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will winny help gyno on sust cycle?

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I am currently in my fifth week of 500mg/w of sust and I have heard about winny helping gyno with deca but how about the sust. I am starting to see signs of gyno (puffiness and sensitivity). I also am going to throw in wiiny starting on week 7 and running it until my post cycle clomid and I wanted to know if this would help prevent gyno. Thanks for your help. I Also have Nolvadex that should be here by friday until then i am trying to borrow some from a friend. I really don't want the gyno. I know I should have ordered the nolva immediatley, damn it. I geuss you live and you learn.

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No will winstrol is thought to bind to progesterone receptors blocking deca's progestogenic gyno. Test gyno is caused by estrogen, and winstrol doesn't block this. You need anti-e's like nolvas, clomid or arimidex. Get those nolvas ASAP