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Kalpa Pharmaceuticals products are impeccable in terms of quality and reliability. The lab pays much attention to the research and development of new drugs, various state programs in the field of health. The products are produced in both injectable and oral forms.

Indian pharmaceutical lab which was founded in 1994. Over the past several decades, the specialists of Kalpa have mastered and manufactured a wide range of pharmaceutical products. The production facilities are GMP-compliant and ISO 9001 certified.

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals products are impeccable in terms of quality and reliability. The lab pays much attention to the research and development of new drugs, various state programs in the field of health. The products are produced in both injectable and oral forms.

The lab is distinguished by very good prices, all preparations of the Kalpa Labs, as they say among bodybuilders, “works.” Athletes who can purchase original genuine anabolic steroids produced by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals are almost always satisfied with the result, and share positive feedback about the lab. When the correct dosages are observed, no side effects are observed.

Negative reviews about the lab are most often left by those people who purchased a fake, rather than an original drug. Buy Kalpa products only from trusted dealers who can take products directly from the manufacturer.


  1. I ordered 3 100ct 50mg tabs of Stanoxyl. This stuff was potent. I was on a cut of Test/Tren/EQ, then threw this in for the last month. Within just 3 days at 50mg/day, my muscles were noticeably fuller and harder. I know for a fact this wasn’t a placebo. I hung out with the day before starting the winny, then again three days after starting it. She spent a good couple minutes poking my chest talking about how much harder it felt that day. After a few weeks, I bumped it to 100mg/day, and got the same reaction from her and another girl. Vascularity, strength, density, and just the overall physique of my physique were greatly improved. 10/10 would recommend

  2. Tren acetate 100, Test enenthate 250, Stanoxyl oral 50mg

    Quality is defiantly great. Personally I like Kalpa plus I can always check authenticity on their site for peice of mind. By week 3 I really started to notice my gains strengthwise. I’m in week 8 now and the visual difference is phenominal

  3. This review is for Kalpa Testoxyl Enanthate. Ran these at 500 mg a week split mon thurs. For 15 weeks. Very thick oil in these fuckers. But the results were just great you can’t beat. In the 15 weeks I gained a total of 22 lbs no lie. I ate like a beast as well. My strength went through the roof. Bu the end of the cycle i put on 90 lbs on my bench and and 140 lbs on my squat. I really started noticing it kick in strong around week 6. My libido skyrocketing my pumps at the gym were nuts and my overall feeling was amazing.

  4. Everything I get from them is very legit and works wonders. I was running 750 Kalpa Test E and holy crap I felt like a monster, both in the gym and in bed. The Cialis I get from them makes me a friggin rockstar in bed. Sex life has never been better in my life.

  5. Have been running KP Oxandroxyl (Anavar) for about 4 weeks great pumps a lot more density in my muscle. The test is great. Just started running Tren and my vascularity and pumps are amazing.

  6. I almost exclusively purchase Kalpa’s Testoxyl Enanthate 250, Almost 50 vials all together.

    No blood work proof, yea I know. But, I will say that after almost 50 vials of the same product all from Kalpa’s, I’m very happy with the results. I vary my dose between 250mg a week up to 1g a week when blasting. Currently 235lbs @ 5’10” ~18% body fat. Lifts as follows: 575lb Deadlift, 375lb Bench, 365lb Box squat. Libido is generally through the roof when my AI is dosed correctly, strength gains come fast and easy especially when I’m blasting 1g a week. I’ve heard rumors Kalpa may be under-dosed but I can’t confirm or deny that. All I know is I’ve never been bigger, stronger or less likely to put on body fat.

  7. Quality, quality, quality!!! Kalpa’s Test E is fantastic! Smooth and basically 0 pip. I pin quads 2x a week, about 375-410mgs total weekly. Even taking this low of a dose and only 7 weeks in, I’ve put on a solid DRY 11pounds. I eat clean as hell low carb and only allow 1 cheat meal a week. So def a solid product. I also take very low dose Aromaxyl, 6mgs 2x a week to keep estrogen levels in check. I’ve yet to touch the Sustaxyl yet but will review when I do.

  8. Huge gains in size and strength with the test and KP oxy. Go in the gym feeling like you are on a mission. Huge pumps and insane focus and stamina. The tren gives you rock hard muscle while getting rid of unwanted fat. Love the Kalpa line great quality without a lot of the unwanted side effects.

    I will be using kalpa again and I will greatly recommend kalpa products to everybody else!

  9. First cycle:

    testoxyl prop 500 for 10 weeks

    stanoxyl 50 oral first 40 days

    arimixyl .5 mg per day for 14 weeks

    Second cycle:

    sustaxyl 350. Pinned 1cc 3 times a week for 12 wks

    anadroxyl 50mg daily for first 10 weeks

    nandroxyl 250 pinned 1/3 cc 3 times a week for 10 wk

    aromaxyl .5 mg daily for 14 weeks

    I took clomixyl at the end of each cycle as well

    I personally got great results. The 30 pounds I put on were solid muscle. I have kept all of it after I’ve been off . I felt great while in it . Sex drive was crazy, energy was amazing. No side effects the first cycle but I did get bad acne on my second. It had cleared now that I have cycled off. I would recommend using kalpa products to anyone who wants great results.

  10. i always use kalpa pharmaceuticals. they have lab reports proving their potency so you know your getting the real deal.

    i ran a 10 week cutting cycle pinning every other day. huge results. “shredded” is a good word for it. great products. never had any pip or ill side effects from KP products… did get some acne though if we are being honest here

    ive used kalpa many times and will continue to use them… because they have quality products and are very trust worthy.

  11. Been on my cycle for almost 8 weeks now and started with and still using KP test enanthate. Was kind of hesitant to use it cause of mixed feedback but iv’e had these bottles for over a year and i figured now would be the time. My cycle is going ok so far, didn’t start out well due to bunk orals from another source but 8 weeks in now and the test e is working like it should, my sex drive is healthy, oily skin, decent pumps, good appetite, and i have ups and downs but most of the time have sense of well being and strength is up. I’m also up about 12 pounds.

  12. The dianoxyl are amazing. I can feel them within an hour of taking them. Aromaxyl took all the puffiness out of my nips after just a few doses. Great pumps and overall feeling of well being on the test and eq. Recovery time is cut in half. No injection site soreness. Fatigue in the gym is almost gone.

    I have been competing for several years with numerous 1st and overall titles. It has been a long time since I have been able to use such high quality stuff. I would HIGHLY recommend Kalpa Pharmaceuticals for the great quality. It’s your body treat it right with good products.

  13. I pinned the prop daily 1cc for 20 days.

    No pip was noticed and the oil was smooth.

    Libido skyrocketed within a couple days and by the 4 day I was flying. Oily skin and crazy libido!

    End of week 2 my estrogen was climbing and so was the weight.

    Anti estrogen was added to control the sides.

    Had a great sense of well being and gained some good weight in a short time. Never really weighed myself but I Def gained a few lbs. I was gaining so rapidly my ulnar neuropathy and tendinitis was in overdrive and had to ad some anti inflammatorys to the mix.

    Strength went up too and was the good sense of well being as I always do from good prop.

    Great sample and I’m about to shop for more goodies. Thanks again for prop!

  14. Used Oxandroxyl tabs for 5-6 weeks. the quality is great. no bad sides, you can see the results mixed with hard work at the gym. This is the real stuff, nothing fake here.

    I love this lab and would recommend it to anyone.

  15. The quality of all the products I get from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is outstanding. I did a cycle of the tren sus and test, followed by oxandroxyl and stanoxyl. I used the letroxyl and arimixyl as my anti estrogens and my pct. I ran 250mg per week of test e, 200mg a week tren e, and 350mg per week of sus for a total of 10 weeks. I put on 20lbs of lean muscle because towards the end of my cycle, around week 8, I started taking 100mg per day of stanoxyl and 80mg per day of oxandroxyl for a total of 6 weeks. I got really vascular from the oxan and stan. My muscles also became really tight and hard as well. From the sus, test, and tren, I am mainly just putting on size everywhere and also getting stronger about every week. On week 8 I also started running adex and letro as my pct. I was taking a pill a day of each one and they kept the side effects down. During this whole cycle the only side effects that I got was some acne on my face, back, shoulders, and chest. The sus gave me a little bit of gyno but I took some letro mid cycle when I noticed it and it went away in like 4 days.

    I love using KP and I plan on purchasing legit products from them for as long as I am able to. I would recommend this lab to anyone.

  16. Kick-started with the d-bol which was great, great strength gains and some size also, finished off with winstrol + var from another source and leaned out pretty well at the end of the cycle. Integrated Clen on and off during the cycle and I’ve used pharm grade Clen before back home where it’s available without prescription and I can certainly say I enjoyed KP Clen a lot, had me warm and jittery at just 80mcg/ed.

    So far I’m loving this source.

  17. This is the only lab I use! They should be rated number 1

    Test E, Bold 300, Nolva, Aromasin, Letro, Methan, Winstrol – Quality is A++

    This current cycle I am running is for 14 weeks and I am about 8 weeks in and everything is on point! Strength up! Libido up! Muscle Mass up! Some fat loss too which is good since I have been force feeding myself the whole time.

  18. Kalpa Pharm is on point! Everything was good gear for me!

    Test 250 Worked great, libido, sides, everything I would expect

    Deca gave me my joints ease like i needed

    Tbol was great for starting up my cycle, good strength gains

    Arimidex worked perfect for my AI, bloat was minimal and helped with my sides.

  19. Amazing cycle, gained a ton of mass, started noticing effects after week 4. Little bloat here n there but I kept it under control with Proviroxyl. I had joint pain and it was significantly dampened by the Nandroxyl, sex drive was through the roof. When I used the Cutaxyl it was great as well, got a drier, harder look, body temp really high which I love, vascularity increased, body fat melted away, over all one of my favorite cycles so far. Recovery with PCT worked I am already back at my regular levels and am a happy camper with my results, will make another order soon.

  20. The product quality has always been great, and I’ve never had a complaint myself or from anyone else that gets gear from these lab. You seriously cannot go anywhere else and receive such high quality merchandise for this price.

    I’m going to sound like a broken record but if you’re looking for the best, you’ve found them.

  21. This stack worked out great: Test C x 500mg per week, Deca x500mg per week and Anavar x75mg a day. Used Exemestane during and post cycle to fight estrogen related problems and crashing. Satisfied with the results and can’t wait to make more gains next year.

    Quality KP products!! You will be happy with the results!!

  22. I will split the product quality for my use and my friends.

    Mine: I used 5 bottles of tren in 4 months. I cycled around 4 weeks on 4 off with about 700-800mg a week. To date I have gained 30lb of muscle and 2 lb of fat. This is not an exaggeration and have the bodyfat charts to prove it. The tbol was great. Big gains in vascularity and pumps. I had to stop due to liver issues but I had enough to know it’s legit. The test cyp is spot on as well. Sold gains maintained while off the tren

    Friend: He packed on around 20lb of muscle while being extremely vascular and hard. He proclaimed the pumps from the halos were unbearable. Solid gains from the tren although I’m unsure his dose. Not as much detail from my experience but he liked everything and was visibly in better condition.

  23. I ordered some Kalpa Sustanon and Masteron P 100mg/10cc vials. I started this cycle after recovery from a small shoulder muscle tear, I was standing at 185 at the time, I injected Sutanon at 250mg EOD as well as 1cc/100mg EOD. I gained about 15-16 pounds, BUT I added some definition to shoulders and traps, overall I look bigger even thought I’m only 195 pounds now, I lost about 4 pounds during PCT. I went Pharma grade for my PCT Classic clomid and Nolva. 100/40 2 weeks 50/20 2 weeks. My cycle was 12 weeks long. Overall I loved the product, the typical side effects suck as small Gyno high and I mean high libido and super oily skin as well as the muscle definition acquired while on the cycle and just trying to maintain ATM.

  24. This review was for Kalpa Tren Enanthate. Although it was my 1st run with Tren and I chose enanthate it is due to me being trt and getting tired of pinning.

    The quality is hard to really comment on considering it was my 1st run with tren. I did get a few of the typical sides but the opposite of what most get; for example I get really bad day sweats and no night sweats; strength did increase quite a bit; weight gain was so easy to do by adding carbs; some insomnia but was remedied by using Prami; I was on 400 a week along with 500 test and had to lower the test to 300 a week which caused me to have a very bad libido problem, I want to fuck ALL the time versus my test only runs. I did have some aggression and weeks 4-5 I had some bad paranoia and wanted to smash anyone in the face but it subsided thank god.

    Nothing more to add except I like this lab and they do take care of their regular purchasers as always.

  25. Ran oxandroxyl and test Cyp for 10 weeks at 60 me on the var and 1 ml of the Cyp every 4 days. My results were 11 lbs of lean mass and the vascularity was awesome. Strength gains were noticeable about a week into the cycle. I was a little hesitant at first about Kalpa brand, but the stuff is potent and legit.

  26. Has anyone tried their clenbuterol. Dragon pharm clebuterol, you take half a pill and my heart rate goes up and I could really feel it. Kalpa I take a full pill and feel nothing

  27. Is this legal to purchase? I am getting some conflicting information.
    I am in the U.S btw.


  28. Taldenaxyl

    First off I hope I spelled Taldenaxyl right but anyway it’s to help little chubby stand out there on call. I’ve used this product on several occasions and it’s very impressive. One tab will do you for around two days. Your not gonna walk around standing at attention all day but when you need to be ready you’ll be ready guaranteed. Pop a tab around an hour prior and you’ll be good to go, over and over. The intensity at “finish” is amazing and will continue to be that way each and every time for the next two days with just one tab.

  29. Test P100

    Mast P100

    Clean, well dosed, great pumps, some minor pip but nothing to bad. Bacne out of control & random wood from sunrise to sunset, AMAZING PUMPS & EXTREMELY VASCULAR!!!

    Kalpa’s gear has me running circles around dudes half my age in the gym… All gas!!!

  30. I was using Test E from another brand at the time and since I had never used Sustanon decided to run the one received just to try it. Let me tell you i am glad I did as I felt those short esters kick in immediately. Agression kicked up despite already being on Test E. Lets just say after using their “Sustaxyl” from there forward I have only been using Sustanon. This cycle was my first run with NPP and I thought I wasn’t feeling the lubrication of the joints. Well when I ran out let me tell you i could tell the difference all of the sudden joints started aching and acting up at the gym. I was relieved when I received the “Duraxyl” and pinned right away by the end of the first week my joints were back to the way they were when using previous sources NPP nice and lubricated. I guess with NPP you don’t know what you have until it’s gone lol. No PIP with either “Duraxyl” or “Sustaxyl” both products were very smooth not to mention the products came in a very professional box and I fell in love with the pop off cap from the vial they used it seemed much more professional than some I’ve gotten from previous sources.

  31. My overdue review of kalpa pharmaceuticals.

    Mast enanthate

    Test enanthate

    Tren enanthate

    I ran a 3month cycle at 1cc of each E3D

    I gained approx. 15lbs of solid LBM with little to no water retention. The oils pinned rather smooth and the brand has a professional appeal.

    I followed a keto diet as well with little to no cardio and got shredded

    I experienced rapid strength gains in most lifts but the tren-somnia was almost too much

    Mast kept me super dry and horny as well as keeping gyno at bay and added a boost of stamina. All in all im pleased with this brand!

  32. Kalpatropin x 20 vials

    Started using kalpatropin from the last week of September2018 @ 4iu/day. 2 ius in the morning and 2 ius before bed. The initial noticeable signs were numbness in my hands in the morning. Appetite is on point and even after re feeds I am leaner the next day. Sleep is on point.

    Needless to say I’ll be ordering again soon.

  33. kalpa pharmaceuticals sustaxyl

    it was as expected, acne, oily skin, the usually. I’ve used a few sources and clearly it was easily on par with the others, also no PIP at all! strength up within 3 weeks, started noticing some aggression at the same time

    Quality lab!

  34. Love kalpa products Better than most of ugls i’ve run. Gear is really good and i believe Kalpa is highly underrated.

    Kalpa sustaxyl 350mgml

    Kalpa oxandroxyl 10mg

    TRT Blast: Week1-15: Sustaxyl 1050mg/week

    Week 10-15: Oxandroxyl 40mg/ed, 50mg/ed, 50mg/ed, 60mg/ed, 70mg/ed, 70mg/ed

    SUSTAXYL: Being on TRT, have mostly used doc prescribed test which would always give me pip. My experience with high dosed gear has always been painful and that was the case with kalpa’s sustaxyl. The oils seemed crystal clear and smooth. There was no problem pinning through 24 G needles but the pip would stay for couple of days. Was on trt prescribed test prior to blast. At week 3 of my blast, felt my libido going super high. It remained high throughout on these dosages. Strength went up week by week. Didn’t need to alter AI dosages. Progressive improvement in lifts and pumps. The skin turned much more oily. Two things which tells me about quality test while running several compounds ; Boost in libido and oily skin. I notice these two sides especially on test. At this time i was running sustaxyl alongwith oxandroxyl so it was quite obvious that the sustaxyl has been doing an unbelievably amazing job. General sense of well being was not less than a miracle for an old gun. I stayed on top of the world with libido on full swing.

    OXANDROXYL: Used it towards the end of blast. It worked amazing in helping me lean out. Started at 40mg and worked my way upto 70mg. Strength was at peak during the last 3 weeks. My body got more defined and polished look. Legit oxandrolone is hard to grab but when i do get one, it makes me lean out faster, decrease body fat especially around waistline and a more vascular appearance. With Kalpa i noticed all these features. Not only this but stayed super tight and hard. The last 3 weeks on oxandroxyl were awesome in terms of conditioning. Despite being 50, cardio and endurance regimen were at high levels. This helped me achieve a full dry look at the end of blast. My experience with it says, it’s legit and top quality oxandrolone. Pumps were super amazing and unbelieveable.

    During the blast seen increase in muscle mass and strength. It was my first time using kalpa. No hassle, no run around, no complaints. totally satisfied and happy. Quality ranks one of the best. Overall am pleased with their products. Take my word and just try them, you won’t get disappointed.

  35. Everything is running solid, kicking in as it should! The NPP Dbol pumps are unreal, for those that have run these two together know exactly what I’m talking about!

  36. I had my reservations on kalpa oils, I’d heard mixed reviews on their tabs. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the quality of this gear, body is changing rapidly with the addition of tren to my trt. I stopped using trt test and changed to kalpa to keep this review fair. Libido was just as high as before, if not higher. Strength is increasing steadily with 10kg on my bench in a few short weeks, body weight the same but I look leaner. I’m irritable, had my first bout of tren cough, feel myself getting really cocky and having the craziest dreams I’ve ever had! Very vivid. I’m using 300 test and 400 tren, pinning three times a week as the pip is quite intense at even 1ml on both

    Will continue to use kalpa for the foreseeable

  37. Been on Kalpa’s Tren Ace 75mg ED for 3 Weeks now, have some increased aggression. No other sides to mention. Strength and Weight training endurance has increased drastically. The oil has minimal post injection pain as well. I have gained approx 1lb a week each week while losing body fat. Which I can tell just by looking in the mirror. Also in the 3 weeks my nuts have shrunk to raisins so I know its shutting me down hard.

  38. I run the following cycle 6 weeks on and then 4 weeks off.

    Test250 for 6 weeks at 750mg a week

    Nandroxyl for 6 weeks at 500 mg a week

    Turinaxyl 30mg a day for 4 weeks

    proviroxyl 20mg a day for 6 weeks

    I find this combination of products work best for me so far. I find the strength, weight gain, power, and sex drive always increase.

    My joints don’t hurt as much, the Deca cycles well since it stays in my system so long. Even after I am off cycle. May have to stop using Deca due to sensitive nipple issues.

    This was my first time adding Tbol to my cycle. It was slow to start noticing any effects, but after 2 weeks, I started having nice muscle and strength gains without the water bloat.

    Proviron 25mg/day I always use Proviron on cycle, pumps came on strong , helps prevent/reduce deca side effects. Always noticeably benefit with the hardness and density of my muscle, while at the same time increasing looking leaner, due to the fat burning effects. Gained 6 lbs this cycle

    I must say this is a all around good gear!

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