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ROIDSMALL is a well-recommended online steroid retailer. They got a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 points. The key points which gave them a perfect score includes their reliable delivery service, wide product range, their advice page, friendly customer service and good quality products. If you are planning to find steroids for sale, you should definitely consider ROIDSMALL.TO online shop. Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Supervisor


For over 5 decades, ROIDSMALL has been selling anabolic and androgenic steroids. Their product categories include Oral Steroids, Injectable Steroids, HGH, PCT and Special Offers. The main page of their website is very organized and customers will easily view the latest products that ROIDSMALL is offering. Customers can also check out the featured brands being offered such as Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, 7Lab Pharma, Dragon Pharma, Sciroxx, BodyPharm, SP Laboratories, Balkan Pharmaceuticals and many more.

ROIDSMALL does not only sell steroid products, but they also give informative advises for athletes and bodybuilders. There are also advises on the types of cycles: Beginner Steroid Cycles, Bulking Steroid Cycles, Cutting Steroid Cycles.

ROIDSMALL.TO can ship their products overseas or US domestic steroids for sale.

Their website is easy to navigate and all you have to do is click on the products that you are interested. The price and the description for each product are clearly to make it easier for buyers to purchase the product.

Conclusion on RoidsMall Reviews

ROIDSMALL is a well-recommended online steroid retailer. They got a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 points. The key points which gave them a perfect score includes their reliable delivery service, wide product range, their advice page, friendly customer service and good quality products. If you are planning to find steroids for sale, you should definitely consider ROIDSMALL.TO online shop.

Customer Service Reviews of ROIDSMALL.TO

Customer reviews are very important so that other buyers can have an overall view of the products and services for an online store like ROIDSMALL. Here are just some of the reviews given for ROIDSMALL:

39 thoughts on “ROIDSMALL.TO REVIEWS

  1. RoidsMall is best all around source as far as order security, consistent quality and customer support. It doesn’t matter what goes wrong…or even how many times. This source will not stop until you are satisfied. I love the way they operate. I don’t have the slightest bit of anxiety about getting my gear or losing my money. They always come through, even when things happen beyond their control with shipping.

  2. Everything a go with RoidsMall. I received my pkg in two weeks. They made a mistake with one of the bottle and quickly responded and reshipped. I got that one in a little over a week after it shipped. I ordered Test/Deca blend, Mast En, Mast Prop, Winny tabs, and T-bol. Everything was DP except the T-bol. Although a different company, the T-bol still worked well for a kicker. Been on for about 5 weeks and I feel the long esters starting to kick in. I’m haven’t started the Winny because I’m gonna finished the last 6 weeks with that. But I have used their DP Winny B4 and I know it’s g2g. Overall, I happy with the reception time, and the quickness that they dealt with their mistake. So my experiance was great and I will be ordering again for the spring. Btw, I already had PCT left over, that’s why I didn’t order more.

  3. Long overdue review have been a roidsmall customer for years .I’ve ordered several products and have always been extremely pleased with the results this time was no different. Everything about the site is easy to use and the prices are extremely fair. Strength started to increase towards the end of 2nd week, started seeing changes in my physique in 3rd week. By the 4th week I was noticeably harder and leaner! Feels like I’m seeing changes daily now, a testament to the quality of gear along with a strict diet and cardio 4x weekly. As for sides…all typical with a tren cycle, I don’t sleep longer than an hour straight without waking up, but I’m always G2G in the morning which is when I train. The night sweats were bad the first couple of weeks but haven’t been nearly as bad lately. Experienced Tren cough 3-4 times which was AWFUL as those of u who have experienced 1st hand know. Aggression and blood pressure has increased but a friend hooked me up with some BP meds so that issue is now in check..Since then I’ve ordered again and again …always completely satisfied.

    All products I ordered are of great quality.I used for a few weeks and overall gained 30lbs I attribute alot of this to the tren.My metabolism rips through calories and I’ve always gained weight slowly but i gained about 4 lbs a week in muscle using the products!They are a Great company from my experience.

    Thank you Roidsmall for coming through for a hardgainer :)!

  4. It was my first time ordering from any source. I chose roidsmall because I’ve read a lot of good things about them. Decided to pull the trigger and give them a shot and I’m 100% satisfied that I did.

    Great communication, they it back to me within hours.

    Packaging was secure and very professional

    I decided to start running the var the same time as the test. dose on the var was 50mg a ed. Within about a week I noticed the var start to kick in started to feel that nice tight pump that var gives me and noticed I was getting a little more vascular. I also put on 5lbs from the var alone within 2-3 weeks. Around week 4 I noticed the test and it’s as good of test as I’ve ever used! Crazy pumps in the gym. Energy is up in the gym and outside the gym. Seems like whatever muscle I work out the pump lasts for 24hrs. Libido is through the roof.

    Very great products! I will defiantly be ordering more with this source

  5. I have been dealing with roidsmall for a long time. Every order has always been quick and consistent. They are number 1 for a reason

    These guys are super busy, but always respond quickly and always stand up people.

    Packs always come in sealed nicely and very discreet

    Axio clen

    Axio aromasin

    Axio Test E

    Been on for a couple of months and strength has gone up very quick. Gained 10lbs of solid muscle. The aromasin has kept sides at bay and the clen has definitely shedded the problem area fats

  6. Its been a while since my last review but since then, I have made and received 2 more orders. I must say that the time from donation pickup to my mailbox is pretty incredible. 7 business days for one package and 9 business days for the other. I order my oils off of the British Dragon Pharmaceutical line. I have probably ordered and received 10-12 packages in a little over a year. Great operation.

  7. Very professional and easy to use website, much better than other sources. I was nervous ordering something like this online for many reasons as I am sure most people are, but Roidsmall made it very easy being able to follow everything step by step and coming through without any problems. If you are nervous like I was and it’s your first time ordering then Roidsmall is the way to go hands down

    Very fast responses and very helpful. They have a online ticket option on their website that is up all day/night if you have any questions whatsoever. Their customer service is very accessible and they are willing to answer any question you may have.

    Took less than 3 weeks to get to the states. I received the tracking number and was updated when my payment was received and when they were sending out my product. The packaging was more than satisfactory with no chance of anything being broken. Very pleased with this

    Axio Tren Acetate 100mg/ml – INCREDIBLE. Hands down the best gear I have ever used and the only gear I am going to use from here on out. The results surpassed my expectations. I ran .75mg eod for 8 weeks and was blown away. My libido was through the roof, my strength skyrocketed around week 4 (and I was on a cut!) and I looked like a completely different person after the end of my cycle. Everyone I know was asking “are you on steroids?!?!” lol The PIP was not nearly as bad as I expected and it was very smooth oil, injecting was a breeze with Axio Tren Ace I went from 196lbs to 178 and lost NO muscle at all, just pure fat. Everyone kept telling me I looked BIGGER lol. I could not be more happier, great stuff.

    I highly recommend Roidsmall in every way from website/ordering, delivery, customer service, quality of product. They are as professional as it gets and make you feel very comfortable with the whole process. If you are worried and on the fence about placing an order like I was….have no fear, use Roidsmall and you will be a satisfied customer just like I am. Getting ready to place my second order and I cannot wait. Thanks for doing what you guys do RMALL!

  8. What else can I say. There’s not much. They are phenomal and has the best gear I’ve ever run. The labels look like pharm grade and are super professional. The crimps on the bottles are tight and secure. The bottles are even top notch and high grade. The oils look clean and clear under inspection as always. Everything about this gear is ALWAYS ON POINT.

    I love Not just for they’re exemplary service and products, great products and delivery times. I will never use any other source!! Thanks RoidsMaLL I’m a customer for life and value you tremendously and appreciate what your’e doing on here for Steroids.Reviews. You are the top source and are in a class of your own. Thats not just an opinion but a fact. Thanks again guys, you rock!!!!!!! Sincerely,

  9. This was my first time to order online. I chose Roidsmall because of their huge variety. I followed the instructions and everything went just fine. I will definitely be using them again!

    I received emails through each step of the ordering process. Very simple.

    The package arrived in two weeks from start to finish. everything was wrapped securely. Looked like an everyday package from ebay.

    Been on the clen/t3/ketotifen for 5 days now. Definitely the real deal. I have all the normal sides with starting this stack, I am very excited to complete this stack!

    Use Roidsmall! You won’t regret it.

  10. Great site. Have ordered around 5 times for three different cycles, never received a problem.

    Pretty good. Can provide your shipping code for you 3-5 days after they ship so you can track.

    I’ve used the test e, test c, test p, ultraplex, clomid, nolva.

    Quality has always beeen top notch.

    Roidsmall is a class act for sure. They are hands down the most generous sources on and will always go that extra mile for their customers 10 out of 10.

  11. been using these guys for years and always had great service. Average time is about 3 weeks. Gear has always been top notch. 3 weeks is nothing to wait on int’l. As far as I know the long wait times are over. I made an order October 1st, got it on the 19th. Seems back to normal. I highly recommend these guys!

  12. I have recently received a large order from everything arrived, I was actually given something extra. All products were packed very well and nothing was damaged. I am very happy with the quality of the products from roidsmall. I was paying three times the price from another site for a lower quality product. In the 3 plus years I have been ordering from roidsmall they have never not delivered what I have ordered. Whenever their was a problem Roidsmall took care of it. I have told many people about Roidsmall and they are also very happy with the service. Now Roidsmall a shorter delivery time which is excellent. Thanks RMALL!

  13. Roidsmall is the best! Great products, customer service, and I Have always recieved my gear. I highly recommend them!

    Usually 3 weeks to Central US

    Tried most of the Kalpa line in the past but most recent order was Axio test Cyp and bold

    Products have been effective. No pip and have given me the results I have expected..

    Roidsmall is a great source! Have been a customer for over a year and they always come through! I recommend them highly so shop with confidence!

  14. I have been ordering from RoidsMaLL for about 3 years now. I have never had a problem with receiving my products and they are always on time. Usually the order is received within 2 weeks. Their prices are very low and they are easy to work with. Any time I have had a question or concern, they respond in a timely manner.

    I mainly order the Axiolabs products as they are generally lower in price. I have always had great results with the products with noticeable gains. I know that it is quality juice.

    They are a great website with low prices and fast shipping. I will continue to give them my business and refer others as well.

    Thanks Roidsmall.

  15. This a review that needs to be left. This is from multiple orders from the past 10 months. Promos, the 50% off of the week, bulk orders ect

    BEST ON STEROIDS.REVIEWS. Why? The best communication and support via website. You can make your tickets urgent or not that urgent ect. Someone always gets back.

    Packaged well, here is what I got so far:

    10 x test prop british dragon

    20x Test e british dragon

    4x superdrol dragon pharma

    5x stanabol british dragon

    20x t3 british dragon

    3x clen british dragon

    10x anastrozole british dragon

    6x mastabol british dragon

    7x tren ace british dragon

    14x ultrabol british dragon

    8x boldabol british dragon

    Where do I start LOL Im going to label three compounds at a time. Not three compounds I ran alone or together. I dont want some kid reading what I did and trying it for himself.

    Test prop/ Mastabol/ clen

    Test prop is potent. Cheap and effective. Sex drive through the roof and worked well at even .5 cc eod for my show when I ran high tren. Mastabol from british dragon is my go to source i ran it as high at 700mg a week. I looked incredible. TO BE CLEAR: IF YOUR BODYFAT IS NOT LESS THAN 12% DO NOT USE. People who think their bf is 12% google a picture of what 12% looks like. Mastabol was purely incredible. Hardening/ tightening and I was sharper. I ran it with clen and I hated it. I cant stand clen….It works. It’s just not for me. I’d rather just take the ECA. I can barely hold a spoon without shaking. Started with 20mcg worked my way up to 140. My buddy ran a cycle of Test prop 1cc eod. Mast 0.5cc eod with clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. With proper diet and under my supervision he got shredded as fackkkkk. Hardening and vascularity all there.

    T3, Tren ace, stanabol

    Most people are uneducated on t3. My opinion on t3. It’s a great drug in the on and offseason. I think you could run it as long as you wish. Your thyroid will always eventually come back. Ive ran it for 10 weeks straight. Started with 25mg and worked my way up 125. My sweet spot is 75. T3 helps me absorb protein very well. My bodyfat dropped tremendously and stayed off. I do admit my strength dropped as well specifically from this compound so be warned. Tren ace- Is this the strongest tren Ive ever used? No. Is it a great quality tren? Yes. Ive ran it eod and ed. I prefer everyday injections. It makes a huge difference on me for the least. Ive ran it multiple times. Some for 8 weeks and another for 13 weeks. Ive ran it as high as 700-800mg up to a show. Insomnia, cough, metal taste all there. Stanabol- MY FAV COMPOUND THUS FAR IN ANABOLICS. I eat these up like sour patch kids mmmm. Tightness and vascularity mixed with t3 and tren is POWER BOOM GO. Ive ran it as long as 10-11 weeks. Minimum Ive ran it for is 50mg a day as high as 130mg a day. No joint pain as well.

    Test E, Boldabol, Ultrabol

    Test E and Boldabol is my cycle now. Test is test. It works. Nothing much to say there. Boldabol is a great compound but another one that people are misinformed on. I would not run it less than 1g and not lower than 15 weeks. The beauty shines week 12. Tightness, vascularity, strength and just solid muscle. Made me hungry like a dog. If you run this with 25mg of t3 you will eat everything including people and dogs lol. Ultrabol for a friend. Loved it. He ran 1cc everyday for 7 weeks and bumped it up to 2cc everyday till he ran out. He thinks there is more test prop than mast and tren in there. Thats the problem with blends. You dont know what you’re getting exactly. He did look great and lost alot of bf. His strength was incredible as well.

    Finally superdrol- I hate this compound and will never use again. Shit plays with your appetite. I could barely eat 3 meals a day while on it. My workouts were intense but not worth it. My digestion was horrible and so was my appetite. 10mg pre workout and 20 more throughout the day

    Great source!

  16. Roidsmall has been great for my first order. Will order again.

    Products arrived within 2 weeks from order.

    Everything was on point. Blew up from the Anadroxl and T-3, T-4 had me lean and hungry. DP Suspension dosed pre-workout 3 times a week had my aggression through the roof.

  17. This review is for one of the best sources here, Roidsmall your gear is the smoothest gear on the market and I think a lot of us can agree on that.

    Solid packaging and very discreet. Quick arrival time around 11 days(including weekend)

    I ran the Testoxyl prop for 6 weeks at 150mgs EOD. I absolutely loved this product quality. Absolutely NO PIP what so ever. Cardio days were a breeze while on the prop. My libido increased significantly. Nice pumps and vascularity that came along as well. I dropped 15%body fat as well in the 6 week process. And that’s running this product solo with no stack.

    I’ve used test prop before from other sources and hated the PIP that came with them. The next time I use this product, I will stack it with some Anavar. I didn’t stack it this time because I really didn’t plan on ever trying prop again with past bad experiences(PIP) but since it was part of his promo and most of his gear is smooth, I said F it, I’m going to try it.

    Kalpa officially made me a Test Prop-Junkie now.

  18. Time for another review!

    The communication is as always on point, The general questions get answered almost immediately in most cases and other questions maximum 24 hours.

    It looks like any other package, nothing suspicious

    I ordered DP superdrol

    I used it with test and tren on My last cycle as a finisher.

    I took 10mg a day and The first week, i Exploded in strength gains. For example; My PR bench went from 180kg to 195kg (but this obviously was during The whole sdrol run)

    Also my muscles looked alot fuller and i most definately looked like a beast.

    The lethargy on The other hand killed me, i got extremely lazy and that shit continued about 1 month post cycle ( due to The strain on The liver is my guess)

    I gained between 3-4kg extra during The 3 weeks i took sdrol.

    Great shop!

  19. I’ve ordered from Roidsmall many times, and wouldn’t order from anywhere else. Always on point with their gear. I love Kalpa Pharm products, so i stick with them.

    Order was at my door 10 days after order placed. Packaged wonderfully. Cialis came in a different package 2 days later.

    Both test and tren were great, had awesome results. Side effects were practically non-existent, no PIP whatsoever. Clen was great, but gave me shakes and my AC bill was rediculous because i was always hot. The combination of the clen and T3 got me shredded. Got the proviron for a friend so i wont comment on that but he said its great. Winstrol was great my muscles were extremely hardened. My favorite though is the test suspension, I use as a pre-workout and i love the pumps and energy. Cialis was just for fun, works great, Overall wonderful gear, I am about to place another order.

    ROidsmall Loyal customer for life.

  20. Great company to deal with!! I was a little skeptical since some of these companies are sketchy, but everything was shipped quickly and was exactly as stated. They respond to emails quickly. It really is a top notch business, and I was taken care of beyond anything I expected.

  21. These guys are great. Process was simple and pleasant. I don’t think I’ll be going any where else. The amount of product is hard to beat and the prices are great. Especially with the promos that are often given out.

    Communication was great and they were very friendly. Didn’t have many questions but when I did they were answered within hours.

    T/A was about 10 business days which to me is not bad at all. Packaging was very discreet. Nothing to worry about here.

    KP – test prop

    KP – turinabol

    My gains of this gear were great and my bloods were even higher than I expected even on low dose. Love me some KP.

    I definitely recommend these guys. There is a reason they are ranked where they are.

  22. I have been ordering from roidsmall for years and this is my first review for them. I feel that I owe it to them due to the excellent service and products they’ve provided me over the years. I have never had a bad experience with roidsmall. Their customer service and products are the best. They are very quick to respond to any questions or concerns I have and resolve any issues promptly. They are my go to source and a source that I can trust 100%. This is why I have been ordering from them for years and keep coming back to them. Thank you Roidsmall!

    Packaging is very discreet and products arrived as expected.

    I ordered some dragon pharma test and the test worked extremely well. It was one of the easier test’s to withdraw with a 20g needle. I’ve had some in the past that were not as easy to withdraw. This one was not the case. It was extremely smooth and there was absolutely no pain when injecting. I used a 25g needle for injecting. I did a 12 week cycle of 500mg per week and then 4 weeks of nolva at 20mg per day. I used this cycle to help me recover from a torn hamstring injury I had suffered about a year ago. I needed something to help me gain my strength back up and help with the injury as well. This helped me with gaining my confidence back and bring my squat max back where it used to be, as well as make additional gains in my bench press, shoulder press, and deadlifts. I gained 15lbs in 12 weeks. This product delivered and helped me achieve all my goals I had set to accomplish. I got incredible pumps and really good vascularity. My recovery from workouts was amazing as well.

    Highly recommended 100%.

  23. I had an issue tracking the order once it left the main hub. I was worried that it wouldnt come in due to it being the first time ordering overseas and well it arrived much earlier than expected. Very pleased.

    So far I have been 2ml of Kalpa’s Testoxyl cyp weekly along with 0.5 adex on injection day. Running proviron 25mg ED just for the wife. Waiting for bloods to come back before adjusting cycle. So far 4 weeks in and feeling better than ever.

    First time ordering from roidsmall and definitely wont be my last.

  24. I got in on Roidsmall promo in April and received

    2 test e 250 KP

    2 nolva KP

    2 clomid KP

    2 winstrol 50

    Communication if needed was always very prompt and received an email in 24 hours.

    T/A was about 19 days which is actually phenomenal for an over seas source during COVID-19. Packaging was very discreet and no chance of seizures or damaged product.

    I haven’t ran the clomid or nolva but I can give a solid review on the KP test and winstrol. I was running another sources test for about 10 weeks and switched to Roidsmall’s KP test 250 and after a couple weeks my strength was going up which makes me know roidsmall gear is dosed accurately. As for the winstrol. My veins were coming out like crazy in my stomach and I was getting dry. Amazing product by Roidsmall and I will def order from them in the future

    If you haven’t tried this source yet I wouldn’t wait and give them a shot.

  25. I have and always will recommend roidsmall to everyone! Always a satisfying experience dealing with these guys! Quality is always top notch and never a question.

    Great communication. I had an issue once and it was easily taken care of in a timely manner

    T/A is always fast and packaging always discrete.

    Bayer primo

    KP masteron

    KP anavar

    I had great results running all three compounds. I ran the primo @600mg a wk. Var @50 then 70mg a wk and the mast @500. Ran this cycle with test prop from another source @400 a wk and had great results. All of these were ran In 10-12 wks. I put on a solid 10lbs and stayed dry and leaned out tremendously throughout the whole cycle.

  26. I placed my first order with RoidsMall and received a confirmation that the product shipped the next day. They made sure to ship the package through the safest possible import local to protect us both. It took slightly longer that way but that is worth it to me for the safety factor. The Kalpa line is excellent and seems to be as close to pharm grade as you can get. There is no pip and the 10 ml bottle contains a full 10 ml. I have also received pct products and AI but have not used them to date. I’ll update after those have been in use. IMO RoidsMaLL is very professional, discreet and reliable.

  27. Very good communication. Answers quickly

    Aright around 10 days to east coast. Packaging was very discreet and it made me forget i got this

    DP anavar 50mg X 100

    So i was just finishing up another source winstrol without test just to shred some more weight i hopped on as lab var to see if i could extend my oral cycle for 6 weeks. I took the anavar at 50 mg a day then 75 then 100 (i weigh 230). I have to say without a doubt i like var better than winstrol. The leaning out effect kept going and my joints stopped hurting. Im 23 days into var with only a few left and i wont hesitate to get more. Im in love

    Great product, fast shipping. Good supplier

  28. My go-to steroid source! Best supplier in the US, have made multiple orders from this supplier received products everytime within 5 working days (within US)

    Communication was average at best, usually reply within 48 hours, had a couple problems with orders in the past but were resolved ASAP. 8/10

    Have used all products all good quality,

    Genotroppin legit pharma growth but way too expensive to use again.

    Danabol 50 pharma grade good value for money!

    Arimidex and letrozole solid products! Helped a lot with my E2 problems

    Viagra … Well let’s just say my girlfriend appreciated it ! Crazy! Recommend starting with just a half and up the dose at your own discretion.

    Overall good source all products arrived everytime, only couple issues, 1 being that I received a test vial inside one of my tren orders but I emailed them and sent a replacement within the same week!

  29. ROidsmall was recommended to me by someone I work with who was also recommended to him by a fellow worker. When I heard delivery was so quick I knew I had to give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised when my order came in so quick. I will recommend to anyone who’s on the level to use Roidsmall, all day everyday

    Customer support was top notch, I’ve never had the pleasure of working with any business that responds so quickly and able to help. This means a lot being overseas, this company would be recommended on customer service and time to deliver to a combat environment(7 days)

  30. I got my goods in 5 days and one of those days was in customs. there was some pip but not to bad. I did put on some good size so I’m happy with the out come. If you want fast service and good quality products Roidsmall is for you. I will be shopping with them again.

  31. Roidsmall has been the most consistent source i’ve used. This go around I went with Test E, NPP, Proviron and Var. Body weight went from 188 to 194 while body fat dropped from 14% to 6% in 8 weeks. Dosed the test at 660 wk, NPP @ 450, Var and Provi @ 75. I really felt the Proviron kick in when I through it in 4 weeks into the cycle. The NPP is absolute fire. Bench went up 60lbs in 6 weeks.

    Pack landed in a week, safe and sound as always

    Everything i;ve ordered from here has been spot on. I highly recommend the NPP and Proviron, I have taken Bayer Provi in the past and got the same effect. No PIP from anything i’ve gotten from here.

  32. So here is my review. I ordered a bunch of times from Roidsmall for me and my workout partner. I am currently on test prop and anavar. The pumps in the gym have been amazing. It’s only been two weeks and I noticed my veins are starting to bulge out more. I have been on test prop before but never stacked it with anavar. I think the var and prop complement each other very well. Definitely some potent gear. Very little pip. I am also on masteron prop but it’s not from roidsmall. Keep in mind, I am already a lean person to begin with, like 9% body fat so my body may reap the benefits much more than someone else. But the results within two week are already noticeable. I also noticed an increase of blood pressure when I first took the var. But after two days, it stopped. Great order process as well. Even when the site was down, I order through email and Roidsmall came up big. For all my orders (5 orders), package was received under 10 days. Thanks Roidsmall for everything!

  33. I have ordered from Roidsmall many times in the past, and have always found Kalpa to be a quality lab.

    Packaging is always discreet and vials protected from damage. Have never had a package seized or any delays in shipments.

    Test Cyp 250mg X at least 30 vials over the past few years. Also Aromasin, Nolvadex, and Clomid to both control gyno and emergency flare ups from forgetting to take aromasin for a while (never forget anymore!)

    Excellent quality, with continuous use for over 3 years! On cruise I maintain mass and sex drive, and during a blast I get expected gains and increased drive. Have had bloods in the past to confirm, and haven’t needed bloods in over two years as any change would be obvious.

    Great supplier. We are lucky to have him here!

  34. Just finished up a jug of 7Labs tren ace and i am currently running Kalpa tren ace both from my man ROIDSMALL. I am very happy with the results from both of these labs. Up 10lbs in about 4 weeks, but more importantly my strenght is THROUGH THE FUCKING ROOF TOP! I am setting personal best lift records in the gym. This tren is amazing. I have made numerous orders with Roidsmall. Roidsmall is a class act, very professional and a man of his word.

  35. I cannot tell u how stoked i am since Eternuss gear is finally available domestic. Iv’e been trying to decide for the longest now on where to score some trenbolone acetate. Ordered thursday, shipped friday, in my hands monday (yesterday). Communication A+, packaging A+ and will start running this tren as soon as exchange restocks and i grab some of that EQ. I’m positive this gear will be perfect since there are no complaints up to date and i mean it’s made byEternuss Pharma. Imo the smartest , most knowledgeable source here ….period. Thanks exchange, you’ll hear from me again soon.

  36. Just a quick one as I give reviews on all of my orders from this source as Roidsmall deserve more coverage!

    Best packaging. Those who receive orders from this source will know what I mean. No point giving other sources free help! And delivery is great!

    Balkan Anastrozole

    DP Test 400

    Have had Kalpa’s Deca and Oxys before but reviewed those. Just received Tren.. Will review when I know how it goes!

    Was carrying on with test at same dosages and no change in sex drive or mood or negatives of any kind after a month it must be now. The anti-estrogen i run during cycle and no difference from pharma grade. Great source and DP products are spot on so far.

    Cannot fault this source at all. Excellent.

  37. Not my first order from roidsmall and for sure not the last one!

    As always fast communication and great customer service support!

    All was well packaged.

    This is the first time for me with Kalpa. I started with cytaxyl 3ml per week. After just a week I started noticing this stuff! My sex drive and my strenght arte both exploded. I was feeling like a beast in the gym. From the second week I also started using sustaxyl 2 ml per week and at the third week my gains were insane. At the end of the fourth week I was +8lb and I was even leaner. From the 6th to 9th week I used one rip 1ml eod and I started feeling the effects just after 4 or 5 days. Night sweats, insane veins and muscle hardening. Will buy Kalpa stuff from roidsmall again and again! My best cycle ever!

  38. My first review about my first experience with buying gear online.Also my first language (and not my second) is not english so be gentle.Ordered from him twice within a month or so.

    Communication was almost more like a chat.Responded quickly to every email within couple hours sometimes even minutes! Answered any question i had for him and had his recommendations.In short nothing short of spectacular.

    Shipping price is second to none.Cheapest i have come across and it never took longer than 4-5 days to arrive which is amazing.

    Kalpa oils are amazing.Clean and no pip whatsoever.Ran 2ml a week which equals 600 test and 400 deca.Never understood myth about long esters ”kicking in” since it gets in your system from the moment it is injected.Gains were steady , didn’t want to gain much fat if any.Dbol was strong since my hairline hates dbol they started leaving my head at day two of using it lol.Bloated me and felt usual swollen hands from it using 50mg ed pre workout.With anadrol i can’t say the same.Ran up to 100mg a day and didn’t feel much, maybe because of two progestins being run together somehow dull it’s ability to bind with receptors, anadrol usualy makes me very sick and kills my apetite but MAN i can always feel insane weight gain on it and strength, but not this time.Anastrozole did it job since im gyno sensitive and this time didn’t get any symptoms.Cycle was 12 weeks with midcycle addition of anadrol and dbol combo.Got bloated really fast and gained 8kg from that point weight didn’t change much at all but bloat started to disappear and i got leaner and more vascular.Strength kept on going up and by end of this journey i had gained 20kg on bench ,30kg on squats ,25kg on OHP and most i gained on my dips (which was focused on to increase triceps mass) i added aditional 35kg!!

    At this point im doing couple week bridge of test c to let deca clear out and getting ready to try out more serious kalpa oils.I know it may seem a long cycle (planed total 27 weeks) but i know my body well and im blessed with recovery unlike my hairline.Roidsmall was in mixed reviews spot when i found them but i gave them a try and ended up with one of top suppliers.Couldn’t be happier and will continue to buy from them in the near and further future.I definitely recommend them.

  39. Fast delivery, great products been using these guys for a while now i have that much free stuff with the promotions its hard to come off cycle!!!

    Communication is top notch, fast response and always friendly.

    Discrete packaging with protecting film inside all good.

    Done a few bulking cycles with the 7lab products…getting some serious night sweats on the test e and made some good gains which I’ve kept off cycle, i do a 12 week cycle with deca and test e keep it simple with good results. Off cycle ive been cutting with clen and t3…makes me shake like f*uck and i feel like a walking radiator….all in all good stuff 😀

    Good quality gear, promotions left right and center delivered to your front door to turn you into a beast….what more could u ask for? on a serious note highly recommended RoidsMall.

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