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Steroids from Sciroxx do not differ widely on the domestic market of steroids, but receive mostly positive reviews. Although it should be understood that the opinions of customers may vary depending on the batch.

Sciroxx is an Israeli manufacturer of hormonal drugs (mainly anabolic-androgenic steroids) for human use. The product range of the brand includes a variety of active substances, including drostanolone propionate, testosterone enanthate, nandrolone decanoate, boldenone undecylenate and trenbolone acetate.

Earlier, the official Sciroxx website contained a message on: careful quality control of the products of the brand in accordance with international standards GLP, GCP and GMP (Good Laboratory Practice, Good Clinical Practice and Good Manufacturing Practice, respectively); hiring only highly qualified specialists (from scientists developing new types of steroid drugs to simple working plants); continuous improvement of the product line and the creation of new types of products (like steroid mixes) – but at the time of the mid-end of 2016, it is no longer available.

Steroids from Sciroxx do not differ widely on the domestic market of steroids, but receive mostly positive reviews. Although it should be understood that the opinions of customers may vary depending on the batch.

Sciroxx reviews may vary on the net. The “Israelis”, like any producer, have their admirers and haters. But the number of the first ones is clearly more, which indicates an averagely good quality of drugs.

19 thoughts on “SCIROXX REVIEWS

  1. This review is SX Oxanodex

    I used 60mg daily for six weeks. I was on a hefty Deca cycle and my mid section was ridiculously bloated. By week four my abs were showing again. My muscle density was superb, and the child was making it her mission for my muscles to give under pressure, but they never gave. I had some mild cramping taking place but was easily controlled with supplementing Taurine. The Sciroxx Var provided excellent results and made transitioning into cruise mode easy.

  2. Mastodex P doing what its supposed to, losing body fat, see alot more veins, plus feel stronger. My wife is running the clen and t3 and is shaking like a leaf and losing weight. all products I ordered are legit.

    very happy with this lab, Im going to be doing more orders with them, I highly recommend Sciroxx.

  3. Sciroxx gear is quality.

    My wife reports her sex drive is working overtime on the Anavar 5mg a day.

    I can tell she has gotten a lot stronger & she is looking a lot tighter. Also, she seems to break a sweat much easier in the gym

    I myself have run t3 on my tren cycle at 25mg Ed & it keeps my appetite up. Tren normally kills it.

  4. I have ordered SCIROXX several times in the past so I already know the quality of there gear.

  5. Testodex-E 250

    Nandrodex 300

    I was doing my offseason cycle and keeping it very simple just test and deca. The test I would say it kicked in about 3 weeks in and deca about 4 weeks. Both pinned really smooth, no problems at all. About 2 months in i was up in about 12 pounds. I could have gained more weight but I was not doing a dirty bulk. I ran the cycle for 14 weeks with proper pct and AI. Although I have to say I had a great run with Sciroxx, I got great strenght and size but when I came off the cycle I did break out with acne. I ran deca but other brands and this did not happen. But I was still have because their was quality in the products.

  6. tren a and test prop

    tren was at 75mg ed for like525 week prop at like 350week ran cycle for 8 weeks all sides were present night sweats ,nightmares ,urine stunk,dark urine ..trensomnia

    imvery pip sensitive,and I hardly ever experience any pip.i have run other labs top notch and tren and prop are up there with the best.

  7. Pretty good results for a simple test/anavar cycle. This was my first time with a UGL ,normally do vet stuff.

    4 Hexadex


    1 Tamodex

    1 Aromadex

    Finished 12 week cycle 2ml for 4 weeks, 3ml for the rest of the cycle with 80mg of Anavar ED on the backend for 6 weeks. I think I am allergic to the test prop in the hex, never used prop before and it was painful for days and I got test flu. It pretty much took me out of commission for 2 days out of every week the whole cycle, but it produced results I couldn’t complain about. On PCT now, everything is going well.

    Products are solid. Vials were a little short, so order a bit extra, but the product seems very potent. I am going to try another supplier to see if I react better to a different blend, but only cause I reacted so badly to the mix, otherwise I would be all over this again.

  8. I love Sciroxx!!

    Well their Hexadex is freaking OVERDRIVE! Kicks in halfway through week 2 but good Sustanon for me always kicks in by the end of week 2 so theirs is ABOVE average.

    Clear clean oil NO pip to speak of Test E is very strong too kicks in the end of week 3! Definitely dosed correctly if anything maybe a little overdosed almost feels like Test E 400 I’ve used in the past. Always have great lean results when using Hexadex doesn’t matter what I combine it with especially Sciroxx’s Sustanon it is truly a very potent product!

  9. Test e

    The oil is silky smooth with little to no pip. Had bloods run (as part of physical)Three weeks off cycle and was pleasantly surprised to find my test was still elevated, figured it would be in the basement. I gained 11 pounds of solid quality muscle. Couldn’t ‘ve more pleased.

    This lab is the real deal , if you have tried this lab then you know. And if you haven’t tried this lab you should.

  10. When I am off cycle I use Sciroxx’s test e for my trt and it is just as good at keeping me level and bloods correct as my prescription.. On my last cycle I ran prop at 100mg ed tren ace at 75mg ed as present workout.. Prop and tren kept me sweating like pig and leaned me out very nice.. Got very nice pumps during serious sides from the tren for me either besides the sweating and occasional trouble sleeping

    I am very happy with every aspect of Sciroxx’s product.. Very clean and smooth oils.

  11. Sciroxx test e 250mg

    I threw this on my current cycle . Tren e, test e, mast prop & var. I popped the top on the test an within 2 weeks I deff felt more aggressive an strength went way up! Libido went threw the roof as well! I deff felt a difference compared to the test e I was using on this cycle. I wouldn’t think twice about getting more of the potent test! As for oil texture an injection pain. Well, the oil was smooth! I shot it threw a 27g pin so, he’ll yea it was smooth!! An injection pain? What’s that? It went in an felt like it was ment to be in there!! Loved it! Great lab!

  12. Have been taking Methanodex 20mg p/d for 21 days now and have put on 11 pound. so its not just pink sweets.

    I have had one injection of Testodex 1 ml, 250 mg/ml in my thigh and it hurt like hell for 3 days then returned to normal. I don’t know weather this is the gear or I hit a nerve. will use again

  13. scirtoxx test prop 100mg/ml

    ok since it was a 1 vial and i had been on test e 250/ week for months and months…..i decided to see how “cruising” on 50 mg of test p eod would go. I waited 2 weeks after last E pin to begin the eod P, and I must say i really enjoyed this prop,it pinned smooth, and prop is always a sexual stimulant for me but this gear had me smashing or baitin 5-6 times a day. and im 40 lol. Thats always a plus.

  14. This is a review for the sciroxx mastodex.

    First thing was to access the pip situation that many many members complained about, and this batch for me was completely fine?!, very slight tenderness the day after but certainly good in my opinion for a short ester… This was pinned in the delt,glutes, leg and tricep and all same consistent minimal pip So after trying this I’m now trying a vial of tren a for the same reasons… During the 2.5 weeks running this at around the 1.5 week mark I noticed my libido was so so so much higher which is a good sign of quality masteron, also I had to stop taking my ai as I was getting very very dry lips which always happens when my e2 gets too low.. FYI i was running a standard protocol 1ml EOD 100mg EOD till the vial ran out. I will update this review when I’ve ran the tren bottle

  15. Pentadex and Nandrodex

    Pentadex x15wks

    Nandrodex x10wks

    Quality was great, PIP was minimal, strength gains were as expected, sex drive was high.

    Quality gear, I would recommend this lab.

  16. i used 100 mg eod tren ace and 150-200mg eod mast prop(i’m still on it with the last one)…

    the best results of my life in these last 4 weeks… mast p gave me an extra solid effect, i’m dry and solid like a rock! i love it … tren ace gave me some cough ,amazing vascularity , strenght(in a low calories pharse!)and insomnia…i kept all my muscle eating very few carbs… aggressivity is high lol

  17. Sciroxx Tren Ace

    Sciroxx Nandrodex 300

    Sciroxx test enan

    No complaints , i ran the tren for 30 days or just under always use it as a blast nowadays do not know what is the hype all about , lol , but that’s new users or someone just gets off the gear so often that probably the size difference is that noticeable .So i ran a ml a day and then switched to 1.5 and 2ml a day eventually i seem to get a lot of progesterone related issues so yeah well that and the usual acne , none of that crazy strength and whatever people say..Test enan is great libido is up , probably enan does not have the best release in terms of as we humans do but as i am talking about their enan yeah , did ther job definelty felt that there is test in there , no pip or any soreness , now from tren oh boy i did thighs and still soreness around the area .Deca , love it , steady gains and fat loss.. seem to get more dense too i am running it 2.1 g a week feel a much better investment than NPP don’t know why people run npp i mean.. Nanadrolone base lives for 6 days so whats the point in having an release system for 3.5? if it lives half as much don’t get it so my advice want to run Npp run Deca as if it was npp .So yeah very happy with the oils ill give you a breakdown

    Been running gear for over a year now do not come off as it is cheaper and healthier regardless and what most of you say …

    300-600 Test a week

    2100 Deca a week

    100-200 Tren a day if its a blast , i drop Deca for the time being at all or to 300-600

    for those of deca related issues just run masteron which i did also run from Sciroxx at 400 a week , just make sure you have enough DHT

  18. The test e was smooth and imo properly dosed at 250mgs. no pip but sweated like a motherfucker also super oily skin as well. Sciroxx products seem to be legit imo!

    quality on test e is great been using it for 5 weeks now

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