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cutting cycle advise

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I've been away training really hard and im back in need of a little help with a cutting cycle, this is what i put together and would appreciate any suggestions (your never to old to learn more)

EQ........200mg/ml... 3cc's per week for 14 weeks
Test Prop..........100mg/ml 1cc EOD for 14 weeks
Stanazol Inj.......100mg/ml 1/2cc's EOD for 14 weeks
Anavar .............5mg/ml..... 25mg per day for last 7 weeks
HCG...............1000iu/ml eod at week 15-16
Test Susp............100mg/ml 1cc ED for first 5 weeks
tren..................75mg/ml 1cc EOD for first 7 weeks

and clomids 2 perday for week15 and 1 per day for weeks 16-17

im 205lbs 5'9 with 12%bf im 8 weeks out of my last cycle(bulking)

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run the winny weeks 11-17
u need more var (40mgs/ed)
run the tren weeks 10-17 every day


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agreed. and you need to hit 500mg of prop per week (i'd shoot ed). also i don't know if you really need that suspension in the first part. i would use Dbol instead, but if you want to you can. you will be injecting quite a bit though...


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why make it so complicated??

Prop (or prop/susp blend) 100mg/ed
Fina 100mg/ed
Eq 100mg/ed

run it as long as you like but 12-16 weeks will make you look like a new person.. save your money and forget about the var and Stanazol and spend it on food.. don't forget anti e's and pct..

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You guys really enjoy pinning yourselves. Go with the long acting versions. Unless you’re competing at the end of this cycle, there shouldn’t be enough water retention if you are on an AI as suggested.

Go for test 500, EQ 500, Tren 250, and Winny for the last 4 weeks. It’s really hard on your liver, even pinned, so keep it to 4 weeks.