Testoxyl Cypionate 250 is an injectable anabolic steroid which comes in 10 mL vials and contains 250 mg of Testosterone Cypionate, it is an original brand product of Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. For intramuscular injections. An excellent product for bulking cycles.


Testoxyl Cypionate by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals offers a formulation of 250 mg/ml Testosterone Cypionate in a 10 ml vial, designed for enhancing physical performance through increased muscle mass and strength. This detailed review includes expert insights and real user experiences to help prospective users make informed decisions.

Product Overview

Testoxyl Cypionate is targeted at athletes and bodybuilders looking to gain significant muscle mass and strength. The testosterone cypionate in this product is a long-acting ester, which ensures a sustained release into the bloodstream, providing durable effects over extended periods.

Testoxyl Cypionate is a type of injectable Testosterone delivered in an oily base.

This compound is renowned for its elevated androgenic properties and strong anabolic effects. However, it does have a tendency to aromatize, which can lead to issues like water retention among users. While it is moderately liver-toxic, it can disrupt the body’s natural testosterone production. Athletes often praise this drug for its ability to generate significant gains in size and strength. Additionally, it can be combined with various other steroids to achieve even more impressive results. Cypionate stands as one of the most favored Testosterone choices among athletes and continues to be produced domestically under various brand names, using the generic name.

Effective dosages for men typically fall within the range of 1-3 ccs per week. Testosterone Cypionate remains active in the body for approximately seven days at a time.

Effective dosages typically range from 200-600 mg per week.

User Reviews

  • Jake M. (Verified Buyer) “I’ve been using Testoxyl Cypionate for about 6 months, and the results are phenomenal. My strength has increased noticeably, and I’ve packed on solid muscle. The injections are manageable, and I’ve seen minimal side effects. Highly recommend for those serious about making real gains.”
  • Linda K. (Seasoned Athlete) “As a competitive bodybuilder, finding the right steroid that balances effectiveness and manageability is crucial. Testoxyl Cypionate has been a game changer for me. It helped me push through plateaus, and I’ve noticed increased stamina and muscle definition. The product works slowly, but the quality of muscle gained is worth the patience.”
  • Eric S. (Casual Gym-Goer) “Started Testoxyl Cypionate to enhance my bodybuilding routine. Within a few weeks, I could feel the difference in my energy levels and recovery times. There’s some water retention, but it’s manageable. Great product for steady improvement.”


Testoxyl Cypionate‘s ability to maintain steady hormonal levels helps users achieve continuous muscle growth and improved physical performance. The product is particularly effective for long-term cycles, offering gradual yet sustainable gains.


Typically administered through intramuscular injection, the recommended dosage of Testoxyl Cypionate ranges from 250 mg to 500 mg per week, depending on the user’s experience and bodybuilding goals. It’s crucial to follow a cycle appropriate for your level of experience, and consultation with a health professional is advised.

Testoxyl Cypionate 250 Lab Test Results

Potential Side Effects

While Testoxyl Cypionate is generally well-tolerated, it can cause side effects such as water retention, changes in cholesterol levels, and mood fluctuations. Users are advised to monitor their health throughout the cycle and adjust their protocols as needed.


Testoxyl Cypionate by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals stands out as a reliable and effective option for those looking to enhance their strength and muscle mass. Based on the user reviews and expert insights, it offers substantial benefits when used responsibly within a structured steroid cycle.

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