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BodyPharm LTD is an anabolic and androgenic steroid pharmaceutical company. Quite a young manufacturer, positioning itself as a Japanese brand, focused on export to Europe.

The brand’s products are not very popular yet (because of their novelty), and it is quite difficult to find reviews about BodyPharm. It can be assumed that the quality of the products will be no worse as other Japanese manufacturers.

As for the price – it must be compared, taking into account the dosage.

Reviews of BodyPharm are both positive and negative. But let us repeat once again – there are too few of them to create at least a more or less objective picture. You can not take at face value messages from users unknown to you on forums, in chat rooms, etc. for a variety of reasons. Therefore, the only real way to learn about the effectiveness of anabolic and androgenic steroids from BodyPharm is to test them by yourself.

12 thoughts on “BODYPHARM

  1. bodypharm SUPERTEST450 is the best test ive ever used by far.its kind of like sus250 on steroids,not to mention the different esters it uses, starting with acetate which gives you an instant kick,then propionate and phenylpropionate that follows up after the acetate for a few more days of kick.then cypionate starts kicking in at day 7 thru 10 or 12 and then deconate kicks at between 12 and think of it this way,take your 1st shot and then your 2nd shot 4 days later.after that its once a week and all those esters are already overlapping and stacking up with each other and keeps getting better and better.some people think because it has a couple short esters you need to inject it every other day.thats bullshit and only necessary if your only injecting an acetate ester by theres a little PIP but its not crippling and can be made a little smoother by injecting together with another AAS your using(like DECA,MASTERON,etc. its user friendly,great mass and strength builder plus a great well being you will feel while using say good luck but its not needed you just have to be smart enough to use it,so get to work and it will work with and for you.

  2. Legit gear.Used it since 2016.
    Their all gear is tested and usually bit more dosed than what label states.
    They use peach oil as well for carrier which is not GMO and much better than other kinds.

  3. Again solid product. Above all I am a competitor and looking to show in the next year. I would not use nothing that would hinder my progress. So I will give credit where credit is do. Bodypharm product is all I plan to use. Results are there

  4. The test E is on point. Very smooth and legit. Like I mentioned earlier, after 2 weeks I’m already feeling the sex drive and pumps from the test, and it’s not even fully saturated.

  5. 50 Bodypharm Dbol
    20 Bodypharm Anavar

    The products were great. I gave the dbol’s to a friend and took the anavar with some that I already had from another source. I can’t comment on the dbol other than my friend said they were legit. The anavar on the other hand, I can say that it was excellent – as is any other Bodypharm stuff I’ve gotten my hands on. The anavar gave me just enough extra aggression and a little pump in the gym with some added vascularity. I was technically off-cycle when I was trying the 2 brands of anavar out, and it didn’t kill my libido or anything. It actually seemed to help. I did notice when I stopped taking the anavar after 4 weeks that my shoulders started to break out a tiny bit though so it played with my hormones just a little bit but not enough to complain about.

    Overall, I was impressed with Bodypharm’s product quality. I would definitely go with them again.

  6. Wsup fellas.I’ve. Been running bodypharm test prop and mast prop as a finisher to my current cycle.!All in all it seems very good,no pip,smooth injection,no drop in libido and feeling good.Wish I had more of it.haha.

  7. I recently was asked to sample and review bodypharm’s Anadrol. I normally don’t run orals and for my own personal reasons. I’m not saying they don’t have their place in bodybuilding/AAS use , it’s just a personal choice. I agreed to test out bodypharm product and I’m familiar with the strength and muscle gains with Anadrol.

    I’m on a low dose of Test-E,so I thought it would be perfect to test out his product to see the difference.One thing I notice is many guys buy several different compounds and go to town right from go…. Well how do you know if one of the products is junk? You don’t and someone new to this will never know and will never be able to pinpoint it out.

    I started at 50 mg’s for 4 weeks and I’m up roughly 10-15lbs ( realizing this is water retention also)

    After a few days I noticed the change. My strength went up quite considerably! I also noticed the lower back pain and I started getting headaches. All signs your oral is good! I also started retaining more water and started to blow up fairly quick. I’ve used several Anadrol Products in the past and one of my personal favorites back then was BD Androlic, well ladies and Gents, BodyPharm is in the same category!! Anyone looking for Anadrol to add some Mass to their cycle, I would recommend this to you!

  8. the test tren and deca are all running smooth have great gains in strength not too bad water retention, the pumps are amazing really good clean gear

    this is a great lab, I highly recommending

  9. I’ve been using bodypharm test prop for 5 weeks now. 1ml eod. Excellent product, started to get very sore nipples after about 10 days, sex drive gone up sky high. Strength is increasing and pumps are very good. 5 weeks in and my body is changing rapidly now. definately very well dosed product compared to other test prop that i have used and at a price that beats all others hands down.

  10. BodyPharm Eq
    BodyPharm Masteron
    BodyPharm Test Cyp 250

    6 week Cycle, just finishing off. Started cycle with a low pyramid stack. Week 1, 1/2CC of each product. Started feeling good after the first week. Definitely there was a large difference in vascularity. Sex drive was increasing Week 2, 1CC of each EOD. Every things better, Sex drive, strength, and appetite way up. Looking a little more stream line Week 3, Repeated week 2, slow and noticeable gains Week 4, 3 CC of each, all on one day. Complete change up. Noticed a 2lbs increase, near the end of the week. Body was totally looking and feeling better, the change up of days was a good change. Week 5, Repeat of 4, great change up, and conditioning and shape were very noticeable Week 6, 1/2 CC of each E.OD, gains were still coming, slowly and consistently. My diet was clean, food was very consistent. I have been off cycle for 4 months. So this cycle was a great change

  11. Review of current cut stack cycle.

    Blend of mast tren and test, all short ester.

    Been on these a couple of months give or take a week. Kick started the cycle with a cut stack vial for a quick start, like people do with prop at the beginning of a test Cyp or Enan cycle.

    The cut stack is working great for me, much prefer the propionate blends with the bonus of less pins per week. I’ve made nice steady gains and look better by the week, lean hard and vascular. Strength gains have been coming steady, nothing spectacular, around ten kg on bench for example. Using 3.5ml per week split in 2 shots. No pip, goes in pain free. Obviously I take my time with a steady hand.

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