Axiolabs Reviews

axiolabs reviews


Axiolabs Reviews
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Without a doubt, the high quality of steroids from Axiolabs is due to the presence of a powerful raw material base. For the production of its preparations, the company uses only those ingredients whose purity index is close to 99 percent.

The year of foundation of the company was 1998. This manufacturer was able to win the hearts of athletes all over the world in a short time. At the same time, their drugs have never failed. Many manufacturers of steroids have experienced not only ups, but also downs. This did not happen with Axiolabs.

For more than a decade, the company’s drugs have been of consistently high quality and attractive prices. That is why bodybuilders are still actively deciding to buy Axiolabs gear. They are confident that the next drug they have purchased will be as high-quality and effective as before.

All the company’s products comply with GMP standards. This fact confirms the high quality of the pharma coming off the production line of Axiolabs. The management also took care of the protection of their goods. For this, security codes are used. If you decide to order Axiolabs products, then to verify the authenticity of the drug, you must enter the code on the official website.

An equally important factor in the popularity of Axio pharma is a wide range of products. In this list, athletes will find all the popular anabolic steroids and drugs for rehabilitation therapy. Beginners should study reviews of Axiolabs, which can be found online without any problems.

4 thoughts on “Axiolabs Reviews

  1. Week 1
    Axiolabs Test E 500mg

    Axiolabs Primo 800mg

    Starting weight 180lbs

    Week 2
    Axiolabs Test Enanthate 500mg

    Axiolabs primo 800mg

    Week 3
    Axiolabs Test Enanthate 500mg

    Primo 800mg

    Week 4-5
    Axiolabs Test Enanthate 500mg

    Sex drive good and active. Can’t get enough of my wife i even manage to impregnate her lol. Weeks 3-4 were when the sex drive hit hard. Around week 5 I got like testosterone aggressive from the Axiolabs Test Enanthate, I was ready to fight over anything within the day of pinning and the next day I would be calmer. Greasy/oily face side effects started around week 5. Recovery rate was good very little muscle soreness from workouts. Been hitting heavier weight for more reps has given me some good results in strength and physique. I notice muscle separation and a lot of vascularity. A lot of vascularity in my quads. Forearms, shoulder rope vain and traps get vainy when worked. Calves vainey to. My waist appears thinner but I think because my shoulders gained a little more size my abs are showing even though my diet hasn’t been the cleanest but definitely not the dirtiest. These compounds have been working great for bjj/mma training, I feel not only strong but athletic as well which is a big plus for me. Maintaining strength, endurance and mobility really loving that.

    Squat 405lbs for 3 reps

    Deadlift 425lbs for 1 rep

    Weight 185lbs morning weight. Axiolabs Primo and Test E smooth draw and pin mixes well with little to no pip.

  2. I ordered 10 axio test e some of the best test ive used was using twice a week for a total of 500mg with 600mg of EQ and the result was a nice dry lean physique. definitely recommend this test, i might be giving the balkan amps a try since the prices are unbeatable for some pharma quality on my next order.

  3. been running the cyp and deca for 2 months now and the anadrol i just came off of after a month. everything feels spot on!

  4. This review is for the Ultraplex 150 BLEND.

    So I was prepping for a show and decided to run their ultraplex cut stack. Man is this stuff strong. 1ml eod got me in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Obviously with a good diet and cardio routine, it goes very well with this blend. I got down to 5% bf and took 1st in my class MP, 2nd overall. First every show too lol

    This is quality stuff guys. And even with the high dosage there is ZERO PIP. Don’t waste your money elsewhere. This is a top lab for sure. If you’re prepping for a show you need quality stuff and I’m glad I was running Axiolabs for my show

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