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Summary is a trusted and reputable supplier of anabolic steroids at reasonable prices. They have excellent customer service, being exceptionally open to suggestions, and focus much of their time in trying to develop new products for the enjoyment of their customers.

All in all, merits a rating of 5 stars. is a vendor for steroid products and ancillaries. They have a focus on technological advancement, and strive to provide the most customers recent developments in anabolic gear at reasonable prices. They assure customers that their products are not only thoroughly tested, but that research is incessant as they search for new ways to improve the muscle building experience. The result of this research manifests itself primarily in the various unique steroid blends, with unorthodox options such as the Ultrabol, Andropen and Sustabol. They are also a certified safe website, with verification from GoDaddy, and accept orders via their website. Customer Reviews have received much praise from the majority of their customers, with a number of positive aspects of the company cited. Firstly, the prices offered by British Dragon have been acclaimed as extremely reasonable. In conjunction with this relative inexpensiveness, the quality of most of their products have also been beyond satisfactory. Furthermore, their customer service is also exemplary, with many customers testifying on their behalf. Additionally, their online presence is also highly rated, with their openness to suggestions and the regularity of their responses on steroid forums providing customers with a source of joy. They also provide gift items to regular customers on occasion, helping cultivate a personal relationship with their clients that keeps them coming back for more. Their regular provision of products with orders is also a bonus that is very well-received by their users. There are some customers who are unsatisfied by the products they received, but such people are part of a small minority, with the vast majority of customers professing their support for due to the combination of high-quality products, reliable shipping and excellent customer service. Coupon Codes

British Dragon Pharma Store also provides many discounts and promotional deals on top of the regular benefits from using the site. These come in a number of different forms and methods and include some unique offer types. Some promotions run by are:

– Value packs, which offer multiple items for a reduced price compared to the sum of its parts

– General sales discounts on a variety of items, such as:

– A 25% discount on the BD products

– A 20% discount on other brands

– A limited time deal of the day offer, where certain products may receive discounts in excess of 50%

Conclusion is a trusted and reputable supplier of anabolic steroids at reasonable prices. They have excellent customer service, being exceptionally open to suggestions, and focus much of their time in trying to develop new products for the enjoyment of their customers. Delivery is usually observed in a timely manner, and the products are of both a high quality and potent. Their products are made even more appealing through the use of various promotional discounts and their use of a reward program encourages loyalty among customers. All in all, merits a rating of 5 stars.


  1. I have ordered from other suppliers and I have to say that BD has been the best overall. Quality products at a great price and fast shipping. As far as I am concerned, BD cannot be beaten.

    Communication and support are on point. BD lets you know where you stand every step of the way from placing your order to it being shipped and gives you the ability to track. Without question, the #1 source.

    I received my orders in less than 2 weeks in very discreet packaging. I couldn’t be happier with BD in all facets.

    BD Deca

    BD Boldenone

    BD Test Enanthate

    BD Test Propionate

    BD Anavar

    BD Clenbuterol

    BD Exemestane

    Pregnyl (HCG) 5000iu

    BD Proviron

    All products wwere very effective and seemed to be dosed properly. I have used prescription Enanthate and I did not notice any difference with the BD Enanthate. I gain 20 lbs of solid muscle with my 2 cycles and was able to hold on to most of it with proper PCT. The Anavar and Proviron had me rock hard along with the cialis but in a different way.

    If you want a trusted source for your gear, look no further. BD never disappoints! They have top quality gear and customer service. All of my future purchase will definitely be with BD.

  2. This review is for BD Turinabol and BD Exemestane.

    British Dragon is always so quick to get back to me. Information is to the point and effective.

    I have never not received an order from It comes well packaged. Not one tablet was broken.

    6BD Exemstane

    I dosed the tbol at 80-100mg a day, based on the day’s blood pressure. I used the tbol for six weeks. It was of excellent quality. I gained 11 pounds and was hitting the gym twice a day. Recovery was absolutely wild. The exemstane kept estrogen in range. No doubt the product is dosed correctly.

  3. So this is my comprehensive review of This review goes into my exprience with them for 2 orders that I made from them. All in all it is positive, the customer support is second to none , however the shipment is something to take into consideration when making your purchase. Now that may seem obvious but I will delve into later on, having said that the supplements I ordered were good quality and produced fairly significant results.

    The reason I say the support is good is because I had an issue with my order, they had sent a vial of Test-E but was to expire within the month. I submitted a ticket in their support page and sure enough, they responded to me very quickly. I was assured that the content of the bottle was actually still useful and good for another year and the case was closed. I remember thinking “is that ist? I’m not happy with this” and re-openned the case and explained that I weren’t happy that they closed the case and that its not good enough to assure me the test was good, what I hadn’t realised was that that they’d already sent out a replacement vial of test which is why they had closed the case. That replacement came quite quickly and I was a happy chappy.

    The packaging was discrete lined inside with bubble wrap. The tamoxifen arrived a little after the arimidex and test in the first order. Now the reason I say people should take the shipment into consideration is because of my second order. The first order was split in 2 (arim+test, then later tamox) and arrived within 7 days of them receiving my payment. I was incredibly impressed.

    My second order (More Test E) however was to a different country which they had no problem sending it to. It didn’t arrive for around 3 and a half weeks when they received the payment. I understand there’s nothing they can do about that, their site does state that it takes about 2-4 weeks to arrive so they aren’t at fault. I had expected it to be quicker purely because my first order was a quick one but just remember, if it arrives early, consider it a bonus. Now I will say this, I did get an email two days after payment to confirm that my order was sent out. The time in transit is what took so long which unfortunately isn’t something anyone can change.

    Order 1: 2 Arimidex (Anastrozole)

    2 Tamoxifen

    1 Test E250

    Order 2: 4 Test E250

    I was taking Test E250 1ml 2 times a week for 12 weeks with arimidex 1/2 tab everyday

    I took the tamoxifen everyday for 4 weeks after the 12 weeks of test. 2 tabs a day for the first 2 weeks and 1 tab a day the following 2 weeks.

    I put on 12kg total during the cycle and have managed to maintain most of it. I’m not so naive to believe that it was all muscle but certainly a significant amount. My strength is what went up more than I had expected.

    In conclusion I think the quality was good because I got good results. I didn’t feel any pain injecting, and I didn’t experience any major side effects. I just felt more horny than usual. In conclusion, I will be ordering from them again for sure, definitely a trustworthy source and I would highly recommend them to someone else.

  4. Long overdue review.

    Great communication. Always got back to me quickly.

    Never had a broken bottle after 4 orders. Santa ain’t got nothing on their packing.

    Last order was 3 sust 400mg

    2 fast test 200mg

    4 tren a 150mg

    3 test P 150mg

    I have had an amazing experience with this source. Test P and fast test give me a hard every time the wind blows. Most potent i have ever had. Test p is dosed at 75mg ed and fast test was dosed at 100mg ed. Tren is a weird one for me. I don’t get as angry on this tren as other sources. I am clearly shredded though and due to the potency of every other oil I use, I believe their doesed correctly. I feel I just may be reacting differently to them for some reason. Dosed at 150mg ed. I still get angry and my lifts and gains are coming quick. Just not as angry as other tren i’ve used. Definitely legit though. I have gone through 3.5 bottles of the tren a and am happy with what I’ve seen. Also using 25mg winny ed from another source. As for gains, its hard to tell. I went from an npp, sust, dbol cycle to this. So i’ve lost quite a bit of weight. I look and feel much better and body fat is quickly reaching comp levels.

    I cant say enough about this source. Best oils out there! Great customer service! Customer for as long as they are around!

  5. They probably have the best communication and support out there, always receiving answers promptly

    2 weeks total time for delivery

    Testabol Depot x 10

    Primobol x 8

    Doin 1 mL of Testabol weekly and Primobol twice a week, i can definitely feel the difference , im in a euphoria, strentgh is up and my workouts r more intense, primo will probably take me longer to see results though

    Thanks BD!

  6. I’ve placed 3 orders with BD now. All have been received promptly within the time frames outlined, and the ordering process is simple and easy to follow through.

    Responded to any inquiries in a soundly fashion.

    T/a is awesome from overseas. Their stuff has come quicker than some domestic guys- its great. Packaging was simple, discreet, and effective.

    The gear is good to go. I personally responded great to the sustabol and methanabol. There is some PIP with the BD oils- so be warned, but it isn’t intolerable and I got used to it after a few jabs. About two weeks in and I was up 10 lbs, strength gains came soon after. Finished a 16 week run up 15 lean lbs. LEGIT

    Go to for anything you need.they have a huge product selection and can meet anyone’s needs.

  7. I am a repeat customer now with and absolutely recommend them. Delivery has been excellent, faster than promised and packaged very well, offer various brands to price shop from, weekly vote to put a product on sale, very user friendly. Easy and willing to help, and I will absolutely stick with them.

    Kept me informed during order process of when payment was collected, when shipped, etc. Easy contact information though I did not need to contact them.

    Discreetly and safely packaged, never had anything broken.

    I used Test E and Deca so far as well as the post cycle ancillaries and the clen and T3. Products all were legit and did what I hoped. Reasonable doses so no crazy sides

  8. is a great source when it comes to anything. They have a wide variety of products depending on what you personally are looking for

    Their communication is great. If you email you’ll most likely receive a response within 24 hours.

    Very safe and secure. nothing is ever broken

    Great quality. I could notice a difference within a week on the tren and about 3-4 weeks if you have any enanthate products

  9. is the real deal. These guys are all around a great source for all your needs. Not only are the products high quality and sure to deliver the results you desire, but their customer service in on point. I have purchased from the company three times over the past 6 months. I have used their BD products like: Test E, Tbol, Winnie, Test Prop, and Clomid. As far as the products are concerned they have delivered serious results when accompanied with the right level of work and diet. I have been able to pack on roughly 20lbs. of lean mass over the last 6 months utilizing a blast/cruise method of cycle implementation. Running these various compounds at normal dosage for 16-20 weeks (Test) 6-8 weeks in cycle (winnie/tbol use). When the cycle is complete I use my PCT and then hit a very low dosage of Test and maintain that for roughly 8-12 weeks followed by another blast. These products are the reason for my great results. The quality of these products are unmatched. Guys around the gyms in the area talk about their gear and I see the piss poor results and terrible quality from local UGLs or even domestic UGLs. They complain about ridiculous prices for this shit stuff. On top of this, the quality of their service is unmatched by even legitimate companies across any industry. I have ordered three times with BD. Always delivered in discreet unrecognizable packaging. There is also tracking information that you are provided. During the Holiday season I had an order go missing during transit. I let BD know of the issue and they worked with me. I simply got a letter of nondelivery from my local post office, scanned it in, and they sent me out a replacement shipment at no cost. These guys are no hassle and real professionals. They want to take care of their customers and make sure they are getting the best quality service and product. I have received all my orders within 10-14 days of payment and always been happy with the result. What is even better is that if you use a second mailing address on the re-deliver they will honor a third reship if you do not receive the promised product. I will continue to be a loyal customer to BD for their service and commitment to quality products. They have great programs to ensure they help deliver the best deal to their customers. If you are not a BD customer yet. I suggest you stop working with shit labs and start getting your stuff from

  10. Awesome company. They should definitely be number 1

    Awesome communication, I had an issue with my order due to myself not reading everything and they cleared it all up and I placed the order no problem.

    Awesome packaging! Everything was securely packaged. There was no way that anything was breaking.

    I followed it to a T and I went from weighing 174-196 and my bench went from 275 3 times to 315 for a full 8. Half my clothes don’t fit anymore which is an awesome side effect lol

    Thanks Customer for life here.

  11. After reading 100’s of reviews, I decided to place 4 orders with 4 different sources. I wanted to get a decent sample order to see who provided the best T/A, quality, customer service, etc. I have to say, BDs came through with the best T/A….9 days from donation pick up. Not bad at all! As far as the BD DBol/Winstrol….excellent! Already placed additional orders and will be placing more! Thanks BD!

  12. I ordered 5 BD test E 250 and trenabol 200.Im very happy with BD,I’ve been ordering from them for years now and never had an issue with them.This is by far one of the greatest sources I’ve come accross!

    The T/A was about 10 days which is amazing!

    I’ve been running BD products for 7 weeks,my body fat % has dropped,my strength through the roof,my libido is very high,and I’ve gained about 15 pounds of muscle.

    BD is definitely one if not the most reliable source!

  13. Great overall services and definitely I would recommend BD to others 🙂

    For few orders it took around 3 days to approve payment and around a week to have items shipped.

    but delivery time is according to terms and conditions.

    Packaging is discrete and properly packed.

    450mg primobol EW

    700 mg Sustabol EW

    12 weeks cycle

    Oils are smooth, No PIP .. gained around 5kg in first 4 weeks with hard gains .. planning to add winny at last 5 weeks.

  14. Great source and great products they should maintain this quality and service and they will be in business forever.

    Communication can be key for the impatient. I have had great experience with communication and speedy responses to my concerns.

    I feel there package is as discreet as can be with out being suspicious. I have placed 3 orders and never had a broken seal, opened package, or faulty item. As far as these things go I was the biggest skeptic but let there high praised rep speak for itself.

    I would recommend this source! Nothing but positive things to say, thanks guys and keep up the valued customer service.

  15. BRITISH-DRAGON.ORG never dissapoints!!

    They sent my order ahead of schedule, despite my late payment that I made for the only first time,

    I emailed them my apologizes and they understood my issue, we have a good rapport.

    My whole order came in un-molesered.

    Communication & Support are always great and very helpful.

    The packaging was well wrapped and protected,

    never a broken iten so far.

    3 x BD Primobol 100 (Primobolan)

    3 x BD Mastabol 100 (Masteron)

    3 x BD Stanabol 50 (Winstrol injectable)

    2 x BOldabol 200

    3 x Trenabol 100

    I am a NPC competitor and all use are products from BD,

    The products results speak for themselves.

    My body is always ready for the stage, with my tight diet to of-course.

    But the products Ive been using for years really helped my body go to the next level.

    If this is your first time ordering from an online site to get your stuff and your skeptical,

    buy small amount from BD, and you’ll see what I mean.

    You’ll be a steady customer like myself.

    You wont know until you try it.

  16. I am new to this site and this is my first time ordering gear online. Based on reviews I went with I was afraid of getting fake stuff but based on reviews I tried it. I know they have been getting beat up a bit on here for shipping issues but their stuff is real!! I ordered BD Primo I only did primo one other time it was Kalpa brand and I loved it! I was leary but a little over a week into this I am already seeing the hardening effects of Primo especially in my arms and delts! It did hurt a bit and was a little sore going in but that’s normal. I realize you don’t get huge from primo but I am not trying to look like the third guy from the left on the evolutionary chart! I am 44 divorced going through a early mid life crisis so I am going more for the Wolverine, Captain America, mid 80’s Sly Stallone look. Athletic muscular that is lean and hard. I am killing my workouts especially my cardio! I feel like Rambo when I am on primo! Rambo is back!!!!

    Great communication through email. They explained the delay and told me I get 30 percent off my next order.

    Very discretely and carefully packaged

    I am 10 days in and I can tell you this is the real deal! Hardening effects, fat loss, increased endurance. I know people say it takes a long time to work but my body always responds quick to primo.

    Hopefully the shipping issues are over regardless I am definitely ordering from again and I will stick with BD products

  17. This is a long overdue review for some bd oxanabol.

    A tracking number was given from the work go and I just waited patiently. It is important to be patient for international orders.

    To my door in about three weeks. Faster than I expected them for sure. The packaging was very discreet and I had no worries of my treasures getting damaged.

    I dosed these at 50 mg per day for about 6 weeks at the end of a test/tren cycle. At 50 mg the pumps were severe. I drank the shot out of water and my hamstrings were still excruciating trying to do my cardio. This is always a telltale sign of good anavar. My strength rose considerably, which was especially nice trying to peel bf on a restricted diet. All in all I increased strength and dropped some stubborn bf from my midsection. Oxanabol is truly one of my favorite compounds. is a class act for sure. They are hands down the most generous sources on here and will always go that extra mile for their customers 10 out of 10

  18. My go to source for masterone and tren.

    Package was discreet

    ran bd tren for 12 weeks at 100g eod to 150mg eod to 100mg everyday to 150mg everyday with my diet being on point. Strength not crazy because of the low carbs Im on but my hardness, conditioning and tightness is unreal. After 10 weeks I didnt look human.

    good source and check the product of the week.

  19. This has been long over due but now that im back in the country i will do this review.

    Handfs down they have one of the best communication and support system, they answerd all my questions in record time.

    it was packed very well i didn’t eve know it was my shipment. Delivery was amazing total time from day of shipment to been at my door was a total of 12 days.

    Clen was amazing i used them in a cut cycle and i love the results.

    Guys this is the best place to order from great prizes and fast shipping you would crazy to go anywhere else

  20. This is my review for the coupe of orders I have placed with 1st order

    NPP and Test enanthate

    2nd order

    Masteron prop and adex

    Communication was always on point. I would usually receive reply email in with in 24 hours .

    Packing was really secure and discreet. Never had a problem .

    I love their test enan and Npp. Put on 20 some pounds in my winter bulk cycle with less bloat . Exactly what I gave wanted .

    I did 200 NPP EOD and 600 Test cyp. My first order was really satisfying which made me place my second order I did have little hiccups with my second order but source patiently answered my questions and assured me that I would receive my package . Long story short, I have received my order discreetly packaged

    I would definitely recommend this source for their quality gear and communication.

  21. I placed an order with the order arrived well within expected shipping time. It was in a discreet plain package that was well wrapped to ensure safe transit. I ordered test e, oxanabol and turanabol. All 3 products were BD and of the highest quality with great results achieved. All communication with was answered quickly and with complete professionalism. I will be ordering from them again very shortly they have me as a loyal customer for life.

  22. Hey guys, big update..

    GOT MY ORDER TODAY !! These guys are NOT scammers !

    Ordered on 26 July, it took only 2 weeks !

    They were telling the truth when they said things would start moving..

  23. I’ve been using for years now, and I have been putting orders in for not only myself but for a few of my local friends. It’s not only easier to use them, but the gear is consistently high quality and the overall cost of business is better than buying locally.

    Shipping is exactly why you would expect for an international order, about 10-12 business days. The packages are ALWAYS discrete, and you would never guess what was inside. Nothing was broken and the gear was packed in bubble wrap very securely.

    Superdrol was VERY powerful, I only ran it as a small blast and still have some left over. Cialis worked amazing as well, as my libido is not always on point when running Tren.

    I will ALWAYS be using for all of my orders, and I can sincerely say they are the best in the business. Looking forward to my next cycle.

  24. “Best place to get all gear” – I got 4 vials of testosterone Cypionate by british dragon company and I had no problEm with quality and I received my order before the 21 business day shipping period. is a legitimate and professional site. I am going to Place another order very soon and I will gladly referre my friends to use this site. All my Testosterone is authentic because I was able to check the ISN# FROM BRITISH-DRAGON.COM I won’t shop anywhere else.

  25. This review will be for, the product BD tren a.100mg.10ml.

    Communication and support not a and have always had good support no bad vibes here.

    Suppliers t/a and packaging good usually time frame I’m used to package clean sealed tight

    Ran 2 brands of tren a. This was one ran it at 4 of the 8 weeks a good tren caugh and taste at first.usual night sweats for me.leaness strength increase I feel on a whole another level while on tren.always.I never stick with one brand per cycle I usually try two diff.brands as I always have in the shit.overall I felt quality was good for me I know I’ve seen complaints about there tren.before but for me I had a good expierence lv all that extra sweating in the gym..

    Thanks BD will use asap gotta stock up.

  26. British Dragon is number one. I have tried a lot of other sources and none compare. BD has best selections, regular sales (half off core cycle products), great support, shipping has always arrived ahead of schedule and they’ll reship at no charge if your package is seized. Really what more can you ask for?

    Best Var results Ive ever had from the British Dragon brand.

    Ketotifen is legit.

    Kamagra viagra works exactly the same as the pfizer pill

    The only way I would buy from any other place than BD is if I needed something BD didnt carry.

  27. Test P 100 promotion is how i was introduced to British Dragon and what better product to evaluate than testP. Total success with this source from start to finish right down to the quality of the product itself. More products ordered but not yet reviewed bur will return for that as well.

    BD maintained constant communication through the entire process from start to finish. Email replies from them were withing hours and I kept getting notifications every time my order status had changed. To me good customer service makes a difference in purchasing from sources. These guys are tops.

    T/A and packaging perfect and could not ask for a better experience. Had my pack within a 10 days after ordering and contents were securely packaged inside.

    TestP100 – kick ass prop guys. Smooth drawing super clean oil has a slight pip that follows but withing hours had my pulse elevated and pumps in the gym were a sure sign of quality gear. After the first week started to get oily skin especially eyelids and acne rolled in on a few spots. Motored my bp and it too remained elevated as i continued to run the product. Good pumps as i had mentioned ans strength up as well. As i near the end of my last vial i can honestly give this product a great review.

    Their website is very straight forward and super easy to navigate. I like this source and will be returning for future reviews.

  28. British Dragon is good to go! The website is very easy to navigate and the prices are great, especially with the weekly 50% special! This was my first time ordering online, so naturally I was a little nervous about losing my money, so I made a small order first. BD was very promt with everything, all questions and concerns I had were answered within the day I submitted them, and shipping was very fast. I used standard shipping and recieved my product 5 days before it was supposed to arrive! I am now in the process of my second order to get everything else I need for my next cycle, and am expecting to get the same great experience I got the fist time. Over all I am very pleased with BD and looking forward to doing much more buisness with them.

    Communication was very fast and professional.

    Packaging was very discreet.

  29. This was my third and largest order from British Dragon. All items were received with no issues whatsoever. I wouldn’t go anywhere else outside of BD simply because I like how they work, they have great products and they always seem to be available to help with questions or concerns.

    I love everything about BD Store: communication is always on point, packaging is always discreet and wrapped\protected.

    Check out my experience: I kick started with anadrol at 50 a day for the first 3 weeks and bumped it to 100 a day for week 4 and 5. I ran the test at 750, deca at 500 and arimidex at .5 EOD. Caber was just on hand if needed and never needed it. This is my second cycle with BD and their test\deca, but the first time I tried their anadrol. It was well worth it. The aggression and strength went up on a hurry and the test\deca took over as soon as I was done with the anadrol. I’ve had nothing but good gains with British Dragon gear every time.

    Already placed another order.. I’m a BD customer for life…I’ll take their gear over anything because I KNOW it works!

  30. British Dragon has always come through for me when I needed them and always came through in record time.. usually within 10 working days. I’ve made more than 10 orders without a hitch and I rate BD 100 every time

    I’m a british dragon head for life! Pros: very helpful, very thorough, always prompt and very polite!

    Also the packaging is always top notch.. these guys are truly profs!

    Test E, Bold, Mast, Test P -Quality is as always outstanding.

    just test p and mast p for the first few weeks then I started running all four at once and timed it to run out of the short esters.

    Wow! What a ride. Gained weight snd strength like crazy without gaining an ounce of fat.

  31. first want to say, that all BD products are amazing. especially their orals. i made an order recently and was very worried about shipping, but they truly have impressed me, remaining a customer for life and recommended to all my friends..

    packaging was amazing, couldn’t open without a blade, can shake and shake, no noise of anything.. packed so tight.

    4 BD sust 350

    5 BD EQ 200

    10 BD anavar

    3 BD DBOL

    1 Aromasin

    i will be on this cycle for 16 weeks, i already feel the pumps from the dbol, and iv used this gear 5 times before so i basically know im going to be getting amazing results. but i will update the stats.

    BD Orals are legit orals, dosed correct, 100%. if your looking for orals USE BRITISH DRAGON!!! i will buy it for u myself if it doesnt work. im so happy with the shipping, British Dragon, im so impressed, you guys truly made my year.THANK YOU GUYS YOUR GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

  32. This is my first order with British Dragon and I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. We had difficulties in the beginning with the money collection but it all got straightened out.

    Communication was top notch. Every question I had BD answered it promptly and accurately. I never had to wait more than a couple hours to recieve a response.

    I usually try to keep my orders domestic but with all the great reviews and now with my experience with I will be making future orders with them.

  33. This was my third time ordering from this place.

    Gear is legit, and you can not beat their pricing. Shipping was a little slow this time, but still came in about 3 1/2 weeks.

    Great communications, always answered my emails and live chat

    items came wrapped/protected : BD-DBOL, BD- TEST.

    So far all the products i have ordered from them have been legit.

  34. I have been using BD for my trt products for well over half a decade. I have made thousands of dollars of purchases without issue. The products have proven to be consistent according to my expectations. When ordering pharma, I get pharma. When order UGL, I get top quality UGL. BD is the very best in this industry

    4 x BD Stanabol (Winstrol tabs)

    4 x BD Turanabol (Turinabol)

    3 x BD Mastabol 200 (Masteron)

    4 x BD Tamoxifen (Nolvadex)

    I use the BD Winny’s on an empty stomach and post-workout. Tbol around 30-50mg/day to stay full and the Nolvs for cutting purposes 2 or 3 weeks out my goal. Mast/Test Cyp 200mg/E2W has been my trt protocol for many years. BD products have always given me consistent blood test results

  35. I have been ordering from these for several years now. I can honestly say that, hands down these guys are the best. If you go elsewhere you are wasting your time, money, and gains. There is no one else to choose but I’ve never been dissatisfied and I doubt I ever will

    Packaging is the very best. Received my package in 7 business days.

    20 bottles test cyp

    I have used the Test cyp at 250mg a week for 5 weeks now and can report it is legit. It is easy to draw in a 23g pin and I do not get any PIP with this dose. I have gotten oily skin, increased acne, increased appetite, etc. Libido has gone through the roof. Pretty much all the sides I expect to get when I am on test. The cyp has added 14 pounds of lean hard muscle in 3 weeks . I have increased vascularity in my arms and legs and have noticed some added strength gains on this cycle above and beyond typical test cycle levels. I’m not running this cycle to add a bunch of weight or bulk up, but I am working hard to get leaner and increase performance.

    The process works…BD will indeed send you the items you order, just follow their procedure that they outline to the letter and don’t worry about it. Send the money how they instruct and pay attention to the details and you’ll be fine. They supply legit gear and send it quickly, no problems. I recommend them

  36. I have used for several years and neglected to write a review so I am going to give them their due credit. This last order/cycle has been the most productive yet and I have really enjoyed their service and products over the year.

    BDs ordering process is about as simple as it gets, add the items to your cart, submit payment details, check your mail…soon! Stuff ships fast and always well packaged. They take care of their customers and make sure you are happy.

    As I previously mentioned, their products arrive very quickly and very well packaged. I received several separate packages which reduces the risk of confiscation.

    Products Ordered: I always order products that BD reports labs on. This always seems to do me very well. The BD has never let me down and the blood test show its legit and working. This last order was:

    5 X BD Methan 10

    10 X BD Test E 250

    10 X BD Deca 250

    3 X BD Arimidex

    4 X GP T3

    3 X Clen

    10 kits of Somatotrobol HGH

    I am currently in week 8 of this cycle running 500mg of Test, 500 mg Deca a week plus 4iu HGH daily. Arimidex roughly .5mg EOD. I am up about 11 pounds but clearly leaner and full. Sex drive through the roof and strength is amazing. The dbol was a big kick in the beginning of the cycle. I would recommend BD to anyone looking for great prices, legit gear, and 100% A+ customer service.

    BD is the best online source there is. The site is easy to navigate and the gear is legit and gets to your door quick.

  37. I have used in the past mainly their BD line. All products have been legitimately dosed and produced very high quality gains.

    T/a was 10-12 days which I great for an international source. Product came discreetly and carefully packaged.

    Used the DP oral tren and BD test e together yielding drastic gains. Skin ripping pumps, oily skin, acne all the classic side effects were there. Oh and I got jacked as fuck. Oral tren had me aggressive, angry, and shredded!!

    Great gear for great prices!! I personally really like the BD line especially the orals, very nice hard pressed tabs and everyone knows they are potent as fuck. All in all BD is one of, if not, THE BEST source on the web. There is a reason why they have been around for so long. Thanks again for all you do BD.

  38. I have ordered many times in BD, the only thing I can say is that I will not change this source anymore. The products are the best quality and I never had any problem with them

    Good quality, Ultrabol was awesome only a little pain. But the products leave me a very good impression, and the most important thing… quality gains and less fat!

  39. Review for BD Exemestane and Test Cyp

    Products were safe. T/A this time was a little slower than usual but it happens sometimes. No complaints.

    The test Cyp I blasted for three weeks at 500mg a week and then cruised 31st 250mg a week for 3weeks.

    I took my last shot of the vials 2 days early than scheduled. So total 7 maybe almost 8 weeks.

    The first 3 week blast was awesome strength and recovery rate was excelling. Even when I was tired after a long day of work and training I was still able to please my wife in the bed.

    My jiu jitsu training was improving I was able to keep up a faster fighting pace and oddly enough I became a little more flexible and fluid in my movement. With a good night rest a long came the recovery.

    Diet was clean with 1-2 cheat meals a week. I Got no real water bloating I kept My usual lean physique while looking and feeling dense with muscle.

    Energy has been great even on the cruise I Still feel strong and motivated. I Felt the effects of the 1ml cruise shot working for the whole week up to 7 days after pinning.

    The Exemestane came into play in my transition to using BD Test Cyp and the first 2 weeks I had a sensitive nip and lump so I used BD Exemestane 25mg tab every other day for 2 weeks and 2 additional doses it didn’t go aways as fast as I expected it took about 5 doses but it definitely took care of the problem because I haven’t needed it since.

    Always had good luck with and there products.

  40. This is a review for wonderful trenabol depot I would like to tell everyone this tren is amazing . I would like to use this tren again actually love to use it. This tren was giving me cough it was that strong.

    Tren I used it for over 10 weeks with twice a week and my veins starting coming out like a road map and the strength

    Bench from 210 pounds went up to 240

    Squat from 260 pounds to 280 pounds

    Shoulder dumble press 80 pounds dumble to 100 pound

    This is just short description but I gained alot of weight before my competition and got very hard and muscular and vascular . from 210 pounds went to 220 all lean and 10â„… bodyfat.I recommend this to every one .

  41. i have a great experience with, very professional and correct team!

    primo and test p – i’ve just started to use them(2 weeks)and the effects are promising,

    british dragon is a very good brand imo

    thanks really BD =)

  42. Well I’m going to start by saying this is the second time I’ve used an online source for my supplements and I’ll certainly use this site as my primary source from now on. I’m was incredibly impressed by my experience with the site. How professionally everything is laid out, the order process and the delivery was very quick. I has a problem which was quickly sorted.

    The communication and support was outstanding. I had a small problem with my order which was that the Test E that I ordered was to expire within a month according to the date on the label. I sent a ticket through the their website explaining the problem. I was assured that the TRT was still good for at least another year however for my piece of mind, they offered to send another vial. I recieved this vial within half a week after I had reported it. I’d just like to add, when I had questions, they were very quick to reply (less than an hour).

    I must say, the products are certainly of high quality and are the real deal. I have been using the Testabol Propionate and anastrozole for 2 weeks now and It’s working perfectly. There’s certainly no compromises in the quality of the supplements.

  43. Been using British Dragon for awhile now and I love all the products. Its nice knowing you can rely on them and not worry at all.

    Great Support and Good Communcation. I have no complaint.

    Arrival Time is 3 to 4 weeks in the States. Packages are safe and securely wrapped up.

    Brtish Dragon Pharmaceuticals Test is excellent quality . I do 500 mg a week, split into two 250mg shots on Tueday and Sunday on a 12 week cycle. I notice the test usually about the 3rd week of dose. No pip and I get great results in the gym with this stuff. Im getting good quality mass gains along with the other products I use with it and I would have to say this Test is the best I used thus far.

  44. Small filler order I made a couple of months back and forgot to review this until now. T/A was super quick for international order, really impressed on this one.

    1 x BD Methan 50 (dianabol)
    1 x BD Stan 50 (Winstrol tabs)
    1 x BD Bolabol (Equipoise)
    2 x BD Clen (clenbuterol)
    3 x BD Anastrozole (Arimidex)
    1 x Brand Cabaser 1mg

    Integrated this along with another top source’s gear. Had some slight Gyno issues but the Caber and Arimidex took care of that during the cycle. Kick-started with the d-bol which was great, great strength gains and some size also, finished off with winstrol + var from another source and leaned out pretty well at the end of the cycle. EQ was the shit, had me vascular, veins popped up from places I had never seen them before, can almost see veins out of my chest even though I’m still bulking that mofo up. Integrated Clen on and off during the cylce and I’ve used pharm grade Clen before back home where it’s available without prescription and I can certainly say I enjoyed BD Clen a lot, had me warm and jittery at just 80mcg/ed.

    After this order, I’ve already made 2 more… ordered some BD Sust, BD Deca, 5 kits of SOmatotrobol, BD Ultrabol, BD T3 and BD Letro. Will definitely review once the cycle is over. So far I’m loving this source.

  45. Great customer service. Great products. Fast shipping.

    All gear is legit. My protocol was 250 mgs test 2x/w. On week 6 I had a blood test 24 hours after last administration results came back with Test level “more than 1500”

    So Test E (BD Test Enanth 250) was legit. My estrogen level was in normal range, and I was taking an AI during a cycle. so it boils down to a conclusion that AI (BD Letrozole, BD Anastrozole) where legit.

    I got positive result on pregnancy test using HCG solution, so it shows that Pregnyl was legit.

    And I am on my 3d week of PCT and everything goes nice and smooth. It proves that SERMs (BD Nolva, BD Clomiphene) are legit.

    So I am very satisfied with the BRITISH-DRAGON.ORG

    Besides they have a lot of awesome deals and discounts. like 50% item of the week. I just love it, and going to order more soon.

  46. First time buying from and first time using gear. Have been natural lifter on and off for 18 years. Did some research and thought id give some 250 Test E a whirl. Started week 1 at 500mg and weighing in at 222lbs. Im now on week 6 and weighing in at 250 solid. Good gear. good communication and the delivery time was only 7 days. got here super fast considering its an out of country delivery. im about to make another order for my PCT and next round gunna try some primo/test e combo.

    will do more business in future and about to place another order

  47. Fantastic quality and quick T/A.

    I have ordered from BD many times. now and I have been very satisfied.I can’t say enough good things about these guys.Communication is perfect too.

  48. Hey everyone, This is my second order from British Dragon, and I am extremely satisfied. I’m sure alot of people read these reviews just like I did to find out the best place to buy gear. Well BD is by far the best in my opinion. The whole process is easy and secure. No hassles and no worries.

    Needless to say I was very nervous ordering gear online for the first time ever. BD was absolutely awesome and completely professional. I am now a customer for life and highly recommend them to everyone that needs gear!

    The packaging was great and you can’t even imagine how smart they have packed the products to make sure that you receive everything. Very very professional.

    I’m at the moment on week 8 of my test cyp cycle. It’s great and I’ve already gained 12 kilograms! Thanks alot for this BD. I swear this is the best stuff you can get. Also the prices are very good and the best out there!

    Like I said, great prices and great support. I am a customer for life BD!

  49. is basically your one stop shop. I have been shopping here for years and I haven’t had any major issues with the products or the BD services. They have great 24/7 communication and their shipping ETA is extremely fast.

    BD will help you whenever you need it. The great thing is, the transaction normally goes so smoothly you don’t need to bother them with several emails

    T/A is amazing and as far as packing I have never received a broken product. Everything is always GTG when I receive it

    Well I did test e for 10 weeks. I used the superdrol at weeks 1-4 for quick lean added mass then took two weeks off before finishing off the cycle with the winny the last 4 weeks. Loved the results.. added roughly 14LBs of lean mass and my hcg and clomid brought a bro back to homeostasis

    If you haven’t given BD a try.. Then you definitely should, they don’t disappoint.

  50. Another very satisfied customer! Thank you BD!

    T/A was actually quicker than advertised and the pack was very discreet and secured.

    BD Mast 200 was very potent. I dosed 1ml (200mg) EOD for 12 weeks and it brought hardness to my physique unlike no other. I had a few pimples, but nothing too noticeable and no hair loss like others say that Masteron brings. Strength shot through the roof which was very surprising and endurance as well.

    I would definitely recommend this to anyone and made me a firm believer in British Dragon Pharmaceuticals. Thank you BD for providing legitimate compounds at a very reasonable price!

  51. Been ordering from for over a year and never disappointed. They acknowledge receipt of funds and shipment takes place within 5 business days of the order being placed. I have orders from others and no one has matched their service level. Prices are reasonable and they offer quantity discounts.

    They keep you updated every step from order receipt, to payment info, to payment received and final shipment.

    BD provides all tracking info so you can keep updated. Delivery is usually substantially less time then they promise. Packaging is very tight and discreet. I also noticed on most recent shipment that they employed some additional packing security. Superb job!

    I am definitely as BD fan, I have been taking the Ultrabol for quite a while and love it. Stano is also top shelf. The new one in this bunch was the Superdrol. Wow!!! I couldn’t believe the strength gains of 10% or more on just 30 mg each day. Tremendous increase in vascularity as well. I always run a lean cycle and couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.

    They are a professional, reliable company. I doubt you find any better out there!

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