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British Dragon Pharma is one of the most renowned pharmaceutical companies based in Europe.

BD products appeared on the USA market relatively recently, and thanks to the affordable price and high quality, they almost immediately won the trust of many athletes. Despite the success, the company’s management plans its further development. First of all, part of the company’s profits is directed to the work of a research laboratory, which develops drugs that the population needs. In addition to traditional medicines, the manufacturer also produces steroids.

For the first time, the existence of British Dragon became known in 1999. A small part of the athletes of the USA, who nevertheless were lucky enough to experience the effect of the drugs of this manufacturer, left mostly positive reviews on the internet resources. They appreciate the effectiveness, safety and quality of steroids. Most of the preparations produced in the form of injections are made using a special oil that allows athletes to make painless injections. The main active ingredient of all manufactured drugs corresponds to the declared one. Also, instructions for use are attached to many drugs, which eliminates the need for an athlete to search for a specialist to calculate the dosage and duration of admission.

The oil included in the injectable preparations ensures both painlessness of injections and a faster assimilation of their main components. This allows you to significantly reduce the period of elimination of the steroid from the body, which means that you can go through doping control without any problems. Also, the athlete from the very beginning of the course receives a visible result from the cycle.

Despite the fact that the company re-appeared relatively recently, it is already possible to find anabolic steroids, thyroid hormones and peptides, anti-estrogen drugs and somatotropin in its assortment. All this allows an athlete to build a cycle without any problems using the products of the same manufacturer.


  1. British Dragon testabol enanthate and british dragon tren acetate.

    So a lot of people have hit me up asking about the quality of these british dragon products. I found the quality to be pretty good. The testosterone works exactly as it should, given my extensive usage of this compound I would have noticed instantly if this stuff was underdosed and my test levels would have dropped. But on the contrary, I felt all the good effects of the test and it definitely kept my dick from being annihilated by the tren. The tren acetate was also pretty good. I like the fact that it comes in amps rather than vials, gives me the feeling that I am using a higher quality product. The tren kicked in pretty quickly, and after a few weeks I started getting more vascular, shredded, grainy, dense and hard. Exactly what a competing bodybuilder wants to achieve. That being said, I can recommend the british dragon product line. The price-performance ratio is definitely one of the best I’ve seen so far.

  2. Everything I have used from british dragon has been 100% legit. Currently on a pre contest cycle and it is going amazing. started at 26 weeks out, gaining muscle (ex:put a half inch on my arms already) and dropping body fat.

    -BD Test E 250

    -BD Test Prop 100

    -BD Winstrol (10mg)

    -BD Mast 100

    -BD Tren Ace 100

    -BD Clen

    -BD Arimidex

    -HUCOG 10000

    currently 6 weeks out and waist is tiny, still strong as hell, veiny, hard, full, and ripped at 210lbs (started at 215-220 flux), still havnt even added in the tren, mast, or winstrol so just imagine. Before my pre contest cycle I did a basic test e only cycle with some arimidex, clomid, and HUCOG and actually went from about 175 to 225 after PCT I stayed at 220lbs for the ladies: Girlfriend used anavar and clen for about 8 weeks, and 4 weeks of winstrol. She loved it. Gained a good amount of muscle and was rock solid. No bad side effects besides her voice getting slightly raspy which went away and also the joint pain from winstrol which also goes away once you stop. Soon she will be going into a contest prep using clen and t3, we will throw the winstrol in for the last 4 weeks to harden up.

  3. In my experience over the last 4 years British Dargon Pharma products have always been effective. The Sust 350 is what you would expect from Testosterone. It was the first time that I took Durabol (NPP) and I liked it, seemed to be very similar to the way Stanabol (Winstrol) worked… Note: I did not take the NPP and the Winny at the same time. However, the Winstrol is still may favorite product and I feel provided the best results as far as vascular and looking hard/lean.

  4. This review is for BD Somatotrobol, Tren E and Test P.

    I’m using Somatotrobol for 3 months now. I been on a different HGH for 8 months before I switched to Somatotrobol from BD. Now my results are even better!! I use 6iu 5 days on 2 days off. Great hgh. BD Tren e and Test p are top notch ass all BD products. British Dragon is hands down my favorite

  5. I ran BD test, tren acetate and 50 mg dbol as well as the anastrozole as suggested. I am currently up 14 pounds (a lot for me as I am a hard gainer) even with slacking somewhat on my diet. I’ve had very little side effects minus some bacne which is to be expected.

    Products have been great and I’m seeing big results.

  6. Product quality is AMAZING and TOP NOTCH!!! I have been on the Sust 350, Trenbolone 200, and Growth for a little over 12 weeks and have put on close to 50lbs of muscle. I pin the Sust 350/Tren 200 stack twice a week and use the growth at 3 iu a day pinning in the morning. I initially started this stack weighing 148 lbs at 13% body fat and am now fluctuating between 195-198 and am at 15.3% body fat. With growth I noticed the usual hunger spike and tiredness. I have also noticed a bit of water retention from the Sust 350 and my strength increase from the Trenbolone 200 is night and day compared to where I was when i started. With the Tren I have also noticed increased aggression and the typical night sweats, but haven’t experienced any of the other sides associated with Tren. I will be done with my Sust/Tren stack in 11 days, but plan on sticking with the growth long term.

  7. 4 * British Dragon Test Ethanate

    4 * British Dragon Deca

    Products have been used for six weeks. Test is being dosed at 1g a week, and the Deca is currently dosed at 600mg a week. British Dragon is a brand that delivers. The oils are excellent and pin nicely. The compounds are delivering solid gains.

  8. This is a review for the oxanabol which i received a few months ago !

    I ran it at 70mg a day for 6 weeks towards the end of my test/EQ cycle and the var pumps were insane !. This was my first time using var and I will be using it again on my next cycle . British Dragon definitely is on point.i wish I would have kept track of my weight cut I lost a good amount of body fat. And packed on some muscle

    Loved this product and will definitely be picking up more

  9. My review is for BD Methanabol (dianabol), BD Sustabol 350 (Sustanon), BD Clenbuterol, BD Ultrabol

    I just finished my cycle, i gained about 22lbs and a lot of fat has been lost as well.

    Within weeks I was sweating like crazy, having trouble sleeping, getting horny, while getting stronger and aggressive.

    All the products did what i expected.

  10. This is for the 2 bottles of BD Prop 100mg that I have used!

    Switched from another suppliers prop which was very good as well, since I started using this I have been more energetic and my appetite has truly been through the roof, I think that it has to do with me only using 100mg per ml prop and this is my first time using prop 100 and I am very glad that I did. I have experienced no pip whatsoever with this as I sometimes do with using only 100mgs per, since using this my aggression has been up as well as my strength and my libido is way up as well, I do have to say that the color compared to a lot of the prop that I have used was a bit darker but in no way has that have any effect on the product.

    I can’t wait until I can try more of British Dragon products in the future as I do not think I will be disappointed.

  11. Been using the Tren Var and Winny for almost 3weeks now. Running 75mg Tren ED, 40mg Winny ED and 80mg Var ED. Sthrengh and vascularity is amazing. I am a Tren junkie and this stuff is def some of the best Tren I have used. Sides are coming on strong and BF is just melting off me. Var and Winny are doing exactly what I exspect from quality raws. . Dry and hard muscles with some increased joint pain.

  12. Methanabol – What can I say I absolutely love this dbol it’s very strong and great quality. Definitely dosed properly if not overdosed. I’m taking 30mg 20 of it pwo and 10 post.i get insane pumps from it in the gym and my strength went up a lot since I added it. I’m able to lift harder for longer in 3 weeks on it I’ve added about 8 pounds and it’s minimal water mostly lean gain because of the A.I. I even gave 20mg of it to my friend who’s not on any gear to see how good it is since he’s not running anything else it would show clearly if the dbol is good or not and he absolutely loved it.

  13. This review is for BD Test prop and BD Tren A

    The one thing I will touch on was the difference in the strength of the two. There was very little PIP, which is nice, however I do feel like the Test P was stronger than the Tren A, which caused me to have to change up my doses a little bit. The Tren is still very solid, When running it at a higher dose I had a few instances of Tren cough from nicking a vein. The Tren definitely pushed me to a 5x better physique than I was rocking before the cycle; absolutely hard as a rock.

    Overall, very solid products. I definitely made the results I wanted.

  14. All gear is legit. My protocol was 250 mgs test 2x/w. On week 6 I had a blood test 24 hours after last administration results came back with Test level “more than 1500”

    So Test E (BD Test Enanth 250) was legit. My estrogen level was in normal range, and I was taking an AI during a cycle. so it boils down to a conclusion that AI (BD Letrozole, BD Anastrozole) where legit.

    And I am on my 3d week of PCT and everything goes nice and smooth. It proves that SERMs (BD Nolva, BD Clomiphene) are legit.

    So I am very satisfied with the BRITISH DRAGON PHARMA!

  15. I ran the test e for 10 weeks and the oxanabol for 4 and a half weeks, test e was extremely potent right away hornier than ever, greasy skin, better sleep, nicer pumps, weight gain, then I added oxanabol into the mix the pumps were like no other would do one rep of curls and be completely pumped my vascularity increased significantly and I leaned out, became hard and dry

    Overall great lab and I recommend it to anyone

  16. The Test E is stronger than my other sources products. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this good and had these gains. I’m starting my 5th week and up 8lbs without any major bloating. The PIP is nothing crazy and the oil is really smooth. The Tbol added some nice gains as well. I could see a greater improvement adding in the tbol and will be using it again in the future. The Tren Ace looks and feel great. I def recommend it for anyone that wants to take the next step. Hold on tight!!

    Been on this last cycle for 5 weeks now and gains are great. Loving the feeling of the British Dragon test and will be using it till I’m proven wrong.

  17. The British Dragon products are my favorite. I cruised on 750 mg of test while using T3 to cut towards the end of summer. Oxanabol is awesome as well, amazing pumps/vascularity/strength increases. Using the Tamoxifen and Clomiphene now for PCT. Planning on placing a order for contest prep. Life long customer.

  18. The quality is spot on. Began with 500 mg/wk Test E and 400 mg/wk Tren, and 20 Stan daily. Shifted from 400 mg/wk Tren to 400 mg/wk Mast on the back half of the cycle. My strength went through the roof with the BD Tren 200 and my libido and vascularity were greatly enhanced when I shifted to BD Mast 200. In addition, the fat dripped off my body without any major changes or sacrifices to my diet. I LOVE this stack!

  19. did a 8 week cutting cycle dropped 5% bf and put on solid 15lbs. Ran prop 50mg/day tren a 25mg/day and 100 mg var for the last 4 weeks. Test kept my energy great and libido A+. I deffinetly felt the tren night sweats and tren somnia but i felt like fat was melting off of me. strength increase was insane, I put 50lbs on my bench and 115 on my squat. The var completely shredded me up at the end of the cycle i have veins in my abs, And the pump during my workouts were insane felt like my muscles were going to explode through my skin. It was an awesome stack.

  20. BD Turinabol 10mg – Ran this in my most recent cycle (not done yet, but I’m ended with my Tbol run) for 60mg for 6 weeks. Loved every second of it. Felt it start to kick ever so slightly in the first week. Increased strength, vascularity, and pumps. Built over the next week. Hunger was also through the roof for the first 2 weeks and despite increasing calories and carbs I found myself recomping! When it really started to shine was when they test kicked in around week 4. Weight climbed jumped up and strength increased for me way more than when I run test alone. First time I’ve kick started a cycle with an oral and really enjoyed it. Never felt bad on this for one second, no blood pressure issues, water retention issues, etc etc. just nice lean gains Wife also ran BD Tbol for a 8 week cycle, 2 weeks at 5mg to see how she felt, 10mg for the other 6 weeks. Her previous cycles were with 10mg Oxanabol. She was very happy with the cycle, she had steady gains right from the start. Just like me, spent her first 2 weeks recomping, and then the next 6 building. She liked the tbol as in her opinion she had better muscular gains compared to Oxanabol. Also pumps were better. She did however note she missed the awesome strength gains that come from var, and she also gets a great boost of energy. But overall very happy with her cycle. Side effects were extremely mild.

    BD Mesterolone 25mg – I added this to my TRT dose of 200mg test, I split the tabs and take half morning and half at night. Love this stuff. I feel it even at 25mg. It’s nothing dramatic, or crazy, but within a week of starting my mood, libdo, and recovery all went up a notch. I just straight up feel better being on even such a small dose. Was really a very small additive that made a decent overall quality of life improvement

    I’m pretty loyal to the British Dragon line and have yet to have any issues with any of their products.


  22. I did 15 weeks of Test P at 350mg/week, Tren at 700mg/week, Mast at 700mg/week and added in Superdrol at the beginning and Winny at the end and pulsing T3 throughout. I went up 15lbs in LBM. and dropped about 4% BF. I wasn’t satisfied so I ordered the Ultrabol to run for an additional 8 weeks and I dropped another 2% BF and gained an additional 4 lbs so that was a excellent recoup as well. Theses products are the real deal. I love British Dragon lab, and I don’t plan on every using another brand!

    I can’t wait to start my next bulk cycle soon that I already ordered as well! I’ll be sure to do a review on it also! I am completely in love with BD and have already referred about 8 people to them, 5 of which I know have used them and with nothing but good things to say.

  23. BD Anavar works great. I was taking 30 mg just to see if it would work. I’m very sensitive to anavar personally I get lots of side effects but also notice gains with lower dose than most people take. My stomach upsetting slightly (this is normal for me with anavar) all signs of good anavar good sides – MASSIVE strength gains!!! Every lift increased 30% or more while I’m on var!!! Noticed a slight fatloss effect too has my abs showing hard, also quite a bit of vascularity noticed while on anavar. Overall this var is high quality I highly recommend if you want good var BD is the way to go.

  24. Through blood work and HPLC-MS, everything checks out to be legit

    I am running; 600 mg test cyp a week, 100 mg tren a week, 100 mg anadrol a day. I plan on a 16 week cycle.

    This brand is by far the best lab I have ever used.

  25. I have been using the test prop for 4 weeks at 150mg every other day. Test prop is probably my favorite compound and I use it in every cycle. I believe this test propionate is dosed accurately. Within the first week I had weight/strength gain. The boost in sex drive is 100% apparent within a couple days from when I started. I find that I am able to move heavy weights all the way to the end of my workout by using it. Excellent for power lifters. I will say it does have a tadbit of pip, but it doesn’t bother me much at all. The forearm pump you get on back day from it will be on another level! Lol

  26. Product quality and strength are great. Injections are smooth and painless. Trenabol is highly affective I get all the common sides associated with Trenbolone and Oxanabol gives me great pumps at 30 mgs daily. I been on this stack for 7 weeks now and have noticed a great amount of lean mass and bf% has gone down. Strength is through the roof. Great stack for individuals trying to use product the is fast acting.

  27. Used the cyionate 250 1cc twice weekly on Monday and Thursday.

    Clear oil, smooth pinning and ZERO pip.

    Within a couple weeks of starting my libido shot up, oily skin and by the end of the month you could tell I was in something hahah felt amazing and gained 12 pounds. I increased my calories and ate whatever I wanted for 2months. Awesome!

  28. Finishing up a sust/tren a cycle. Both products are from British Dragon and both are worth the money.

    Quality is great. Have two weeks left of this run. Pinning 1cc of each every other day. No pip. Tren gives me horrendous night sweats. Have to change sheets every night. Started this run off at 205 lbs and am currently sitting at 218. I’m much leaner and my muscles are much fuller. Was expecting to put on as much muscle as I did. Was mainly looking to cut up. The vial presentation is nice and the liquids looked nice and clear. Beach body is ready for the summer thanks to BD Pharma.

    Great gear. Great gains. All you can ask for.

  29. In the past few weeks, I’ve been running the BD Test P, BD Mast P and BD test suspension. All I can say is that the gear is smooooth and get no pip at all.

    Test P : (50mg/ed) This is grade A quality. I am not holding water weight. My libido is so strong at times, I feel like I can do dick push ups!!! And, the oil build up on my face is no joke….I wash my face 5-6 times a day.

    Mast P : (75mg/ed) Also, high quality shiznits!!! I never really had the “cut/dry” look, but this has helped me have that look. My arms are more defined and my abs are starting to show. If your looking for that dry/hard look, don’t pass this item up peoples!!!

    BD test suspension : (50mg-100mg Pre-Workout / Legs / Chest) WOW !!! and WOW !!! Gotta say that this is my new Favorite!!! Pinning is smooth, and about an hour later, I can lift heavier, more, and longer!! You CAN NOT go wrong with this test suspension, it’ll take you to the next level in your workouts….BUT be careful, it’s addictive and you want more and Overall, A+’s all around for me.

  30. 2x test prop 100mg

    I ran this at 1cc eod and some anavar for a very short cycle 5 week cycle. The strength gains were great, and so was the libido. Gear was super smooth and gave me amazing pumps in the gym. Vascularity increased and so was my aggression. Im a huge fan of test prop so I def know what 100mg is like. This is def 100mg. Im actually putting in another order because Id like to use this gear for my next prep

    Great lab. Fire test.

  31. Clen – amazing, just amazing, love the synergy when I use it with Tren my body feels like I’m having a fever. Jittery noticed and was also giving me small headaches so cycled it on and off 2 weeks on/2 weeks off.

    BD Tren – love BD products, barely any PIP and always effective. Started noticing strength gains on week 3, felt my body height start rising and constantly kept me super warm during the entire day, night sweats are annoying but I’ve gotten used to them I’m also on some HGH and the insomnia is not as bad as usual.

    BD Test E – also great, along with caber this kept my libido in check while using tren. wife had to run away.

    BD Clomid + Nolva, no complains as usual with the PCT. feel fully recovered and will confirm as soon as I pull bloods. Also used nolva to keep estro in check since i’m very prone to gyno and already have a small lump that gets very sensitive when using tren + test

    One of my favorite labs.

  32. This was the first time I had every tried his brand of Masteron Prop and had little doubt that it would be totally legit and effective given the outstanding quality of all the other compounds I’ve tried of his. I was Stacking Test Prop 180mg EOD, Tren Ace 100mg EOD (A-dex as needed) and at the last 8 weeks of the cycle starting administering the Masteron prop at 150mg EOD as I started to really cut away excess fat and truly strive for that ripped look. There was never any PIP with the Mast no matter where I pinned in and I found that it gave the other two compounds an extra kick in the ass. It probably took about 2-3 weeks to really feel anything different and was gradual but by the time I was at week 6-7 on the Mast stacked with the Test Prop and Tren Ace helped me to get that extra bit of endurance to rip out that last 20 minutes on Biceps or Triceps. It also helped to offset the Tren effect can have on causing some libido or similiar issues as the Mast helped to keep me hard in all the right places, really! With Masteron, it does have a drying effect which will give you the ripped and chiseled muscle effect so I had to make sure I was drinking a ton of water constantly but this we all know to do anyways. I would definitely do another cycle of Masteron by British Dragon when trying to achieve true definition in all muscle groups as a cutting phase plus you may not need to take quite as much of Test while on it. My muscles weren’t just a lot bigger and pumped but they were truly rock hard because of the Masteron, something I wouldn’t quite have achieved with the Test Prop and Tren Ace alone. I also like it because it has absolutely no negative side effects for me and is a very friendly compound for anyone trying to peel away that list bit of extra fat and get “The Look”.

  33. Standard 12 week test e and dbol cycle. Products worked great ran dbol 50mg ed weeks 1-5 and test e 750 mg a week. Added in some test suspension to test product and gave a real intense boost to my workout. Pumps and gains were very good kept a solid 15 after cycle.

    Can’t wait for my next cycle from BD! Thinking of running test with some eq and tren

  34. 7x Clenbuterol Tablets

    The clen works, immediately upon taking it my cousins hand started shaking and trembling; it was a weird experience for him, but i assured him it was normal. I on the other hand happen just to be a little more resilient to these kind’ve drugs. I could take 120mcg with minimal sides, aside from the excessive sweating!

  35. Testabol Enanthate at 1000mg a week and had good results just like always. Slight pip but not unbearable. Boldabol is good great results with minimal pip. Better pumps and strength. Very vascular. I always am happy with British Dragon steroids. Oxydrol is crazy like always. Crazy pumps and insane strength gains. Aggression. Dbol is decent I prefer anadrol. But still had good gains from the dbol.

    Great quality. Slight pip. Strength gains and size. Good vascularity.

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