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GBN Steroids Sale Shop offers high quality genuine steroids for sale. GBN has a wide range of anabolic steroids from well known Pharmaceuticals such as Dragon Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, SP Labs, Ice Pharmaceuticals, Beligas Pharmaceuticals, Odin, Sciroxx and others.

Type on their websites and you will see that GBN is a VALID steroids supplier.

8 thoughts on “GBNSTORE.NET

  1. I did these cycle in 1 year, I think better safe than sorry so I suggest to take long breaks between cycles, best is to wait until your blood work shows that everything is back after cycle but at least 4 months between cycles IMO.

    Cycle #1 (12 weeks)
    Testoxyl Enanthate 250 was just at 2ml/week and Tom suggested to divide dosage into two (1ml on Monday and 1ml on Thursday ) to keep more stable blood levels which I did.
    Turanayl was used for the first 5 weeks at 40mg/day until Testoxyl Enanthate kicked in.

    What I got: more energy during workouts, strength increase, better mood, more sex drive and some acne on my back, Testoxyl Enanthate was smooth and it was a pleasure to use it.

    Cycle #2 (14 weeks)
    Testoxyl Propionate 100 400mg/week
    Primoxyl 100 – 600mg/week
    This was a long cycle with a LOT of injections and changing injections spots and some PIP 🙂
    I must stay that results after Primobolan stay much longer in comparison with other cycles.

    Overall all products worked great I am happy 🙂
    My experience with GBN and their products (Kalpa Pharmaceuticals) was a pleasure in communication and results as I described above.

    Tom was very helpful and answered all of my questions.

    Products arrived safely packed and worked as I described above.

    I will use them for my December order for my 2021 cycle.

    I usually do 2 cycles per year to keep a balance on everything.

    If you have any questions let me know.

    Good luck!

  2. I Have been using kalpa brand now for many years I order from Gbn and have great in fact amazing results especially with the kalpa sust I thoroughly recommend this and not to forget kalpa cypionate my 2 favorites Big H is always here to help an absolute gent keep the good gear rolling to the team at Gbn

  3. I have been a member of this great company for over 10 Years!!! GBN and Huge Tom are the best! Easy. Fast and great customer service !!!!!

  4. Dear huge Tom, My first order arrive and everything is as expected. Excellent. I have 2 outstanding ordered. If you wish to combine the 2nd and 3rd order that will be fine with me.

  5. I use Testosterone for TRT, at 160 mg per week. I found GBN store and placed first order of testoxyl cyp, testoxyl enanthate and sustoxyl, all by Kalpa brand, about half a year ago. I received my order in 2 weeks. I was pleased, to get it that fast. I tried each product and it works, as I expected.
    The products sold, are verifiable at kalpapharmacutical website, with serial number on the vial. It is good to know, the product is legit. The injections were smooth and I haven’t experienced discomfort or pain.

    Most memorable to me however, is the way Tom at gbn store conducts business.
    Communication is always top notch and steadfast. Tom, is knowledgeable with product he offers and the service, is fast and professional. Any time, anyone asks me, where I got my “protein” from, I refer them to gbn store and come back here myself. I am about to order primoxyl for my girlfriend and some more test for myself.

    This time, I want to try testoxyl propionate. I will recommend gbn store and big Tom, for legit products and professional service delivery, to anyone, who will read this review. I hope, this writing will help people, looking for smooth and prompt and easy, shopping experience.
    There is no reason, to look anywhere else, in my opinion.
    All you need and want, you will find here at gbn store. Thanks for reading this review and thank you Tom. I wish gbn store, will always be here, I am a happy customer. T&M.

    I made my payment on June 22, 2021.
    My order status was telling me my order would arrive on July 26.
    Today is July 12 and when I checked my mailbox there was a package in the mailbox. Go inside my home open the yellow bubble envelope and everything I ordered was inside the package. It was a fairly big order. Several items were ordered.
    Packaging was 100% accurate, nothing missing.
    I say BRAVO to GBN business and it’s service!
    Thanks Huge Tom.

  7. Wow man, im only a week and a half into this cycle im only injecting 250 test e and 200 tren e once a week, and taking 12.5 mg exhemestane daily… crazy ass dreams from the start, night sweats, those are the downers but… 11 days ive gained 13 pounds already, big time strength gains, im horny as fuck all the time, i mean i was working out hard before i started but now im pushing weights to the point of nearly tearing muscles, ive done squats twice since i started…for instance my entire life i can barely walk for 5 days after doing squats, in this stuff…3 days later im just like new..oily skin is one side for me but im prone to that…im tanning so the pimples are at a minimum so far..this is good stuff, and it showed up 2 weeks before the estimated arrival, my box was locked and mailman couldnt deliver, of course after expected date i was emailing huge tom, he always replied promptly and even offered to re ship for free, come to find out my package had been sitting at post office for 2 weeks, unbelievable, anyways great product and great customer service,
    Thanks Huge Tom and GBN team.

  8. thank you Tom.. Good looking at bro.. you are really professional and have
    been very helpful over the years and that’s exactly why I’ve stayed with
    your company..
    Now I will go ahead and wire the money for my new order.. again thank you
    for your help .have a great weekend

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