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On the whole, it’s an awesome steroid provider. It’s best for those who like to have a strong gains. Charging in very simple and people are very happy with the delivery system. Few are complaining about the prices but that’s what comes with great quality. You have to pay reasonable amount to buy quality steroids. It’s one of the best steroid brands in the world.

Anabolic steroids are becoming famous day by day. Every bodybuilder wants good quality steroids in low price. Steroids allow the users to build muscle mass. is one of the leading companies providing first class steroids worldwide. The main feature of BodyPharm is its innovative quality and design. International shipping facility is also available through which you can order your package from any place in the world. On the basis of user’s comments and reviews, I would love to give it 5 out of five stars. Certified supplier of all major steroid brands: BodyPharm, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, 7Lab Pharma, Dragon Pharma, Sciroxx, SP Labs, Balkan Pharmaceuticals. You should definitely try this one if you are a bodybuilder. Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Supervisor


Athletes and bodybuilders have different reviews about Some considers it the biggest invention in the traditional market whereas others are annoyed at the quality of steroids provided by them. One of the satisfied customers said that I really enjoyed shopping on I tried oral steroids and it were awesome. I am going to try some other injectables too but right now I love what I have right now. Another said that they provide you some outclass steroids. Delivery system is very fast and packaging in very good. Quality is just fine and you got a lot of gains. I recommend all of you to try this at least once in your life. One said that they have the no.1 quality with fast delivery system. He added that I ordered testosterone and it was great to have new gains. Customer support helped me to choose the right package and I am very happy with the products of BodyPharm. Another said that I have tried a variety of brands but nothing is comparable with BodyPharm. This is the only brand that is suitable for athletes and bodybuilders who love strong gains. Customer service is also good and they give you free prizes on your order which is really wonderful. There are a few customers who are not happy with the price charged by them. One of them said that they charged very high as compared to other steroid companies in the market. They should reduce their rates otherwise no one is going to buy anything from them.

On the whole, it’s an awesome steroid provider. It’s best for those who like to have a strong gains. Charging in very simple and people are very happy with the delivery system. Few are complaining about the prices but that’s what comes with great quality. You have to pay reasonable amount to buy quality steroids. It’s one of the best steroid brands in the world.

Customer Service Reviews of BODYPHARM.BIZ

Customer reviews are very important so that other buyers can have an overall view of the products and services for an online store like BODYPHARM. Here are just some of the BODYPHARM.BIZ reviews given:


  1. i used them a couple of times and i admit i felt good to do businnes with bodypharm.

    i ordered primobolan and kalpatropin 200ius

    i used kalpatropin 5ius ed before sleeping. it helped me to avoid insomnia, sleeping was so deep and nice. every time i wake up early to go to the bathroom i couldn’t feel my hands. this is a good sigh that product was working. i also noticed some water retention( hgh always does this in my case)and more fat loss. to be honest i can’t run aas without hgh , because aas give me insomnia and gh is a nice weapon to fight this problem. about primo, hard to say what it did because i added it in a big primo cycle and it was 1/4 of my total amount of primo i used.

    i will use Bodypharm again in my next future

  2. I used this supplier for some tren acetate and from beginning to end it worked out wonderfully. This is long overdue because I don’t like leaving reviews until I have finished the cycle

    Bodypharm has wonderful support they always get back to me within 24 hours even when it’s just a promotion but during this purchase I didn’t even need to contact them once and I received it to the US within seven business days

    Like I said from beginning to end it was about seven business days packaging was extremely discreet nothing was damaged

    Trenbolon 100 ( Tren Acetate)

    It was exactly what I expected if not more I received no post injection and there was night sweats aggression when I was in the gym Plus very little sides that’s why I stick to the acetate Ester. This was very very very potent there tren is on point and is definitely for the more advanced cycle people. It had that wonderful gold in color The kind that makes your mouth water when you just look at the vile LOL every tren user knows what I’m talking about

    Thank you bodypharm for being on point and not jerking around like some of these other suppliers if you haven’t tried them yet definitely get on it!!

  3. been stacking Stano and Clen for 4 weeks, stano gave some good pumps during work out mainly used for cutting, no sides on stano. the clen first day i started taking body temp increased,side i experinced with clen = Headaches, Muscular tremors (hand shakes), Nervousness, Insomnia(take in morning) I started the dose at day 1 one pill then slowly upped to 4 thats when sides started, lowered to 3 ed and only sides were hands shaking and mid headaches. I am off the cycle now and lost about 10 pounds just cardio during cycle.

  4. Reviewing my experience with bodypharm while dieting and on var and test stack.

    Good communication and no support needed.

    TA was okay

    Packing was perfect and padded

    Couple 10ml vials test e 250mg/ml and 300 anavar 10mg tabs

    Ran the test e 250 at 2 shots a week mondays and Thursdays for 12 weeks and the anavar I ran the last 50days of my cycle to harden up and add the polished look after dieting so hard.

    Test e I felt was dosed perfect and pinned a little rough got a knot but my body quickly adapted and they went away. Very few sides at all. Managed to stay nice and full and energetic on a cal def. Great strength and libido as well.

    Anavar was by far my fav oral of all time I stay very full and hard and vascular on a diet and my strength goes up and it speeds my fat loss up and adds the polished look I love with var. Hard grainy muscle and strength on a deit. Perfect. Hahah I felt the var was doswd right as well

  5. ive used bodypharm in the past and loved it, went on to start using other pharma brands and saw no difference in quality minus the human grade is more expensive with less options gonna stick with this brand love the orals!

  6. Bodypharm is a true professional and an honest supplier of legit products. Out of 6 orders, I only had 1 that was delayed because a product was not in stock. So he contacted me, and asked if he could sub it for a product of my choice. No other sponsor would do that. They would just send what they deemed or maybe not semd at all. I highly recommend using Bodypharm and putting your trust in him. He will not let you down, and you will get jacked lol!! Thanks!!!

  7. This is a review for masteron prop and sus 270

    Good communication via email always responded same day

    Not sure when was posted but I received around 10 days after email confirmation

    Packed discreetly and safely no damages

    Already using sus at 4ml per week and 6ml of mast prop so 1330 sus and 600mg mast split Monday Wednesday and Friday

    So used the vials and noticed no difference to brand I was already using no pip and smooth clear oil

    I would recommend as the sus and mast matched the brand I used which I swear by so all good happy and will make an order soon 🙂

  8. I buy some things from them to see how they operate and quality of compounds.

    Very good I mean they reply and nice talking. I ask they answer in detail explain

    Was very good packed and discreet. Took 12 days to arrive overseas order. I’m happy.. I do not understand why some people complain. Come on its not your local supermarket store.This guys send and compounds work.What more can you ask for?? If you want more speak to santa haha!!! 🙂

  9. Old review for a great product received in a promo from BodyPharm – Winstrol. This is a very great source to deal with, a big stock of top quality products, support and shipping quality are professional.

    The cycle was 12 weeks in total but only 4 weeks of Winny. My diet was 2800/3000 Kcal daily and at the end of the cycle i have but down a great percentage of body fat.

    In the first two weeks i have noticed a great pump and strength at the gym.

    2nd / 4th week of Winny and Sust was my best weeks! Fantastic veins and pump like a monster, at the gym i have trained very well and i liked this too much ! This weeks i have started putting down some bf, with a great success for my personal interest 🙂

    This BodyPharm Winstrol is a great product and for sure for my next cycles i want it and i recommend it to every Winny lovers 😉

    Tabs are professional and very well pressed, like pharma grade.

    The box have expiry date and batch number and this for me is very important.

  10. 1St class service and very well packed.

    bodypharm test e. Was runing it at 500mg per week for 12weeks. It kicked in after 3weeks or so. Find it very potent. Deca also for 12weeks. 500mg per week. It started working after about 4 weeks. Once it did i was adding weihgt very fast. Wasnt clean gains but cant expect it with deca. Gained 10kg from this cycle. Didnt get much bad sides. Oily skin. Testicle shrunk a little. Runing pct now.
    i recommend using this source

  11. i got test E, and some anostrozole. it all looks g2g. just like the other products i ordered fro another source. over all experience i give them 5/5 well have to see about the quality when i get into my next cycle. Thanks for the great service bro!

  12. Got Clen from Bodypharm today! Pretty quick turn around for being across the pond. His customer service is good, prices are fair and shipping is quick. The clen are the ones he gets with his BodyPharm products, so I’m pretty confident they’re legit coming from that lab’s sales dept.

    Been running the clen for three days now and they’re good, first day they kicked my ass. Felt like I took a hit of meth. Had a hard time writing a letter yesterday cause my hands were shaking. Very pleased with this product so far.

  13. Highly recommended, back order came through, ad just ordered again from them this morning with a good promo they got on.

    Discreet, tight, packed with bubblewrap to ensure no rattle, even the vials were bubblewrapped too.

    Bodypharm Deca

    Bodypharm Eq

    DP Test 400

    Great gains in both size and strength off of the bodypharm products, seems to be a product thats proved reliable for this 8 week cycle and some great gains too.

    Not a scam at all, I can understand he had issues, lol this is steroids we are buying. Cheers bro for making things right when you could have started something new. Loyal for life customer here.

  14. Bodypharm is a great source with great gear, decent delivery and overall great communication.

    Bodypharm does it right and treats you right.

    Great gear, properly dosed and arrived in a timely fashion. I used the vials of prop on my tren/test/mast cut last spring and cruised @250mg/w on her test e until about july then blasted it at 500mg/w until it ran out and i had to switch to another source. Overall great gear, great boners, libido was awesome, backne was there. Gains and all.

    Very cute packaging if you know what I mean 😉 ha. Secure and ready to go, wasnt worried on anything breaking once i opened it. And as i said before t/a was literally 3 days after funds had been picked up.

    No worries when ordering from Bodypharm, he has great gear and quality is always there.

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