Testolab-S 100 is an injectable anabolic steroid which comes in 10 mL Vials and contains 100 mg of Testosterone Suspension, it is an original brand product of 7Lab Pharma. For intramuscular injections. An excellent product for bulking/cutting cycles.


Testolab-S 100, produced by 7Lab Pharma, contains Testosterone Suspension at a concentration of 100 mg/ml in a 10 ml vial. This steroid is renowned for its purity and rapid action, making it a favorite among athletes needing immediate performance enhancements. This review collates user experiences to provide a comprehensive assessment of its efficacy and safety.

Product Overview

Unlike other testosterone forms, Testolab-S 100 is a water-based suspension that does not contain an ester, allowing for fast absorption into the bloodstream. It is typically used for short-term gains to enhance strength and muscle mass ahead of competitions.

User Reviews

  • Jordan K. (Competitive Bodybuilder) “Testolab-S 100 provides the immediate boost I look for when prepping for shows. It’s incredibly effective for short bursts of muscle gain and strength. I use it leading up to competition for that extra edge, and it delivers every time.”
  • Emily V. (Track and Field Athlete) “For sprinting events, I need something that acts fast and doesn’t weigh me down. Testolab-S 100 is my go-to before important meets. It enhances my power and acceleration without noticeable weight gain, which is crucial for my performance.”
  • Liam G. (Gym Enthusiast) “I turned to Testolab-S 100 to help me get over a plateau. The results were almost immediate, which was great for my motivation. The injection site can be a bit sore, but the rapid increase in strength and energy makes it worthwhile.”


Testolab-S 100 is highly effective for rapid strength gains and increases in muscle density. Due to its no-ester formulation, it works immediately, making it perfect for those needing quick enhancements in physical performance.

Usage Guidelines

Due to its rapid action, Testolab-S 100 is best administered on the days leading up to an event or workout. Common dosages range from 50 mg to 100 mg per injection, and it is often injected daily or every other day to maintain peak blood levels.

Potential Side Effects

As with most testosterone products, possible side effects include increased aggression, acne, and potential fluctuations in cholesterol levels. Its water-based formulation may also lead to more frequent injection site reactions.


Testolab-S 100 by 7Lab Pharma is a standout choice for athletes seeking immediate performance enhancement. Real user reviews highlight its ability to provide rapid and effective improvements in strength and muscle mass, making it particularly useful for competitive events. However, its powerful effects also mean that it should be used judiciously and always under professional supervision to ensure safety and effectiveness.

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