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We recommend DragonPharma.net to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders.

The DragonPharma.net Main Features and Services

I discovered that DragonPharma.net was duly licensed the official Dragon Pharma website, Europe. This suggests that the online pharmacy is from Europe. The copyright informs that the company has been online since 2000. They appear to be a store that has innovative drugs that did not exist 20 years ago.

The medication they have are categorized as Anabolic and Androgenic Steroids (Orals and Injectables) from various brands, Anti-Estrogens, Fat Loss Pills, Sexual Health, Retinoids and Peptides. The drugs I look for are available as Anavar (Oxandrolone), Dianabol (Methandienone or Methandrostenolone), Cypionat 250 (Testosterone Cypionate) and Sustanon (Mix of Testosterone Esters). The cheapest Anaar appear to costs about $65, Dianabol is about $53 or Cypionat which goes for $55 and a vial of Sustanon is as low as $75. The company appears to get these products from Europe.

DragonPharma.net appears to be verified by Dragon Pharma Checker and accredited by their official website.

dragon pharma supplier

Customers from USA or other parts of the world can complete their order by paying using Crypto-Currencies and International Money Orders. No prescription is required when making a selection of products for use in this store.

Shipping is done globally and has a single flat rate of $25.00 for US shipping and handling parcels through the United States Postal Service mail; my order can be delivered in 10 – 18 business days. There is also a minimum $30.00 shipping charge when shipping to most countries in the world- international orders may take 16 to 18 business days. More details can be provided by the customer service who can be contacted through their tickets system.

Dragon Pharma Reviews:

DragonPharma.net has been evaluated on an independent review site. The ones I will discuss now are posted in 2012, another in 2014 and lastly in 2019.

Jim S. published his review on 11/14/12 and said, “I ordered Enantat 400 from this company in August. The package arrived in less than two weeks and the packaging and product were excellent.” His review suggests that the delivery timeframe is honored and the products are effective when in use.

The review posted on 7/16/14 was made by Willi d. He had this in mind, “I’ve been ordering from this Dragon Pharma source for 4 years and everything has been excellent. The customer service people are friendly and very knowledgeable and I’ve always been happy with the product.” He insists that he has been a prospective buyer and the services and products he receives are as expected and delivered with excellence.

On 5/20/19, Mike S. published his review on the services and products supplied by Dragon Pharma. This is what he had to say, “I have been ordering Winstrol and Clenbuterol from this online pharmacy for several years. Very happy with delivery, packaging, and pricing. Very content customer.”

Mike was more specific and share information that suggests that their products do work and he can attest to that. He was also happy with the services (delivery, packaging, and pricing). They both left a 5-star rating for this site.


As I come to an end, I recommend DragonPharma.net due to its excellent reputation and it is indeed credible to provide authentic Dragon Pharma medication.

I will go ahead and give the site a 5 out of 5 star rating which is similar to the one available on the independent review site. I plan to make a trial purchase for my summer cycle needs and see if DragonPharma.net can deliver what they guarantee.


  1. i placed a huge order months back last year. ive been ordering from dragonpharma.net for a couple years now and ive always been a happy camper. They are not perfect but you can bet that whatever issues you may have, DP will always take care of you. things have to be done in a certain procedure and it does take some time which can suck but i say its worth it. i can trust DP with my hard earned money

    DP is a huge seller so im sure he has tons of messages a day. He usually applies within 72 hours or less. ive gotten messages within the same day sometimes. it just all depends. but none of the less he is always very helpful and can go above and beyond compared to other sellers

    takes about 2 weeks when payment is picked up. the packaging is decent. i made a HUGE order and i got some broken vials and amps which didnt really bother me because the prices were unbeatable at the time.

    i got in on the 50% deal several months back so it was a sweeeeet deal for those pharma amps. Ive always used organon sust and theres nothing better than those babies. clean smooth injections. fast, lean gains which require very minimal A.I. By week 3 i was already rockin hard in the gym. My lifts went way up and i had incredible stamina and recovery. Ohh and libido was threw the roof, i felt substantial improvements within the first week! I used the clomid and nolva for my pct and recovered smoothly. DP is probably one of the few ugl brands that i can trust.

    the bayer testoviron and rimbolan i got for a couple buddies and their results we phenominal as well. theres just nothing that can beat pharma grade and organon and bayer are brands that i trust 100%. never ever ever been let down at all.

    DP always has great deals and promotions. they carry such a wide range of brands that makes them a one stop shop! Once those deals come around, you would be a fool not to score you some pharma juice. the one thing i would critique would be the shipping times and packaging of larger orders consisting of vials and amps. My package was not very well protected and i got some broken. but over all im satisfied and will continue to buy again and again

  2. I was first introduced to DragonPharma.net through a buddy of mine a few years ago… long before I ever heard about steroids.reviews. Ever since my first order, I have been nothing but impressed with the quality of their gear. For as long as I can remember, they have always had a nice selection of products, but between then and now it has grown substantially. It has become a one stop shop for peptides, hgh, aas, ancillaries, and a ton of other stuff. Not to mention, no one does a promo like DP. The generosity they’ve display is unmatched. Last year they sent out 200 DP Anavar to anyone who had a 30+ karma I believe… yes anavar… that stuff isn’t cheap and lord knows how much was spent on that promo. I give credit to all the other sources for promoting their gear, but most promotions only provide you with a weeks worth of gear and then they want a review which is only right, but seriously, who knows for real if an injectable is good after a week unless its a short ester. Anyways, I have been genuinely impressed with everything I have received and all transactions. I HIGHLY recommend trying them out!!!!

    None really needed. I received emails and updates until it was shipped and tracked it.

    Always packed quite stealthily. All items were perfectly secured and as far as T/A time goes, some arrived quicker than others. I’ve seen stuff come in a week and some have taken 3 weeks. But, this isn;t my first rodeo and I know shipping across the pond can take time.

    Well, my original plan was to bulk and participate in the Steroids.Reviews EBC Winter Bulker, but due to an back and leg injury I had to stop my cycle about 8 weeks in to heal and save what I had left. At the beginning of my cycle, I ran test e at 600mg a week with 400mg of NPP, 800mg of EQ, and 30mg of superdrol a day for the first 3 weeks(kickstart). After 6 weeks, I was going to drop the NPP and add tren in its place at 600mg a week and lower my test e dose down to 250mg a week… then for the last 2 weeks I was going to run dbol to gain some quick weight at the end. I made it a little over halfway and was having very nice gains(15 pounds of solid mass at that point), but I slipped and fell down a flight of icy old rotted stairs that my landlord never fixed. Needless to say, my settlement will get me a lot more DP… haha. All in all though, the products exceeded all expectations and I’m sure the entire cycle would have been great had it all worked out. All of the gear was dosed correctly if not stronger. The melanotan 2 and tb-500 worked awesome for me. The TB got rid of my nagging tendonitus and the melanotan 2 still has me looking like I’m an islander. The caber worked good as well as I continued to take it after my injury for a few weeks and had all the good sides from it and no prolactin. I ended up letting my buddy use the superdrol and he had great results but it did elevate his liver numbers very quickly.

    Well, you’ve read my review and there’s really nothing more I can tell you. DP has a huge selection and top quality gear, are very generous and take care of their customers, and are very easy people to deal with. Definitely worth an order to see for yourself.

  3. DragonPharma.net has been my supplier for years. No regrets with DP! They are the best in the business. I always receive excellent service and results!

    Communication is top notch with updates on payment received, shipped, and tracking! If there is a need for support their online chat is top notch!

    T/A has never been more than 15 days to my door! And I am on the west coast USA. Packaging is always tightly secured and discreet.

    I love the DP product. I get consistent results, top show placings, and bloodwork to back it up!

    Cut Mix 2cc eod

    Anastrozole 1mg ed

    This cycle will last me approx 8 weeks and provide a very hard,vascular, ripped look with moderate amounts of cardio needed to obtain top condition! Great stuff!

    Recommended to anyone who wants quality gear at a good price with a plus of great customer service. Thanks DP!

  4. Absolutely fantastic service and products here! Nothing but the best. Ran a 14 week cycle of Dragon Pharma test cypionate at 250mg with DP tren acetate at 225mg a week and gained 20lbs. I am an advanced lifter so my gains were outstanding. Cabaser kept any gyno or side effects to an absolute minimum. I am very pleased with the products and you will be too. Again, thank you for the great products and service DP, I will be back for more.

    Shipping was ultra fast. Emails are sent when you place an order and are updated along the way to let you know what is going on with your order. A tracking # is even provided, which was helpful – giving me a time frame of when to expect.

    T/A was so fast for international. I believe 9 days and I had my package in hand.

    Ran 14 week cycle of Test Cypionate and Tren Ace, had an awesome run with a net gain of 20lbs. The tren ace kept me really hard and lean, diet and cardio was exceptional though.

  5. Another order received from Dragonpharma.net, only place I will buy my gear from. Been ordering on DP for about 4 months, almost one order every week. Gotta say top of the line gear and service.

    Had a problem with my tracking number and the problem was solved in about 12 hours.

    Packing was discreet and fast. Took about 15 days to receive.

    5 x IGF-1 LR3 1MG

    Been using this IGF gear with my other products and let me tell you these results are amazing. Great strength and shedding fat away like nothing.

    Only place to get your gear is DP!

  6. I would like to thank dragonpharma.net again, you guys are great!

    The communication and support are excellent. Any time I have ever needed help or to get in touch with someone, I always Am treated right, and that definitely matters in this game.

    DP has a very fast turn around. In fact probably the fastest I’ve ever had from a foreign source. I believe my last order had a 6 day turn around, which is excellent.

    Packaging is very secure and professionally done. Very very good packaging.

    4x test e

    3x tren e

    1x winstrol

    3x HCG

    1X cabaser







    10/10 Perfect quallity. Instant hardness, instant energy, instant gains. Absolutely no bs.. Had bad experiences with other sources before causing horrible swelling and pain in the injection sites. But DP wont dissapoint you, I can tell you these guys are legit as fuark and know what they are doing.

    All i can say is that these guys are the absolute best and know what they are doing. From quality to selection, shipping to packaging, easy use website to amazing customer support, everything. You have a customer for life.

  7. I found my number one spot ,thanks guys i was skeptical at first but all went good.

    First time using them and would definitely use them again.

    Shipping was very fast,tracking was good,very professional. packaging was good nothing missing, nothing broken.

    These guys know what they are doing.

    8 x Sustanon 270

    1 x BD Stan 50 (Winstrol injectable)

    1 x Winstrol tabs

    8 x Deca

    i have tried the sust and deca so far and is better than the others i have tried no pip at all.

    Don’t worry just be patient, there plenty of good reviews of DragonPharma.Net.

  8. Excellent communication and delivery. package was discreet and had no issues with delivery/ signature etc. Simple process and excellent products. Would recommend 100%.

    Easy to communicate with and willing to solve issues. Ordering process is incredibly simple and thorough,

    Packaging was discreet and on time, especially for international delivery.

    BD Test E 250

    BD Deca 250

    BD Methanabol Tabs

    BD Exemestane 25mg

    BD nolvadex 25mg

    BD quality is great. little to no pip in both cycles on it. 2, 16 week cycles with no quality issues. solid choice and confident in purchasing again.

  9. This review is for DP Deca 300.

    T/A was 16 days.

    I stacked Gp Deca 300 @ 600mg and Pharma Sustanon@ 500mg / week for 12 weeks and included EC Stano50 last 7 weeks. Also took pharma Anastrozole .5 mg EOD through out the cycle to keep water minimal. The effects of Deca started showing after 3 weeks . Gained Good strength and solid muscles every week till end of cycle. My joints felt much comfortable though i included stanozolol in this cycle. Gained 6-7 kgs of solid muscle with this cycle.

    My first order with Dragonpharma.net without any issue. So, good first time experience. 🙂

  10. I will order from DP for all my cycles. My first order was a test, it ended up being money well spent.

    It took less than a week for my shipment to arrive, all in one package.

    DP Anavar, DP Clen, DP T3.

    I was hoping to take advantage of all 3 products at the same time, and I ended up with muscle cramps all day. I dropped the Var until I’m done with my Clen/T3 6-week cycle and so far I’ve lost 3% BF in the first 4 weeks of my cycle, 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.

  11. I just want to say DP fucking Rocks. They are all business no games. Been dealing with them for a couple of years and they are the only company who has made right mistakes and reships every time something happens. Hands down best supplier out there.

    Discreet and if it doesn’t make it they will make it right . They are the real deal

    Cut Mix is awesome I love it. I ripped my tricept completely off the bone a few years ago so I just lift for cut and hardness today not too much for strength.

    Superdol make you strong as fuck ! lol

    tren ace – top notch

    all dragon pharma orals are on point

  12. Ordered Prop, Dbol, aromasin, and clomid from dragonpharma.net. Order payment was picked up next day and shipped the day after that. Order was packed very nicely and discreetly. All gear was intact and it was apparent that it was handled with care. Gear was DP brand and was great quality gear. I got great results from the cycle and would definitely do business with DRAGONPHARMA.NET again.

  13. This is one of only two international sources I deal with. They’re inventory is amazing and somewhat overwhelming at times lol. I’ve placed 4-5 orders with dragonpharma.net and I’ve always been completely satisfied. Always receive every product and within a reasonable time frame. They’re very professional. Highly recommended.

    The packaging is always discrete and on point. T/A is average for an international source but they always seem to make the specified time frame.

    Quality has always been top notch. I’ve mainly only used they’re DP line and always get great results. My last cycle was Test/Mast 12wks and var 6wks. PIP was very minimal and bloods showed high test levels and the mast and var got me very lean and dry. I put about 10-15 solid lbs on and kept well over half after pct. Tren and cabaser were successfully used in my bro’s cycle. He ran DP Test/Tren/mast and he had all the normal sides and deemed very good results as well. He has extensive cycle history and was completely satisfied with the DP cycle.



    respond very good


    DP SUSTA 270



  15. dragonpharma.net is very professional and very quick delivering and very good legit products

    i didnt need to communicate with them but from other orders communication is excellent

    very discreet and very quick delivered

    im on test prop and tren from my previous order

    injecting eod 120mg prop and 100mg tren both are painless and very good gains and ripped!!

    you are the best

    im placing a new order in the next days!

  16. This is my second order with dragonpharma.net. Without fail they really are awesome. People talk about them in other boards which I don’t understand. I’ve never received underdosed or bunk gear. I’m so happy with them. They will always be my go to.

    I use DP Cypionat 250 as my trt dose. Super high quality. Some argue whether dragon pharma is UGL or Pharma grade. To be honest it doesn’t matter to me, because it’s damn good stuff. I am more than halfway into the second vial. I cruise on 250 mg each week split amongst 2 injections. I am getting ready for my next blast in a couple weeks. I’m putting together my next cycle with DP.

    If you’re unsure about a source, you can truly trust this company. I’ve used a lot of sources and yeah it is nice to get a pack in a few days with a domestic, but you can’t always rely on the quality. One thing is sure, if you go with dragonpharma.net you are in good hands.

  17. I have ordered from here more than a dozen times and still have yet to have a problem with any point of the process. This source is absolutely the most legitimate one out there. Their products are top notch in quality, excellent shipping, and incredible customer service. Never have I ever had any issues with this source. The thing that really sets them apart from the rest is the multiple different payment forms.

    Communication is streamlined through their own separate support site. This makes it easier to put in com tickets and allow them to really review your request.

    Packaging is discreet and expedient. I have never had to wait more than two weeks on an order. ALways packaged tight and never had anything borken in transport.

    Started with the DP oxymetholon (anadrol) and WOW is this stuff amazing. Working on about 75 a day and about 540 of the sust from DP. Just about to add the EQ in and then switch over to the prop. NO pip and all the stuff kicks on soo fast cant wait to see results.

    amazing source

  18. 3rd order, and the service keeps getting better. Not sure how it’s even possible, but I rec’d my order today and my order was only updated to “shipped” four days ago. They haven’t even had a chance to input a tracking number and it’s here already.

    Almost unbelievably fast. Last two times were timely and great, but this one was unprecedented.

    BD Oxanabol on the half price sale – Legit as usual.

  19. Once again dragonpharma.net delivered and I am happy with everything I ordered. I went from a lean body mass of 142lbs to 163lbs over a 10 week period. 21lbs of solid mass in ten weeks!! Virtually no side effects and sex drive was through the roof.

    Great communication. I placed my order and received a confirmation email. I followed up on my end and not long after I could see that status of my order and then was able to view a tracking number for me to follow the progress of my package.

    Package was tight and discreet, would be tough for any of the contents to be damaged in the shipping process.

    This stack worked out great: Test C x500mg per week, Deca x500mg per week and Anavar x75mg a day. Used Exemestane during and post cycle to fight estrogen related problems and crashing. Satisfied with the results and can’t wait to make more gains next year.

    Quality products!! You will be happy with the results!!

  20. First time ordering anything from this source or simply anybody. Its really like a dream come true.

    Coundt compare to other soucers but definetly tight as could be. Super discreete to say the least. Way earlier thatn expected.

    The oral tren kicked in really hard from the second week and up. Winny, joints acking bad, PIP extremelly bad. That being said, fell in love whit this product. Hardnes, aggresion, vascularity, everything. Dragon Pharma is above expectations. 50 mgs ED by the way. I did get super puffy niples from the tren, the nolvadex took care of it all.

    DP prooved itself to me. Next order I will have the pleasure of making a big investment.

  21. This review is for his Nolvadex and his Arimidex

    DP have so many option for communication and support that they will get back to u in no time, all his representative are very nice and polite

    For been overseas his TA is very good 15 day from order to my door, packaging always secure never had a single broken item from them

    I was running sust a ed shot along with Tren ace, and because i want to get bigger and estrogen is very anabolic my coach advice me to take Nolva instead of adex, so well i took 1 20 mg every day for 2 month and the Nolva worked as it supposed to work keeping my gyno out of my nip[ples and keeping that estrogen in my system to be use for its anabolic purposes. The last month of my cycle i switched to adex i took .5 mg every day, so i can look lean and take all the estrogen and water out of my system. it work perfect and at the end the result were fantastic.

    I have been a long DP customer, they always delivers and keep a quality product, very good customer service and TA.

  22. Login on their website, then follow this link: https://www.dragonpharma.net/tickets

    They are always responding to tickets, that’s why they do recommend using their tickets system, as sometimes their email might be blocked by your email service (example: yahoo, aol, hotmail)

  23. I just ordered something from dragonpharma.net using ***** through my bank. That was 5 days ago. I have no emails from them, no tracking number…. their website says that they dont even have a payment from me even though my bank has confirmed it was sent and accepted through *****.

    What do I do? No one replies from dragonpharma.net

    Please help.

  24. This is my fourth time to order from dragonpharma.net.

    The products are legit and this website is absolutely reliable because I have gained 13kg and lost fat with the gears I bought from this website.

    The good thing is that the products always were sent quickly, i always got the items within 10days after I paid the money.

    DP kept me updated when the products have been delivered and when they’ve got the money quickly.

    package is always discreet. usually in a jiffy bag. someone signed it for me without any suspects.

    I m using Letrozole

    first day 0.5 mg

    second day 1mg

    third day 1.5mg

    forth day 2mg

    then everyday 2.5mg same time

    puffy nipple is almost reversed. at least i dont feel pain and have hard nipple anymore!

    the effect is really strong!

  25. I was skeptical and worried. I made a small order and hoped. Wow! Much to my surprise the gear was legit. I need to make three more orders.

    no communication needed, follow instructions and relax.

    Great packaging. order took 17 days from the day I placed the order. Was worried a bit on end but they can’t control the speed of the postal service.

    Quality of Cut Mix was awesome, clear and no pip. The good side is I lost body fat during a 2 week run. Strength gains were good,

    These guys proved to be more reliable than my other source for sure. My first order was small as I was testing them out, but they will be getting all my business from now on.

  26. Being 1st time ordering online DP service selection and price made the whole process very easy.

    Being the 1st time I had ordered I had a heap of questions and they answered them quickly and honestly communications was a+

    The packaging was 1st class nothing broken packed tightly and discreetly and it arrived quicker then was told.

    The quality of all products seemed spot on 5 weeks through and muscle mass up and body fat a big drop as well as strength gains so very pleasing.

  27. Dragonpharma.net always comes through! Top quality gear and top notch service! I ordered a good amount of dragon pharma sust and they even threw in some free dbol. happy with everything so far !

  28. WoW Dragon Pharma is at its best ever. I have seen serious improvement in all areas since their reopening. New products, improved variety, better service, faster delivery, new brands, and live customer support. Those new blends are looking awesome, i can’t wait to specifically try the test 400 and Test E/EQ blend. So far since they reopened i received two orders from DP since they have reopened the store. Both Orders were packed carefully, and securely packaged. The order was accurate and received safely. The Process went very quickly/painlessly and pack was shipped out within 5 days of placing/paying for the order. Shipping is at its best I’ve seen in years with both orders coming in with 16 DAYS!!!! left on the ticker. Awesome is all i have to say. Keep up the great work. And by the way quality is as always still top notch, my current cycle has been my best to date, made a ton of lean gains while shedding a good amount of body fat. I couldn’t be happier. Might as well stock up when things are going great, DP is giving 110% right now. They added a ton of new products, improved shipping time, customer support, and now there offering new products, what else could you ask for. Below is what my current cycle looks like: Stats before starting cycle:

    Height: 5′ 11”

    Weight: 215

    Body Fat: 10.5% Heres the AAS I’m currently running:

    Weeks 1-12 DP Cut Mix @ 1ml Everyday (350mg test prop, 350mg tren ace, 350mg masteron prop each week)

    Weeks 1-12 DP Test Prop 100mg @ 1/2ml(50mg) Everyday (350mg/week)

    Weeks 1-6 DP Turan 10mg @ 5 tabs(50mg) Everyday (350mg/week)

    Weeks 6-12 DP Anavar 10mg @ 6tabs(60mg) Everyday (420mg/week)

    Weeks 1-12 HCG 500IU every 3 days My PCT Regimen:

    Weeks 13-16 DP Nolva 20mg @ 2 tabs(40mg) everyday (280mg/week)

    Weeks 13-16 DP Clomid 50mg @ 2 tabs(100mg) everyday (700mg/week)

    Weeks 13-15 DP Clen 40 mcg Starting at 40 mcg and pyramiding up to 120 mcg Protein and Calorie Intake:

    Mix of whey and casein protein, trying to get at least 250grams a day. Calories are at 5000 per day, mostly lean meats, and vegetables, whole grains, and tons of egg whites. Working out 5 days a week:

    Sun: Chest and triceps

    Mon: Shoulder’s and Legs

    Tuesday: off

    Wednesday: Back and biceps’s

    Thursday: Abs and Cardio

    Friday: off

    Saturday: Heavy Cardio Im at week 9 right now and so far its been my best cycle to date.

    Starting my body fat was a lot higher as i was out of the gym for a while because of an injury to my right shoulder. So far I’ve made a ton of lean mass gains, and shaded quite a bit of body fat. No bloat at all whatsoever, which was a big concern so that was great. So far just lean, dry, hard gains which was exactly what i was looking for. I think my new favorite DP product is Cut mix you cannot beat the synergy of those 3 compounds, the go great together, especially if your looking to cut up. Ill post some stats at the end of my cycle. But currently I’m up about 12 pounds all lean mass and it looks like i dropped close to 2% body fat, but i haunt actually accurately tested body fat as of yet.

  29. This is my 5th order with DP. I have never had a single problem gear wise, customer service, communication or shipping and receiving.

    Communication is phenomenal, simple emails immediately after any change of status. had a question about receiving one item before the rest and they responded to email within 24 hours with the answer.

    Timing was standard, received hcg within first week, the remained of the package arrived 2 weeks later. Well packaged and discreet. Never had a single problem with packaging, all bubbled and safe, never anything broken.

    Products quality is amazing. Personally not a fan of amps so I will be going back to vials in the future from DP. Absolutely zero pip.

    Used this:
    Oxy 50/75/75/50
    Sust 250 m/th 12 weeks
    Deca 250 .75 m/th 7 weeks
    Arimidex .5mg Ed
    Clomid 100/75/50/50
    Nolva 40/40/20/20
    Hcg 500iu e3d

    Solid gains in strength and size. Went from 169lbs to 189 with good diet and training, sleep was hit or miss and stress was high. Tapered to 181 post cycle with good diet and cardio. finished pct 2 weeks ago and weight is steady at 180

  30. Great first experience with Dragon Pharma.

    Communication was spot on with DP, very prompt on responses.

    The T/A was very fast if I remember correctly it was 11 days from placing order until it arrived, package was discreet and contents of package were wrapped nice and secure

    I’ve been on the prop 150 for about 4 weeks at .5 ed and I have to say I can’t ever remember my libido being this crazy on any previous cycle and I have used several labs test prop since it’s my favorite test to run. My strength has been climbing daily while on this prop. I have pinned my glutes pecs traps and delts with the prop 150 and there has not been the slightest pip of any kind. Very impressed with thus product.

    Very pleased with the whole experience with DP and I would definitely encourage everyone to give them a shot.

  31. I’ve used Dragon Pharma 4 times, in total. I have nothing but great things to say about them. I live in Kentucky, and have only waited longer than 14 days for my things to arrive ONCE. Every other time, it was right there in my mailbox within 2 weeks from the shipping date.

    I’ve only had to use the customer support chat a couple of times, but each time, it was a pleasant experience.

    The same thing is with the packaging – nice and discreet.

    My most recent order was Clomid, Testosterone Cypionate 250 and Dbol.

    I loved everything about running this cycle. I used the Dbol as a kickstarter. I ran it at a 40mg dosage for the first 6 weeks of the cycle. I did split the dosage up and take 20mg in the morning, and 20 mg 8 hours later. The Test Cyp I ran at 500mg per week, for 12 weeks. I pinned on Mondays and Thursdays. There was some slight post injection pain, but that’s one surefire way to know that you’ve got the good stuff. I ran only Clomid for my PCT, and ran it at a 50/50/25/25 dosage. I did feel the drop off in libido, but that’s to be expected. That lasted a couple of weeks, and then things were back to normal. Overall, I gained around 30 pounds on this cycle. Some of which was lost due simply to the water weight that was carrying. While I ran the dbol, moral was at an all time high. I was stronger than I’ve ever been, and was worried that I would lose strength when I came off. But as I was coming off the dbol kickstarter, the testosterone was kicking in, and I swear to you, I didn’t lose a bit of strength. Max presses were still the same. Squats were the same. Deadlifts, same. We’re not just talking gains, we’re talking NOTICEABLE gains in strength and size. As long as I’m around, DP has at least 1 loyal customer.

  32. Another great experience with Dragon Pharma, this is my 2nd order with them and all i can say is that i’m very pleased, can’t wait to make another order with them !!

    Communication is always top notch and never really have to contact them. Email confirmation sent automatically on when order has changed status.

    Shipping was pretty good as well and was around 2 weeks!

    The quality of the products is unbelivable, the combo sust/tren/mast was impressive, i gained about 15lbs in 10 weeks and lost body fat as well, added clen and test prop by the end of my cycle to look ripped like never !!!

    I highly recommend you try DragonPharma. I think you will be satisfied with their professionalism and great product. They are running a great business.

  33. My experience with Dragon Pharma has been very positive. Oddly enough, i’d say my best impression of them came when I didn’t receive my order. I’ve made several orders with them usually getting my gear in 3 to 4 weeks, but once my package got siezed no fault of DP. I expected to have to eat it as a total loss until Dragon Pharma informed me that they would reship the entire order. Blew my mind. If they are willing to go above and beyond like that, I will gladly continue to use them for ALL of my supplement needs.

  34. Absolutely amazing across the board with DragonPharma.net!!!

    Recommend this place to everyone, you will not be disappointed!!!

    Both the communication and support were great!

    Any question I had, from product info to package and shipping was answered fast!

    From the date of purchase to the package arrival was 2 weeks exact! DP does their best to make sure you receive your package quickly, I have heard this from other users as well as friends who have ordered!

    Long time user now, Dragon Pharma is the best!!!

  35. i ordered twice from dragonpharma.net back in March and received my pack 11 days from the day i submitted my payment info both times.The website is simple and very straight forward with easy checkout and great payment options. I was very impressed with the packaging and the way it was shipped. The bottles were labeled with some of the best labels i have ever seen and also had hologram stickers on the cap which made for a nice touch. the first to the last pin was smooth and painless and not once did i have pip from any of the products i used.I have since and will continue to order from DP and feel that the DP line is some of the best gear i have used in years. The mg/ml are higher than i am used to but this made injections a little easier and made the bottles last longer.

    all my emails were answered the same day and i never felt as though i was being a bother or that i was asking a stupid question. Support was great and DP was very knowledgeable and helpful with my cycle planning.

    T/A time was incredibly fast. the whole process from order placement to delivery was 12 days and packing was safe and discreet. i have no worries about bottles breaking or even if pack was accidentally opened.

    all of the oils were smooth and pip free from first injection . i use a 1.25″ 25 g for all injections. Test e 325 mg weekly. tren enan 375mg weekly, tren a 50mg and mast p 75mg ed . i noticed the libido increase first and have to say that the viagra has not been needed, been used but not needed.. the amount aggression was a surprise and strength came on rapidly and so did the tren sides. i have played with the doses over the weeks to get to where i am at currently and this seems to be a good spot for me. i have gained 1″ on my arms and calves, 3/4″ on forearms, 1″ on neck and 1.5″ on my quads. i have gained 11lbs while losing 2 waste sizes.My bench has gone up 90lbs and squat over 140lbs the mast p/tren combo is my new found love and has me seeing definition and veins on every part of my body. i have a few more weeks to this cycle and will then cruise and prepare for my winter bulk with all dragon pharma products

    i have found a new home with dragonpharma.net and would tell anyone looking for top quality gear and needs it within a week to order from DP. he is very professional in my dealings with him and i am confident that i will be using this site for all of my gear

  36. DP is the bomb,fixing to place my 3rd order with them, I am very happy with the quality of the products I have received just small orders so far but they are fixing to get bigger.The site is very user friendly from shipping to check out,also the easy way to check and see where my order is at in the process,and automatic tracking # on my order page definitely will be ordering from them more.

    Communication what little was needed was there when I needed it,the way the site is SET up very little was needed.

    T/A was in the allowed amount of time,order came early in my opinion,8 days from coming across the pond pretty good in my book.

    The products I have used are seem to be properly dosed and am very pleased with the quality of them.

    I will be using them again!Thanks Dragonpharma.net!

  37. I ordered from Dragonpharma.net and received it within 3 weeks, quick and easy. I started my 8 week cycle with 500mg/week of Testosterone Cypionate from Dragon Pharma, injecting Monday and Thursday. I also did a 6 week cycle of Anavar from DP at 50mg/day, 25mg in the morning and the other half in the evening. The tabs I got were 10mg each so I bought a pill cutter to cut some of my pills in half. I began the Anavar at the beginning of week 3 of my Testosterone so I would finish at the same time. Just make sure you take the Anavar around the same time each day. I began to see results around week 3, especially in strength. To regulate my estrogen levels, I take 0.25mg/week of Anastrozole, Arimidex brand that I also got from DP to prevent gaining extra fat in my chest area, “gyno.” My post cycle treatment consists of 25mg of Clomid per day for 4 weeks and 20mg/day of Nolva for 4 weeks, I continued to take .50mg of Anastrozole per week for 2 weeks (taking Clomid, Nolva, and Anastrozole all at the same time). I am extremely happy with my results. I felt a big difference in ease of benching- I began my cycle with my max being 315 for 2 reps and ended being able to rep 365 for 3 reps. I feel like my muscles are fuller and more defined, especially in my chest. I train 5 days a week for about 2 hours. I do not follow a strict diet but try to eat at least 6 times per day, with a high protein & carb meal after the gym. My protein intake is about 200-300 grams per day. My girlfriend also did an 8 week cycle of Anavar from Dragon Pharma. She started out with 5 mg/day for 1 week just to ease into it and get her body used to it. This is a quarter of a tablet which we used a pill cutter to split. She did 10 mg for 6 weeks- 5mg in the morning and the other half in the evening around the same time everyday. For the last week, we upped her dosage to 20mg per day. She noticed extreme progress in her squat. At the beginning of her cycle her max was 155 for 5. By the end of her Anavar cycle she is squatting 205 for 3. She trains with me 5 days a week about 2 hours each day. She does not follow a strict diet either but tries to eat about 4-5 times a day, with a high protein & carb meal after the gym. Her protein intake is about 100-200 grams per day. Overall, we were extremely satisfied with the quality and overall experience of the products we ordered from DP. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to work for some serious gains! Will be ordering again in the future.

    Communicated with us when necessary. Tracking is limited for obvious reasons but gave us enough info to keep us in the loop.

    Very safe and secure.

  38. This review is for an order of tren placed awhile ago and I’m finally getting around to doing a proper review.

    Dragonpharma.net is legit. From the moment I placed my order, donated funds, updated order status. Entire process took only 12-14 days. Very professional. I have a very short list of sources and these guys are on it.

    DP replied to all emails within 24 hours. Very professional. The entire process took about 12 days.

    Packaging was tight and secure.

    The tren had all the known side effects expected. Strength increase, increase sweating, increase libido. I was stacking it with prop from another source.

  39. I was referred to dragonpharma.net by a friend and these guys came through as he said they would. It took 15 days from pay to pin! No problems what so ever and packaging was discreet. Would definitely recommend! Stuff is fire and about to place second order.

  40. Product used: Oxymetholone

    Brand: Dragon Pharma

    Currently, I am taking 100 mgs per day, split into 50 mgs in the am. And 50 mgs in the pm,1 hour pre-workout. My experience thus far are has follows. Rapid strength gains, increased body weight. Major water retention, which has given me better muscle contractions. Joints are nice and lubercated. Muscles are fuller, and pumps are intense. Increased aggression, which helps me push through heavy sessions. Bench presses, deadlifts, etc have all increased. This order was from a Promo that dragonpharma.net offered as product of the week. T/A was 10 days, packaged secure and discreet. Overall great exp, and recommend source to anyone looking for great selection of products, and professional service.

  41. Pretty good. Love the price of the orals and had a noticeable effect

    No need for communication as everything went fine

    Packaging was great! Looked like something from eBay

    2x Dianabol 20mg x100

    Used it as a preworkout and definitely had great pumps, and increased aggression in the gym

  42. First time ordering from DP to N Y a week and half everything was discreet got all my shit. They answered my emails I would use them again.

    Very discreet package was so small and wrapped so well thought my shit wasn’t in there.

    2 clens DP

    2 t 3 DP

    1mg 20 pills Cabergoline

    Would definitely use again

  43. I placed my order and waited….no need to freak out…..it’s coming

    Landed in less time than the T/A. Pack was discrete,secure and tight. No way this shit was breaking

    DP Tren E x2

    I know it does not mean effectiveness but I got night sweats, insomnia, started to have panic attacks. Had to tell myself to calm down, lol.

    Pinned once a week and noticed great strength gains, been doing a lot more cardio because I’m trying to lean out more…weight/ muscle remains after the cardio weight loss

    Thanks DP.

  44. I have been using DP Anavar 10mg for a few week now, totally satisfied with the results. I have been taking 80 mg ED: 40mg in a.m and 40 mg at night. I am used to DP and also to Anavar in general and I can honestly attest to the superior quality of the DP Anavar 10 mg.

    Packaging was the most ingenious I have ever seen, I won’t say too much about it, but damn I was very impressed!

    Used the product for over 6 weeks, 80 mg ED (40 mg in a.m and 40 mg at night). Put on a few pounds of hard muscle, lost 2% BF as of last week, diet isn’t exactly good but still this Anavar does the trick!

    I freaking love the DP line!

    Dragonpharma.net all the way!

  45. I placed 2 orders in one month and all came 100% great legit as usual.

    HGH was at my door in 19 days !!! I just could believed !!! I’m not buying anywhere else. Dragonpharma.net is my way to go .

    My order: Sustanon 270, Deca 300, Dragontropin and some PCT.

    I’m using same over and over. All great quality.

  46. DragonPharma.net as always coming through again with great quality products delivered in a timely manner. Dragon has been my go to source for everything for years now. Every order I have ever placed with Dragon has arrived within a fair amount of time and the product quality is top notch. DP always gets my orders right and I have never had an issue with them, unlike some other suppliers out there. If your looking for quality gear I highly recommend Dragon Pharma brand.

    The service team at DP is phenomenal. Everything from my order came in within three weeks with the exception of the melanotan 2 and the glucophage, these items took a little bit longer, so when I emailed DP about the shipping delays on these items they responded very quickly and assured me that everything should be in soon. And sure enough it was in later that week.

    Packaging was discrete and well packaged so no items were damaged.

    I absolutely love the Dagon Pharma brand anadrol. I can’t recall taking a stronger oral for strength and size than this product. The caber is potent and well dosed, I was running some deca this past cycle and the caber kept my libido high, prevented any progesterone related gyno, and eliminated any possible “deca dick”. The aromasin is top quality, it keeps my water retention down and keeps all aromatization side effects completely non existent. This was my first run with melanotan 2 and it works exactly how its supposed to. I took 1mg a day and it made me very dark in combination with tanning once a week, you’ll also notice a monster libidio increase when running melanotan. Winny as always is my favorite oral cutter, I love running at the end of my cycle to give my body that extra hard and veiny look, very good product from Dragon Pharma. And the HGH is great too, I was running 6ius a day and it gives my body that extra aesthetic look with increased vascularity. When running the hgh I have insane veins coming up through my stomach and through my obliques, I recently came off it and the stomach vascularity is starting to fade so I can definitely attribute this extreme vascularity to the hgh.

    DP is the best hands down.

  47. Has any ordered during April 2020??? I placed order. Payment received. Status is pending. It’s been 48 hours.

  48. I ordered October 4th! and my order has still not shipped. I’m starting to think that this site is a definite scam. I also emailed support and heard nothing back.

  49. WOW What can i say about DP!!! This source rocks!! Packaging was good and everything i ordered was in tact.. This guy answered all my questions along the way, as well as provided a tracker the same day as payment!! Will be using all DP PCT for my upcoming cycle so will keep everyone updated!! Will definitely be using DP in the future for my international needs!! Great Turn around Time, packaging, communication and he even threw in a extra Clomid!! what more can i ask for in a source!! Thanks DP!!!

  50. This review is long over due. I’ve been using DP exclusively for about the last year. I’d say I ordered 10 or so orders in that time. DP service is top notch. Everyone of my packs came in 7-10 days and he answers all emails same day! Now for the for the gear I have personally ran the Enantat 250, Trenbolone 100, Propionat 100 and Winstrol tabs. The gear was 100% legit. I also purchased Gerotrop which was all verified legit, as well as my pct which was clomid and nolva. I can def vouche for the clomid and nolva because I have a doc script to compare too. Needless to say DP is a class act! So if your thinking about putting a order in dont hesitate your in good hands! Thanks DP

    1. Have you ordered from DP since all of this covid-19 bs started? If you have, were there any issues with ordering/shipping? Thanks!

      1. I’ve made an order on 3rd March, received it on 23, no issues with order/shipping as far as I know. I’m planning a new summer cycle, and will make a new order at the end of this month.

      2. Yes, I’m waiting since 3/26 and nothing. They’ve responded but it’s been WAAAY too long, even considering.

  51. By far the best customer support I have ever had.. Gear is great..all in original packing I would never do business with anyone but Dragon Pharma.. Thank you DP

  52. This is a review for DP TestE and Var.

    No communication needed. I submitted payment as instructed and about 10 days later my order landed

    TA was better then most int sources I used. 10days to the East coast is def good in my book. Packaging was great and everything got here safe and sound.

    first off I want to say this review is for the Var and DP Test only. The Enantat 400 will be used during my bulk at a later date. I normally cruise on 200mg test a week and then stack my blasts on top of this. For my cut I was running tren and mast I had on hand but used the DP test and Var. I know the test I was using to cruise on before was def good. I changed over to the DP test and had zero change in anything. The test did EXACTLY what it was supposed to do. I ran it at 300mg a week with 500mg tren and 700mg mast. No loss of sexual function, strength or change in mood. I know how I get when my test gets low and I had NONE of those symtoms. I will continue to use the DP test to cruise on when my cut cycle is over. The var I have just finished running at 100mg a day starting July1st. I have used good Var many times and this was def GTG. The pumps were skin splitting and actually made arm day a little rough. I also get a pretty severe strength increase from Var and after about 2 weeks the strength came on like a freight train. easily put 10-20 pounds in all my heavy lifts and gained a couple extra reps in my old PR’s. muscles looked and felt full all the time and front delts and chest showed a significant increase in vascularity by week 4. I will def be adding this Var into my next cut cycle.

    After getting burned with some underdosed gear lately this cycle was def a step in the right direction. from start to finish I am very happy with the products I received and the timeframe I got them in. I will be ordering again without hesistation.

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