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Summary is a trusted and reputable supplier of anabolic steroids at reasonable prices. They have excellent customer service, being exceptionally open to suggestions, and focus much of their time in trying to develop new products for the enjoyment of their customers.

All in all, merits a rating of 5 stars. is a vendor for steroid products and ancillaries. They have a focus on technological advancement, and strive to provide the most customers recent developments in anabolic gear at reasonable prices. They assure customers that their products are not only thoroughly tested, but that research is incessant as they search for new ways to improve the muscle building experience. The result of this research manifests itself primarily in the various unique steroid blends, with unorthodox options such as the Ultrabol, Andropen and Sustabol. They are also a certified safe website, with verification from GoDaddy, and accept orders via their website. Customer Reviews have received much praise from the majority of their customers, with a number of positive aspects of the company cited. Firstly, the prices offered by British Dragon have been acclaimed as extremely reasonable. In conjunction with this relative inexpensiveness, the quality of most of their products have also been beyond satisfactory. Furthermore, their customer service is also exemplary, with many customers testifying on their behalf. Additionally, their online presence is also highly rated, with their openness to suggestions and the regularity of their responses on steroid forums providing customers with a source of joy. They also provide gift items to regular customers on occasion, helping cultivate a personal relationship with their clients that keeps them coming back for more. Their regular provision of products with orders is also a bonus that is very well-received by their users. There are some customers who are unsatisfied by the products they received, but such people are part of a small minority, with the vast majority of customers professing their support for due to the combination of high-quality products, reliable shipping and excellent customer service. Coupon Codes

British Dragon Pharma Store also provides many discounts and promotional deals on top of the regular benefits from using the site. These come in a number of different forms and methods and include some unique offer types. Some promotions run by are:

– Value packs, which offer multiple items for a reduced price compared to the sum of its parts

– General sales discounts on a variety of items, such as:

– A 25% discount on the BD products

– A 20% discount on other brands

– A limited time deal of the day offer, where certain products may receive discounts in excess of 50%

Conclusion is a trusted and reputable supplier of anabolic steroids at reasonable prices. They have excellent customer service, being exceptionally open to suggestions, and focus much of their time in trying to develop new products for the enjoyment of their customers. Delivery is usually observed in a timely manner, and the products are of both a high quality and potent. Their products are made even more appealing through the use of various promotional discounts and their use of a reward program encourages loyalty among customers. All in all, merits a rating of 5 stars.

6 thoughts on “BRITISH-DRAGON.ORG

  1. Been ordering from for over a year and never disappointed. They acknowledge receipt of funds and shipment takes place within 5 business days of the order being placed. I have orders from others and no one has matched their service level. Prices are reasonable and they offer quantity discounts.

    They keep you updated every step from order receipt, to payment info, to payment received and final shipment.

    BD provides all tracking info so you can keep updated. Delivery is usually substantially less time then they promise. Packaging is very tight and discreet. I also noticed on most recent shipment that they employed some additional packing security. Superb job!

    I am definitely as BD fan, I have been taking the Ultrabol for quite a while and love it. Stano is also top shelf. The new one in this bunch was the Superdrol. Wow!!! I couldn’t believe the strength gains of 10% or more on just 30 mg each day. Tremendous increase in vascularity as well. I always run a lean cycle and couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.

    They are a professional, reliable company. I doubt you find any better out there!

  2. Another very satisfied customer! Thank you BD!

    T/A was actually quicker than advertised and the pack was very discreet and secured.

    BD Mast 200 was very potent. I dosed 1ml (200mg) EOD for 12 weeks and it brought hardness to my physique unlike no other. I had a few pimples, but nothing too noticeable and no hair loss like others say that Masteron brings. Strength shot through the roof which was very surprising and endurance as well.

    I would definitely recommend this to anyone and made me a firm believer in British Dragon Pharmaceuticals. Thank you BD for providing legitimate compounds at a very reasonable price!

  3. is basically your one stop shop. I have been shopping here for years and I haven’t had any major issues with the products or the BD services. They have great 24/7 communication and their shipping ETA is extremely fast.

    BD will help you whenever you need it. The great thing is, the transaction normally goes so smoothly you don’t need to bother them with several emails

    T/A is amazing and as far as packing I have never received a broken product. Everything is always GTG when I receive it

    Well I did test e for 10 weeks. I used the superdrol at weeks 1-4 for quick lean added mass then took two weeks off before finishing off the cycle with the winny the last 4 weeks. Loved the results.. added roughly 14LBs of lean mass and my hcg and clomid brought a bro back to homeostasis

    If you haven’t given BD a try.. Then you definitely should, they don’t disappoint.

  4. Hey everyone, This is my second order from British Dragon, and I am extremely satisfied. I’m sure alot of people read these reviews just like I did to find out the best place to buy gear. Well BD is by far the best in my opinion. The whole process is easy and secure. No hassles and no worries.

    Needless to say I was very nervous ordering gear online for the first time ever. BD was absolutely awesome and completely professional. I am now a customer for life and highly recommend them to everyone that needs gear!

    The packaging was great and you can’t even imagine how smart they have packed the products to make sure that you receive everything. Very very professional.

    I’m at the moment on week 8 of my test cyp cycle. It’s great and I’ve already gained 12 kilograms! Thanks alot for this BD. I swear this is the best stuff you can get. Also the prices are very good and the best out there!

    Like I said, great prices and great support. I am a customer for life BD!

  5. Fantastic quality and quick T/A.

    I have ordered from BD many times. now and I have been very satisfied.I can’t say enough good things about these guys.Communication is perfect too.

  6. First time buying from and first time using gear. Have been natural lifter on and off for 18 years. Did some research and thought id give some 250 Test E a whirl. Started week 1 at 500mg and weighing in at 222lbs. Im now on week 6 and weighing in at 250 solid. Good gear. good communication and the delivery time was only 7 days. got here super fast considering its an out of country delivery. im about to make another order for my PCT and next round gunna try some primo/test e combo.

    will do more business in future and about to place another order

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