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Dragon Pharma team consists of highly qualified employees – a team of true professionals and creative masters of their business-who with absolute certainty are pushing ahead with proficient activities and pharmacological development of the company.

The pharmaceutical company Dragon Pharma was founded in 2009 as a small research laboratory, it produced an assortment that included only 4 (four) medicinal products in its patented formulation. After a short period of time, the number of medicines produced by Dragon Pharma has tripled, and to date, Dragon Pharma have in their assortment more than 40 products that meet both the demands of sports enthusiasts and fully meet the needs of athletes, engaged in bodybuilding at a professional level.

Their products have already found their adherents and potential consumers in almost all corners of the globe that give praise to Dragon Pharma reviews. In its professional activities, the company follows modern pioneering trends in bodybuilding, regardless of the country where such professional sportsmen live, whether the United States of America or Russia, England or South Africa! With a wide assortment list of products manufactured by the company, future buyers will be able to familiarize themselves in detail on the official website of Dragon Pharma, which is available to customers for viewing at any time of the day.

Dragon Pharma team consists of highly qualified employees – a team of true professionals and creative masters of their business-who with absolute certainty are pushing ahead with proficient activities and pharmacological development of the company, so you can hear or read about the work of Dragon Pharma, which in their majority fully deserve the right to be enthusiastic. Every year the professional team of the company takes part in dozens of international exhibitions held to exchange experience in the development of new technologies and the latest achievements of the scientific and technical process, as well as equipping the enterprise with modern production equipment. To buy Dragon Pharma products means a one hundred percent guarantee of acquisition in the pharmaceutical market of high-tech products!

In order to ensure the best quality of products in the sales market, the team of professionals compulsorily observes new industrial methods for checking the quality of the raw material, the synthesis of the necessary substances used in production, and the final packaging of the products. In the company’s laboratories, chromatographs of the latest generation are widely used in practice, which provide an excellent opportunity for employees to significantly expand their own production base of standard medicines, including steroids as well. Each time, the company’s experts purchase raw materials, which must then undergo a verification of compliance with the standards, and only then this material is sent for processing in direct production. The company provides untapped raw material to potential customers, the purity of which reaches a level of at least 98.5%!


  1. DP is definitely one of the best and most reliable sources I have ever used. They have there shit together when is comes to all aspects of the business. There are many good sources on this community and DP is definitely up there.

    Going on my third week of Dbol I put on just under 10lbs. There really isn’t much else I can say about them because we all know the product and what really matters to me at least is if there real and you can bet your ass they are! I

    I am glad that I used DP and am overall very happy with the whole experience. If you have any doubts about using them DONT! You won’t be sorry. Keep up the good work guys.

  2. been using dragon pharma now for 2weeks nnp 100mg eod and test cyp 500mg every 5 days 20mg tamoxifen daily, limbio is up, strenght is great the nnp fixed my shoulder no more pain in it. both products have a little pip but not bad just no u to a shot the next day then its gone. very happy with products will order more.

  3. First time using dragon pharma gear and only 4 weeks into it but it is the best gear i have used so far love the gains

  4. I did 2 cc sus a week .75cc eod prop whit eq 600ml a week.and man I love the prop a the sust got me a lot of strength at the gym no doubt about it.I did this for 6 weeks and I made 10 pounds .

    Well about the viagra it works I try once and it’s great! I just want to have it on hand just in case you know.

    DP is someone who you can go you won’t be disappointed .

    Truly quality products

  5. Tren 200- FIRE!! Tren has always given me the “you’re about to couch bitch” feeling but never made me cough. This stuff put me on my ass. I damn near coughed a lung up the first two injections. As far as quality, it is for sure properly dosed. Had all the Tren sides

    Sust- Libido increased after the first week. Oily skin around the second week. After week 3-4, strength started creeping up pretty nice and continued throughout the cycle. No PIP what so ever.

    Dbol- I did not use the dbol, a friend did. We were a little skeptical about the way this stuff was administered but by the time the sachet was gone, he was wanting more. Not sure on the exact weight gain but he blew up mighty quick. I’ve never seen dbol work that well.

  6. How do i get on you list , i would to get offers if you send them out im looking for fast and effective results deca and dbol is what im looking for

  7. Ok, So heres the deal! I’ve been pinning this Dragon Pharma test for a couple weeks now… I was already doing another SI’s test So my serum levels were already pretty high… I have to say that i feel more aggressive and am getting wood three times a fucking night! Im 47… that shit dont just happen… Lol… The wife says i better not run out of this Dragon test… its the real deal guys!!! No Doubt!!!

  8. Gear is on point, got the Testosterone Blend (Sustanon 350mg). Frontloaded that shit and could feel the test the next day. Will order again their products!

  9. Hi does this company sell your product I notice there label looks different
    then yours,this is the company EUROANABOLEX.COM please let me know.

  10. I ordered dbols and received it 2 weeks ago and it is top quality, i have gained weight so far and and i am getting incredible pumps at the gym. Last time i combined it with test and gained 10 kg.

  11. Cut Long 300

    Got the cut long stack’s for a buddy of mine. He has been making solid gains from about 2ml a week. Its his first cycle involving Tren so he’s doing a low dose to gauge his sides. He has not experienced any crazy PiP. His injections have been smooth. He loves this stack so much, i already placed and receieved an additional order for him.

  12. Test prop,test cypionate,winstrol and aromasin

    I have gotten solid gains from both propionate and cypionate the prop is tough on inject site but that’s typical of prop!

    The quality has been spot on!

  13. i`m on trt for 2 years now an i have just used testosterone enathate 250mg per week.

    i decided to switch to propionate because its better controllable and has less estrogenic side effects cause

    of less aromatasation (shorter ester).

    i did much research and decided to give dragon pharma a try, they seem to be very serious and long enough in business to trust in their products.

    so i switched from 250mg enanthate to 50 mg propionate eod. i noticed less water retention, dryer look, strengh gain (dont know why?) and nearly no injection pain!! this stuff works great!

  14. I ran the Parabolan at 500mg/week. Sides popped up fast. My nights were restless for the first couple of months. I used to wake up in the middle of the night to take cold showers to cope with excessive sweating. The vials were clean and clear and pinned smoothly. Gym days were full of energy and aggression and stretch marks appeared especially around the biceps region. Libido on tren was skyrocket. I was running caber at 0.5mg every three days, and had no signs of prolactin. The strength from Parabolan was absolutely brilliant. Almost all of my lifts went up by 15% or more.

  15. This review is for DP viagra

    I love the dragon pharma brand. the viagra is very good as far as quality. I been using for a couple months as a preworkout and also an extra edge in the bedroom and I will say they do there job very well. Not really much to say about this product if they work they work and I would recommend This brand of viagra to anyone.

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