Testoxyl Enanthate 250 is an injectable anabolic steroid which comes in 10 mL vials and contains 250 mg of Testosterone Enanthate, it is an original brand product of Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. For intramuscular injections. An excellent product for bulking cycles.

Without the use of testosterone, there is almost no steroid cycle. One of the most popular esters of the male hormone is Enanthate, manufactured by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals lab. Learn how to correctly use Testoxyl Enanthate and in what dosages.

Testoxyl Enanthate Reviews

Testoxyl Enanthate is one of the esters of the male hormone and has a long period of exposure into the athlete’s body. The term of half-life of this steroid is about seven days. In its anabolic profile, Testoxyl Enanthate is virtually indistinguishable from endogenous hormone.

It should also be noted that testosterone enanthate, like other esters of this hormone, has the properties of aromatization, and the speed of this process depends on the characteristics of the athlete’s body. For this reason, during the use of this drug, it is desirable to do analyzes of estradiol levels.


As we said above, testosterone enanthate equally has androgenic and anabolic properties. Using Testoxyl Enanthate significantly increases the strength and endurance, which is very important for intensive training sessions. It should also be noted that these effects last for a long time, since the half-life of this steroid is large. Today you can freely buy Testoxyl Enanthate in online stores. Note the main effects:

  • Significant increase in muscle mass;
  • Positively affects the joints and ligaments;
  • A pumping effect is created;
  • Improves overall health;
  • Does not pose a threat to the liver;
  • Muscles recover more quickly after training.


All athletes can use this drug, regardless of the length of training. The effectiveness of this drug confirms Testoxyl Enanthate reviews, which can be found quite a lot. It will be enough for beginners to have one injection during the week in the amount of 250 milligrams. This will let you know how the body reacts to the introduction of this steroid and in parallel to gain muscle mass. More experienced athletes can use Testoxyl Enanthate in the range of 250 to 1000 milligrams for seven days.

This drug is perfectly combined with other AAS. The most popular combinations are Nandroxyl + Testoxyl Enanthate and Testoxyl Enanthate + Dianoxyl. In addition, good results can be achieved with a combination of Test E with Anadroxyl or Trenboxyl Enanthate.

Testoxyl Enanthate Lab Test Results

Post-Cycle Therapy

Since testosterone enanthate is a long ester, restorative therapy should begin 2 or 3 weeks after discontinuation of the drug. It is also advisable to purchase Proviroxyl in advance and be ready to use it at the first symptoms of strong aromatization. If your cycle has a duration of more than 8 weeks. It also makes sense to include HCG in its composition.

During the most restorative therapy, you should use Clomixyl or Nolvaxyl.

Testoxyl Enanthate User Reviews

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