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British Dragon Pharma is one of the most renowned pharmaceutical companies based in Europe. Its products appeared on the USA market relatively recently, and thanks to the affordable price and high quality, they almost immediately won the trust of many athletes. Despite the success, the company’s management plans its further development. First of all, part of the company’s profits is directed to the work of a research laboratory, which develops drugs that the population needs. In addition to traditional medicines, the manufacturer also produces steroids.

For the first time, the existence of British Dragon became known in 1999. A small part of the athletes of the USA, who nevertheless were lucky enough to experience the effect of the drugs of this manufacturer, left mostly positive reviews on the internet resources. They appreciate the effectiveness, safety and quality of steroids. Most of the preparations produced in the form of injections are made using a special oil that allows athletes to make painless injections. The main active ingredient of all manufactured drugs corresponds to the declared one. Also, instructions for use are attached to many drugs, which eliminates the need for an athlete to search for a specialist to calculate the dosage and duration of admission.

The oil included in the injectable preparations ensures both painlessness of injections and a faster assimilation of their main components. This allows you to significantly reduce the period of elimination of the steroid from the body, which means that you can go through doping control without any problems. Also, the athlete from the very beginning of the course receives a visible result from the cycle.

Despite the fact that the company re-appeared relatively recently, it is already possible to find anabolic steroids, thyroid hormones and peptides, anti-estrogen drugs and somatotropin in its assortment. All this allows an athlete to build a cycle without any problems using the products of the same manufacturer.


  1. Testabol Enanthate at 1000mg a week and had good results just like always. Slight pip but not unbearable. Boldabol is good great results with minimal pip. Better pumps and strength. Very vascular. I always am happy with British Dragon steroids. Oxydrol is crazy like always. Crazy pumps and insane strength gains. Aggression. Dbol is decent I prefer anadrol. But still had good gains from the dbol.

    Great quality. Slight pip. Strength gains and size. Good vascularity.

  2. 7x Clenbuterol Tablets

    The clen works, immediately upon taking it my cousins hand started shaking and trembling; it was a weird experience for him, but i assured him it was normal. I on the other hand happen just to be a little more resilient to these kind’ve drugs. I could take 120mcg with minimal sides, aside from the excessive sweating!

  3. Standard 12 week test e and dbol cycle. Products worked great ran dbol 50mg ed weeks 1-5 and test e 750 mg a week. Added in some test suspension to test product and gave a real intense boost to my workout. Pumps and gains were very good kept a solid 15 after cycle.

    Can’t wait for my next cycle from BD! Thinking of running test with some eq and tren

  4. This was the first time I had every tried his brand of Masteron Prop and had little doubt that it would be totally legit and effective given the outstanding quality of all the other compounds I’ve tried of his. I was Stacking Test Prop 180mg EOD, Tren Ace 100mg EOD (A-dex as needed) and at the last 8 weeks of the cycle starting administering the Masteron prop at 150mg EOD as I started to really cut away excess fat and truly strive for that ripped look. There was never any PIP with the Mast no matter where I pinned in and I found that it gave the other two compounds an extra kick in the ass. It probably took about 2-3 weeks to really feel anything different and was gradual but by the time I was at week 6-7 on the Mast stacked with the Test Prop and Tren Ace helped me to get that extra bit of endurance to rip out that last 20 minutes on Biceps or Triceps. It also helped to offset the Tren effect can have on causing some libido or similiar issues as the Mast helped to keep me hard in all the right places, really! With Masteron, it does have a drying effect which will give you the ripped and chiseled muscle effect so I had to make sure I was drinking a ton of water constantly but this we all know to do anyways. I would definitely do another cycle of Masteron by British Dragon when trying to achieve true definition in all muscle groups as a cutting phase plus you may not need to take quite as much of Test while on it. My muscles weren’t just a lot bigger and pumped but they were truly rock hard because of the Masteron, something I wouldn’t quite have achieved with the Test Prop and Tren Ace alone. I also like it because it has absolutely no negative side effects for me and is a very friendly compound for anyone trying to peel away that list bit of extra fat and get “The Look”.

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