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GoAnabolics is definitely a trailblazer in the steroid community. The product range and variety are amazing, and they make sure that customer orders are delivered fast and efficiently. They are one of the leading distributors of high-quality steroid products in the industry for a good reason. They deserve a 5-star rating.

GoAnabolics.com Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Supervisor


GoAnabolics.com is a trusted distributor of steroid products which exceed stringent industry standards. They have a wide range of Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, 7Lab Pharma, Dragon Pharma, Sciroxx, BodyPharm, SP Labs, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Gen-Shi Labs products available in their comprehensive inventory.

They guarantee customer satisfaction every single time you deal with them, not just because they have a wide array of high-quality steroid products, but also because they offer outstanding customer service, with quick turn-around on orders and a full guarantee on all their products.

Real customers from all over the world have nothing but good things to say about GoAnabolics.com. They are one of the leading steroid distributors in the worldbecause they bring you only the best steroid products in the market, coupled with their professional and excellent customer service.

We constantly sample the latest products so that they can keep up with the current trends in the anabolic steroids community, which is why there is always something in their inventory for every steroid user. Whether you are a newbie steroid user who just recently made the shift, or an old timer who knows the skinny on all types of steroid products, you will find something at GoAnabolics.com to fill your bodybuilding needs.

Virtually all of their customers have no complaints when it comes to their product range and quality. All their valued clients are 100% satisfied with their quick turn-around time on all orders that are placed through their website. Not only does GoAnabolics.com deliver superb steroid merchandise fast and efficiently, they deal with all their clients, partners, retailers, suppliers and the community at large with honesty and integrity.

They value every single product review or testimonials on their products and company as a whole very highly. GoAnabolics.com takes each of these opinions very seriously. They go over each customer testimonial and review to make sure they are providing you with products and services of the highest quality.

Customer Service Reviews of GOANABOLICS.COM

Customer reviews are very important so that other buyers can have an overall view of the products and services for an online store like GOANABOLICS. Here are just some of the GOANABOLICS reviews given:


  1. Goanabolics and his team is simply the best. I have purchased three orders now including pentadex 300, winstrol, bp turanabol, kalpa dbol and cypionate. I can say that his products are the bomb. Its hard to find a supplier with legitimate Kalpa products. I am proud to say that I have found mine, the pentadex is great stings when it goings on because of the BA. I have been taking it for 3 weeks now along with tbol and already 10 lbs gained. My girlfriend is taking the winni and its working wonders for her as well. All I can say is Goanabolics is the best place to order from and if your ordering somewhere else, well I would say your making a mistake. Getting my gear in 6 days after money received is crazy lol. Plus the guy is always there if you have a question, he isnt a asshole like other sources that just want their money. He gives you advice when you ask. Also he didn’t have a product I wanted and he said next he will get that for me soon. It doesnt get much better than that. Thank you goanabolics team for exceptional service you have a customer for life. Bighulk3012

  2. Another easy order always answers emails fast and shipping

    is great for int shipping. Sent me free var after talking about my cutting cycle .

    Solid supplier will use again and again . Thanks for being a stand up guy

    With great gear.

  3. Awesome. took part in 25% promo

    Communication was on point. Got back to me pretty fast

    Very fast, Tightly wrapped around.

    Cut Long 300 – took care of my bulk needs. Like a fountain of youth for heavy bulkers if you eat properly. Great gains in both size and strength, Libido rocket, Joints smooth and lubricant. going heavier week by week. up 8 lbs till now. Dosing 3 ml a week. Pip is hard and nasty. Definitely using arimdiex as these rapid weight gain sending some gyno alarms.

    Overall i have experienced increase in well being, motivation, strength, weight gain, libido, aggression and great focus. Side effects are not prominent though, just some acne and water.

    Goanabolics is part of my list i’m gonna keep trying.

  4. I have use a few suppliers and this has by far been the best experience that I could have asked for. This cycle was done through multiple orders and I had 2 payment screw ups one was my fault which he took care of on his end and the other was durning the promo. Makes me happy to not have wait 5 weeks to get something to the north

    Test e, tren e, deca, mast p test p tren a, dbol

    Test was used at 375, tren e was 700, deca was 250 for 5 wks just for joint then 4 weeks at 500 after I dropped tren. Tren after 10 weeks started fucking with my mind didn’t like it pinned smooth. It was awesome night sweats after 2 weeks oily skin and alittle acne after 5 weeks. dbol jumped me up to 227 after 3 wks at 30mg a day(taste like shit started taking it with grapefruit juice) came back down to about 217 keeped climbing back up hit 230.2 so I gained 25 lbs in about 12 weeks switched over to short esters 100tren a 75 mast p and 50 test p 6 days a week and I’m running winny along with this. I have been maintaining 228-230 for the last 4 weeks. I do take arimidex 1/2 mg ed. Hopefully stay at 220 after pct. I only got pip on the first 2 pin of the cycle and when I started tren a I split the injection for test a be mast on one ass cheek and tren on the other. This cycle is going a little long that I originally planned mainly do to this being the only cycle for at least the next year so this will be a total of 18 weeks.

    If you have any worries about ordering don’t he takes care of his customers. He will have many more orders from me his gear is fire

  5. Goanabolics is hands down the best source on the web. I don’t know how he is not in the top 5, but I am assuming it’s because people are lazy and won’t take 5 minutes to write a review. If you have ordered……write a review. He deserves it and I won’t him to stay around, because I won’t order from anyone else.

    Goanabolics answers every email and answers them within a day. His personal skills are outstanding just like that butter he sells. However, I do not harass him and ask stupid questions either.

    I always receive my packs within the week or within the time frame he tells me on a backordered or pre ordered item. The packages are always discreet and well packed. I have never had any broken vials or not even a broken pill.

    Test Enanthate, Test Cypionate, Tren Enanthate, Kalpatropin

    Best gear ever. Hands down. I cruise 500mg test week. Blast at 800-1000mg for a few weeks whenever I feel like getting my mind right to eat 5000+ calories a day. Kalpa’s tren E will have u sweating the bed 2 weeks in. I hate this side effect with a passion, but it’s part of it. I keep the Tren at 250-375 mg / week and run it only 6 or 7 weeks at a time. I have been running the Kalpatropin’s for a few months. This is the first time I have ever ran GH and am only trying it out to see if it helps sleep, hair, and aging and to see if it boosts the effects of my gear. I feel like I am sleeping better. I am definitely dreaming more than I ever have. Not sure if this is happening because of the GH, but I like the vivid ones. 🙂 My hands also feel swollen at times. Once again, it’s either GH or the weather. I will know more on this in about 6 months.

    The testosterone is the cleanest I have ever ran. I have been running gear for over 15 years. I am also a TRT patient and very familiar with testosterone. (over doing Test in your early 20’s without knowledge will kill your balls for all you beginners out there). No PiP at all. NONE. I don’t bother with blood work cause when your testosterone is real then there is no reason to. Pharm grade has PiP, but Kalpa obviously does not brew the same way others did. If you guys want a legit source then this is it. Yes, it’s nerve racking sending thousands out to someone you don’t know hoping they’re not going to scam you. But it’s a risk you take. And it’s well worth the risk when your talking about his gear. Don’t harass here with emails asking where it’s at. It’s coming. Sending dumb emails only slows things down. If it’s outside the time frame then ask about it. But trust me, a week or so for your stuff is nothing compared to what it used to be. Two months was normal and you had to pray everyday it wasn’t seized by customs. Order up!!!!

  6. ordered testosterone_1-cypionate and nolvadex from dragon pharma, communication and ‘was very good and friendly, both before and after payment … an email notification to me warned that the products have been shipped. products came to my pleasant surprise only after 9 days, very well packaged and very discreet, the products are of excellent quality.

    certainly continue ‘to be a loyal customer of goanabolics.

    thank you very much.

  7. Great Source fast replies with fast shipping I received my items within 3 days from payment can’t wait to try the Eternuss Pharma product and I will be back soon for a review, thanks brother.

  8. had a few orders and they have all been with me in no less than 2 weeks thats incredible or atleast i think so 🙂

    kalpa test e, prop, dbol, novla, clomid

    was all used in the same cycle my 2nd as was my first all kalpa. kicked off with prop after day 5 it was well and truly kicked off and i felt amazing no pip from the prop or the test e. ut was about the start of week 4 i could feel the test kicking in lifts were up MASSIVLY felt like the hulk in the gym gained 4 pounds and lost am not sure howmuch fat it was last summer and i was going through 4 tee’s a day and the change in my fasique was very noticable looked shredded after this run and rate kalpa so much. pct standard protocol clomid 100, 100, 50, 50 novla 40,40,20,20 ran bloods after and level had recovered very nicely and i was more than impressed thanks goanabolics

    i have recomnded my friends and family to goanabolics and from me thats a big things yoy are insafe hands with this one

  9. I’ve always received prompt replies to Tickets and emails. No problems or issues regarding communication.

    TA was timely, less than a week domestic. Well packaged/protected.

    Eternuss Mast E

    I’ve been using the Mast for about a month and it seems to be dosed correctly, ie: the results I’m seeing are what I would expect from the dose I’m using. Mainly I’m dry, vascular, and not using an AI even though I’m also running Test E concurrently. I’m happy with it, as it’s doing what I want/expect it to.

    My experience with GoAnabolics has been entirely positive. I plan on ordering from them again and have no qualms about recommending them to others. A++

  10. Goanabolics has been a great supplier of several different items and has came through in a pinch as needed something fast and he got it to me.

    Communication is on point and respond within 12 hours or less

    Every pack seems to be anywhere from a week from ship date to 14 days over seass and it’s all depending on the postal service as GoA ships pretty fast once donation is collected

    This reveiew is for Kalpa’s testosterone 10ml 250mg/ml x 2

    However I have several products from this source and will reveiew shortly

    This reveiew is for Kalpa testoxyl cypionate 250 mgs/ml.

    started the cypionate after using another sources enenthate and I feel as if I could feel a nice notice. Could be from running enenthate for a long period and a new ester may have been just the need for a new delivery of testosterone to the system cause I felt great using the kalpa cypionate.

    I ran 500 mgs weekly split into two injections one on Monday 1cc andagain Thursday 1cc. Splitting up the 500 into two injections seems to treat me better than one shot of 500 mgs weekly. I don’t seem to have such estrogen related side effects doimg it two x week as it may be attributed to a more steady stream of the hormone in the blood stream causing a smoother ride.

    First injection went well and the oil and bottle was clear and no foreign objects floating aroind. Pinned smooth and had no “PIP” to report the next couple of days leading in to the 2nd injection which again no “PIP” the following days into the 2nd week and so on…

    I was feeling kinda Blah before running enenthate like I said earlier and by the end of the 2nd week I had started feelimg mentally and physically motivated.

    I focused on doing more detailed work for lagging parts like bicep, rear delts and hams for an example. I was doing some volume training to really get these muscles up to speed and make them pop so to speak.

    By week 3 I was horny as hell and had the usual oily forehead that is a common side effect from good testosterone.

    The pumps were in full swing and my focused muscle group of the day training at the gym was really getting filled with blood and was able to really isolate them. During this time my stamina increased significantly and felt I’m that I could really train for an extra hour with some cardio. So post workout consisted of creatine, waxymaze or Carbforce ready made drinks which are delicious and whey isolate. This post workout meal isn’t my usual but being winter time and really expanding the muscles I was recalling wanting some good fuel to really add some weight.

    Week 5 I was adding weight which is nice as 500 mgs ususaly doesn’t help a whole lot these days and i was growing and in a short amount of time. I also added an extra gallon a day and that’s not including the water jug I drink at our club while training as hydration is something that is often overlooked but has not only short term sides but has long term sides that will jot expose themselves till later in life.

    Week 8 i was enjoying the pumps and gains I was making on such a small dose along with a good sense of well being that was hitting me at this time and I was in an amazing mood. My sex drive was nuts! Me and the lady were banging multiple times a day and was having some vivid sexual dreams like in high school hahaha haven’t had that for awhile.

    Week ten was where I would’ve continued had I had more bottles of the Kalpa Testoxyl Cypionate but that’s where no had to end my run of it.

    Added 9 pounds of weight and doing our pose downs at the club and had fucking comliments on my hams for the first time ever hahaha!!!!! That’s not easy to do at my age and such a small dose because running gear and training for years I have beat my natural genetics and then some.

    I loved the different positive effects of this testosterone from Goanabolics as it was a good run.

    I didn’t even use any anti estrogens during this ten week run as i feel that I was feeling great and ran such small dose that the extra estrogen water accumulation was welcomed for some good gains. Oh and not to mention the water from estrogen really helped my joint pain/inflammation as I kept away from the anti estros this run for a test.

    I think that I learned this run is that just even changing something small in ester weight can really have a positive effect if you are running one ester too long…as cypionate and enenthate are close in weight however it seemed to make a big difference in feelimg (mentally ) however its hard to actually say what the cause is but this is what no feel like was the case….all though it prolly wasn’t as there was some kind of brand mg issue haha who knows.

    Goanabolics is a cool dude to work with from an ordering standpoint and feel as if I could ask just about anything related to his store and he will respond almost emmedietly with an answer that seems logical and informationional

  11. I’ve used goanabolics for quite a while now but only ordered ugl gear but now have tried there balkan Deca (Pharma) and its dam good stuff they have a wide range for all your needs there always ready to help you with good advice and recommendations

    All my products have arrived in tact never damaged in plane envelops super discreet

    I’ve ordered half of ther products over the last year or so but this review is for balkan Deca

    The Deca seams of superior quality pins with NO pip, I pin a ml every 3dsys mixed with there DP Deca 300 (1ml) & DP test 400 (1/2ml) after starting the balkan Deca I’ve had more fat loss and better joint protection and the pumps are insane strenth is also going up faster than before over all ime very pleased but you will have to run caber with this product because it bring Deca dick on hard

    Grate Deca 1 of the best I’ve used

  12. Another successful order with these guys!

    I cannot be happier with their service.

    They have even upgraded their purchasing and website tools and it runs smoother than ever, Very professional service!

    communication is to the point. You ask they tell. You order they give you the needed info then you get your gear.

    No messing around.

    packaging is discreet and well packed.

    everything I have ever ordered from these guys is good to go

    Including: test e, test c, test p tren ace, anavar, dbol, arimidex, nolvadex

  13. i ordered testoxyl p (testprop) when it was 50% sale

    we had no necessary communication. I placed order on website which was easy

    postage and packing was good

    I love fast results of Test. My libido is firing. Quickly noticing intense power. Now a days I go long hours training. Need to watch this not to over train. I am focused and powerful so keep on going training without realizing time length. My sex duration and frequency is higher. Sometimes going on for 3-4 times/day. Injecting everyday and little pip only when I inject same side frequently.

  14. So i used Kalpa Sustaxyl and Cutaxyl as a kickstarter for my Tren E cycle. The first thing i noticed was the libido increase. After that i started to feel a beast in the gym, i was very aggresive and moody. Strenght was through the roof.

    I also had to deal with night sweats and insomnia but i was fine with it since these are the usual signs of tren kick in. Got the tren cough.. i know some will say this doesn’t prove anything but hey, this is my experience.

    The pip was okay, nothing much, nothing less than other products on the market.

    Physique wise i got very lean, kept my muscles and got a 3d look. My goal!

    Overall i’m very pleased with their products. Before that read some negative reviews about Kalpa which kept me not buying them. But now i can honestly say this is a good option. With goanabolics combo of course!

  15. Third time ordering from goanabolics. Customer service has been great. Fast response time to emails and quick shipping. For this order, from order placed, providing payment and delivery to my door it took a week and a half. I had a previous order arrive three days after I placed the order. They are quick. Products have been great. Currently using tren e, test e and test ace getting great results. Pricing is on point and I like the 350mg test. I highly recommend Goanabolics.com and will continue to order from them.

  16. Been using GOAnabolics for 6 months now along with 2 other suppliers, ordered kalpa proviron, HCG Deca and Sus 350. Got great gains from the sus, I did get slight gyno symptoms aat one point but had adex on hand which cleared it up, gained a good 12lbs muscle, proviron kept my muscles hard and hcg kicked my pct cycle off. Delivery is within 2 weeks everytime, no problems ever. Sometimes the stock isn’t there which is the only slight annoyance the prices, delivery and effectiveness means you ignore that. Will keep using

  17. I’ve been ordering from GoAnabolics for almost 2 years now. The orders are packed so perfectly you can’t tell that it is anything other than an ordinary envelope. Super fast shipping, great products, and INCREDIBLE customer service. All emails of mine have been responded to in 24 hours. All of my requests are taken care of.

    These guys carry excellent products and give amazing service. I have people all the time offer to sell me stuff face to face. I choose GoAnabolics over them EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    The packaging is unbelievable. The last package I received I actually thought it was a stack of documents in an envelope until I opened it. I wasn’t expecting the package to arrive so quickly, so I hadn’t even thought it might be my stuff.

    Sustanon, deca, anavar, winstrol, hgh, clen, anavar, clomid, hcg, nolvadex….you name it, they’ve got it…

    quality is excellent. I usually use the Kalpa lab products, but all of their stuff is good.

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