came 100% great legit as usual.

    HGH was at my door in 19 days !!! I just could believed !!! I’m not buying anywhere else. Dragonpharma.net is my way to go .

    My order: Sustanon 270, Deca 300, Dragontropin and some PCT.

    I’m using same over and over. All great quality.

  9. I have been using DP Anavar 10mg for a few week now, totally satisfied with the results. I have been taking 80 mg ED: 40mg in a.m and 40 mg at night. I am used to DP and also to Anavar in general and I can honestly attest to the superior quality of the DP Anavar 10 mg.

    Packaging was the most ingenious I have ever seen, I won’t say too much about it, but damn I was very impressed!

    Used the product for over 6 weeks, 80 mg ED (40 mg in a.m and 40 mg at night). Put on a few pounds of hard muscle, lost 2% BF as of last week, diet isn’t exactly good but still this Anavar does the trick!

    I freaking love the DP line!

    Dragonpharma.net all the way!

  10. I placed my order and waited….no need to freak out…..it’s coming

    Landed in less time than the T/A. Pack was discrete,secure and tight. No way this shit was breaking

    DP Tren E x2

    I know it does not mean effectiveness but I got night sweats, insomnia, started to have panic attacks. Had to tell myself to calm down, lol.

    Pinned once a week and noticed great strength gains, been doing a lot more cardio because I’m trying to lean out more…weight/ muscle remains after the cardio weight loss

    Thanks DP.

  11. First time ordering from DP to N Y a week and half everything was discreet got all my shit. They answered my emails I would use them again.

    Very discreet package was so small and wrapped so well thought my shit wasn’t in there.

    2 clens DP

    2 t 3 DP

    1mg 20 pills Cabergoline

    Would definitely use again

  12. Pretty good. Love the price of the orals and had a noticeable effect

    No need for communication as everything went fine

    Packaging was great! Looked like something from eBay

    2x Dianabol 20mg x100

    Used it as a preworkout and definitely had great pumps, and increased aggression in the gym

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