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Apart from the pricing, everything seemed pretty perfect and the services of GrowXXLGear have satisfied all. If they can reduce the prices a little and deliver the same services, they will be able to beat all their competitor companies in the US. I will rate them 5 out of 5. Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Supervisor

If you are living anywhere inside the US and looking for an online steroid provider to provide you your favorite steroid brands, then GrowXXLGear can be a good selection. They have been serving all the states of US for quite a few years and became one of the most reliable online steroid sellers in the US.

Products and Services

Not only you will find American steroid brands in this online steroid store, but also you will find the European brands. The most well known brands which they deal with are Dragon Pharma, Maha Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Sciroxx, Zerox Pharmaceuticals and many more. They have special category of steroids. There are different kinds for bodybuilders; all the bodybuilders do not use the same type of steroid. Some like bulking, some like cutting, some like weight loss. GrowXXLGear have all these types of steroids for serving their customers. They have special potent anabolic steroids.

The thing which can be considered as an additional value to the services of GrowXXLGear is their regular promotion packages and loyalty bonuses. The persons, who purchase steroids of different brands from GrowXXLGear on a regular basis and purchase a good amount, are eligible for the loyalty bonuses and other attractive additional offers. These offers encourage the customers to purchase more steroids from GrowXXLGear. The shipping time they take is not very much as well. They always try to deliver the offer product at the customers’ doorsteps as soon as they can.

Customer Satisfaction

The services of GrowXXLGear have been very good so far. The only thing which the customers are concerned about is the pricing. Many of the customers are complaining that GrowXXLGear is demanding too much money for several brands of steroids. For example, GrowXXLGear demands $68 for a bottle of Testodex Cypionate. This is a little bit overpriced. There are many more online steroid sellers who provide the same brand of steroid in lesser price than GrowXXLGear. This will harm the business of GrowXXLGear a lot. Because there is no reason people will buy the same product at a much more expensive price.

There were hardly any complain about the other services of GrowXXLGear. They always deliver their products at the right time. And they have a very decent business policy. Their refund policy is very strict and they are always ready to refund the money taken from the customers when an issue occurs and the customer describes that issue in detail to them. These things are the main catalysts which attracts the customers even the prices are a bit on the higher side.


Apart from the pricing, everything seemed pretty perfect and the services of GrowXXLGear have satisfied all. If they can reduce the prices a little and deliver the same services, they will be able to beat all their competitor companies in the US. I will rate them 5 out of 5. Review – 5 out of 5 stars by Supervisor


  1. I’ve been doing business with growxxlgear for awhile now and always received my products. Customer service always responds to any questions I have promptly. I recommend growxxlgear for all your gear needs!

    Communication was smooth and painless, easy to contact answered all questions quickly.

    Products were packaged securely and professionally. All products arrived intact.

    Bold and Tren are giving me great gains. Been using them for over a month now. Products are very smooth.

    Growxxlgear is good to go!

  2. I was hesitant to make an order being it was my first cycle. But GrowXXLGear came through perfectly. Received all of my gear within 2 weeks of purchase date. Packaging is excellent, Grow wraps his stuff good! Cycling Test E, I’m on week 4 and I feel like a hulk! I would definitely recommend Grow to anyone looking to cycle. Safe, fast, customer service is easy to deal with, and always ready to answer any questions. I will def. be shopping with Grow for my next cycle!

  3. my review on Grow’s DP helios.

    communication was on point as always.

    T/A and packaging was tight and discreet.

    I noticed this product hit me INSTINALLY! After first pin (.5cc each glute) I felt the clen doing work and honestly it feels to hit me harder and quicker than oral clen. As far as “spot reduction” properties? I actually have noticed slight BF loss in the glutes. im 5 weeks out and my glutes are always last to come in. well this has been helping, either that or my mind is playing games with me. im more than satisfied with this product!

  4. GrowXXLGear is definitely a one stop shop for all your aas and such needs. Has about anything you would ever need.

    Packing was was always discreet and very secure

    And arrived in about 10 days once sent.

    I’ve been out for a little while because of torn rotator cuff and torn bicep. Also a hip surgery a month later. Not fun trying to recover from both at same time but the hgh seemed to help. My hip was Fai Cam impengmemt. Thanks had to repair torn labrum and shave a curve back into the ball where it energy the socket. I used at 2-3 iu daily after surgery. It seemed to help in the speed of recovery. Doctors were surprised how fast I was able to get my shoulder and bicep going again after rotator cuff and torn bicep surgery. While not working out to much the hgh helped burn fat and keep me from gaining to much fat around mid section. Also had me very vascular.

    I keep GrowXXLGear as my main go to source.

  5. These guys are the fucking truth always get tracking never a problem. Always get my goodies tightly packaged no problems.

    Almost 2 weeks from payment

    3 bottles of Mast 100 British Dragon, 2 bottles deca British Dragon and 2 bottles of test pro British Dragon

    Cant comment on the mast or deca but prop ive been on libido is thru the roof and im running there tren ace. Smooth oil no acne or sweats strength is retarted but aggression is crazy wanna snap for any little thing. Tren is crazy

    Ive never had a problem with GrowXXLGear besides them being over seas I know why there number 1 great company.

  6. I have made numerous orders with GrowXXLGear and this one was just as smooth as all the others. Ran a simple Test Prop cycle with Axiolabs gear. Very pleased with the service and product as always

    No communication needed. Tracking number was automatically posted on the website.

    Packaging was good (it made it here safely). Got the pack about 2 weeks after donation.

    Ran the Axiolabs Test Prop at 150 mg EOD for 10 weeks with a low dose of Aromasin to keep estrogen at bay. By the end of the first week my skin was a bit more oily and my libido was steadily increasing. A couple weeks into the cycle I had that awesome feeling of having a good pump basically 24/7. Of course there was the aggression and confidence boost in the gym as well. This was a very clean and lean bulk in which I gained 12 lbs of solid muscle that I have still maintained as of today (3 weeks after finishing PCT). Last note… The oil was very thin and could even flow through a slin needle. Although I have noticed that the thinner oils do have a bit more PIP. So there was moderate PIP which is normal with Test Prop, but it got much better as the cycle went on.

    GrowXXLGear is the man! Watch the product of the week voting and get half off gear every week! Who else does that?? Nobody that I know of… If there is then tell me though lol. Thanks GrowXXLGear!

  7. GrowXXLGear is by far the best online place to go for gear. As easy to use as amazon. And all there gear legit or they don’t carry it.

    I have ordered numerous things and even at low dose there gear kicks like kung fu.

    Communication was excellent there was a mess up with my bank writing down the wrong receiving bank info and the wire was kicked back. GrowXXLGear looked into it and helped me to correct the problem. For a company in a time zone that is on opposite ends of the day it is impressive how well they get things handled.

    The packaging was securely packed and nondescript. Shipping was surprisingly fast, I think 5 days after it said shipped.

    I ordered

    3 x KP Stanoxyl 10 (Winstrol tabs)

    2 x KP Nandroxyl (Deca 250)

    3 x KP Boldaxyl 300 (Equipoise)

    3 x KP Trenboxyl Acetate 100

    1 x KP Masteroxyl 200 (Masteron)

    1 x KP Masteroxyl 100 (Masteron)

    3 x KP Stanoxyl Depot (Winstrol injectable)

    2 x KP Arimixyl (Arimidex)

    5 x KP Clomixyl (Clomid)

    3 x Clenbutaxyl

    1 x Nolvaxyl (Nolvadex)

    1 x Oxandroxyl

    100x accutane

    this was a shared order I’m not that hardcore

    The quality is second to none very clean and my guess over dosed

    with GrowXXLGear you don’t have to worry am I throwing my cash away, will I receive my order, am I getting the best bang for my buck, is this gear legit??? To put it simply look at how much positive feedback these guys get if you are on the fence you really have nothing to worry about. If something goes wrong they make it right. And there gear is the shit so stop searching this is the only place you need to shop trust me I have looked and done a lot of research.

    KP Anavar is my fave zero sides and insane cuts and strength at 20-30 mg a day. There test and Winny top notch. I will update with more as I try more products

  8. First time ever ordering from my pack landed exactly 2 weeks from the time I sent the order to the time it hit home, the product came very discreet and on time like it was supposed to, I’ve just started it, so far it seems to be good quality, I will defiantly be ordering again

    The support and communication was quick and very helpful

    The packaging was very discreet

    Test cyp – This shit is runs very strong and clean, it was everything I expected it to be

  9. I can see why GrowXXlGear has been consistently ranked among the best. Great service, shipping and high quality products

    Very helpful, courteous, and timely.

    Discrete packaging. All T/A adhered to

    DP Oral Tren – this is a short cycle, only using for 2 weeks. Amazing results in two weeks. Shed fat and showed noticeable muscle gains.

    Brand HCG – Taken in conjunction with my oral tren. Worked as desired

    Proviron – Taken daily as an anti-estrogenic during the cycle of oral tren. Worked very well.

    Pfizer Genotropin – Hands down the best HGH I’ve taken. Numbed my hands after my first shot. lol. Taken daily at 2iu’s and its amazing. Great results in all ways; cutting me up, great sleep, amazing recovery times

    Kalpatropin HGH – Used this before starting the Genotropin. Good for a generic. As good or better than most name brands coming out of China these day. Was using 5iu a day, 7 days a week

    First time using GrowXXlGear, and was a great experience.

  10. I placed six orders with Growxxlgear inside two weeks,

    Every item came in on a timely manner.

    I am totally satisfied with the products and time frame of delivery. Growxxlgear is very professional and takes great pride in discreet packaging of their product. I find that, on the products they carry, I’m able to produce the gains that I’m looking for. I will continue to purchase from Growxxlgear, I am happy with them…

  11. Ordered some halotestin from them. Had my order within 2 weeks, and the product worked well. I will recommend them any day of the week.

  12. This review is for Growxxlgear. I placed an order about 6 months ago, through a friend of mine for kp aromaxyl.

    I didn’t need to communicate with them because I placed the order through my friend who has more knowledge in the field as far as payments are concerned

    Ta was about 14 days from overseas. Packaging was pristine and this being my first order ever from an overseas supplier I was astounded how they bypassed customs without so much as a second look.

    The products worked fantastic. Kept my e2 within range on my first cycle of test p and anavar. Broke the tablets I half at first ed then eventually moved to 25mg ed when I tried to up the test and much to my enjoyment. I got no sides of high e2.

    Great supplier. No wonder they are number 1 in the world. I will place another order for kp aromaxyl asap

  13. Just recieved and order of DP Helios and gotta say i love the product and as DP products have always been, the highest quality and grear results. Bought 10 DP Helios from GROWXXLGEAR. Used it to cut fat as a finisher to a cutting cycle and love the results. Lost noticeable fat in 4-6 weeks and would def use this product again. Received in 13 days, packaged discreeetly and works great!

  14. Been with company for years now with excellent results. Professional and courteous backed by effective products. The site is user friendly and the inventory is amazing.

    The packaging was professional and discreet. The T/A was great for time the package left to arrive at door. Week and four days.

    I have used Kalpatropin and Cutaxyl by Kalpa. I sleep amazing, pumps are great, striations detailed! Used in a 12 week cycle and incorporated into a pre contest prep stack. I am stoked to find such products and have access to such high quality products.

    Thanks for the excellent products and service!!!

  15. I ordered the 2nd part of my cycle which was DP Dbol, DP Test E, and DP Eq, along with some ancillaries. Product came quick, I am using it now and started the Dbol in week 3 of teh cycle. Everything seems great so far, I see the definition coming in, the weight packing on and fat disappearing. My body is changing fast, and Im only in the 3rd week. 10-11 more to go!!

  16. Growxxlgear is the best source you will ever come across the best quality and prices hands down, they even have specials from month to month and weekly discounts.

    Packaging was very tight and you couldn’t tell what was in there even knowing what was in there you couldn’t tell what it was by the way it was wrapped very discreet. I had a delay in the last order i placed but rest assured they got it out to me no problem. This is not my first time ordering off the site, i have always received my items, sometimes within 2 weeks sometimes within 8, but never longer than that. They have different suppliers so its not their fault some times if the items are delayed. Tracking numbers are awesome and always show where the item is. If you are ever concerned just contact customer service and they will

    The product quality is top notch, been taking 50 mg per day of winny and 400 mg of test per week, noticed 20 pounds in 6 weeks of solid gains. Added mast to he stack and i stayed the same weight but lost body fat and hardened up even more. Some of the best stuff ive ever taken. The clen ive used in the past and had great success with DP is a great brand. Highly recommend British Dragon lab tho, they are legit. As far as the viagra you cant beat the price, its super cheep and real. I only take a quarter of a 100 mg tab and im ready to go. Ive used a few different brands now of the viagra from growxxlgear and they are all good. dont worry about what one you receive they are all good

    GrowXXLGear is the best plain and simple. I will never go anywhere else as it would be dumb to they have the widest variety I have seen the best prices and the best customer service. order it already

  17. At first I was skeptical, I read a lot of mix reviews and had some doubts. I want reassure people that growxxlgear came through in record timing and I got a great deal on their kp cutaxyl. It only took exactly 2 weeks and one day from day of purchase to receive the package. I also verified the batch on the kalpa website. It’s authentic. You are very fast for international shipping. Thanks GrowXXL!

  18. Growxxlgear is the best place to order your gear. It’s as simple as that. This is a long overdue review of my first cycle I bought from them. But since then I have ordered another cycle and plan to order my 3rd very soon! I just can’t get over how amazing this company is. They truly care about their customers and love to give me reasons to spend money with their “Deals of the Week.” Money well spent I’d say though! Lets get down to the details, shall we?

    I never needed to use any of the communication and support features, as everything was very well straight forward and quite frankly the best website source I’ve ever used. I have heard nothind but great things about their communication through email, live chat(on their website), and here on steroids reviews. They did email me every step of my order and kept me informed. They are simply uncontested in this category.

    It took exactly 12 days from the time they received my money, to the day it arrived on my doorstep. I was in complete shock, as I had expected much longer. When the package arrived, there was simply no way possible of knowing what was inside. They truly know how to get this stuff past customs. Then when I opened the package, I was completely shocked by the amount of care and time that must have went into packaging my stuff. It was very securely and compactly packed. This was truly the category which allowed me to see how much Growxxlgear cares about not only their products, but about their customers as well.

    I ordered:

    – KP Test P

    – KP Tren A

    – KP Winstrol Tabs

    – DP Nolvadex

    – DP Armidex

    – HCG

    Let me start out by saying.. WOW! Best products I have ever used. I will probably never use another brand again. Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is the most pure and without a doubt best steroid brand out there. I can not express enough how impressed I was with this stuff. My cycle went as follows: Week 1-12 – KP Test P – 100mg EOD

    Week 1-12 – KP Tren A – 75mg ED

    Week 7-12 – KP Winstrol – 50mg ED

    Week 1-12 – DP Armidex – .5mg EOD

    Week 12-13 – DP Nolvadex – 40mg ED

    Week 14-15 – DP Nolvadex – 20mg ED

    Week 12-13 – HCG – 500iu ED for 10 days

    I can not get over how effective this cycle was! I was completely blown away by the results. I am 5’11 and 180lbs 15% BF before the cycle. By the end of the cycle I was 214lbs and 10% BF. The results were amazing. My lifts went up dramatically; on bench I went up 100lbs, on deadlifts I went up 185lbs, on squats I went up 125lbs. All of that was while not training for strength at all. The sides were very bearable. I had some mild acne, night sweats and insomnia, but most of that went away by week 6. I never got any estrogen sides and never got any PIP from any of their products! I have gotten nothing but complements on my new found transformation and my girlfriend was in love with my extremely high libido when I was on! This cycle took place around March/April-May 2021. It is currently August 2021 and I have kept about 85% of the results from the cycle. All in all, I can not stress enough about how satisfied I am. This is the best products out there on the market.

    I plan on using their new Ultrabol this upcoming Autumn. I am very very excited! I am completely in love with Growxxlgear and have already referred at least 6 people to them, 4 of which I know have used them and with nothing but good things to say. I have found my source and one things for sure, they will be my source for the rest of my life. Thank you Growxxlgear!

  19. Have ordered from several sites in the last year, and these guys have the best CS and T/A I have ever seen,. Gear is legit. Drop shipped from a USA location, so no worries about the man. 2 weeks from order to doorstep, tracking #’s the whole way

  20. Was lucky to get in the Promo ran!

    Kalpa Test Cyp Promo.

    Was used between a test cycle and did it’s job nicely. Kalpa seems professional overall.

  21. This is review for cut long 300 and dbol by dragon pharma. I am very happy with their service. They have excellent products and so many to choose. They are very helpful and satisfy the customers with clear information.

    This company has very good customer service. They answer very fast and give good information on the products. I had some problem paying for the order but this guy solved my problem and i easily sent money. They sent me the parcel after two days of sending money.

    the box was safe and no one can say what is inside. it was closed carefully and nothing can be visible.

    the shipping time was about 2 weeks. my parcel reached customs in one week but it stayed there for few days and the local post did not deliver on time so it took little bit longer. overall the time to enter my country was just one week.

    cut long 300 gave me some pain while injecting but in few weeks i get used to it and i saw great results. my muscles were getting fuller and thicker. i was drinking plenty of water with dbol and my pump was amazing after dbol. i got acne blood pressure and some hair fall but as soon as i finish, everything was normal again. with dianabol and cut long my workout was very hard and i was not getting tired even after 2 hours. dianabol also made me very hungary.

    great brand.

    i recommend

  22. been using these guys 9 months great products fast delievery

    im using cut long 300 and test 450 same as last year with great results so far

  23. Right up front I am going to say I am absolutely pleased with Growxxlgear. I’ve ordered from other vendors prior to this, some exceptionally rated. Nothing thus far has come close to the time frame met by Growxxlgear. The name is absolutely accurate. From order to delivery was 8 days. Website is easy to navigate and clear. Prices are fair and ordering is simple.

    Site responsiveness to each step in the order process is quick. Gear arrived packaged very well. Excellent. They even supplied a couple extras which only shows me that this is a vendor dedicated to being the best and well on the way to achieving that goal. Quality of gear is excellent. I would recommend this vendor without hesitation and can say honestly that this is my go-to for future orders. I am, overall, impressed and very happy. Well done Growxxlgear! 3MR

  24. Overall, am extremely happy with the service growxxlgear provide. Delivery was very efficient and the products effectiveness cannot be questioned.

    Communication is very good, made a slight mistake with my confirmation email, and they were very helpful in correcting it. Very prompt answers also, usually within a couple of hours.

    Time of arrival was 6 days after payment was made, which is incredibly fast and I was very happy with it. Package could have been slightly more discrete as it was only in a postal bag with bubble wrap inside, but this didn’t bother me at all.

    Kalpa pharma test e is spot on, authentication codes all check out, have been using for 8 weeks and am up 14 lbs and strength gains are through the the roof! Libido is extremely high, I find myself having to grind my teeth whenever I see a hot just to stop myself pouncing! Arimidex is obviously spot on, am very gyno prone and have been running 0.25mg eod and have had no symptoms!

    Very good source, will definitely be using again for any Kalpa Pharma related purchases.

  25. After having experienced two bad sources I found and I’ve finally found my top-level dealer!

    Two orders so far and everything went of without a hitch.

    Legit stuff, safe and discreet packaging. Will be ordering soon again.

    Already recommended it to close friends.

    Communication and support (sent two questions) were perfect and answers came pretty fast.

    Everything was packed safely, no damages. Great!

    Made good gains and still hold most of it on my cruise. I made a blast for 22 weeks with:

    Test E, Boldenone and Deca

    (upped the dosages first and later replaced Bolde with Deca) Right now I’m on a cruise solely with Cypionate.

    Lost some strength and water, but still looking jacked. Didn’t use the Nolva so far, but compared to the one product I already had home, it is legit too.

    Glad I found a growxxlgear dealer. I will definetely order again.

  26. So this review goes up for the 10ml of primoxyl from kalpa pharma, was very nice of him to let me try them out , and quality is outstanding, growxxlgear is super easy going and responds to pm qickly, an a very safe location…

    Time arrival was 1 week, that’s fast from across the pond! Got tracking new exactly were it was at all time, packing was safe and secure..

    Ok so used for 6 weeks at 1000 mg a week, and then switched to Bayer primo, well didn’t feel the difference, very high quality, oil is super smooth ad zero pip, gained little but high quality muscle, fat was reduced, and a sense of well being all around, no side effects reported, was a very nice run with primo, gave me that grainy and dry look, also zero water retention .

    Happy I got to try kalpa , product is at par with pharma, thanks again growxxlgear, I’ll be ordering soon 🙂

  27. Amazing customer service, and very fast shipping. Very quick response to emails and all products were exactly as they said: actually most were brand name which I was amazed by. Very satisfied customer.

  28. Gear starting to kick in right on time. 4 weeks on deca / test so far. Starting to up dosage from 1ml every 6 days to every 4 days. Just placed another order for more Kalpa gear. Strength is up big time. Starting to fill out a little, can’t wait to see what the next 4 weeks will show. Will update again. Thanks growxxlgear! Great service and always LEGIT!

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