Effective Combating Obesity

  • It has been proven to cut through and burn off excess fat rapidly
  • It increases the core body temperature to increase fat burn time
  • It speeds up the bodies natural cycle, helping to burn fat quickly
  • It assists the body in burning fat even while resting
  • It suppresses the appetite
  • It enables diet control
  • It increases the body’s oxygen intake
  • It cuts lean lines, making it ideal for bodybuilding

Scientific Information:

  • Scientific Formula: C12H18Cl2N2O
  • Weight: 277.19012 g/mol
  • Chemical-Name:4-Amino-alpha-[(tert-butylamino)methyl]-3,5-dichlorobenzyl-alcohol-hydrochloride-(IUPAC)-or-(RS)-1-(4-Amino-3,5-dichlorophenyl)-2-(tert-butylamino)ethanol
  • (Long) Half-Life: 36 to 48 Hours
  • Detection Time: 4 to 5 days

Do not use if you:

  • Are/may be pregnant
  • Have/may have high blood pressure
  • Are taking beta-blockers as they will negate the effects of the drug
  • Have/may have a cardiovascular disease
  • Are taking cardiac glycosides (can cause serious side effects)
  • Have cardiac rhythm disturbances
  • Are taking insulin/are a diabetic

Only buy Clen from a source that you trust. This website provides a link to a trustworthy site where you can purchase Clen from a reliable supplier.

Be wary if you are buying from Australia or the US as your purchase may be seized by customs.

Alternative names for Clenbuterol

  • Astralean
  • Clen
  • Clenbuterolum
  • Planipart
  • Spiropent
  • Ventipulmin
Works For Weight Loss
  • Rapidly increases motor function speed
  • Increases your Aerobic capacity
  • Elevates your blood pressure
  • Increases the body’s oxygen intake and lung capacity
  • Accelerates fat and protein burning

People who generally use Clen are those who wish to lose a large amount of fat weight in a short amount of time With the correct diet and training routine Clenbuterol makes this possible

Clenbuterol kicks your Hormones into a catabolic overdrive, giving your brain an awesome boost of Adrenaline. It then stimulates the muscles into action. Producing Heat throughout the body. Clenbuterols fat burning properties start to kick in immediately.

The Thermogenesis created causes the body to increase its metabolic rate above normal which creates excess heat and stimulates the production of energy. This also gives way to a rise in blood pressure too. Stimulating the heart muscle to begin burning up any stored fat reserves within the body. Which ultimately ends up creating a cycle of perpetual weight loss throughout the body. The cutting of body fat in such a way, leads to a much more sculpted and leaner look from people undergoing a Clenbuterol cycle.

Sarah Horwitz

Sarah Horwitz is an esteemed expert in mild anabolic steroids and weight loss supplements for women, combining her profound knowledge with a passion for promoting women's health and fitness. As a seasoned author and respected reviewer in the steroid industry, she leverages her extensive background in exercise physiology to educate and empower women on safe enhancement practices.