Preferred Forms of Clen

Tablets are the preferred form of Clen used by bodybuilders. However, a liquid version is also available. The liquid Clen comes in the form of liquid drops. Although many athletes are under the impression that the liquid form is the most effective, this is not the case with Clen.

Clenbuterol is available in various shapes and forms, which are listed below:

  • Powders
  • Pills
  • Gels
  • Liquid drops
  • Aerosols
  • Syrups

Tablets are the most commonly consumed manner of the drug and generally come in either 10 mcg or 20 mcg tablets (20 mcg being the most common.).

How to take Clen safely (A Guide):

As Clen is quite a powerful drug (it works when one consumes mere micrograms of it) it’s not recommended that it be consumed for a prolonged period of time or in large amounts. Tablets commonly come in the form of a 20 mcg pill. It is suggested that the safest way to take the drug is to take one initial dose followed by a second dose 10-12 hours after and a third dose 36-40 after that again. This would be the common dosage taken by anyone who would be new to steroids to ensure that their body reacts positively to the drug and gets use to it gradually.

Some athletes take much larger doses, which can range between 5 and 7 tablets per day. It is not recommended that one would exceed 200 mcg per day. Advanced female athletes would commonly take approximately 80 mcg per day.

It is suggested that one uses the drug for limited periods of time. It is generally agreed that two weeks on and then allow for a two-week break before using the drug again.

It is recommended by many experienced bodybuilders to use Clen in short cycles. The most common are:

  • 2 Days on 2 Days Off
  • 1 Week on 1 Week Off
  • 2 Weeks on 2 Weeks Off
  • 3 Weeks on 3 Weeks Off

As the body gets used to Clen and will become immune to it after a prolonged period of exposure, it is suggested that alternating cycles lead to the best results. Alternating cycles allow the body to recuperate after use and prevents it from become immune to the drug’s effects.

Can You Buy Clenbuterol Online?

Like almost all steroids, Clen can be purchased quite easily online through various websites. However, as the drug has been banned by the FDA for human use one must be careful when purchasing the drug. Ensure that you are making an informed decision before you buy Clenbuterol. Read the information provided to ensure that it suits your needs and will get you the desired effects. Clenbuterol is legal in some countries via a prescription from a doctor only and to be used as a breathing facilitator. Consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

Do not use Clen if:

  • You are/may be pregnant
  • You have/may have high blood pressure
  • You’re taking beta-blockers as they negate the effects of the drug
  • You have/may have a cardiovascular disease
  • You are taking cardiac glycosides (can cause serious side effects)
  • You have cardiac rhythm disturbances
  • You are taking insulin/are a diabetic.
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