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Summary is an international licensed company that provides steroid products to their customers all over the world. These products include best and high quality of anabolics, fat burners, anti-estrogens and peptides.

All of these products provided by this company are tax free because of which the prices which they offer are very low. Their best seller brands are Dragon Pharma, Axiolabs, British Dragon, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals and Sciroxx. Other then this amazing feature, they also give a free re-shipping back guarantee on all their products. Not only this, they offer world wide shipping on all of their products.

People have different aspect of view about different things. When it comes to steroids, quality and result is everything that matters. If people buy these things from online companies then result is not the only aspect. Quality of the product, payment procedure and shipping also becomes the main topic. Likewise, people have different reviews about this company too. Some of the people think that it is a good company having quality products and good shipping procedure. On the other hand, there are some who think negative about this company. While expressing his ideas about, one said that I was trying to buy affordable steroids therefore; I looked all over the internet and in the markets but could not find a place where I could get my products on reasonable amount. In the end I found and I was very happy to see their rates. They just not only sell steroids but peptides, fat burners, anti estrogens and SERMs. And then I fell in love with this company when they told me that all of their products are tax free. So I ordered steroid packs along with peptides and ancillaries because on all of these things I did not have to pay any tax. I will say if you are looking for a company to buy this stuff on a huge discount, this will be your company. Another review given by a customer said that I have no negative view about this company because their prices are reasonable and I had been using them for three months. Another review showed how satisfied their shipping is. It said that I received my order from them within a week. Another one said that I had been scammed by few online steroid stores but this one is genuine and I will order again.

Honestly speaking, from what I have seen I will say that if you are looking for quality products like steroids, peptides, fat burners even sex pills for men, this company is best for you to shop online because their shipping is very amazing and their payment method is SSL based that is very secure. Also the free re-shipping back guarantee and shipping is very eye catching. Based on the customer remarks and user reviews, I will rate this company 5 out of 5.

7 thoughts on “STEROID.BIZ REVIEWS

  1. Just finishing up the items from my last order, and I have to say, is, and will continue to be my go to source. The product is legit and the items were received in a timely fashion.

    None was necessary. The order was easy to place and the items arrived within the projected arrival time.

    Everything was extremely well packaged. Packaging was discreet and did a good job of protecting the items.

    Axio Test E

    Axio Letro

    Axio T3

    Axio Clen

    Axio Win 10 mg

    Soma All items are GTG.

    I’ve placed numerous orders with, and every item I’ve ever received has been legit and potent. My strength has shot up, I’ve gained muscle, and have lost bodyfat. For the first time in my life, I nearly have a six pack.

    If you’re looking for good, reliable product; you simply can’t do better than and Axio.

  2. I love this company! From their website, their customer service, and quick turn around they show a level of professionalism that isn’t seen by some med labs!

    None needed everything went smooth like usual.

    Everything was wrapped in bubble wrap ensuring that nothing could break, very impressed with how does their packing!

    1 x KP Cutaxyl

    I have switched from a bulk cycle to a cutting for the final weeks. I added 1cc of Cutaxyl every other day along with .5cc of Test Prop. Within days any water I was holding went away and I’m getting lean and vascular. My gf didn’t see me in 4 days and commented on how much leaner I looked, and she didn’t know I switched anything! I’ve cut back on cal and carbs and with the Cutaxyl I’m blown away with what is happening! I’m so excited I’m already planning my next cycle. is the only company I have ever ordered from but from my 4 orders so far, they are the best! Their weekly specials keep me checking their website to save some major cash when possible. The quality of their gear is second to non!

  3. First order from, bought and received the intermediate bulk cycle. I have been on the cycle for almost a month and up 20lbs already. Have had some pip with every pin, but on last a few days and not too painful. Dbol has very good pumps and makes my bp very high so I get headaches the first 2 weeks. Back pumps have also been bad, so dbol seems very good. Cant wait to see and post final results. Hoping to be 205lbs by end of cycle.

    Was missing 1 vail of 250 deca. Contacted support team and they quickly responded back. Within 3 weeks my deca 250 and 2 extra vials of test e 250 was received. support is freaking awesome, will keep buying only from them from now on. Also received a package of clomid and clen for free.

    Packaging was discreet and carefully wrapped for a long shipment. Took 3 weeks to receive, and 3 weeks for missing gear. 6 weeks total, but very worthwhile.

    2 SX Test E 250

    1 SX Deca 250

    40 1mg SX Arimidex

    200 10mg SX dianabol

    Using for a 10 week cycle. 500 mg a week test, 250 a week deca, 40 mg dbol for 5 weeks. .5 arimidex throughout cycle everyday. Product quality seems very good.

  4. My order has went by smoothly. I can honestly say I have enjoyed the DP brand I got with the pre designed stack, which was the “advanced bulking cycle” I have ran many before. I will talk about my experience I ran with the this stack.

    This is first time I orders international, and was little nervous. But this was no scam, the communication was 10/10. Responded very quick, I also had a hick up with final stage of order, but was corrected without a flaw, it was error on my end, I guess I got fat fingers… But this was very common mistake, but taken care of with out any problems. Communication was 10/10

    T/A was exactly as it stated. And arrived on exact day it said it would. No problems at all. Pack was good, tight and secure 10/10

    Advanced bulking cycle: DP Deca 300

    DP Test E 250

    DP Oxymetholon 50mg

    DP Aromasin



    the quality of the product was ferry effective. I kick stated with the Abombs and gained massive strength, with first two weeks, I love this kick started. I ran 1ml Deca, and 1.5 ml test E, mom/thurs. my strength went up and a blew the hell up. My bench, curls, etc… Pretty much everything went up. My weight increased and looked fuller and huge, but I was not really puffy and bloated, like some people get. People was literally asking wtf I was taking, bc I looked so solid and big at same time. This was a 12 week cycle since I ran test an extra two weeks. I didn’t really have any PIP, but pip does not seem to bother me as it does others I know. The product was very clean, and smooth. Both test and Deca was clear, no yellow tint to test, “I know that doesn’t really matter” but I case anyone was wondering. is my go to source, everything is easy to navigate and selection is broad and plentiful. I have never had any problems with them, and deft would recommend this cycle for anyone who has a few cycles under the belt, and looking to gain quality GAINZS, SIZE, and strength.

  5. Again another great order from, Strait to the point; always comes through. This is probably my tenth order from them. No problems ever and top notch gear. Highly recommend them. GTG.

    it always comes within the expected time of arrival. most of the time is actually comes early. around 14 days.

  6. I’ve been using for years now, and I have been putting orders in for not only myself but for a few of my local friends. It’s not only easier to use them, but the gear is consistently high quality and the overall cost of business is better than buying locally.

    As always, through every step of the process I received emails informing me that my payment was received and the order was shipped.

    Shipping is exactly why you would expect for an international order, about 10-12 business days. The packages are ALWAYS discrete, and you would never guess what was inside. Nothing was broken and the gear was packed in bubble wrap very securely.

    1 x DP Sustanon 270

    3 x DP Trenbolone 100

    1 x DP T3 (Trijodthyronin, Cytomel)

    1 x DP Nolvadex

    1 x DP Superdrol

    3 x Cialis Professional 20 mg

    The Tren was very smooth and I could feel it working within days. The Sust was just to help cruise out so I didn’t have zero test in my system, and it definitely seemed to help with my libido and energy. Superdrol was VERY powerful, I only ran it as a small blast and still have some left over. Cialis worked amazing as well, as my libido is not always on point when running Tren.

    I will ALWAYS be using for all of my orders, and I can sincerely say they are the best in the business. Looking forward to my next cycle.

  7. First few orders with

    Fantastic, very automated and easy had no issues at all

    3 different ordered all arrived between 1 and 3 weeks



    Tren E



    I have run everything and so far I have nothing but great things to say. The Helios gives me jitters like oral clean normally does for me. The tren was a light Amber color and has been great. I get night sweats and already see my body fat dropping. All in all I am very happy with the quality of these products.

    Great company, will be back again!

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