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Broadly speaking, so far from what I have seen, I will say that this company is the best of every bodybuilder. I mean, who do not want to have steroid by sitting at home? This is the opportunity for this because they give a high discount and their shipping is totally free. Based on the user reviews and user remarks, I will rate this company 5 out of 5. If you like anabolic steroids, this website is going to be your best shot because they have every best brand of the world.

It can be seen from the name that this company provides high quality of anabolic steroids all over the world. Moreover, they provide different kinds of stuff like oral, injectables, fat burners and growth hormones. They have good business relation with all the top steroid brands of the world that is why they are able to provide these products at very low price, and they are all totally tax-free. Their shipping is not bound to one country or one continent, but all over the globe. Since all products are tax-free and at low price, so you can buy them in a bulk and save lots of money.

As we know, when it comes to steroid, quality is everything that matters and there is no bodybuilder that can compromise his goal. Everyone has its own goal, and they do not like to change it. Therefore, it can be said that everyone has its own view about every steroid brand. Since this company provides almost all the top quality steroid brands of the world, people have very positive view about it. People who like steroid are very satisfied with this company’s performance. There might be some who do not like anabolic steroid and hence do not like this company. While sharing his thoughts about this company performance in a review, one said that I was tired of searching for a company where I could order online for everything I wanted. The only thing I was afraid of was shipping expenses and its duration. Once I came across, and I was very amazed to see their prices and free shipping procedure. Therefore, I ordered bulk steroids and growth hormones because I was getting a huge discount on them, and they were all tax-free. Also, I ordered fat burners and some PCT products, and they all arrived at my home within a week and I did not have to pay a single penny. I am very happy by their performance and I will buy from them again. There was another review from which it was very clear how satisfied he was from their performance. He said that I am a businessman and I like to train very much. I do not like to go out and each time to buy steroids. So I looked on internet and found this company and ordered bulks of packs. I am very happy with their performance as they have every brand.

Broadly speaking, so far from what I have seen, I will say that this company is the best of every bodybuilder. I mean, who do not want to have steroid by sitting at home? This is the opportunity for this because they give a high discount and their shipping is totally free. Based on the user reviews and user remarks, I will rate this company 5 out of 5. If you like anabolic steroids, this website is going to be your best shot because they have every best brand of the world. Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Steroids.Reviews


  1. Roidspharm is my go to for quality products at great service and prices. I have ordered many times from them and have not been let down yet. Products are delivered in the time frame they advertise and are always well packaged and clean. I ordered proviron and caber and they were both pharmacy and pharma grade.

    The proviron kicked in days and kept me and the boys going strong during a recent deca cycle along with caber which did it’s job perfectly for 16 weeks. I continued the caber post deca to cover the half life decay. These guys are top notch and they keep their word. I will continue to order from them and recommend them to anybody.

    Communication is on point and prompt within a few days tops.

    Packaging as stated above was superb and clean.

    I have not used the Letro yet as it is only for emergencies. Caber was awesome and effective doing it’s job keeping prolactin at bay and sex drive up. Used .5 mg every 3 days for 16 weeks Proviron was excellent helping to burn fat and keeping test “free” to feed my muscles and also boost sex drive. Used 50 mg a day for 16 weeks Turinabol had strength through the roof. 50 mg each day for first 6 weeks. Clenbuterol I used 40-60 micrograms a day for two weeks on two weeks off the entire 8 weeks of a cut cycle I was on. Very powerful and effective.

    Will continue to use these guys in the future.

  2. I ordered again on Roidspharm website, to make my PTC. I applied the coupon code, everything went well , payment easy and order arrived very fast (10 days!). I started my Ptc immediately after i received, and everything was fine, product of good quality. I will order again, this website always send good products, Axiolabs are the best i think.

  3. Ordered from Roidspharm a few months back and just placing my next order now. Wanted to chime in with my experience.

    Got the following to add in with some stuff I had leftover: DP Sust 270 (Sustanon)

    DP Clen (clenbuterol)

    BD Clomiphene (Clomid)

    Brand HCG Inj 5000iu

    Sus was great, very low PIP and great pump.

    Clen gave me the shakes and worked VERY well.

    Clomiphene and HCG re inflated my boys very quickly. Great for during (hcg) and post cycle (clomid)

    VERY good support. I had a problem and they took a lot of time to help me out.

    Very discreet and sent quickly.

    All very good quality, I purposely bought several different effecting things so I could see if they all worked and they did!

  4. Roidspharm is the equivalent to Walmart in the steroid world. They offer many different products from different companies both ugl and pharmacy. I have never directly had a problem with them, but do question some of their suppliers products. I have ordered 3 times from them and will try and do one big review for all of the products ordered and tested.

    First 2 orders went very smoothly the third took them over 2 weeks from payment pick up to ship, but it did come to and every time I sent a support ticket inquiring about it the responded promptly. 9/10 when it comes to communication

    T/A was very good as stated before in the communication support on the first 2 and could have been better on the 3rd. Packing all 3 orders not the neatest but got the job done in terms of keeping gear safe.

    1st order: DP test E x2

    DP Dianabol 50mg

    DP Clomid and Nolva 2 and 3rd order: DP Anavar

    Now the first order of test and dbol and pct I found to be all G2G except for the Test E. The dbol gave me nice gains for the first few weeks but nothing out of this world as I had expected. The Test E however felt very under dosed. Prior to this I had ran some UGL Test and had gotten explosive results showing up by the 3rd week, unlike the DP batch which didn’t start showing any “noticeable” results until around the 5th week. The PCT brought my puppies back nicely in a standard 4 week protocol so no complaints there. The anavar provided nice consistent strength gains so I would say I vouch it G2G as well.

    Overall I would say Roidspharm as a walmart like source is G2G, however I would say dig into which supplier you use from them to make sure you dont get under-dosed gear. I have read that people have gotten quality test from them and Ive read others have gotten bunk from them so I’m guessing its hit and miss.

  5. Another successful order from roidspharm. I think this is my 5th or 6th over the past few years. No complaints, never have any problems with these guys.

    All submitted help tickets responded to within 24 hours. Excellent customer service.

    About 3 weeks from time of order to arrival at my door. Secure and generic packaging, well done. Tracking info provided on all shipments.

    6x KP Testo E 1250

    1x DP superdrol

    1x DP Masteron 200

    1x DP Aromasin

    2x Provigil (was curious)

    Test E 500 mg/week til its gone. Oil is thin and clear, very smooth and no pip. Up 15 lbs after 8 weeks. Increased acne, sex drive is up, strength has been much improved. Box squats went from 225×10 to 315×6 so far. Dead lift from 375×5 to 405×3 so far. Everything is going great, sitting at 225 lbs right now. Aromasin is 12.5 mg EOD, working great to keep the bloat away, no issues here. DP superdrol, eh, not sure on this one. Ran it 4 weeks, 20/20/30/30 and only went up 5 lbs. Didnt even notice much until the third and fourth week, and by then the headaches were annoying as hell. So I dont know, was not impressed, would not run again. Will stick to DP T Bol which has always been great to me. My girlfriend is running the DP Mast at 100 mg/week and loving it. Strength is way up and she is starting to lean out nicely. She looks bigger and harder while looking leaner as well. Its her first run with mast and the only sides so far seem to be sporadic acne. Not really increased oil, just a few more body pimples here and there. The provigil was interesting, very good mental clarity and sense of well being at 200 mg. Not a stimmed out feeling, just steady energy for about 8 hours. Good stuff.

    Tried and true, love roidspharm and will trust and use them until they give me a reason not to lol 😉

  6. RoidsPharm has become the only source for me lately. Great prices, quality products and what´s unique about them is that they have a huge offer of generic pharma products, so you can get you´re gear AND your cheap generics from the same source. I personally didn´t had any problems with them regarding the T/A. I strongly recommend them!

  7. I was very nervous about ordering gear online because there is a lot of scams out there.. the reviews on here made me feel comfortable enough to do a test buy, i received my order in about two weeks and i was shocked that it actually worked. now that i knew this source was legit i did a full cycle buy i placed my order and even paid online through bitcoin, (more money less hassle) after the order was process and shipped (ordered the night of the 8th, was shipped the 16th) Once the order was shipped it said the estimated delivery time was 20 days, it made it here by the 21st i 100% recommend using roidspharm.

    answered all my questions prior to my order, had no reason to contact again.

    very discrete


    1x Axio nolva

    1x Axio test cyp 250


    1x Axio test cyp 250

    3x Axio dianabol

    1x Axio anastrozole

    1x hp clomiphene

    1x hcg 5000iu

    Just started cycle but i have always trusted Axiolabs to be good quality.

    Completely satisfied with the service!

  8. I recently placed another, one of many, orders with Roidspharm. I have never had a problem with them, their service, or the products. I always get my order way ahead of the expected delivery time, and all in excellent condition. The products I have got over the years have always did exactly as they were supposed to, and never had any bad quality gear from them. Roidspharm is the only source anybody would ever need. They have all the major brands and the service is by far the best in the business. I’ll never go anywhere else.

    Excellent communication! I was notified at every step of the process, including tracking number and estimated arrival time.

    Roidspharm packaging is extremely secure and safe. Nobody would ever suspect anything and the products are very well maintained.

    2 KP Tren
    2 7Lab Sust 250

    The products I have are for bulking purposes, and I couldnt be happier with my continued results! Smooth going in, I never feel a thing except for amazingness!

  9. I’ve used roidspharm for multihull orders and they are on point every time. Have had siezed package, the reshipped. A broken vial, they reshipped. Usually there are no problems whatsoever though on all orders

    Top notch always fast and reliable

    What you would expect from an international supplier a few eels start to finish can’t beat it.

    Every product was of the best quality I got neck breaking results there wasn’t anyone in my life that didn’t mention my gainz. Thanks roidspharm will be ordering again soon

  10. Great qualities I’m loving the Kalpa brand as of lately. Great quality!

    Shipping was way fast this time about 9 days

  11. This is a review for their HMG and HCG.

    Always gets back within a day or so and very helpful with any issues.

    T/A has always been about 3-4 weeks. Had an issue with packaging (broken amp) and it was fixed with a simple ticket.

    I was using the HMG for fertility purposes due to low sperm count and low motility. Volume of semen was increased which is normal for HMG. Also used the HCG at 500iu a week this cycle and no testicular atrophy and positive on an hcg test strip.

  12. Roidspharm has never failed to come through in a timely fashion to meet all of my on and off cycle needs. They do it all and its always top notch. The labs they partner with and supply are always on point and the efficacy of said products are never in question when I receive my products from Roidspharm, unlike some other vendors that have provided questionable/bunk gear AI’s, and PCT goods. I’m a tren whore, and love to run it 500mg + weekly, but Holy damn, this tren is good. I’ve only needed to run it at 350 weekly, and it works every bit as effectively as other tren I’ve run at 500 mg… even with greatly lowered carbs, and caloric defecit I always maintain if not get some strength gains it also boosted my libido 500%!!

    Test Undecanoate is the best i use it bi weekly so i can pin a bunch of other stuff. cant go wrong with dragon pharma..

    Anavar: the lady loves her some var. also my friends like to run it at high doses everyday and say its the best var theyve tried so i stick to the dragon pharma anavar.

    got that letro for an ai just for the tren since it can make me lactate.

    Roidspharm has always replied to my requests and messages in a timely manner, which inspires confidence rather than going quiet like some others when issues arise. i had a problem where they ran out of my gear that i chose but they reshipped a different one without any issues. i have spent lots of money with roidspharm and regret nothing.

    Received email updates throughout whole process which says much about their professionalism. They also have a very good tracking and ordering system that sends emails to you when an order has changes status and they provide a tracking number for all the order I received a USPS tracking number and they worked perfectly.

    The package arrived in perfect conditions, the gear is concealed in wrapping and all contents come in a small box and then an envelope. I am explaining all this to expose that the package passed two country customs without problem.

    All the contents were in excellent condition and exactly what I’ve ordered

    The pills for orals are very well made, compact and have a marking to split the doses, they have colors to identify them easily, the sachets in which they come are made of a very strong material and maintain the products in perfect condition.

    One more thing, I have to admit is that Roidspharm has the best cough recreational sexual aids (viagra, cialis, levitra). The price is unmatched and they work. They work REALLY well.

  13. I have ordered a couple times from roidspharm and it’s always shipped quickly and securely. I will be a customer for life. Not to mention they have awesome sales on great brands.

    Communication was great. They always got back to me with a day.

    Packages are always delivered with everything tightly wrapped so nothing gets broken.

    Been using the test and tren for 8 weeks now and I can see a noticeable difference in my physique. I went from 200 at about 15% body fat to 220 down to 10% body fat!

    Love this site and I recommend it to all my friends.

  14. This is a review of my 2nd Roidspharm order. I will continue to shop here for years to come as there prices, customer service and range products are second to none.

    Received the second package within 14 days of dispatch, packaged very securely and very discretely, could not be any better.

    Completed a course using their products and the results were amazing. Finished just in time to go to Thailand and Malaysia for 8 weeks and I was extremely happy. I went from 179lbs at 15% bf to 187lbs at 10% bf. Felt and looked the best I ever have.

    Thanks Roidspharm, you continue to impress.

  15. Roidspharm is an excellent source I’ve used him several times. Products are excellent and he has a great selection.

    Packaging is very discreet and turnaround is very fast for overseas

    Gains are great and the serms are definitely go to go. Quality is always excellent

  16. I placed my 2nd order with ROIDSPHARM about 4 months ago, i was extremely pleased with the speed in which I received everything (around 10 days). Just started my cycle for 2 weeks, so far so good! I’ll definitely place my next cycle’s order with ROIDSPHARM.

    Never had a problems with their services.

    Very discret and well packed , around 10 days for delivery to china, amazing!

    I will go back shortly for more products, THX!

  17. Roidspharm was the first source that I tried and so far, they have not disappointed me.

    Shipping updates provided regularly. Excellent T/A, 10 days since donation. Packed very discretely. Never had a problem.

    T-bol worked great as a cycle kickstart at 80mg – awesome pumps and strength.

    Ancillaries worked great during pct and after. Comparable to pharm. Everything seems to be of good quality and dosed properly.

  18. I have ordered from roidspharm a few times and this will be my second positive review. He has always come thru with all my products in a timely manner.

    T/A is usually around 14 days which is pretty good considering the journey these packages make. Packaging is discreet and firmly wrapped. It takes a minute to get it all opened.

    The winny had me dry as hell and joints creaking as it usually does at a dose of 50mg. Clen seemed to be spot on. I was hotter and sweating more during cardio and shed a good amount of body fat.

    If you haven’t tried these guys, do yourself a favor and get on it. As you read through the reviews they do a lot of business and take care of any mistakes that are made.

  19. I have order here a few times, i was not thinking about writing a review but this guys deserve it!

    Easiest transaction, great prices, they keep me going back at them!

    No need for support, everything runs smooth

    I got the order for me and a few friends, used 2 Ultradex always get a got muscle density and with litle diet got the fat under control, highly recommend this.

    Also use the LIV 52 for liver support, the best around.

  20. I have been a customer of RoidsPharm for sbout ten years and have placed around 20 orders and not a single order had any problems

    Communication is top notch any question or issue i have is answered immediately through their tickets or is returned by email within 24hrs, their tickets system is amazing i get better communication with roidspharm than i do with amazon or ebay no lie!!!!

    Out of the 20 or so orders I have placed 99% of the time i get my products within ten days of me sending out my money, but this last order i placed took exactly 21 days but still i have no complaints, packaging was great tapped in bubble wrap

    All of products are top of the line the dragon pharma, one of products perform on par if not better than some human grade gear i currently am running:

    test enanthate 500mg wk 1-6

    40mg turanbol wk 1-4

    120mcg clen 2wk on 2wk off through out

    kalpa test prop mon wed fri wk 1-7

    test enanthate 750mg wk 6-15

    I am also running 5mg dbol during the last 4 weeks of my cycle i have not planned out my pct but it will include hcg clomid proviron and clen but i have yet to figure out the specifics. I am also will be running dragon pharma EQ and dragon pharma anavar

  21. Excellent service, delivery, and results overall.

    Received timely and helpful responses within 24 hours for all questions and concerns. Superb communications.

    Payment, shipping, and delivery all adhered to promised timelines impressively. Packaging was discrete enough to make it through any sort of customs or border control.

    First cycle, so I can’t compare to other suppliers. By week six I had definitely noticed faster strength gains, muscle growth, and body composition improvement. I stick to the big lifts, and I was able to increase training frequency and recover faster. Also, when I biked to work on my shitty bike in my jeans and wifebeater I blasted by all the eurotrash with their $2k bikes and silly pants when going up the long hills. Pretty tangible if you ask me… Definitely noticed a major positive difference in all aspects of my life (training, eating, sleeping, sexual function). Can’t do the required bloodwork in Belgium though, so no quantifiable data for that.

    I will continue using this supplier for all my AAS needs.

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