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The company is doing a good job of satisfying the customers. It not only lets them choose their desired product from the catalogue but also ensures in time and efficient delivery of the purchased item which has helped it establish and maintain credibility in the market.

For me the company stands 4 out of 5 for carrying out the online sales with satisfaction. Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Supervisor

BUY-STEROIDS.BIZ REVIEWS provides a wide variety of different brands of steroids for sale to the customers at affordable prices. The supply of premium steroids at low prices allures the customers into carrying out a transaction with the company. The un-beatable blend of combination of competitive prices, superior customer service and speedy shipping gives the company a competitive edge over its rivals in the business. The company purchases steroids directly from the manufactures and provides high quality steroids out of them. The steroids can be ordered via net from outside US as long as they are for personal use and received by adults over 21 years old. The company claims that it dispatches the customer order within 48 hours. The order will be delivered within 2 – 4 weeks, once your payment has been accepted. Usually it doesn’t take longer than 15 business days.

Another vital factor that goes in the company’s favour is that it does not require online registration for the purchase unlike the competitors. The company offers a wide variety of brands for sale. Some of them include, 7Lab Pharma, Dragon Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Sciroxx, BodyPharm, SP Labs and Balkan Pharmaceuticals among others.

Customer Service Reviews of BUY-STEROIDS.BIZ

The company has a favourable reputation among its customers. provides low cost alternatives for bodybuilders who crave various brands. It addresses the needs of athletes of varying sports hence making it a suitable online purchase platform for people. The users are happy about the affordable costs that are being charged on the purchased of the branded steroids. However, the price alone is not the determinant of the popularity of the company. Rather, it is supported by the fact that the company ensures the delivery of quality products to its customers. The products supplied are genuine and timely delivery is ensured as to maintain good customer relationships. Customers are also happy with superior Customer relationship maintained by the company.

Many customers are of view that the strict policy against disclosing user’s private contact and billing information (including e-mail address) without your permission is highly commendable. The elimination of the requirement of online registration also makes the company a better option for buyers.

Another benefit of dealing with the company, as highlighted by the customers is that Payments are processed only via Encrypted Connections (256-Bit SSL Secure Socket Layer) for their customer’s highest security and protection. Use of bitcoin is a secure way of carrying out the purchases on their website.

Customer reviews are very important so that other buyers can have an overall view of the products and services for an online store like BUY-STEROIDS.BIZ. Here are just some of the BUY-STEROIDS.BIZ reviews given:


  1. It was my first time buying and I was quite nervous. Everything in the end worked out fine and I couldn’t be happier. My first cycle went off without a hitch and I added some quality lean gains.

    Would order again

  2. Overall satisfied with my experience with this source, I found it browsing around and was really reluctant to order at first but I’m glad I did and will probably put in bigger orders for the future.

    Communication was great, e-mails with status of my order were right on time, since I had no issues I can’t comment on the support.

    T/A was pretty good, almost on par with domestic. No tracking number was provided which increased my anxiety but as soon as I got my pack in the mail I was happy. Packaging was well done, discrete and order was well protected.

    Running a 16 week cycle with 250mg of Test E as a Base, 600mg of Tren and 600mg of EQ. I’m also including 3.33 UIS of HGH and T3 ED. I’m not fond of intramuscular pinning so I like longer esthers and split doses twice a week in order to maintain stable hormone levels. I’m on week 4 of the cycle and already getting warm body, night-sweats and a bit of insomnia which is how I usually gauge the quality of the Tren I’m using. I’m also experiencing good lean gains, increased vascularity and strength as well. Pinning was smooth no real PIP, but on the other hand I have a good tolerance for pain and the EQ might be playing a role as well.

    Happy overall, TA was good, Prices were good and quality seems good…will keep this in my backpocket for future orders.

  3. Decided to try out these guys for the first time.

    Communication is on point.

    Not new to Tren. Knew that Tren. Ace can be felt merely in few days. Strength, aggression and intensity were through the roof but wouldn’t say that cardio was getting any better. Each time I had to push harder and It was like going through hell. Pinning was nice and smooth. Turned me into a horny goat. No limp dick No progest/prolact issues. Used to sweat like a wild beast. Not a pleasant experience sweating crazy. A mind blowing pre workout combo with TNE.


  4. Awesome service! Products as advertised!

    Packaging was tight with bag around it. Then, outer box.

    Test E 400×2

    Sust 350×2

    Bold 500×1

    Tren E 200 x2

    Dianabol 10mgx 4 boxes

    Started a Test E, Deca and Dbol earlier. Saving the other compounds for next cycle. Tested everything with roidtester. All checks out. DEFINITELY FEEL THE DBOL!! Three thumbs up!!!

    I am extremely impressed with the service AND products! I cannot tell you how extensively I have been researching the sources on the net for reputable online supply! These guys go up and beyond! Will be placing many orders in foreseeable future! Current cycle: Test E 1000 mg, Deca 600mg x12 weeks dbol 280 mg first 4 weeks, then last 4 weeks. Injections mon, wed, fri. Dbol dosed 4 times at 10mg daily. All to keep blood levels as even as possible.

    Arimidex .5mg EOD

    Cambergoline .5mg E3D

    Hcg 500mcg E4D 14 days after start of cycle until 2 weeks before long esters clear.

    Hgh 4 to 6 iu 6 plus months Split in morning and post workout 5 on/2off

    Insulin 4 weeks on/4 off humilin R post workout 3iu ramping up to 7 to 10iu

  5. to the point…good source

    test e, hcg, clomid, novla

    made me feel like an animal

    good gear good prices and you can trust these guys even if a problem occurs which shit is always bound to happen.

  6. Kalpa test prop and masteron prop Test prop is so far one of the best and smoothest

    I’ve tried fast strength increase libido beyond what I can handle lol

    Properly dosed and excellently made Masteron prop is first time for me.

    After 2 weeks noticed water was way down

    Skin was tighter and was getting a grainy look to my muscles

    Liked it a lot never had a look like that! Every was smooth and very professional!

  7. This hasn’t been my first order with as a friend turned me onto them quite a few years ago

    Communication has always been good for me I’ve received all the gear i ordered with many samples when there was a delay in the past

    package was secure and the bottles came in individual plastic jars to protect from breakage, last order arrived within the week

    6 Tren E

    6 Masteron E

    3 Test C 250

    100 winstrol tabs

    1 kits KALPATROPIN rhgh

    I have been using

    1CC of Tren E ( nice dark caramel color )

    1CC of Mast E

    1/2CC of Test C every 3 days

    1 winstrol daily before training

    2 iu of KALPATROPIN twice daily ( before bed and immediately post workout ) I have been on it now a little more than 4 weeks strength is way up, muscles are really full, and skin is getting really tight, very little weight gain but a huge difference in the mirror, everybody at the gym know’s i”m really cranked. I have used this stack before and usually had some issues with my joints (winstrol side effects ) however the difference this time is the Kalpatropin kit. It seems my recovery has been much quicker than usual, there is no joint pain whatsoever and sleep more restful than ever. Tren usually keeps me up all night. All in I feel this cycle may be one of my most effective ever.

    I will definitely be ordering another kalpatropin kit to finish off this cycle and i defintely want to keep it stacked with the winnie and tren it has made a big difference considering how it has mitigated major side effects of these two powerful steroids

    In my opinion is the real deal, and 10x better than any of my local gym guys garbage

  8. This is a review for my second order with this source and again communication was spot on, any questions replied to straight away, that with the top prices and quick delivery I’ll be sticking here for a while.

    Any queries answered straight away, even quick replies on weekends. Good system in place to notify you on every stage of the order progressing.

    Sent out normally within 1 working day of payment and arrives through my door the following week, cant ask for quicker. Comes double packed nice and securely so no worries or damage.

    Even though the tren is weaker than normal in its mg per ml dose I have found this to have a much stronger reaction gains and sides than the last brand I was using which was double the mg per ml. Very happy with it, in fact so much so ive ordered more.

  9. Used these guys a few times before and always top notch. Ordering at the moment but thought it time to post up on my last order. No point posting if I’ve not used a product or if I’m like some who whinge when sources who do have lives to live besides flogging gear don’t reply within the minute.}

    Not used Kalpa before but fave them a chance. 100mg EOD. Does exactly what I expect from Test P mixed with hard training and eating. Got sensitive nips within 7 days and nice increase in libido.

    Happy with what i have experienced with Kalpa so trying out their DBol to tie me over. Will post up next month on how they go


  10. Pleasure to do business with and a smooth experience. Nice product too which is always nice.

    discreet and subtle with no damage all products made it here fine.

    Testoxyl Propionate

    great quality awesome gains and very smooth pinning, a pleasure to use.

    would use again most definatly

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