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I would recommend the steroid users to try the anabolics by this company as it would surely help them build their body. Also, the company must continue to provide friendly, safe and reliable services. The steadfast dealing will continue to gain the store more buyers in the future. I would rate the company at an excellent 5. Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Supervisor

BUYSTEROIDS.WS REVIEWS is an online steroid store that has been selling the world famous anabolics for over 5 years. The company is based in United States. The products sold are fully tested in US. is completely legal within the US and can be bought freely. Fundamentally, the company’s range includes:

are the company’s best-selling products.

The company is doing an excellent job and has established itself as a market leader in the US steroids sale. With exemplary customer support services and response as its core competency it is doing a great job earning customer loyalty. By providing the bodybuilders with quality steroids the company is helping them to grow muscles which adds to their prestige. The company has proved itself by delivering nothing but the best in terms of quality. The orders are delivered at an immense speed which adds to the plus points of the company.

Customer Service Reviews of BUYSTEROIDS.WS

Some of the traits observed in the reviews of the customers of are as follows:

  • On an average, the customers have a positive view of the company. In general, they are satisfied with the services they are getting.
  • Users are of view that the quality of the product is very good and gives a realistic bodybuilding experience.
  • Consumers reflected that they have tried other steroid brands as well, but none of them satisfied them the way did.
  • Customers are happy with anabolics provided by the company as they do not have to worry about the quality.
  • The consumers stated that it is one of the best testosterone they have tried so far.
  • Many customers were happy with the reduction in expenses on steroids.
  • The best feature of the company is its user friendly policy, personal advice centre and prompt delivery and after sales service.

Customer reviews are very important so that other buyers can have an overall view of the products and services for an online store like BUYSTEROIDS.WS. Here are just some of the BUYSTEROIDS.WS reviews given:


  1. Usually I would stick to my src but since they were out of stock on inject.dbol, I ordered from

    I prefer Liquid-dbol over oral one, for the fact that the pill form gives me nausea and trouble eating. Furthermore it feels much stronger than the oral version with less sides. Used it for a month at 50mg one hour prior to workouts. Less water and lot of strength. Pumps were amazing and lasted long after workouts.

    Blood pressure normal and basically I notice a lot more aggression than the pill form. This stuff is amazing based on my personal experience.

    I would never take Dbol pills again

  2. Once again these guys are great! Communication was fast with every email answered within a few hours. All supplements are g2g with good results from last order. I highly recommend BSW, I will do buisness with them again! Thanks.

  3. I ordered from BSW once so far and I will order again def. Got some testoxyl suspension amps and they work wonderfully. I’m experiencing what is expected from real quality test. My order was here in 6 or 7 days I believe and I could keep track of every move along the way. Great source

  4. I ordered from before and just ordered again. The first time was out of this world with his product. I took Test E for my first cycle and nothing else. (I gained 40 lbs in just a few months). Obviously not typical but test worked for me. I have before and after pics to prove it. His professionalism is above and beyong reproach. If you order from somewhere else you are living wrong, man. HAHA! Thanks again to the man with the plan.

  5. Great Shop, fantastic products.

    I am very very happy with this Man and friends of mine are to never let me down

    Like I mentioned. Really damn good. He’ll get back to you within a few hours generally, never longer than a day. Even on weekends he’ll get back to you and sort out your issues, answer questions, etc.

    excellent quality been using last 8wks and results as expected and can’t fault kalpa pharma codes checked out

  6. Great supplier, very quick T/A and above all genuine products.

    Genuine Kalpatropin gh which isn’t easy or cheap to get! very fair price for them too which I doubt will be bettered. All codes checked out on Kalpa official site, used 8ius a day of this and really is a top quality GH. switched from a decent generic to this and difference was clear as day. Good product.

  7. Used these guys. They came highly recommended from a friend.

    Wrap very nice adn discreet

    4 mast p and 4 test p 100

    Running a mast p and test p cutter for 8 weeks. The pip on the test is a lil tough but it is dosed 100mg per a cc. After a few shots it dies down. After a few days my sex drive was fucking crazy. Mast and prop is like being a do in heat. I was able to drop My bf% by at least 2 in 8 weeks. i kepts all my mass but shredded up. Lost no strength duriing this cutter. didnt gain any but i wasnt trying to get any strngth gain either.

  8. Almost all of my cycles are ran with a test base of 200-250mg unless I need to fill out. This one was ran with 250mg of test from another source.

    Deca was ran at 600mg a week as a joint support and mass builder. Did this excellently, really helped my knees on squats and elbows on bench while the weights shot up. I frontload my cycles and started feeling it around week 3-4. Tbol was used at 50 per day for the first 6 weeks. Strength shot up and muscles filled out nicely. No real sides to speak of besides back pumps which is what I expect from tbol. Anavar was used the last 6 weeks until off, including the time the deca was clearing. This helped to harden me up and keep my strength rising while the nandrolone faded out. Got a nice hard look to my body with no hair loss or any other unexpected sides. Just excellent pumps and increased strength and vascularity. I haven’t gotten around the using the tren e yet since I had some stored up that I used first.

    Good gear, no pip, nice prices. Overall an excellent place to go

  9. This review is for the past few orders I’ve placed with

    T/A is as described..

    Test E

    Test P

    Tren A

    Mast P



    All of these Kalpa products are g2g and so far the best oils I’ve used off of sources. No PIP ever from this source, vials are a full 10ml, seem to be dosed properly, orals are g2g too. The “cleanest” tren I’ve used so far…doesn’t feel like its mixed with anything else as seems to be the case with a lot of sources on here.

    The only complaint I have about this source is that the oils are so good that they sell out before I get a chance to get my orders in! Great source, highly recommend, is my go-to source.

  10. This review is for kalpa npp and exemastane

    Communication was very good throughout the process. Source was quick to respond to my questions concerning the stealth gear.

    T/A was average for intl orders. Came packaged discreetly. And by discreetly I mean this gear would never get seized even if they opened it.

    Npp was smooth and very little pip. Used the npp the lube my joints and it put some nice lean mass on me as well. I always use exemastane in my pct and this Kalpa brand is excellent. Dose felt right on point. Tabs are easily split for painless dosing.

    I will be using you guys again!

  11. Communication was great. I messaged them about getting in on their promo and a couple days later they responded. Thats all i needed to do. Then just sat back and waited.

    T/A was around 3.5-4 weeks which is not a big deal. Was pretty happy with it. Packing was very discreet. You would never be able to tell what was inside just by looking. And it would even take until you saw what was inside to be able to tell. Very happy with how they pack their stuff.

    2 KP Test E

    2 BP Test E vials

    Quality was just like everything else from BP and KP… THE BEST. No pip what so ever, goes in smooth, never got a lump.

    Ran it at 1000mg a week along with some other things.

    Still have 5 more weeks. Used the test from the promo at the very beginning.

    After using BP and KP for a while i refuse to run anything else. is definitly a gtg src. Great quality gear, they seem to take care of their customers, and the t/a isnt bad either. Will definitly order from again.

  12. This is my 2nd cycle with Kalpa oils, and this stuff is amazing. did test e 500/ week and tren e just once a week. Gained 20 pounds and haven’t lost but a couple 3 weeks into pct. The only problem I have is that I honestly cannot wait to do another cycle, it’s that good. always answered emails/pm’s withing 24 hours. I never had an issue, but if I did I know he would help me out fast.

    The packaging is bullet proof and arrived in 5 days after donation sent.

    The quality is great. I haven’t done but 2 cycles prior, but I could tell this stuff was not under dosed to say the least. I did 10 weeks, and blew up. I will probably add orals next go around.

    If you’re thinking about ordering, just do it. always have an AI on hand if you are gyno prone with test. My libido was unreal.

  13. Amazing source, great experience, fantastic post purchase support!!!

    Packaging was great, vacuum sealed, repackaged in bubble envelope then boxed. Arrived in 4 days from order!

    First order was Test E 400 and Aromasin. Had a supplemental order of Mast E. Without getting too detailed, took fantastic care of me concerning my issues!

    Listen, from beginning to end, this guy is amazing. In a environment of skepticism and trust, is a man of his word. honest, straight forward and truly cares about his customers and their success! I would recommend this guy to anyone knowing my experience would be near impossible to be any better!

  14. Incredibly efficient & professional source with dependable fast delivery.

    I have ordered so far:

    Kalpa Test E

    Kalpa Tren E

    7Lab Proviron


    The Kalpa labs are a top quality lab with both looks & performance. I have never suffered any pip from the Enanthate oils.

    From my last cycle I feel the Kalpa labs are a potent brand and dosed as they say they are. I respond very well to Trenbolone and can tell when it kicks in. I have this amazing Tren strength! I love it.

    I experienced all this on the Kalpa oils. Strength, aggression and how confidently I tackled the weights was all where it should have been. Training was a joy. Kalpa Test & Tren are definitely G2G.

    I also feel for what you get the pricing is incredibly fair. You have other brands selling the same products for a huge amount more. This is a very fair lab with both their product quality & pricing. This was the first time using Proviron for me. I bought it as an experiment to see if it would help with the low libido issue. It didn’t. Tren kills me that way. I have no doubt in my mind it is Legit. Just the Tren is too much for even Provi to help with in that respect, for me anyway. The Arimidex is pharma grade. Kept me feeling as i should throughout.

    Very competent source with all the essential. Thanks.

  15. Needed Dbol to start off my cycle and my gym source was not around anymore, so I found and ordered from Having a US Domestic link was key for me, because I am not keen on dealing with customs. Dealing with the staff at was a pleasure, they were quick to reply and quick to deliver. Payment was simple, and I literally paid, then he emailed me a tracking number. Product was in my mailbox 3 business days later. I had test e left over from my last cycle that I am using for this cycle, pinning it at 375mg e4d, while running the Sciroxx dbol from at 100mg, 25mg 4 times a day (every 4-6 hrs or so). I had cut down for about 3 months pre cycle. Day 1 weighed in at 172 pounds. After 7 days, weighed in at 185, and after day 14 (today) weighed in at 195 (same scale, same time in the morning). The test will start to show itself around this time, but the results from the dbol during the first two weeks are apparent. The results from the dbol are as expected if not above my expectations. I have used dbol on my last 3 cycles as well, and the results on this dbol are exactly what I would expect from dbol. Strength gains already, extreme pumps at the gym that carry throughout the day, water retention, bloat, vascularity, mass. Sleeves on my shirts are getting tight. What a way to start off a cycle! Keep in mind, that from day 1 my diet has been immaculate and I have been eating like a horse, not missing any meals and hydrating like a motha. But still, a good dbol goes a long way! I have since placed another order with for some caber and tamaxofen and will review those as well at some point. I will be trying their Eternuss oils out shortly at some point as well. I definitely recommend the company to anyone who is sourcing.

  16. I just want to say thanks! Fast shipping and great gear!

    Everything was discrete and packaged well!






    Gear wAs Great! Gained 20 lbs strength was explosive! I ran cycle for 10 weeks. Oils were very smooth. No pip. Blood levels proved gear was potent. PCT is going great estrogens way down and I’m responding very well to the HCG.

    Everything arrived after about 14 days. Prices are competitive!

  17. 1st time ordering from BUYSTEROIDS.WS and very happy with them.

    They’ve a great selection of products and I love their promo’s – will be using the promo next order.

    Replied to all my emails within 1-2 hours, even on a Sunday when I made the order! Great communications and payment options.

    Very well packed into 2 jiffy bags. Arrived safe and intact in 2 days of ordering! Loved the rapid delivery!

    Eternuss Pharma Tren E 200

    Eternuss Pharma Test E 250

    Pinning Test E x 500mg and Tren E x 200mg every 3 days and I am roaring!! On my 3rd week – no pip and no sides from the tren yet though I do wake up at 2am every morning ready to fuck a hole in the universe!! Noticing some definate muscle gains already too. Will probably increase tren to 400mg per pin in 4th week

    I’ve used Eternuss before and had some pip’s with them though that might have been cause I was a real newbie and pinned too much into my glutes (is 5ml really too much in one pin? 😉 lol)

  18. Very good source. Fast response to any questions and fast shipping. Discreet package. Good quality products. Recommended…

  19. is going to be a good source here on He took good care of me and even hooked me up w extra gear. Kalpa’s prop and mast prop are what I have been using abd are g2g oh and hcg tested good

    Packaging was on point. US domestic orders came very quickly, international bout 10 days

    I have been using kalpa prop and mast prop for bout 2 weeks and have experience with these compounds and results are as expected. Sex drive is up. Strength is up actually hooked ne up with an extra bottle of mast prop and tren ace on top of the promo and free prop w each order. Seems like we msy have another quality source to add to

  20. Reviewing my last cycles order from

    Just as easy and simple as amazon. Support was helpful and they relied fairly quick and the process was simple.

    Arrive just when he said it would about two weeks packed real discreet and padded well. Had no issues here.





    I used this stack for my last bulker for 16 weeks

    I used 750mg each of the test and eq for 16 weeks and the drol at 100mg everyday for 50days to kick start

    I got insanely vascular from this eq and the hunger was out of thus world. My diet was 4000 cals a day but found myself putting away 5000 no problem. These are by far my favorite injection steroids

    The anadrol was def dosed right as well. I know this compound inside and out and can say its very good drol. I blew up as usually and strength went up with little effort.

    And the adex kept my gyno sides at bay asnim prone to estto build up

    This stack put on abouut 20lbs on me in that 16 weeks and its all quality and no bloat due to my diet

    I foumd my new intel source

    I was impressed with the quality so I ordered more!

  21. Wanted to leave a review, order placed while ago.

    Not much stuff just few vials of Props to kick start my cycle. It did what i was expecting.

    Test P by Kalpa

    Wow..That some real strong Stuff bro. Kicked in fast with a blast.. Was using Long ester along with it as well. Great pump

    Good strength

    Sex drive



    Everything was clearly noticeable. Stacking it with a long ester to kick start, was definitely an intelligent decision.

  22. This was my 7th order from and as always Excellent Products!

    Great Communication. Always on top of the orders. I got my gear in 14 days. How awesome is that!!!

    Package was very discreet.

    3 Test E. & 3 Deca & 100xTamoxifen.

    The Juice is awesome. My gains speak to that. I have put on 40lbs since January when I made my first order.

    I can’t say enough about how easy it is to order. The great products, communication, and prices. I’ll never even look at another site because I trust this one 110%.

  23. this is my review after first time ordering from these or any online source. I wasn’t to sure about ordering online but price was great so decided to make a small trial order. but now I couldn’t be happier and will be placing another order

    if this is your ordering online this is the site I would choose

  24. Excellent service good pricing and above all top notch gear, so far I have used their Test A, Anavar, Winstrol, Proviron, and Tren/Test/Mast Blend.

    the last twenty days have seen 85mg Test A 35mg Tren A 50mg Winstrol 35mg Masteron ED. I highly recommend this stack however I am switching over to Halo/Test A untill the end of Sept.

    I’ll have to write more about the Halo in a few three weeks or so

  25. This is a review for kalpa testoxyl suspension. I’m a novice to these pre workout steroids but I decided to try this within the first 4 weeks of my cycle as a bit of a kick start. And I’ve decided I think I’ll use this again the last 4 weeks as I was very impressed.

    The testoxyl is very good, I start at 0.5 ml with little to no pip and then 1ml with a bit more pip. But the strength and aggression was purely worth it. Strength and power most noticeable, focus improved and every women in the gym would of been smashed if I was let loose LOL. libido instantly high after jabs which is good and bad at times lol.

    Top source. Deffo one of my favourite sources on here.

  26. Site is good, anyone can manage to use it.

    Support and communication were OK.

    Packing was good.

    All gear worked well. I gained 39 pounds mass muscle, with a change to my diet and training with was very important. Propionate kicked in pretty quickly and the HGH is the real deal! I feel so much stronger and my progress is starting to show.

    libido has also increased and I feel great! my cycle: masteron propionate 300 mg week 11 to

    6HGH- 4iu everyday for 16 weeks

    Testosterone propionate 500mg for 16 weeks

    trebolone acetate week 9 to 16

    masteron prepionate week 11 to 16

    HGH 4iu everday for 16 weeks

    Arimidex 1.5mg per week for 16 weeks

    anavar week 1 to 8

    winstrol everday week 10 tp 16

    Stanoxyl 50 mg(Winstrol) everyday for 16 weeks

    hgc pregnil 1500iu everday for 9 days (post cycle)

    clomid week 1 -150mg a day for 5 weeks

    All quality stuff, NO FAKES. I’LL BE BACK!

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