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7Lab Pharm Reviews
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7Lab Pharm is one of the best manufacturers of injectable and oral steroids, growth hormones, prohormones, antiestrogens and many other sports pharmacology products.

7Lab Pharm is a successful producer from Switzerland, specializing in the development of sports pharmacology. Their path began in 2018, with a small laboratory in the arrangement. At that time, this company produced only 4 types of drugs. Now 7Lab Pharm produces more than 40 different drugs that fully meet the requirements of professional athletes. Quality products of this manufacturer found their fans in different countries: Russia, USA, Great Britain, South Africa and others.

7Lab Pharm is one of the best manufacturers of injectable and oral steroids, growth hormones, prohormones, antiestrogens and many other sports pharmacology products.

Professional employees constantly improve the production process and the quality of products. Every year, specialists of 7Lab Pharm visit various international events in order to develop new technologies. To create a product, the best raw materials are used, having a purity of at least 98%. In the production of injectable preparations, ceramic filters are used that make it possible to obtain highly purified material.

This company is actively working in the fight against counterfeits. Each 7Lab Pharm product can be checked for uniqueness using the verification code, which is on the package, you only need to enter it on the official website of the company in the section check code. If the product is original, the site will inform you that this product is made by 7Lab Pharm.

7Lab Pharm Reviews

All the products of this company are of high quality and comply with all international standards, this is also confirmed by positive 7Lab Pharm reviews. Sometimes there are negative statements towards this company, and all of them appear because of the many underground shops that try to fake the true manufacturer, which is why the company has entered verification codes that will help to verify the product. If you buy 7Lab Pharm steroids, you are guaranteed to get a modern, high-quality product at an adequate price.

22 thoughts on “7LAB PHARM REVIEWS

  1. Which website is the best to buy this off of? I purchased through 7steriods.com and didn’t receive a box or authorization code only was packaged in bubble wrap and paper.

  2. My product quality was beyond amazing and I saw the best results. I have ran two cycles with each one lasting about 12 weeks. I would use my Test E, Tren, and Deca twice a week. I started off with .75cc of test and .5cc of deca and Tren. By the end of my cycle I used my dose to 1.5cc of Test, 1 cc of Tren and .75 of deca. I only ran the Deca for about 8 weeks. My results were stunning and people from my gym would not stop complimenting me. I especially like using 7Lab because you can type in the product serial

    Number on their website and they confirm if it’s real or not. Never received a fake product. I especially like this, it really puts my mind at ease knowing my products are legit

    Overall, I would highly recommend this lab to any experienced user who if looking for a quality product at very reasonable cost. It’s nice knowing you will get a legit product. I will continue to use this lab and hope nothing changes with my experience

  3. Testolab-P was noticed within the week, the usual signs (increased libido, hard on all day, feeling more confident), although I waited for 3 weeks before this review to make sure all 3 items were legit. I started at 156lbs, im using prop 120mg eod, dbol 35mg ed, and proviron ed, jump 3 weeks forward, im 173lbs. Pumps are insane, they last most of the day, strength has gone up (not too too much as its just been 3 weeks, but enough that its noticeable). My diet isn’t the cleanest, but having been at such a low weight, I began eating all I could at every chance, and the dbol has helped with my hunger, so I know I wont hold all this weight, but if I can keep 8+ lbs at then end of it all, ill be content.

    Highly suggest using them.

  4. Pinned first shot of test prop 150 and tren ace today, was really smooth and easy going. Also took 50 mg of there anavar.

    Haven’t had enough to time to comment on there product. But will do so within a couple of weeks. Gonna run test p tren ace and anavar for about 8 weeks

    I hope product is as good as it looks. Very professional lab.

  5. At this time, I was searching for a real high quality Tren A for a good friend of mine, so I ordered 4 vials of Trenolab-A also. I’ve been using the Testolab-P for 3 weeks at a low dose of 30mg ED and everything is going great, much better than I expected at this dose. Energy is up all day, libido is great, workouts are great with no fatigue. I always get a little pip with prop, but not with 7Lab’s prop, absolutely zero pip. I gave the Tren A to my friend and he’s been using it for 3 weeks as well, his first injection he must’ve got some in a vein, his whole midsection tighten up, and he went into a coughing fit for 10 minutes. I can see in his daily training that the Tren is working great and he seems really pleased with what he’s feeling. He’s dosing it at 60mg ED along with some prop at 40mg ED. He’s been alot more aggressive during our sparring sessions but he gets winded alot faster now. When we’re grappling he’s much more unpredictable, and his takedowns are much more explosive, and hard to get away from. In the weight room, his strength is climbing everyday. Only sides he’s dealing with at this dose is some insomnia, and sweating heavily during training sessions and while sleeping. Both the oils were clean and free of any floaters, and pinned easily through a 25g and 27g.

  6. x3 Tren Ace

    x2 Test Prop

    x2 Test cyp

    This was my first go around with Tren Ace and hot damn this stuff is insane. I got the Tren cough a few times and the results were top notch. I ran a recomp with the Test Prop and Tren and went from 217 and 13-14% and now I’m sitting at roughly 10% and lean as hell. Nobodies ever used the word lean with me because I have a stocky build, but all of my friends and my lady cant use that word enough 😉 The PIP with the Tren and Prop got pretty intense at times, but that was to be expected. Taking two ibuprofin a couple hours before my shot and it was minimal. Heating pad was my best friend as well. The only thing is one of my Prop vials started to leak from the top but I’m sure that’s my fault. Probably using too much pressure drawing the oil, but not that big of a deal to me. I just drew all the oil out and put it in a new vial.

    1. im kinda new to this but i was thinking about running the same thing. How much should I take starting out?

  7. 7Lab tren e 200 10ml
    7Lab test c 250 10ml
    Oxano-lab 20mg x50

    Quality is probably the best ive used in the last couple years after a couple weeks of tren I started feeling like an animal …. I became very aggressive .. Another thing I noticed on running these 3 was about 2 months in my right nip got very sore … Strenght is through the roof an put on some nice size

  8. This is a review for 7labs deca 250 and test e 250. That i started back n august. And ran for 12 weeks.

    I used this as a pretty simple bulking stack. Took it back old school. Trained three days a week w very heavy weight. And lot of food w plenty off rest. Goal was purely to add size and strength. I ran the test e at 1,000mgs a week for 12 weeks and the deca at 500mgs a week. The test worked great. Had my lilbo very high, beast mode feeling. Constant woods and chased wife around at all times. Oily skin, agresstion and strength was really high. Didnt experience much pip while pinning. Im sure mixing it w the deca helped. Definetly enjoyed using this product and i would use it again. Now the deca. Man i loved using this stuff. At around week six. I could really notice a huge difference. My joints were at easy and pain free. Lifts went way up and all out strength was at an all time high. I trained very heavy. I never maxed out. But, did do some triples n doubles on the main three. It was great moving some big weight like that. My muscles always stay very full and pumped so to speak. It was a great cycle. I didnt experience deca dick as i followed the 2:1 ratio and everything was fine. Cant wait to use this stack again in the fall.

  9. x2 7Lab Tren Ace

    x2 7Lab Test prop

    Quailty I’ve recieved and used several times is always Up to standard. Especially the tren. @ 100mg eod little Tren cough here and there, night sweats managable and some Trensomia but anyone with half a brain judges quality on gains not sides, strength UP, aggression UP and visible changes in physique.

  10. Test C by 7Labs

    Quality was legit, did what it was suppose.

    13 week cycle went good.

  11. The products i personally have had great results from are 7lab’s anavar and primobolan depot which has helped me fifstly to bulk and then to get cut for my recent bodybuilding competition which may i add i won 1st place so i cannot praise them enough and will continue to use you without a doubt.

  12. I have only injected a bit of Sustanon and it looks legit; I have also started using aromasin and it looks effective and legit too.

  13. 7Lab Sustalab-250 and Stano-lab 20.

    I was also had a vial of 7Labs test prop that I have been using every other day and results are amazing, very noticeable in my traps, delts, biceps and triceps already. Good clear liquid and well sealed vials.

  14. This review is a little overdue, but it’s for 7labs Test-P and Test-E.

    Excellent quality, pinned 3 mls of Test-P and had very minimal pip.

    I would recommend this lab.

  15. so far i have used the dbol and test e with good gains in strentgh and mass So lets get straight, this dbol i used kicked in after 4 days, and i got an immense pump, i was not thinking it would be that good, but i got really suprised and the test e is nice stuff, okay its PIP i dont know what it means, but i think it means when u inject this stuff, ur arms or ur ass hurt a little bit afterwards, if that is pip?,well if yes, than its true,but not long after 1 day is gone and i read before alot people say have pip or this, but Come on guys, we all aint pu.ss.y right? we are man and not girls.

  16. Never used Anavar or Mast P before so have nothing to compare them to, but in addition to my existing Tren/Test cycle there certainly was something different (and in a good way). The quality is good so far. The Anavar is in 20mg tabs, but splittable with a little bit of cutting, otherwise the coating makes it tricky.

  17. Happy with the quality of the products.

    Dbol is good. Kicked in fast, put on weight very easily and impressive strength games. Only down side is on a 40mg per day split dose I felt my blood pressure go through the roof. Now taking 20mg in one dose immediately upon waking which I don’t imagine many people do but it works for me and no blood pressure problems as yet. Can definitely notice a difference in the test compared to what I was previously using, this one is much stronger and I’m horny as fuck all the time. I get really bad pip every time I inject (glutes and delts) not sure if it’s my body reacting to it or the gear itself but I can put up with the pain to get the gains. Haven’t been on the proviron for long. Will be adding another review for this one in the next couple of weeks.

  18. I’d like to order asap. Need Testosterone undeconate if not available the Enanthate , Cyp, or Sust. Also Anavar 10mg or higher 100 tablets, Turnibol 10-20 100 tablet pack, HGH only if garentee of quality 100iu’s to start, Primobalan 100 -200 10ml vial, Deca Durablin 300 mg vial. If the HGH is available the Ill be taking with HCG 1000-5000ius and Nolvadex. My goal is to build my self back up after a bad car accident. If you have any feedback I’d Appreciate it. Thank You My friend, I look forward to ordering many times. One thing I was curious about is the IGF-1 or the Lr3?

  19. I had 20 bottles of Test C and ive been on for 5 weeks now. Puffy nips oily skin, all the signs point to great quality. I look great feel great and I couldnt be happier.

    I love these folks.

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